The bad boy's Diamond

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His monstrous side!

"Miss Wilkins, please have a seat",Mrs. Flecker said in a low professional tone removing her steel rimmed grey glasses from her eyes, wiping it with her napkin then placing it back finally glancing at the duo standing in front of her unmoved.

"Any queries Miss?",she suddenly asked in a bit louder tone forcing Diamond to snap her neck towards the prosecutor. "N-No. I'm sorry. I-I was quite absorbed in observing the interior of your office.Nice walls by the way!"she bit her inner cheeks to restrain herself from speaking anything unprofessional and certainly unnecessary. She swiftly removed her Grey overcoat and tossed it on the back of her chair and finally settled herself on the chair. Brian too was seated beside her but quite at a far distance so that he couldn't listen up their conversations.

"Thank you.What would you like_?",She was cut short immediately by Diamond's instant reply "Just water". She could sense how uneasy and nervous she was by looking at her slightly creased forehead, chewing of her lips and tapping of her foot on the marbled floor from time to time.

"Look! First thing I need you to do is to relax.See we're here for solving a problem. You just have to answer my few questions and with your consent since your mum is in coma, we can file a lawsuit against the culprit, drag him in the court and get them separated legally. Just pay heed to my each question carefully and do not try to hide anything from me. Answer sincerely each and every question. Am I clear?".Diamond nodded slightly looking at her amber orbs that held the glint and radiance in them.

"Okay! So how was you're mother's relation with Blake than with her ex-husband before her divorce?"

She literally wanted to quit this session of Q&A but was she having a choice? Fidgeting with her fingers, she inhaled sharply and looked back at her trying her best keep her composure,"Mrs.Wilson and my father were a typical lovey dovey couple in the eyes of the world. She used to cook for my father, do household chores for him, attend parties and ceremonies with my dad, go shopping along with him and watch movies with him during the weekends. They seemed so happy together that no one could think or even suspect that she would ever cheat behind my father's back with one of his colleagues. She very well hid her b*tchy intentions behind the facade of her fake love and adoration she used to show to my father so that he could never suspect that her own wife whom he loved with all his heart was actually most of the time busy with some random colleague of his office",she scoffed; Immense hatred clearly evident in her eyes while her breath became unsteady and shaky from the fury burning inside her soul.

"She continued making my father fool till one day when he went out on a his usual business work while I've gone to School, s-she invited that Bastard Blake home. But luckily my father had caught fever that day so he decided to return home early. He opened the doors with the spare key instead of pressing the door bell so she wasn't aware that he was home. Once he came inside his bedroom, he was utterly shocked. She was caught making out with her boyfriend by my father. But things didn't end here. When my father asked for divorce, she denied saying that he himself was at loss because the court will handover my Custody to my mum and that she would take me along with her and fly to another country. He was utterly broken and depressed after being backstabbed and had started drinking and smoking heavily specially after seeing them meeting each other regularly and making out in his own house. I was unaware of what was going on in the house but hearing their immense shouting and fighting from my room, slowly I also came to know about the whole story and the blackmailing of my mother",her hazel eyes were glistening like crystal in tears. "But anyhow the drama finally came to an end after a long time and they got separated with my Custody handed over to my dad. She married Blake after a month of her divorce and got settled in Chicago with Brian born after an year." She finally let out a sigh and looked at Beryl for her judgement or reaction to her statement.

"Well Miss Wilkins, can you please elaborate the nature of Blake if you've ever met him? Like have you ever felt that he was aggressive or violent by nature?",she asked shifting in her chair a bit.

"No. I've never met or ever talked with him."

"Okay, you may go now. I'll call you once again if I need to record your statement after you're mum will recover." Nodding she left her office with Brian holding her hand.

"Vanilla or Chocolate?",his dim orbs immediately sparkled with a glint of happiness as he passed her a cheeky smile.


"1 scoops of blueberry for me and 3 scoops of chocolate for him",she too flashed him a toothy grin. Reaching out for his tiny hand, she gave him his icecream and started strolling near the park then finally settling herself on the bench with him playing around.

"Miss Wilkins?",her eyes widened hearing the familiar voice. Her neck involuntarily snapped at the source of the voice.

"Are you following me?",she angrily snapped at the man sitting beside her on the bench in an informal attire, wearing a black cap on his head.

"No Miss. I usually come here. I've given you my card expecting you to meet me but you never showed up. I just wanted to discuss simple business with you. An offer that would be beneficial_"

"I don't want any kind of favour or offer from you. Why don't you understand? Please, look for someone else." She stood up sharply looking for Brian neglecting the sharp gazes of the anonymous man drilling holes in her skull.

"Brian, come here!" She called Brian who was sitting leisurely on the grass licking his leftover icecream.

"Ignorance is the factor that leads to regret later",his words somewhat made her get lost in her own tracks.

"What do you mean?",she turned to glare at him this time. She was totally pissed by this man's behaviour.

But his next words sucked up the whole oxygen from her lungs. "Y-you're lying. This isn't true. H-how come you about this?"

"Don't worry. I have my own sources for that. If you wish I can help you out Miss. The deal's still valid."


"Good night Brian",she kissed his forehead tucking him inside the comforter and quickly turned towards the kitchen to fetch some water.

There was an immense darkness in the hallway. She quickly made her way to the fridge ignoring the need to switch on the lights. As she opened the cabinet to get a glass, a hand grabbed her nape and fiercely turned her around.

"Ahh",a loud shriek escaped her lips involuntarily but immediately got ceased by a large hand firmly pressed against her lips.

"Shut up b*tch!!!"Her eyes widened on hearing the seething venomous tone and encountering the murderous look he had on his face clearly visible in the dim light.

"T-Travis! what kind of joke is this? Leave me...",she started squirming in his tight hold to let go and he finally he let go of her with a force that her head collided with the cabinet and she fell on the floor with a thud. She started shaking vigorously seeing his blood red eyes and clenched jaws.

"What an innocent face! I thought you were different from the other girls sweetheart. That's why I thought of being a good friend to you but it seems that you don't understand things easily. You were far worse than those b*tches whom I've fucked. You love money alot, don't you? That's why you want to marry me. Mark my words filthy wh*re. I'm gonna make your life a living hell",he barked on her face, crouching near her shaking form while holding her jaws firmly in his large callous hand.

Letting go of her jaws with a force, he immediately stood up to leave, not before kicking her in the abdomen and calling her a sl*t for one last time.

She remained there motionless crying her eyes out, lying on her back holding her stomach in her fragile hands whimpering in the excruciating pain of the impact of the kick he had planted on her Stomach.

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