A Fresh Start

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Chapter 7: Adjustment and Resentment

◍♡𝐂𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐞'𝐬 𝐏𝐎𝐕♡◍

"I can't stand that girl" I screamed into the phone's mic as Jenevive covered her ears. We were FaceTiming each other at 5am.

"Okay, calm down Camille. I've met her and she's actually such a sweet and nice g-"

"Are you my best friend?" I cut her off mid-sentence.

"I am"

"So act like it!"

"Yes ma'am. Sorry, I was just saying" she shrugged as I exhaled frustratedly before taking a sip of my juice.

"Claire and Walter are always talking about her nowadays. It's as if I'm the adopted one now because I'm pretty much non-existent" I pouted whilst tugging on the sleeve of my hoodie. I was supposed to be bathing to prepare for school but here I was, chatting away about Miss Princess Disney.

"But you'll always be the special one Camille. I mean, you're perfect, anyone would die to have you as their daughter" Jenevive spoke whilst applying her makeup.

"But she's way better than me. Her life is literally a fairy tale and everyone likes her. COREY likes her! You know how much he dislikes being around girls" I exclaimed as she shook her head.

"He's always avoiding me even though he knows I like him" Jenevive sighed wistfully "Aurora really is lucky, she attracts everyone's attention wherever she goes. Honestly, I'm jealous" Jenevive lined her lips as I clenched my fists slowly.

"It's so irritating. Anyways, I'll see you at school. I have to shower before I get late" I inspected my long white manicured nails.

"Bye bestie. I love you" she blew me a kiss through the phone.

"Bye. I love you too" I tapped the red button before forcing myself up from my bed and ambling to the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth thoroughly then peeled the layers of clothes off my body and hopped into the shower. I lathered myself in my favorite strawberry flavoured bodywash and let the warm water wash the foam off.

Afterwards, I wrapped a towel around my body then tiptoed to my closet, careful not to wet my floor. I hummed to an Ariana Grande tune that had been stuck in my head whilst scrolling through some comfy cardigans to wear with my uniform.

I ended up taking one of Zack's black hoodies that I deliberately kept without his acknowledgement. After wearing my uniform, applying a minimal amount of makeup and spritzing my Chanel perfume, I grabbed my stuff then went down for breakfast.

I took 2 creamy doughnuts and an apple before going to the car. I knew the princess was going to arrive downstairs soon and I really wasn't in the mood to talk to her.

Claire and Walter had warned, threatened and forced me to treat her as if she were my own biological sister but I just couldn't. I made an effort and I knew that if I became nice, I'd get more benefits.

I loved being the only child. Getting all the attention and unlimited money or gifts during Christmas or any other day.

"Hey Rob, did you get that Starbucks drink I asked for? I hope it's almond milk" I raised my eyebrows as he took it from the front compartment of the car.

"Yes. And extra sugar like you said" I received the cup and smiled at the fact that it was still warm.

"Good" I entered the car and put my bag on the empty spot besides me. I decided to pass the time by viewing and liking some posts on Instagram.

"Good morning Rob. Thank you so much for waiting" the familiar sweet voice said as I rolled my eyes.

Her polished behavior ticked me off and as much as I hated to admit it, I was starting to wish I wasn't as rude as I was so that I'd be way better than her.

Aurora gracefully slipped into the car then turned to see if I was there. I avoided her gaze and continued to mind my own business. As much as I tried to be nice to her, something about her phenomenal aura made me bitter towards her.

I finished my food on the way to school. Once Rob had parked the car, I didn't bother to wait for him to open the door and just rushed out.

I already had my books for the first lesson I was having so I headed straight to the room. I opened the door and scanned the room before spotting Corey sitting at a different table than usual.

"Hey" I greeted him and he looked up from his phone.

"Barbie, wassup" he smirked as I sat behind him.

"I'm fine. You usually sit in the back, why the hell are you sitting in front?" I whisper-yelled whilst tossing my bag to my normal desk.

"Nothing. Just felt like it" I raised my eyebrows at his response.

"Mmm, whatever. Have you seen Jenevive, she's always around you" I crossed my legs together.

