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Nia and Liam...Two complete stranger and two complete opposites. What happens when they meet roads through a one night stand and seem to keep coming back to each other? Will the fall for each other or end up far away from each other?? Read more to know...

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Same old plain day.

I'm sooo stressed...guess working as a waitress leads to this.
"Hey Niaa, there's a party tomorrow at Joe's...
U coming?"
"Nope, parties are boringggg"
"Oh come on, pleaseee"
" Nooo"
"You are such a party pooper...Tell you what, you come to this party and I won't call you to any other party ever. Now can you please never get out of the house. It's either the restaurant or home"
"Okay go and do your work"
"It's at 7 remember.... I'll pick you up at 6:30"

Welllllll I'm Nia Parker, 21 half Spanish and half American and with a simple job as a waitress still trying to get into college. And the one which was about to eat my head if I didn't attend a party is my best friend Paloma. She is a sweet and fun girl but not the same when pissed.

After both my parents died in a car accident when I was 15 it's just me and my aunt. She isn't bad but she is a bit unwell so I got a job just to get more money for college. But it isn't enough money to pay for college so I guess I have to work two jobs now.

Well!! I'm done for the day. I hear my aunt cooking in the kitchen and smell the amazing aroma of Tortilla Española my favourite...which is basically a Spanish omelette. I walk up to her , "buenas noches tia"
"buenas noches Nia, how was your day?" " Fine tia...what about yours?" " U know the same as always." "Okayy I'm gonna take a shower and join you for dinner..." She replies with hmm.

I go open by tap for the tub and make it lukewarm as to how I like...this is just what I needed a warm shower to relax... After my shower I get down to and my aunt talk our way through eating and after I'm done I get back to my room to sleep...well it's the same old day.... It never gets better does it??

Hey beautiful people..I know it might seem boring but since it's my first book I'm sorry for any kinds of mistakes in the chapter and it will get interesting don't worry...until then ❤️
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