The bad boy's Diamond

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The offer!

Author's POV:

Finally after a long hectic day of studying and searching for a part time job, Diamond was returning back to her apartment all exhausted, walking in the lonely and dreary pathway with only few yellow street lights while cold winds were caressing her face from time to time, playing with the few tendrils that were clinging on her face and ear. Her mood was not as usual as she always used to be, all cheerful and chirping like a bird though her life wasn't what we can say a fantastic life but a maze. She was gloomy today just like the weather of the city. Her mother's words kept rattling in her mind as she progressed towards her apartment absent mindedly , obviously after her bitter conversation in the morning with her. Though many times she tried to reason with her mind that her mother is not like the mothers used to be but her poor heart was not able to eradicate the feelings completely. After all there was still a faded string that was connecting her heart with her mother's.

"Excuse me dear", someone called her lightly patting on her shoulder from behind. She got startled a bit at first because of the sudden sensation followed by a voice that broke her train of thoughts and brought her back into reality.

"Y-Yes",she replied turning around instantly while taking a step back from the stranger.

"Are you Diamond?",the man in his late 50s asked her. He was wearing a plain grey Shirt with a Black Coat and paired it with Brown pants and Leather Gucci Shoes. He had his grey hair sleeked backwards neatly while his beard was trimmed elegantly. His voice held a thick Italian accent while his tone was sounding authorative but polite at the same time. He was emitting a really powerful aura around him that Diamond felt a bit uneasy and many negative thoughts started crossing her mind in a go.

"You haven't replied dear",his grey eyes were fixed on her slightly frowned face. She passed him a quick nervous smile and immediately nodded her head slightly waiting to leave this place as soon as possible.

"I wanted to have an important conversation with you if you don't mind. It might be quite late but it's really important otherwise I would not come and meet you like this. Here's my card. Whenever you're free, you can contact me and we can meet up. Have a good night Ms. Wilkins." He left handing his card to her along with his Driver and disappeared from her sight in an instant. She Passed a quick glance at the card she was holding and proceeded to walk but as if something clicked in her mind, she abruptly froze in her tracks.

"How did he knew my surname which I quit using a long time back after my parents were divorced a decade ago? It means maybe he knew me from my childhood but his face wasn't familiar to me at all"


Travis POV:

"Bro What about saturday? Should we go on a motorbike race?",Ivan asked sipping on his Martini.

We're best friends since High school and he's just like a brother to me. He has shimmering grey eyes just like mine while his hair is chestnut brown and he's 6'4",just an inch shorter than me and not to forget, he possess the badass attitude just like me. So yeah we're too much similar in terms of looks and thoughts.

"I'll see if I'm free",I casually replied tapping my fingers on the counter,"a glass of Scotch please."

"Hmm",he nodded slightly leaning towards my Direction, craning his long neck to look past me."Don't tell me that you have any plan of f*cking any chick on Saturday bro. I won't appreciate if you'll ruin my plan for a girl",he whined. He got a bit tipsy after taking 2 shots of martini and 3 vodka shots and his voice started slurring a bit. I slightly frowned at his choice of words. "Nah! Be assured. I don't run behind girls. Rather they are the ones to throw themselves at me. You know that your brother is so handsome."A light chuckle escaped my throat seeing him smirking at me.

"Look at that Blondie in the corner bro. She's continuosly hitting on you. Want to talk to her?",I turned to the direction he was pointing to notice a tall girl with blonde hairs and sunkissed skin staring at our direction while sipping her pina colada. Her lips looked luscious while her curves were too seductive. "Um... planning to. What say?",I smirked and waving at him, I turned towards the girl While he entangled himself flirting with the bartender.

"Hey beautiful! Looking for some fun?",I passed her a seductive smile and grabbed her by her waist. She didn't showed any reluctance and sprawled her body against my arms. This thing only made me to not entangle myself in any relationship. After all they are the fishes of the same lake. Just money and charm is enough bait to get them easily. Filthy sl*ts! "Really? My subconscious smirked while showing me the pictures of my new roommate who doesn't even give a sh*t about me. It's been 3 days since she's ignoring me. When I returned to my apartment, she hurried herself to her room and in the morning also, she got up quite early and after making her breakfast, she again locked herself in her own World behind the doors. It's been approximately 4 days since we're living under the same roof but we're complete strangers. She even wouldn't be knowing my name till now. I can bet that. "From where does her topic came here. Why're you being offended even if she's ignoring you!",I again scolded my subconscious who immediately hid the pictures behind his back and passed me toothy grin. "Stupid my subconscious! If you're going to disturb me one more time, I'm gonna rip that teeth of yours!"

"I've already booked a room for us. Would you mind stepping in with me",she said encircling her fingers on my biceps.

"Why not",I said grabbing her wrist and went with her inside the room she was leading me through a crowd of wild and drunk people. Once we reached there, she pushed me on the bed and climbed on top of me immediately. Before I could even touch her, she pinned my hands on top of my head and started stripping. I couldn't process why but I felt really uneasy seeing her stripping like this, really easily in front of me even when I've met her just a few minutes ago. I've never f*cked anyone I don't know. Specially women cause she was looking too mature to be called a girl. "Are you in any relationship?",I asked her directly. Her hands froze on her bra straps and she passed me a quizzical look Indicating what I meant by this. "Yes. I'm married but it has nothing to do with you since I'm filing for a divorce." "But you aren't divorced yet", shoving her aside,I quickly straightened myself and left the room without listening to her furious comments and nasty glares she was throwing at me. "Hey! You can't ditch__",her sentence was cut off by me closing the door with a loud thud, too loud that it might come off it's hinges if done again.

"What's happening with me?",groaning in frustration I quickly left the nasty bar and made my way straight to my apartment. After about few minutes of high speeding, I finally reached my apartment. As I was about to unlock, I heard a sharp cry coming from upstairs. "Is the girl in any sort of trouble?",my mind became restless and I quickly pushed the door open and ran upstairs. But the sight before me was something I least expected. Seeing her messy state, panick and fear started surging through my heart.

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