"Nah, no idea. I told you to tell her that I don't like being followed around, it's annoying" Corey pointed a finger at me as I laughed.

"Well what can I say? She is head over heels" I shrugged with a smug smile, making him roll his eyes.

As he was about to reply, Jenevive herself walked into the class before skipping towards us, her expressions brighter tham the sun like always.

"Camille, Corey" she grinned before settling beside him.

"What took you so long?" I questioned her as she sighed annoyedly.

"My tardy driver. He got us stuck in the mud so someone else had to come and take me. It was pathetic" she flicked her glossy hair off her shoulder.

"Mistakes happen Jenevive" Corey stated in a 'matter of fact' tone, clearly seeing her as nothing but a spoiled, bratty airhead.

"I know, I'm not complaining. It's a part of life I guess" she smiled even wider as he exhaled lowly and returned his attention to his phone. I knew Corey very well. And I could tell he was getting grotched.

When Corey was interested or liked someone he smiled like an idiot, dishevelled his hair a lot and maintained eye contact. He also played with his hands as a sign of nervousness.

The door was gently opened, revealing my step sister. Corey immediately looked up and I watched as his lips tug up secretly. She walked up to the table besides him and settled down, ignoring Jenevive and I's presence. Who was I to get mad when I basically did the same?

"I thought you sat at the back" she said, her gleamy brown eyes looking at Corey in confusion. It was unfair that she was that gorgeous from head to toe. It irked me.

"I do but I wanted to sit next to you" he said in a low tone which I managed to comprehend as her cheeks went crimson. This is unbelievable! Unacceptable!

"Good morning class" the teacher walked in, making Jenevive and I hurry to our rightful places. I wasn't in the mood to learn but I had no choice. I also had to spy on my best friend.

"I also got myself a nice Givenchy bag. Remember those Balenciaga sneakers we saw Camille? I got those too" Jenevive spoke as we ate at our usual table in the cafeteria.

"I love the neon green ones" Sabrina added.

"You look cute with my hoodie" Zack draped his arm over my shoulders as I blushed.

"Thanks. I stole this one and you didn't even realize" I smirked whilst dipping my chip into the tomato sauce.

"I did but I let it slide. You're special anyways" he smiled as I giggled.

"Corey, are you okay bro?" Jules questioned, causing him to stop looking around and turning his attention to us.

"Huh? Oh yeah, yeah. I'm fine" he smiled slightly before drinking his mint water.

"He's just a little bit distracted, nothing serious right Corey?" Jenevive touched his shoulder but he flinched away.

"Yeah" he tried to conceal his aggravation whilst secretly moving away from her. He sent a glare in my direction but the just gave him a sheepish smile. I was cringing on the inside.

"Are you staying for soccer practice later this afternoon?" Zack asked Corey.

"I don't know yet. I still have some things to do" he answered nonchalantly and when everyone else was distracted by the conversation Jenevive had started, he turned his head to look at someone and I followed his gaze.

As cliché as it sounded, Aurora was settling down at the table by the window where the sun was filtering through it. Once she was seated and started eating, he stood up and excused himself.

I watched as he casually made his way to her table and settled down opposite her. Aurora immediately looked up and flashed him her perfect straight white teeth.

"He's been talking to her more than usual" Jenevive scooted closer to me, a look of disgust and distaste plastered on her face.

"Yeah. Maybe they're just good friends" I shrugged whilst looking for any clues. I know it was wrong to spy on someone but I couldn't help myself.

"Maybe" Jenevive stared at them as well.

Aurora's tanned olive skin shone in the sun, her long dark lashes complimenting her lustrous brown eyes. She pulled some strands of her inky dark hair out of her face as she laughed at something Corey had said. I hated that she was so beautiful. That she literally had the world in her hands and that she was becoming popular.

My eyes averted to Corey, who was already running his hands through his hair, gawing at Aurora as his dimples became apparent from all his smiling. It was officially proven to me that he liked her and I wasn't amused one bit. I'd have to do something about it.

A/N: Heyy lovess, so you finally got a chance to know what goes on in Camille's mind. It was really fun to write from her pov and feel free to tell me if you like them. I'm so excited to write more of them in the upcoming chapters. Love you loads❤️

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