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A Fresh Start

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Aurora Williams is your average teenager who has moved from foster home to the other all her life. It has been an entire roller coaster for her from her parents' death to living in a abusive home for almost 2 years. When Aurora finally gets adopted by a rich couple who adore her at first sight, kind friends who have welcomed her with wide open arms, she realizes that this could possibly have a great life. Or will she? Aurora also comes to realize that they have their own daughter her own age, who isn't really ecstatic about having a sibling seeing as though she was going to steal the spotlight from her but she has no choice but to accept her. Will Aurora be able to cope in the new environment and fit in with society? Moreover, will she be able to merge with her new sister, especially with their contrasting personalities? Read to find out! This is my first ever novel and I hope you like it. Plagiarism is a crime, this book is strictly Copyright. Thank you for your time!

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Leaving home is the hardest thing to do, except that I've never had a home. My parents passed on when I was still very young and tender so I have been in countless foster homes ever since.

I go by the name Aurora. I'm 16 turning 17 on the 30th of April and I'm quite a nerd. I've never partied till 2AM like most kids my age or have done anything that goes against the law.

I can safely say that I am not your typical teenager. I lived in an abusive foster home for 2 solid years until I secretly ran away and sought refuge at the foster agency. I had long, dark hair, tanned skin and had an average looking body.

Thankfully, one of my favorite and most trusted agents, Sarah, acknowledged me and decided to pursue better foster parents.

After a good year of patiently waiting, two new foster parents agreed to take me in as their daughter and I internally prayed that they were tender-hearted. My poor heart just wouldn't take the physical, emotional and mental abuse anymore.

"Let's go dear" Sarah pulled my arm through the jam-packed airport. I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time.

We got our passports checked and soon, we were on our way to the giant aircraft. We weaved through crowds until we got to the entrance. In no time at all, we boarded the plane and took our seats in the first class area. The new foster parents had bought the tickets for us.

"Don't fret dear. Everything is going to be just fine" Sarah patted my back as I nodded.

"Are they nice?" I questioned in a timid voice.

"Absolutely. They are very rich too, and absolutely thrilled to have you" she gushed.

I gulped and nodded silently before turning my gaze to the window. This was hopefully the turning point of my life.

A few hours later

"We've arrived darling" Sarah's voice sounded in my ears as I fluttered my eyes open.

I was no longer on the plane, instead, I was now in a huge car with heavily tinted windows. I let out a small yawn before sitting straight. My back was aching from the absurd sleeping position I was in but I did my best to ignore that.

"Where are we?" I peered out the window.

"This is your new home" Sarah smiled as my eyes widened. In front of us was a huge, million dollar looking mansion.

It had three wide storeys and there was a fountain in the middle including tons of fancy, expensive cars in the driveway I never thought I'd ever see in real life. It felt like I was living a dream because I only ever saw these types of rich scenarios on television.

"Let's go" she squealed before opening the door to get out. I did the same and grabbed my suitcase from the back. I dragged it behind me as we walked towards the front porch. This place was definitely beautiful.

Just as we made in onto the porch, the huge oak door was pulled open. A short, pretty woman with straight trimmed blonde hair and bright blue eyes stood in front of us. She instantly pulled her red-stained lips into a tight smile once she had acknowledged us. Everything about her screamed wealth, elegance and pristine.

"Sarah. Thank you for bringing our daughter" she exclaimed whilst grabbing my arms. She held them up in inspection as my cheeks brightened to the colour of a tomato. I slightly shivered at the affectionate gesture since I wasn't used to being treated like that. Treated with love and care.

"No problem Claire. This is Aurora" she told her.

"What a lovely name for such a beautiful girl. We'll take very good care of her, I promise" she pulled me under her arm as her expensive perfume surrounded me. She was very friendly.

"Excellent. Call me if you need anything dear" Sarah directed her statement to me and I nodded in response.

"Bye for now" she waved her manicured hand before retreating down the path.

"Don't be scared darling. We won't hurt you" she led me into the huge luxurious lounge and I looked around in awe.

"Thank you" I smiled in return.

"Walter! She's here" she yelled across the room, making a man who was probably in his late 30's emerge from the kitchen.

"What a pleasant surprise. We're so overjoyed to have you here" he shook my hand as I gave him the most polite smile I could muster.

"Thank you for taking me in as your daughter" I rubbed my arm nervously.

"You are our daughter now. No worries. We're more than happy to have you" Claire spoke whilst stroking my hair.

They then showed me to my room and it was a large, beautiful luxurious room. It was mainly themed pink, consisting of a walk in closet, a makeup vanity, a working corner and a beautiful spacious bathroom. I absolutely loved it.

I was already enjoying it here and slowly but surely getting comfortable. I was too shy and socially awkward to gather the confidence to go downstairs for dinner. As if knowing how I was feeling at the moment, someone was sent up to my room to give me my plate.

I devoured the food in less than 10 minutes since I was very hungry then decided to take a quick shower so I could get rid of the sweat and stench from my skin. The most enjoyable shower I had experienced in days.

Afterwards, I didn't bother going into the closet and just took my usual pyjamas from my suitcase and slipped them on. I slipped into the large comfortable bed before exhaling loudly. My thoughts consumed me as I stared up at the ceiling.

I'd be starting school in 2 days as per my request even though my foster parents had insisted that I spend at least a week familiarizing myself with the environment before meeting new people. I'll admit, I was really nervous about it. I spent majority of the night wondering what type of people I was going to meet in this new place.


A/N: Hey guys. This is my first book so please bear with me if there are any errors. Also, feel free to give your feedbacks and drop some votes and comments❤️

~Your Author✨💛

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