The bad boy's Diamond

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A Few hours ago:

"How can you do something like this? You don't have any right to interfere in my personal life!"he furiously yelled over his dad, throwing away the papers in frustration.

"It's all for your own good son! If you want to hold the position of CEO after me, you'll have to marry the girl I ask you to. Do you get it?"his father replied calmly.

"I'm not ready for this marriage shit. Why don't you understand!!! I'm still very young",he replied gritting his teeth anxiously.

"But You're going to turn 21 this week so what's the problem? And if you would not be comfortable with her in the future then just simply divorce her after an year. I've already taken her signatures on the contract so no need to worry",he said taking a long puff from his cigarette.

"That's the reason I hate you. First you ditched my mum for another woman. Now for money you're ready to marry off your son against his will,huh! You're using me as a puppet to get my grandparents property under your grasp. You're actually trading your own son for money. Shame on you!!!"

"It's not like that! I'm just thinking about your own future son and if you want to become the next CEO of Miller Enterprises than do as I say."

"I'm not gonna marry that fucking bitch at any cost!!! Get this thing straight. Fuck your CEO post! I don't need it!"he seethed banging his fist on the table and turning towards the bar to pent up his frustration.

Present time:

"Dad!Please let me get you admitted in the hospital. You're health is really deteriorating",she pleaded over the call to her dad.

"I'm fine sweetheart. Don't stress yourself and focus on your studies. I'm-I'm really fine here. Don't worry Sweety."

"Don't lie to me dad! I know about your CAD. Why haven't you told me about this earlier?",she angrily snapped at her dad.

"CAD? What nonsense! I don't have any CAD. Who told you?"

"How long will you lie to me dad. I'm tired of it! Please listen to your daughter for once. I've arranged the money. You j_"

"How many times I'll have to repeat myself. I don't have any problem. I'm completely fine. And by the way from where have you arranged the money? You don't do any job as far as I know",he asked suspiciously.

"I do dad! I work part time at cafe manor. Now no more arguments. You're coming with me to hospital tomorrow",she said finally hanging up the call without listening to his further words. Taking the support of the kitchen's platform,she anyhow lifted her body from the floor and slowly dragged her feet upstairs towards her room, groaning in pain... "I'll never forgive you for this Travis", muttering this under her shallow breath, she finally dozed off.


"He's taken a loan of worth 2 million dollars from me few years back which is still to be paid off. If you sign the contract then your father would become free from this debt. Think and choose wisely because he's a CAD patient and he's not even spending a penny on his treatment",he replied with a sinister smile playing on his lips.

"W-why would he t-take a loan from you? Banks are meant to provide lo-loan!",her forehead creased on hearing the man laughing his ass off.

"You're so naive! Anyways, Don't waste my time in here. We're College friends so he reached out to me to ask for a loan. Better you waste your time in taking care of your unhealthy father not here in reasoning out with me",he walked out of the corridor calling for his maid to bring two cups of black coffee upstairs in his room.

"W-What do you mean by unhealthy father?",she hesitantly asked with her fingers fiddling with the hem of her skirt.

He let out a long sigh before replying"He's suffering from acute Coronary Artery Disease. If he'll not be treated soon than it might become the cause of future ailments like cardiac arrest which can be fatal for his life too".

(Flashback ends)

The next day:

She let out a loud shriek as the cold water hit her bare skin. Her belly area was badly bruised and got slightly swollen. Cursing Travis in her mind,she quickly draped a towel around her body and came out of the shower.

"Brian! Get ready. We're heading to the hospital!"she shouted pulling over a red croptop and damaged jeans. Tying her hair in a messy ponytail,she quickly turned towards Brian's bed.

"Wake up sleepyhead! We're getting late!!"she again shouted tapping his shoulders lightly.

"Let me sleep some more",he groaned turning on the other side of the bed.

As she was about to pull his legs out of the comforter,her phone started beeping loudly.

"Karen! What's up"she answered instantly after lifting her phone from her dressing table.

"Bitch! Why weren't you picking up my phone last night? I have called you three times but got no response!!",she immediately placed the receiver a feet away from her ears.

"Karen I'm sorry..I was a bit busy!"she said sighing.

"Busy!! Where the hell were you so busy last night that you got no time to receive my call,huh?"

"I had to go and see the procecuter regarding my mother's case",she said snatching away the comforter from Brian's hold and signalling him to get ready.

"Oh...Is everything okay with you?",she asked in a concerning tone.

"Ofcourse! Everything is fine. I have to reach to the hospital soon. So I'll see you straight in the college",she replied descending down the stairs...

"Key! Take care honey!"she replied finally hanging up the call.

Reaching near the kitchen platform, she started looking for the ingredients to prepare something for the morning breakfast. As she was in the middle of chopping some strawberries, she felt some figure proceeding towards her direction.

"Here! You can have some waffles",a voice came suddenly from behind her making her startled all of a sudden.

"Thanks but I don't need any kind of favour from your side. I can prepare my own breakfast!",she said gritting her teeth and again resumed her work.

"Look! I apologise for my actions the previous night but_",she sharply cuts his off before he could speak any further.

"I didn't asked for your fucking apology neither I'm gonna accept it so please stop wasting yours as well as my time",she said, again harshly pushing him aside and moving towards the refrigerator to grab some milk.

"I apologized for the very first time in my life because I had raised my hand on a woman which is against my morals but woman like you don't deserve any fucking apology or respect. You know what you're a gold digging bitch who is behind my father's money and is ready to marry a total stranger for money. Pity on your parents for having such a low scum as a daughter",he yelled at her in anger and frustration but didn't realised that his words has deeply affected her. It triggered her emotions which she was trying to suppress for so long...

As he was about to turn around, a hand landed right across his left cheek and his face turned sideways from it's impact.

"You don't need to show any kind pity on my parents. Atleast they hasn't raised a beast like you",she snickered and hurriedly went upstairs towards her room, leaving behind a messy kitchen as well as a sulking Travis behind.

"I won't let you live peacefully bitch!!! You have spiked a wrong nerve by slapping me. Now be ready to face the consequences... I'll make your life a living hell. It's my promise to you. Just wait and watch!!"he muttered angrily and threw the ceramic bowl filled with chopped berries against the wall in frustration and in seconds, it dashed all to pieces...


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