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Will kick your ass

"Get your ass here Reidd!!!" Well that's my annoying best friend Reidd who gets on my nerves everyyyy time...And I am Liam...Liam Tribbiani, 23 years and a tattoo artist.

" What did I do dude??"
" Ohhh u don't know?? Do I need to come and kick ur ass so you remember?"
"Okayy was just a single small tiny was not my fault the guy moved and it got messed up"
" this is my last warning you mess another tattoo and we loose another customer..I willll throw you out."

Me and Reidd have been best friends since childhood...He is like a brother from another mother...We grew up in Canada and moved to US when I was 6. That's when I met Reidd...He was my neighbour and we became close...He knows everything about me...

I have never fallen in love. The only person who I love the most is my mother. Dad died due to a heart attack when I was 8. Yeahhh I've been on one night stands but never in a relationship. Guess I never really felt the urge to be loved or provide love to anyone.

"Dude there's a party at Joe's...wanna come??"

Asshole interrupts my thought every single time...godd how do I handle him everyday???

"Yeah sure it's not like I got anything good to do"
"Starts at 7....wait. Can u pick me up pleasee...?"
"Yeah I'll be there"

Can't wait to fuck someone tonight!
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