A Fresh Start

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Chapter 6: Partners?

❅◐𝗔𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗿𝗮'𝘀 𝗣𝗢𝗩◑❅

"I have been into Indie fashion lately. Something about that aesthetic just makes it seem so cool" Serena said whilst dipping her tortilla chip into the guacamole.

"It's nice. What about the grunge fashion?" I asked whilst scrolling through my own Pinterest.

"It's okay I guess. I also really love the vintage one" she showed me her screen and I nodded.

"So which aesthetic do we start with?" I turned my phone off and finished my mixed salad off. The school cafeteria made really good food.

"Let's start with the girly vintage one. I know a store in the area that sells those type of clothes" Rena informed me.

"I'll see if I'm free, wait, not Saturday. It has to be mid-week" I grimaced as she tapped her fingernails on the table in thought.

"I'm free tomorrow afternoon. I don't have any activities on Fridays" she clasped her hands together.

"Same. I was going to work on my painting but I'll do it after" I finalised, causing her to squeal excitedly.

"It feels so great to have a friend who has tons in common with you. Mason always shuns me away when I try to get him to do those matching siblings stuff I see on social media" she rolled her eyes as I laughed heartily.

"I'm glad. Well, I have to go for my first choir practice in like 3 minutes so, I'll meet up with you later" I stood up and took my bag. She waved her arms, as her gesture for a hug.

I chuckled before wrapping my arms around her. I could see people sending us weird looks for hugging each other for a long time. She gave the best hugs.

"Bye Ro" she whispered.

"Bye Rena" I slowly let go of her then quickly headed to the Music Room.

Thankfully, I got there on time although many people were already warming up. I walked up to Corey, who was assembling a guitar.

"Hie there" I waved and he turned to face me.

"Aurora, how are ya?" his lips pulled up into a smile.

"I'm okay. Is this yours?" my hands gestured at the guitar.

"No, I have mine at home" he adjusted the strings carefully.

"You know how to play the guitar?" I placed my bag on the floor before taking my scrunchie and putting my hair up in a ponytail.

"Yes, yes I do. I play the piano too and a bit of the drums" Corey placed the guitar on his lap before bringing his brown eyes to my face.

"You're really talented" I gave him an astounded expression as he chuckled lightly.

"So are you"

"Well not r-"

"Good afternoon class. I hope we have all warmed ourselves up because we have Eisteddfods coming up soon so, we have no time to waste" a short, pulchritudinous woman walked into the room before tossing her bags onto the table, some desk equipment toppling over from the action. I could tell she was Hispanic by the slight accent in her voice.

"Mrs. Vergara, are you giving us our roles today?" a person asked as she pushed her dark locks out of her face.

"Yes. That's what we're doing for the rest of today's lesson. Let's assemble everyone, I'll screen the new members since I already know you" she took a file then settled on a chair.

"Captain Detroit, are you present today?" Mrs. Vergara scanned the crowd as Corey stood up. He was the captain?

"Yes, I'm here" he walked to the front.

"I'm a bit uh what you call it, forgetful so please, help me when I forget someone sí? Okay good" she opened the file as Corey settled on the chair in the front. (Translation: yes)

"Okay let me see. We have a José, sí come on forth" she waved her manicured hand as a guy emerged from the group of people.

It didn't take time for her to listen to the new people's voices and their talents made me feel even more insecure about my own voice.

"Okay, so we need a soprano leader. Is there any other empty role?" she turned to Corey.

"We also need a female choir captain ma'am. The previous one left the school" he informed her.

"Aahh sí sí. So I still have 5 new members with no roles. There are two left so put lot of effort sí? Okay, let's begin" Mrs. Vergara used her manicured finger to scroll through the remaining names as my heart thumped loudly.

"We have a Sofia? Sofia? Sí, come forth" she adjusted the glasses that had slid down the bridge of her nose.

Sofia vocalised as per her direction and it was perfect and on point. I'm definitely not getting a spot at this rate.

"Mmm alright, it's okay. Ehm, next we have, Ar- Au- oh Dios mío, this name. I'll just have to call you sleeping beautiful" the whole room erupted in laughter and I found myself cracking up as well. (Translation:oh my goodness)

"It's sleeping beauty Mrs. Vergara" Corey laughed as she shook her head.

"Oh? You know I'm not very good with this English. Where's the sleeping beauty?" she scrunched her face up and I raised my hand.

"Ahh mi hermosa chica, come forth please" Mrs. Vergara grinned as I made my way to the front. Corey gave me a knowing look as my cheeks heated up as usual. (Translation: my beautiful girl)

"Okay, let's begin" she waved her hands as I started singing according to her gestures.

"Parar! Stop!" she shook her hands frantically as I pursed my lips. I knew I was terrible. (Translation: stop)

"Esto es muy bueno! Ahh, you are amazing! Mwah! You shall be the female captain mi Bella Durmiente" she gushed whilst writing something in her file. (Translation: this is very good; my sleeping beauty)

Corey started applauding, causing the whole room to follow suit. I smiled shyly since I wasn't used to all the attention and flattery. I hadn't understood what she had just said but I could tell it was positive.

"Go and join Captain Detroit, bella. Here is the badge too" she handed me a red badge engraved with the words 'Female Choir Captain'

"Thank you so much" I smiled before receiving the badge and walking over to Corey.

"Congratulations Aurora, we're partners now" he winked as I smiled.

"Thanks a lot, partner. This means a lot to me" I held in the tears of joy.

"Haha. You honestly deserve it. I think you've also broken a school record of being the a captain as a brand new student. You only get the spot-"

"After at least two years of being at the school, I know. Camille told me" I nodded as Mrs. Vergara gave the remaining members some positions. Sofia had taken the role of being the soprano leader.

"Simpático! The captains shall choose the song which we're going to perform for next Monday's assembly and for the Eisteddfods too. Let us wrap up mi amigos, I have to go ahora mismo" she stacked her files together before shoving them into her bag. (Translation:nice; my friends; right now)

We spent the last 10 minutes of the lesson discussing when we should meet up for extra practice and learning more about our roles. Afterwards, I walked to the limo. Rob was already standing by the door.

"Good day Ms. Aurora" he greeted as soon as I was within sight.

"Good day Rob. Thank you" I smiled politely as the door was opened for me.

"My pleasure" he shut the door before going to his side. I looked behind me and found Camille quietly scrolling through her phone as usual. I sighed quietly before facing the front again.

Rob started driving and I decided to text Serena, who had spammed me with many aesthetical outfit pictures. I swiped up to reply to her.

"Those are really nice dresses" a voice said close to my ear as I nearly screamed. I tilted my head up to see Camille peaking into my phone. Her strong designer perfume was already suffocating me.

"Um thanks?" I said awkwardly, wondering why the hell she was being nice. Moreover, why she wasn't minding her own business.

"That's actually my style at the moment you know. So if you like, you can go shopping with me as well" she jumped over the seat and settled besides me, her face bright with happiness. I think I'm dreaming. Slap me now.

"You're not dreaming Aurora. Come on, I apologized for saying all those horrible stuff. I didn't really mean to" she looked down with her lower lip puckered. Whatever tricks she was playing, I wasn't going to fall for it. But I'll play along anyway.

"It's fine. I forgive you" I smiled slightly as she squealed gleefully.

"Thank you. I have an amazing idea of what we can do for the weekend too" she scooted closer to me before unlocking her phone. I really am dreaming.

A/N: My favorite people in the world!! I hope you're all good and your girl here has updated another chapter for ya😘I hope you continue to stick with this book I'm working so hard to write. Love you guyss❤️

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