The bad boy's Diamond

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The Caress!

Before Chris could say something, his face turned sideways and the whole cheering crowd became silent instantly...

Diamond held him by his collar and glaring straight into his eyes, she spat angrily "You're the most disgusting person I've ever seen!! How dare you to kiss me without my consent!!!". Leaving his collar, she immediately left the spot and went towards the pool side to ease her temper.

She was already a bit tipsy and the alcohol had started showing its effect. While walking on the edge of the pool, her heels slipped and as she was about to fall, two hands immediately grabbed her by her waist.

She immediately squeezed her eyes shut and a shriek escaped her lips but when she didn't felt any impact, she slowly opened her eyes only to find a pair of grey orbs looking at her with an intensity as if they were staring straight into her soul...

"I-I think I...I should leave now",she immediately jumped out of his hold and started walking towards the exit when a hand suddenly grabbed her from behind and pulled her back with a force that she collided hard against his chest.

"Are you fine?...Has he forced himself on you?", he asked in a concerning voice with his grey orbs depicting an emotion which she wasn't able to comprehend.

She nodded her head slightly, looking straight into his grey orbs and immediately bursted into tears, not being able to control her surfacing emotions anymore. She was crying too bitterly that she even started hiccuping...

He immediately pulled her against his chest in a tight hug and they both remained like this for a while, with no one uttering a word from their mouth. She kept crying in his embrace while he kept caressing her hair. His heartbeat was like a soothing lullaby to her turbulent emotions...

After a while, her hiccuping slowly died down but she didn't break the hug. It was as if she was feeling an eternity in his embrace...

He slowly broke the hug and looking into her teary eyes, he said"It's time to head back home!"

"Don't worry I'll drop you at your apartment...Ahm...our Apartment since we live in the same house with you stealing food from my fridge",he chuckled which indeed brought a Huge bright smile on her face. She never expected to witness this side of Travis. She always thought him to be a cold hearted Playboy but he proved her wrong today...

She nodded her head lightly and started trailing behind him till they reached inside the parking lot. They both got seated inside his black Sedan and he started driving the car in silence.

There was a comfortable silence that was pursing between them. She was finally feeling peace in her heart after spending a long time amidst the turmoil.

Her eyelids started growing heavy and soon she fell into deep slumber. The cool breeze of the night caressing her cheeks while Travis kept stealing glances once in a while, while driving.

Finally reaching near his apartment, he opened the door on her side and unbuckled her seatbelts. Scooping her gently in his arms, he walked inside his room and placed her softly on his bed. She stirred a while as soon she hit the soft mattress but after a while her body again relaxed and she fell asleep.

Next morning...

The birds started chirping outside the window with the morning wind gently rustling inside his room and caressing the duo that were sleeping soundly in each other's embrace.

He was sleeping with his arms wrapped around her waist while his face was dipped in the crook of her neck. After a while, she groggily opened her eyes and adjusted her vision only to notice a different surrounding. It took her a moment to realise that she wasn't in her room and specially the fact that she wasn't in the clothes, she wore yesterday in the party. Instead she was wearing a baggy trouser and white T-shirt.

"Ah!!!",she screamed, kicking the sleeping naked glory off the bed who was only in his trousers with his muscular tattoed torso on full display.

He immediately got jerked out of his sleep as soon as he hit the hard wood.

"What is your problem madwoman?",he yelled huffing, glaring at her while lifting himself from the floor.

"You were the one who brought me here, right?",she asked while gritting her teeth.

"Yes and you should thank me for this generosity otherwise you would have been lying somewhere in all drunk state", he chuckled audibly which made her even more furious.

"That I would surely do. So you're also the one who did change my clothes last night, right?",she asked glaring at him.

He nodded his head like an obedient child and grinned cheekily while showing his perfect set of pearly teeth. She gasped audibly seeing him nod and immediately started checking if everything was fine with her or not.

No bloodstains on the sheets neither she was feeling pain in the lower part of her body with made her sigh in relief but the next moment, she latched at him but before she could even harm a hair on his head, he immediately grabbed her by her hips and took her in his arms like if he's carrying a baby...

"Relax, It's not like I haven't seen you naked ever",he whispered playfully leaning against her shoulder while she audibly gasped hearing his nasty confession and started thrashing her hands and feet violently in the air and at him.

" evil ass kitten! I was just kidding. I did change your clothes but I haven't seen anything",he said while holding her firmly with her legs encircling his waist.

"I don't trust you",she said while trying to get out of his grip but he tightened his grip more in response...

"No trust me! There wasn't pretty much anything to see",he said while letting out a throaty laugh and continued "your peaches were quite small so...Ouch!!! Stop hitting me you madwoman",he replied while throwing her roughly on the bed and instantly rushed inside his washroom.

***After few minutes***

"Good morning dad!',she answered happily while receiving her call.

"Hello", a hoarse voice appeared from the other end of the call.

She again checked the caller ID if she's mistaken her dad to someone else but the caller ID was showing Harold Wilkins.

"Is it Mr. Wilkins I'm talking to?",she asked hesitantly after thinking for a while.

"N-No actually there's been a road accident here and we've found this cell phone from near the body"

Her body instantly froze and the phone immediately slipped away from her hand while the anonymous person was still on the other end of the call chanting hello multiple times...

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