The bad boy's Diamond

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Travis Miller, the 20 year old bad boy who uses girls like a tissue paper,who doesn't believe in love,for whom relationship is all about some steamy s*x...who never thinks twice before breaking heart of someone. But what happens when an innocent 18 year old soul, Diamond collides with him and he's trapped to stay with her as her roommate. Will his stony heart melt for her or he'll end up crushing her innocence and her heart. Will he break his walls for her? "The more you resist me ,the more you'll fall for me"- Anonymous❤️MP "Don't restrain your heart...Break your walls and melt away in my arms. I'll cherish you till death do us apart"- Anonymous ❤️MP "I'm rude because I don't want to get hurt in the process called 'love'"-❤️ #Contains mature scenes #Copyright Warning ⚠️ Muskan Prakash ™

Romance / Drama
Muskan prakash
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Colliding with Mr. Rude!

Diamond POV:

"Diamond dear, at least take a bite of the sandwich I've prepared for you! I won't let you go on an empty stomach all the way to your college, specially when it's your very first day of the new class!"
My grandmother,Donna's voice interrupted from behind me when I was trying to sneak out of my house to skip from eating the breakfast she's prepared as I was getting hell late for my new class but she caught me red handed and now I knew very well that she would not let me step out of the house without loading my poor stomach with her sandwiches...She had a strange obsession of feeding me before letting me go anywhere, specially the breakfast exclusively prepared by her very own old hands."Grandma, I'm getting late!!!",I said huffing, turning towards her while crossing my arms over my chest."I won't let you go out of the house without eating anything!!!",she said furrowing her eyebrows, showing me a fake anger that she thinks I won't understand. Well, probably she thinks I'm still a kid maybe!"I won't!!! Why don't you simply understand that I don't have enough time to do my breakfast!!!......Arghh.....Fine! Don't pull out that puppy face in front of me",I irritatingly said rolling my eyes at her while she flashed me her usual toothy grin.
Travis POV:
I woke up with the sunrays falling straight onto my face from the blinds making me groan in annoyance. Adjusting my vision,I noticed two chicks lying on my Bedsheet, drooling all over it making me wanna puke right now, while strong smell of alcohol hit my nostrils which was coming straight from the girls as if they've drowned themselves into a whole pool of it.My whole room was in an utter mess right now with canes, plastic cups, tissues, red and black heels and bottles of vodka and beer Lying scattered all over the floor,well the typical after party mess but the one to clean it was me which made me hell frustrated...It was my freaking apartment which was looking like a garbage bin right now. Groaning in frustration,I stepped out of the bed and went straight to the hallway only to notice my two idiot monkeys, Chris and Damon lying all drunk on the couch, snoring loudly..."Get up you fools!!!!",I shouted anxiously on top of my lungs..."Huh!!!",Chris flinched hearing my voice and woke up instantly rubbing his eyes and stretching his limbs, shooting a death glare at me for shouting like a mad woman...while shaking damon also to woke up who was sleeping so soundly like a dead man."What's your problem Travis! Are you having moodswings like a pregnant woman? Damn you for hurting my poor eardrums!", Chris said glaring at me only to earn a glare from me in return."Fine! We're leaving! No need to flare your nose like a mad bull",this time Damon said throwing his arms up in air in surrender while grabbing his iphone from the couch."Get the girls along with you and drop them at their apartments!",I interrupted as they were about to leave.After few minutes, they left my apartment together with the girls who were nothing more than a pain in my ass since it took great trouble to wake them up...damn the alcohol in their system!!!Sighing, looking back at the dirty mess they've created, I immediately headed towards my store room to grab a vaccum cleaner to get myself prepared for the mission ahead of cleaning the whole damn floor!
Diamond POV:After attending my first Literature class of the day, I headed straight to the canteen to grab a cup of cold coffee which was situated outside the campus,in open."Hi! Can I take a seat next to you",a grey haired tall guy approached me holding a cup of java berry Frappuccino in his left hand."Sure!",I said eyeing his handsome appearance in front of me. He had bluish green ocean eyes,fair complexion with his hair sleeked backwards perfectly...while he wore a Black leather jacket with a white T-shirt underneath, wearing a Cross while having a long but narrow tattoo of his name near his right ear, reaching till the bottom of his neck."Are you done checking me out",he chuckled lightly showing a cute dimple on his left cheek."Ahm...I was just looking at you,not staring",I felt my cheeks heat up at his comment."Well,I am Chris! Are you new a new fellow here,never seen you before?",he asked sipping his Frappuccino."Yeah! It is my first day here!",I said putting on a smile on my face"By the way,my name is Diamond""Beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Nice to meet you diamond",he said extending his hand for handshake.As I was about to hold his hand, someone else grabbed his hand in an instant, shaking it leaving us both in utter shock."Hey Chris! Looks like you're having a really good time with the hottie here. I must really complement your taste in girls...she's way too pretty and hot!",I internally cringed at his flirtious comment while Chris threw him a glare,"Whats your problem Damon?"he said irritatingly jerking his hand away from his hold."What!!! I was just telling the fact!",he said grinning like a fool. He was somewhat similar in looks with Chris except the colour of their eyes and skin colour. He had light hazel brown eyes and was slightly darker in complexion than Chris,making me wonder if both were brothers. Nevertheless he was indecent unlike Chris."What's your name beautiful?",the guy named Damon asked me forwarding his hand for handshake."Diamond is her name! Now leave us alone",Chris said huffing, jerking his hands away instantly which he had forwarded towards me for a handshake."Um...I'm getting late for another class! See you around guys",I said immediately standing up from my chair and waving my hand at them, trying to escape from the whole drama only to notice Chris's face that has now clouded with somewhat grief after hearing my words."Hmm...Bye",he hummed sighing waving back at me while his friend was waving continuosly like a fool...that I guess he already is.Excusing myself from the whole drama,I hurried myself towards the class only to collide against something a wall."Ouch!!!",I started rubbing my forehead while opening my eyes slowly only to notice a pair of greyish blue eyes staring back at me.Before I could process something,the guy abruptly pushed me aside and hurried himself, disappearing among the crowd of the students.All I could ever notice was his tall silhouette, greyish blue eyes and brown ruffled hair...Not to forget his rude behaviour of pushing a girl! Shaking off the thoughts about the anonymous guy,I hurriedly headed towards my next class.

This chapter would be updated frequently so stick to me...I mean add it in library for more updates❤️❤️❤️

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