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"What I want from you love? I want you to moan my name as I pound deep inside of you. When you do, I'll kill your entire family and mark you. After all, you're my mate." Selena was the daughter of a rich Alpha. She lived in peace and enjoyed her simple life until it would be time to find a mate but one day, she was abducted by the mafia. Not just any clan, a pack. The Alpha turns out to be her mate and what does he want? Her everything but if she gives in, he'll kill all her loved ones. Will she resist? Will she change his mind? The game is on.

Romance / Fantasy
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I slowly came through the haze inside my head. I fluttered my eyes open and panic surged through my entire body. I tried to feel for my wolf but she felt sluggish inside of me. Shit. Not good. They must have drugged me.

I tried to analyse my current situation and I was lying on a huge King Size bed inside a dark room. The blinds were shut on the big window facing me. I tried to move but could not. My arms were tied behind my back and my ankles were tied together. I was a ball, unable to move and my muscles were screaming in pain as I tried to move them. How long have I been lying like this?

Panic surged through me and I felt tears coming to my eyes. My throat was tight from the tears but also from the anxitey creeping in. No time to panic, I had to know where I was.

I tried a sniff and that gave me two informations. One, this was a male's room and he smelled haevenly. Two, this was not a member of my pack. So my question was, where was I?

I tried to remember what happened before I ended up in this situation. I was out with my best friend. We were shopping at the mall and I was trying on a cute dress when I felt a sharp pain at the back of my head. They hurt me before drugging me, I concluded. What did this pack want with me?

I couldn't move and the only thing in my vision was the closed window. That wouldn't let me know much about the place. Fuck. I needed to find a way to get out.

I urged my she-wolf and I saw her inside of me. She whined and she was sluggish. Poor girl. She was totally out of it but I was Alpha blood. Surely I could get out of this situation.

I focused hard on her but the only reaction I got was a surge of pain in my head. I stifled a gasp of pain. Now was not the time to let them know I was awake.

I heard a sound behind the door and I stiffened. Shit. No. No. No. Please Moon Goddess. Please. Let me escape this place.

I was so scared. My heart was in my throat. I didn't do anything bad to anyone in my whole life. My father was the Alpha of my pack and our business was mainly in iron. We didn't do anything shady and we respected the humans so how did I find myself here? This clearly was the lair of a bad pack. Maybe even rogues.

I heard the doorknob turn and click. I whimpered because I could not help how scared I was. I hated it. I was a very dominant she-wolf but right now, she was out. I was a pup all over again.

The sweetest smell entered my nose and I knew that the owner of the room just walked in. I heard his heavy footsteps and a low chuckle escaped his lips. Damn. That made my entire body react and shiver. Could it be?

He entered my field of vision and I was facing a tall man built like a Greek god. He was so muscular and so tall I couldn't see his face in my position. I was facing his waist and he was wearing black slacks with a white shirt tucked neatly inside of it.

He moved his pants up before crouching to be at eye level with me. Goddess. He was gorgeous. He had a cross tattooed on his neck and a sharp jawline. I moved my eyes up a perfect face to land on two amazing cat green eyes. There were hints of yellow in them and I instantly thought of a field of flowers in spring. Buttercups. He had short black hairs and his skin was tanned. Perfect.

My she-wolf even though she was out couldn't help a whine that trickled through my lips. Mate. This man was my mate.

He offered me a small smile and growled in a purr. He reached his hand to stroke my cheek with the pad of his fingers. I felt the tingles shot right through my body and I stifled a moan making him furrow his brows.

"Now now precious." He said with a deep voice heavy with an accent that sent a shiver down my spine. How could he have such a nice voice? "Let me hear you."

I started to cry as a feeling of betrayal crept up. I could feel the Alpha power coming from him so he was definitely responsible for this mess. How could he do that to me? My she-wolf was also crying in my head. How could he hurt us?

"Don't cry baby." He said with an appeasing voice. "I don't want you to cry. I won't hurt you as long as you behave."

"Please. Let me go... If you want money or such, Father will give it to you."

My voice was shaky and full of tears and his eyes wavered. He looked so sure of him but the mate bond was making it hard on him to hurt me or see me hurt. He seemed to catch himself just fine though and he smiled smugly at me.

"I don't want your money love. I'm Alpha Dante Mancini. I have money, lands and much more." I stiffened at the name. I knew that name very well. All the packs knew each other. There were packs dealing in the underworld and that was exactly the case of this pack. Mafia. "I don't need that but you see, precious. Your pack lands are directly on my way to the coast and I don't like that. That's an eyesore for me. I want it gone. All of them."

I could not help the tears to fall heavily and I sobbed against his hand. Concern shot through his eyes and I felt the warmth of his hand spread through my entire body. He was trying to calm me down through our bond.

"Shh baby. It's ok. I won't hurt you. You're mine after all. I could never hurt you. Ironic huh? However, the same doesn't apply to your pack."

"Please. Please don't do this."

"I have to. I need to go through your land so they need to go."

"I'll talk to my father. We can... Relocate the pack."

He chuckled and wiped the tears from my eyes using his thumbs. Such a delicate and caring gesture that did not fit the words that came out of his gorgeous lips next.

"Oh no baby. As long as he lives, your father will be a thorn in my side and I don't want the trouble. I'll kill them all but since you're my mate, I'll give you the opportunity to save them."

My eyes widened and his smile did too. What was he saying? That man was crazy.

"What do you want?" I asked my voice still full of cry and terror. He smiled sweetly at me and leaned into my lips.

"What I want from you love? I want you to moan my name as I pound deep inside of you. When you do, I'll kill your entire family and mark you. After all, you're my mate. Resist and I'll spare them. The game will begin tomorrow. I think you need to rest for tonight."

I was shocked, scared and his plan was basically to fuck me senseless and make me moan his name before he kills my entire family. He was a psycho!

I shook my head out of his hand as much as my bindings allowed me. He frowned and growled before he grabbed my hairs making me whimper. His eyes were a whirlwind of fury.

"You can't ecape babygirl. You're mine. You'll do as I say or you will regret it."

I glared at him and mustered all the courage I had to say.

"I'll never submit. You can call me sweet names and claim me as your mate but you'll never be mine. I hate you and I'll certainly never sleep in this bed where I can smell all the other females."

The pain of saying those words shot through the both us. It was physically painful to deny the mate bond.

My she-wolf used her last strength so I could break the ropes holding me but he was still gripping my hairs. He lifted me by my hair using his full height and it hurt so much I whimpered. He held me close to his body wrapping an arm around my waist so it would hurt less. I was now looking directly into his eyes and they radiated madness.

"You can smell the other females?"

I glared and nodded. His eyes wavered again because I was so close to him and I felt him react to my proximity. His body tensed and he poked in my belly. Could this situation get any worse?

"Fine. I'll change the bed for you love but don't you dare say those words to me again."

He released me and I plopped on the bed as he exited the room furiously. I heard furniture break behind the door as I got down the bed. This was not looking good.

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