The bad boy's Diamond

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Travis POV:

"Uh! It-it's n-not what it looks like.Will you step aside, please? You're blocking my way.",she said harshly pushing me aside making me stumble back a bit and left the kitchen right away with the lightening speed before even my lame mind could process something. Past her retreating figure,I noticed two morons standing,one grinning while other's had possessed a gloomy expression on his face.

"Well bro sorry for interrupting your romantic moment with the girl. Looks like she got angry."he chuckled and sprawled his lazy ass on my couch.

"She's just-" he cuts my sentence off immediately. "Oh, Come on man! Stop your Drama. It's not like we don't know you. She's really a hot chick and I know you cannot resist hotness around you",he Bursted into fists of laughter but it died as soon as he turned his left to look towards his twin brother Chris whose expression was stoic but his jaws were clenched.

"Oh shit Travis! I forgot to tell you that the girl with whom you had been mingling a while ago is the same girl our bro was hitting for the past 8 days that's why he's sitting like a dead fish here."

"Oh!" I said not knowing what to say further or react looking at his angry face. A person like Chris was behind a common girl was something that amused me since a lot of beautiful girls were behind him. She was beautiful, no doubt but not upto the mark to become his girlfriend since he was very picky and had really less relationships. "Don't lie! As if you're not attracted to her?",my subconscious backfired. "Shut up! Only a mere attraction cause she's beautiful and hot but nothing special to be called as my girlfriend, specially when I like matured girls of my age not teenagers. Moreover I don't do relationship sh*ts so better shut up your f*cking mouth.",I mentally scolded my subconscious who was smirking at me. Bastard!

"Don't worry bro. She's my new roommate and had just shifted here yesterday. I don't know her not even her name. Let go the thought of mingling with her",I said casually the fact and slumped against the couch beside Chris who was looking a bit relaxed now. "Will you keep your tongue tied up the whole day?",I asked Chris. He shook his head and said a low thanks, smiling at me. "Thanks for?",I couldn't comprehend his illogical behaviour since the moment he came here, he's been action all weird.

"Thanks for leaving that girl. She's Diamond and the First girl I had ever laid my eyes on and I won't let anyone snatch her away too. She has literally won my heart. Her innocent face has hypnotized my brain and stole my heart. I'm planning to propose her soon",I should not be affected by his words but the way he was talking about her, affection was clearly visible in his eyes while his tone was laced in determination. I felt uneasy the way I shouldn't but I couldn't help it.

"Ok bro! It's time to leave. We have our classes today",I abruptly stood and made my way towards my room with Chris's words still rattling in my brain. Going into my room,the first thing I did was puffed 5 cigarettes in my balcony to get relaxed but they're if no use..."Ah!", sighing I threw the cigarette in the Ash Tray and left my room.


Author's POV:

"What is it mum? I've already sent you the money. I don't have any money now",Diamond huffed over the call. "Sweetheart! Don't say like this. You know that your step dad's salary is quite low and I Need money for the admission of your brother into a new school."

"Enough of your drama mum. I don't have any money to spend on you or your family. Your so called husband is a lazy drinking sh*t. That has nothing to do with me since you've left me years ago when I needed you the most. I had many countless nightmares and emotional breakdown but anyhow I grew up without you. That time my dad played the role of father as well as my mother. You tried to contact me,that too straight 10 years later. Then also forgetting the past, I thought you loved me and cared about me so you reached out to me. Believe me, I was really naive not to notice that you're selfish gold digger who is just using her own daughter for money in the name of treatment of his son that too was a lie. Even when grandma died,you neither came on her funeral neither gave any condolence. I really pity my dad that he married a gold digger like you. I don't give a f*ck about you nor your family. Don't try to contact me any further",she quickly hung up the call without listening to her mother's words. She was controlling her emotions for so long, hiding it well in her poor frail heart but listening to her mother's emotionless words, she felt her almost healed scars were opened again mercilessly. She couldn't control her tears anymore and broke down in heavy sobs.

"Hey, are you okay girl?",a tall petite girl with Amber hair and grey eyes approached near her and sat beside her. She observed her shaking form through her black framed glasses and quickly taking out a napkin from her Bag,she handed it to the crying girl with a gentle smile. "You haven't replied. Are you fine dear?",she again asked lightly patting her back. Her warm behaviour quickly attracted the heart of diamond and she nodded looking at the stranger with tear filled eyes gently wiping the corner of her eyes with the napkin and passes her a faint smile. "T-thank you",she politely said. "By the way if you have any problem,you can share it with me if you don't mind",the girl proposed her.

After a while of light chit-chatting, she exchanged her number with the girl and left for her class. She was feeling much better after sharing her pain with the nicest girl she'd ever met. The girl was Karen and was in the same college but was her senior and was a sophomore.


On the other side of the country in Chicago her mother was crying bitterly after receiving successive slaps, smacks,kicks and belts. It was her abusive husband with whom she got married 10 years ago. During the initial days of their affair and marriage,he had never shown his true but slowly after her son Brian was born, he started showing his true colours and started abusing her physically and mentally, threatening in the name of their son that he'll give her divorce, throw her out of the house and take the custody of their young son who was still a kid. Today he had beaten her because she'd failed to get money from her daughter which he needed to waste on his own self. He was a true form of evil. Diamond's mother was really regretting leaving her ex-husband for a monster but what's the use of remorse after the harm is done. After all she ran after charm and money.

"Try to reach out to that b*tch otherwise you'll be starved till I receive the money",her husband spatted grabbing a fistful of her hairs and pulling it then finally leaving her in the dark room after landing a hard kick on her ribs.

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