The bad boy's Diamond

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The bully!

Diamond POV:
I was sitting in the hall of the campus after attending my two classes while one more class was still left to attend after forty five minutes. While scribbling some notes for literature on my iPad, I noticed three girls approaching towards my direction and abruptly stopped in front of my desk.
"Can we sit here if you don't mind?",the girl with red pigtails said in a sugary tone popping her pink chewing gum. she was wearing a black crop top and a mini check skirt with her right wrist heavily tattooed.
"Sure,I have no objection!",I said shifting more towards the edge of my seat.
"By the way I'm Samantha!",the red haired girl said forwarding her perfectly manicured hands towards my side for handshake.
"Nice to meet you Samantha...I'm Diamond,a new student here!",I said warmly holding her hand for a firm handshake.
"By the way,this is lana and that is Perry, friends!",She said pointing to the other two girls sitting beside her,one wearing glasses whom I assume is lana while the other one had a pixie cut hair who was Perry according to the red haired girl...
"If you don't mind,I need your help at something. I've heard that you're really good at Literature so I need to understand a few lines...will you explain it to me please!", the red haired girl pleaded forwarding her Literature book towards me.
"Um...sure, why not!",I said a bit hesitantly.
As I started to explain her the lines of Macbeth, she stopped me abruptly"Hey! can you please write down the translations onto the top of the lines, please..."
I wanted to ask her to write instead but Nevertheless paying attention to her request, I started writing the translations onto the top of the lines with a fountain pen. After about fifteen minutes of explaining her the lines...She stopped me from going any further and thanking me,she instantly left the hall along with the other two girls.
After attending my third and the last class of the day,I was mentally too drained...
While I was busy in leisurely shoving my books and my iPad inside my bag, the red haired girl and her company again approached near me but this time along with a guy.......wait! It was the same arrogant guy who pushed me this morning!!!
"Have you done this with my Book!!!",he barked on my face making me suddenly flinch.I shifted my gaze from his furious face to the book he was holding in his left hand when the reality struck me hard like a lightening...
"Yes!I've done this but...", before I could say something further,he abruptly stopped me holding my hoodie in a tight fist ,"Shut the fuck up! How dare you to mess with me,huh? Don't you know me? If not then I'll make sure you remember me forever", saying this he abruptly let go of my hoodie making me stumble back a bit. Before I could even react, he hurriedly grabbed my backpack and emptied all it's contents on the floor in one go...
"What the hell!!!",I yelled at his furiously while proceeding to grab my items from the ground when he swiftly held my hands in his large callous hand while with his other free hand,he immediately picked my iPad from the floor and before I could understand something, a heavy crashing sound made its way up to my ears making me instantly freeze on my spot.
Travis POV:
The girl instantly paled when I threw her iPad against the wall behind her while her eyes widened like saucers on seeing her broken iPad lying scattered on the floor, it's screen all dashed into pieces...
I was to be honest,expecting her to be furious and yell at me for breaking her iPad but it was just the opposite of what I was expecting...Silent tears started escaping her big doe eyes while she bend over to grab the broken pieces of glass...making me feel extremely uneasy while a pang of guilt surged through me on seeing her crying like this over just a mere iPad! Well,for me it wasn't too worthy but I can't tell about her.
From when I've started thinking about others, specially a girl?Girls are just one night thing! And She should think twice before destroying something which doesn't belong to her!!!, turning around,I hurriedly left the class and the crying girl behind and headed straight towards my apartment.
Author's POV:
Diamond hurriedly collected her accessories from the floor along with the shattered glass pieces of her broken iPad where few pieces also pierced through her skin making her flinch in pain each time she managed to remove the glass from her wound...
Grabbing her bag,she hurriedly left towards her home where her grandmother might be impatiently waiting for her as she was way too late because of the incident today.
Reaching her apartment, she already finds her main door unlocked...which quite amazes her as she always carries a spare key along with herself because her grandmother always has the habit to lock the door from inside.
Nevertheless stepping inside the house,she finds someone sitting on the couch...As she turns around to look at the person's face, she gets quite shocked.
"Dad! What a sudden surprise!",she said smiling approaching towards him while taking a seat next to him on the couch.
"Yeah, Diamond! Actually I came here for your grandmother!",he said sighing while his facial expression was enough hint for Diamond to notice that something was off. Specially something related to her grandmother.
"W-What do you mean dad?Has anything happened to her? Where is she? I haven't seen her since I came here!!!", Diamond said furrowing her eyebrows at her father.
"Don't worry dear!She just had a minor cardiac arrest this afternoon but she's now well admitted in the city hospital. Everything will be fine!",his dad said in a consoling manner grabbing her by her both the arms while pulling her into a tight hug, softly patting her back. On the other hand poor diamond was in utter shock hearing the worst unexpected news from her father's mouth.
After a few seconds of remaining in Shock zone sitting completely motionless while burrowing her face into her father's chest, she abruptly broke into huge sobs and wailings, crying her heart out...till she could feel no more tears were left in her eyes to flow while few sobs were still escaping from her mouth from time to time...making her whole body to shake convulsively...from its impact!

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