The bad boy's Diamond

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"Can you stop leaning towards me? I'm feeling suffocated by your perfume!!",He snapped at Samantha who was purposely trying to touch his body to gain his attention but it only irked him more in response.

She immediately retraced her hand back and sat straight while gritting her teeth furiously...

"We're about to land in Colorado! Please tie your seatbelts!",the airhostess announced and in few minutes, they Landed in the magestic and vibrant town of Colorado.

"Marvellous Travis! I never expected to see such beauty in here",she squealed in excitement on seeing the beautiful view of the town.

"I also never expected to come here with you!",Travis sighed while sitting inside the cab and instructed the driver to drive.

"Travis, can you atleast talk politely with me for as long as we're gonna stay here together!",he ignored her pleading and immediately turned his attention towards the driver...

"Hey! Can you stop the car by the road! I need to grab a cigarette",he ordered the driver and immediately stepped out of the car.

Walking towards the shop as he stepped inside, he felt a familiar smell in the air. Can it be her smell? He thought for a while but as he restlessly swept his gaze across the whole shop, he didn't find any familiar figure. Instantly walking out of the shop without the cigarette, he started walking on the street with his eyes searching for her but when he didn't find a trace of her, he came back with disappointed clearly visible on his face.

Instantly sitting inside the cab, he again ordered the driver to pull the car towards his farmhouse.

After few minutes of silent travelling, they both stepped outside of the car and went straight into the farmhouse only to be greeted by few maids and caretakers of the house.

"Welcome Mr. Miller and future Mrs. Miller",an old lady in maid uniform greeted them both and welcomed them inside the house. Before Samantha could say something, he immediately ordered one of the servants to keep their luggage in separate rooms and immediately marched towards his 'private' room.

Next day...

Diamond POV:

"Diamond! Deliver these cookies in the shop,dear",I nodded my head and wiping my wet hands with the towel, I left the house along with the basket of cookies.

The climate of Colorado was very serene today with winds blowing gently caressing the twigs and leaves of the plants and tress. The air held the aroma of herbs and flowers with birds chirping in the vast pink sky...

I was walking towards my bakery when I heard a sudden familiar voice from behind making me gasp in shock!!

"Are you still gonna ignore me? Why'd you ditched me, babe?"

I immediately turned around to see Travis standin' at the end of the street in black hoodie and Gucci running shoes with his hair all ruffled and he was holding some packets in his hands. He hasn't changed a bit except the little eyebags under his eyes...

I was lost of words on looking into his grey orbs that were staring deep into my soul!


"I can't believe that the person I loved the most has ditched me. Why'd you done this!! ANSWER ME DAMNIT!!!",he yelled making me suddenly flinch and tears started stinging into my eyes...

"Huh? I was a fool to believe a girl like you! You're nothing but a liar!! And yeah by the way, it was nice meeting you. I would love to invite you in my wedding with Samantha. Do come!",he scoffed while walking away in his black sedan leaving me in all tears. I was like a deadly storm that came in my life and went away destroying everything!!

He's moved on and is goin' to marry someone? I shouldn't get hurt but it had made my heart constrict painfully in my chest.

I sighed wiping my tears and turned around to leave when I heard a loud screeching sound of tyres and as I turned to leave, I found Travis sitting on his knees in front of me looking ever so pathetic and cute.

"Are you still not gonna hug me? You forgot me too soon Diamond!!",he pouted while wiping his tears. Is he crying? Crying for me?

I could control my surfacing emotions anymore and bursted into tears...Obviously I missed him! Without thinking about anything, I ran towards his open arm and he immediately embraced me in his arms while sniffling into my hair.

"I missed you so much sugarplum! Why'd you left me? I had been searching you everywhere!!"

"I-I d...didn't wanted to be a burden o-on your sh...",I started sobbing hysterically while inhaling his musky scent! How much I've missed this smell!

"'re not a burden!",he cooes while tightening his hold around my waist!!

"B-but y...your going to be married?", The word marriage was making me even more emotional and anxious.

"Married? Babe, come on you know your lover is a Playboy! After you left, my father forced me to get engaged with Samantha but I denied it so he threatened me. Obviously I accepted but I never would marry her! It was just temporary and she knew very well that I would never accept her because I love you. You're my precious Diamond!!",I saw the truth in his eyes but...

"What about your fiancee",I asked looking into his grey orbs only to find him glaring at me.

"I sometimes doubt if you love me! You're not feeling jealous of my fiancee",he dramatically rolled his eyes at me.

"Your fiancee? Huh, Why would I be jealous? And yes what am I doing in your arms?",I immediately said pulling away from the hug when he immediately pulled me back with a forced that I stumbled and fell on his lap.

"Because you're my would to be wife",he whispered slowly near my ear and kissed my earlobe gently. I couldn't control the butterflies fluttering in my stomach and immediately placed my lips on his plump rosy lips and we both got lost in our own world of desire and love without caring for the world.

Three year later...

In Colorado:

"Davis Miller! Come back to mommy! Don't run around the house",I started running behind my 2 year old son Davis who was running around the whole house playfully without eating his breakfast.

"Davis, my son! Don't make her run otherwise it might harm your little sister who is inside your mommy's tummy. You're a good boy right?",Travis said while picking the miniature form of the naughty devil itself in his arms...

Oh god! I'm tired of babysitting these two monsters when the third one is on the way in three months!

🏵️Love seeks no boundaries nor love seeks any religion. It's just something which is not in our hands🏵️

I hope you loved the chemistry of Travis and Diamond and very soon a new book "Thunder for the storm" is on it's way which is the love story of a doctor and a billionaire who are trapped in marriage with no one interested in each other, neither any of them is submissive...

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