The bad boy's Diamond

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Travis's POV:

From the dim light of the hallway, I can clearly notice her shaking body. Her breath was uneasy while her whole body was badly trembling like a fish caught on a line. Her brown hair was covering her face from my sight so I couldn't notice much but seeing her crying badly, I couldn't help but approach near her. Probably hearing my footsteps, she stiffened and pressed herself more into the wall.

"Hey, It's fine."I tried to coax her but as I approached to take her hand in mine, she immediately jerked my hand away as if my touch was burning her.

"If something happened with you, You can tell me. I'll not harm you",I again tried my best to interact with her but instead of relaxing, her crying intensified.

"Hey, don't cry. You can tell me if something or someone bothered you",this time I instead of taking her hand, placed my hand on her head and started caressing it while whispering soothing words near her ear. She showed slight reluctance at first and immediately jerked my hand away but when I continued caressing her hair despite her protest ,she seemed a bit relaxed and in few seconds only she dozed off too resting her head on my chest. I couldn't help but stare at her tear stained face. Slowly lifting her weightless body in my arm, I tucked her in the bed and switching off her room lights, I turned towards my own room.

Author's POV:

Next morning Diamond woke up quite late. Her head was pounding badly while she felt a bit feverish. As she placed her feet on the floor, last night's incidents started flashing in her mind. The way she was crying after getting a panic attack and the way she received consolation from someone she least expected or can say whom she considered a Playboy and extremely rude and arrogant person to whom avoiding at all cost is a better option. But yesterday he showed a totally different side of him which made her heart a little warm. She felt as if she's developing a soft corner for him. When she finally managed to reach downstairs after doing her morning business, there was no sign of Travis but as she turned towards her fridge to grab Almond milk, there was a handwritten note left by none other than Travis "Good morning sleepyhead. I hope you're well. I've made steaks and salad only for you. Hope you'll love it - Your handsome Roommate Travis"


"Handsome my ass!",she mumbled under her breath but nevertheless the note brought a huge smile on her withered face. It was there first warm interaction or conversation though via note. She hurriedly grabbed the plate from the fridge and licked it clean in a go literally moaning on each bite, her taste buds savouring it's juicy taste passing a feeling of delight to her body. He is really a far better cook than her. She must accept that. After doing the leftover dishes, she stepped inside the shower for a warm bath to relax her body and mind. But as the warm water trickled down along her silky locks soaking her body, her phone started ringing. She quickly draped a towel around her body and stepped out of the shower. Lifting her phone, she noticed 4 missed call messages popped on her screen. Checking the caller ID, she found that the call was from an anonymous number. Dialing back on the same number, a female voice spoke on the other line"Miss Wilkins".

Again she got slightly astonished on listening her long forgotten surname."Why is suddenly everyone calling me Miss Wilkins?",she could not help but think.

"Yes",she replied plainly. "Are you the daughter of Emma Wilson?",the voice questioned. She got stilled hearing her taking her mother's name. The name she despise the most. Shoving aside the bitter feeling for a second, she took a heavy breath and asked coldly "Why?"

"She's admitted in the city hospital and had been in coma for the past 2 days. Her spine is brutally injured and she's got severe damage on her skull. She's got internal injuries too and it's a case of severe domestic violence. If you wish, you can file a lawsuit against the culprit charging him for domestic violence, torturing and sexual abuse. We will record her statement after she'll come out of coma."

Her mind instantly became numb and she couldn't utter a single word. Her senses froze immediately. Her heart started constricting painfully against her chest hearing the lady's words while Unknowingly a lone tear escaped her eye. "Miss Wilkins, are you listening?"

"H-huh, y-yes!",She replied controlling her emotions. "Who are you by the way?"

"I'm Beryl Fleker, the prosecuter of your mother's case. If you could make it to the hospital then it would be quite better. After the incident her husband's also went missing. We're trying our best to locate him."

"O-okay",she was about to hung up the call when she again heard her speaking "And one more thing Miss Wilkins. You are advised to take your brother Brian from the hospital. He's been here since two days".

She didn't said anything and ended the call. After a few minutes of deadly silence she spoke to herself "Why have you done this mum?",she couldn't help but cry her eyes out.


"Sister!!",a young voice called from behind as she kept walking in the cold and Silent corridor of the hospital with the voice of only her sandals heard tapping against the floor loudly each time she was stepping on it. The voice made her dead in her tracks. She swiftly turned towards the source and spoke quite rudely almost spitting venom "I'm not your sister. Don't call me one. Understood!". The little boy listening to her words started sobbing while tears started pooling in his eyes. She couldn't help but sigh. She'd pented up her whole sorrow, anger and frustration on the boy alone. He is innocent and isn't aware of anything. After all he is her half sibling too. Moreover his dad went missing while his mum is on the hospital bed lying like a corpse. He might also be emotionally broken like her but trying to act brave. Who would take care of him if not her? "Afterall you have issue with your mum. No need to drag an innocent soul in this mess",my mind reasoned with me.

Walking upto his place, she lifted her head slowly by placing her index finger under his chin and whispered "If You want to come with me then stop crying and act like a good boy that you already are". He looked at her with big teary eyes and did something she never thought of. He immediately lunged at her and engulfed her in a bear tight hug, snaking his short arms around her neck sobbing hard against her chest while his body shaking recklessly from it's impact. Okay, this was something she least expected. She was taken aback by the unexpected movement made by him. The way he was sticking to her as a leech made her even more furious.She wanted to peel his body off from her immediately. She knew she was being rational and was consciously hating this innocent boy for no reason. Just because of whatever her mother did to her in the past she was doing the same thing with the boy here. She was behaving like an evil person as her biological mother. For her, she was doing this out of pure anger but she herself knew that she still holds a soft corner not only for her mother but also the boy. When she heard that she's got a younger brother though not from her biological father, She couldn't help herself from sneaking glances at the newborn's pictures that she had saved from instagram. All the hate she had for her mother, she never showed even an ounce of it when it came to him. She didn't wanted to meet him in the real life as she feared that she wouldn't be able to act tough as she had learned in the absence of her mother but at the same time couldn't help herself from adoring his pictures. She couldn't help it. She wasn't that evil afterall. Afterall she holds the DNA of her father too who is such a nice person and never had hurt an innocent soul in his entire life.

She didn't knew when she herself was so lost in the turmoil of emotions that she had also started pouring down big fat salty tears. "Don't cry sissy! Mum will be fine",she felt his tiny palms rubbing against her cheeks wiping her tears.

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