A Fresh Start

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Chapter 9: Tears and Abandonment

❅◐𝗔𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗿𝗮'𝘀 𝗣𝗢𝗩◑❅

"We shouldn't have binged that Netflix serie last night" Serena yawned and stretched before facing me.

"But the cliffhangers made us want to watch more" I giggled whilst rubbing my eyes slowly.

"I can't wait to watch the last 20 episodes tonight. We ended up falling asleep" she spoke before going into the bathroom.

"Are you showering first?" I called out and her loud hum confirmed it. On the ground chat, people had decided to have a treasure hunt whereby we go through the forest light with the help of a map. The first people to find whatever the treasure was would get a huge reward.

After Selena was done freshening up, I went in and started my own routine. I did it as fast as I could then changed into some shorts, a plain black t-shirt then some grey Nike sneakers.

I tied my hair up into a ponytail then applied a minimal amount of lip gloss. Serena had also worn a black t-shirt with shorts but with black Nike sneakers.

Many people were already downstairs, conversing and having breakfast at the long, rectangular table. Camille was on Zack's laps, eating her own pancakes and chatting enthusiastically to Sabrina. I couldn't see Corey anywhere.

"Good morning Aurora" Mason smiled as Serena and I descended the stairs.

"Morning" I chirped before taking my plate full of the thin, warm delicacies then drizzled some syrup over them as well as a generous spoon of whipped cream.

"Has anyone seen Corey? Can someone please go and look for him? This couch is too comfy" Isaac called out. He was one of the laziest people in the group.

"I'll go" I volunteered since no one bothered to.

"Lifesaver. Thank you Sleeping Beauty" I rolled my eyes playfully at his choice of nickname. After taking another bite of my food, I went outside since it was my first assumption of his whereabouts.

I could hear some mumbling from the backyard, awakening my curiosity instincts. I tiptoed on the ground, making sure not to step on any dry leaf.

I hid behind the wall before carefully peeking over it. My heart dropped at the scene that was unfolding in before me. It was Jenevive and Corey, locking lips without care in the world. Something about this made me want to scream my lungs out on rage but on the other hand, it gave me a wake up call. We were strictly friends.

I turned back to walk to the house, not bothering to call him as per requested by Isaac. All these thoughts made me forget that I was supposed to be as quiet as possible, resulting in me stepping on a large leaf with a loud crunch.

My body froze and my heart started racing like crazy. I heard them murmur between themselves and I seized that as the opportunity to escape as fast as possible before they saw me.

"Did you see him?" Isaac questioned once I had walked back into the house.

"Um no, I didn't see anyone. Maybe he's, I don't know. Try and call him" I felt a tad bit guilty for lying.

"It's unreachable. I'll see him when he shows up, thanks for trying" I nodded at his statement then went back to eat my food.

"Aurora, are you okay? You look a little pale" Serena whispered, her eyes watched me with concern.

"Of course I am. What makes you think I'm not?" I took a large gulp of my coffee, nearly choking on it.

"Uh-huh. You know you can talk to me right? I won't tell a single soul" she put her arm on my shoulders as I shook my head.

"Nothing serious Serena. Just homesickness" another lie smoothly drifted out of my mouth. I had to really repent and start telling the truth but I didn't like opening up to people. Especially those that I didn't know.

"Aaaw, don't worry. It's only today then we go back" Serena patted my back as I faked a smile.

"It's time for the treasure hunt folks. Let's gather up outside" Mason put on a cap and some dark shades before blowing a whistle.

Serena and I held hands before trailing behind the people who were ahead of us. Corey and Jenevive were already present. I quickly averted my gaze once our eyes met.

"So we're going to be in pairs. Since we're so many, we're just going to pair up with the person who we were in the car with. Of the same gender as well" he added as Camille's face dropped. My day just couldn't get any better.

"Alright. So here are the maps" he distributed them and I received it on Camille's behalf too.

It was hard enough that we had to work together but they just had to make it even worse by giving us one map. She came and stood next to me once everyone had gone to their partners.

"So, the race starts... Now" Mason blew the whistle as everyone scrambled around before going in all different routes. Mason got into the car to drive to the stopover point since he was the coach.

"Okay, where do we have to go first?" Camille glanced at the map, then the forest.

"This route" I pointed.

"Whatever. Let's go" she walked ahead, clearly wishing she was elsewhere doing something different from taking a competitive game with her unlikeable stepsister.

"Are you going to walk any faster? I bet we're going to be the last ones?" she snapped at me as I tried to even my breathing.

"You're walking way too fast. And it's in the wrong direct-"

"There's always a different way out of here"she pushed a branch out of the way but let it go when I wanted to cross.

I winced in pain as the branches ruthlessly slapped my face. Camille ignored my cry of pain and continued moving forward as I wiped the blood from my face.

I don't know what Claire was thinking when she put is together. I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I begged Sarah to take me out of the foster home. I was starting to wish and be thankful for staying there.

I had many friends of my own age and some really friendly kids who always made an effort to make some breakfast for me when I was still sleeping. How we'd play board games till late, watch Disney until the matron found out and scolded us to bed. How we'd go to the fields and courts to play soccer, sometimes basketball and volleyball. I really missed those times.

Carly had been my best friend at the foster home and I lost count of how many times we cried that I was leaving. Even in my new room, I'd cry for hours but wash my face when Claire or Walter decided to make an appearance.

"Ugh Miss Disney you're lagging behind. Can't you just be co-operative for once?" Camille's annoyed voice broke me out of my trance.

"I'm- I'm sorry I-"

"I don't care about what you have to say. I regret ever agreeing to be nice to you and pairing up with you. I thought you were talented at something I didn't know about but, never mind" she exhaled loudly as my gaze dropped to my shoes.

"Claire, Walter and I's lives were perfectly fine before you came along. It was stress-free and happy but you just had to ruin that. I don't really know what I did to deserve this" Camille gestured at me as my emotions got triggered. I hadn't noticed a tear fall out of my eye until it dropped on the map.

"Please don't ruin the map with those crocodile tears. I don't want to die in here" she walked over to me before snatching it away. I sniffled whilst doing my best to stop crying but all efforts were futile.

"Stop being a big baby. Suck it up or else I'm leaving you" she said in a harsh tone, which made the matter even worse. I didn't want to be here anymore. This was my last straw.

After this trip I was going back to the foster home. I'd rather live in average conditions surrounded by people who loved me rather than a big mansion with people who wanted nothing more than me to leave so they could get on with their normal lives.

I watched as she walked away, not caring to apologize. I slowly dropped to my knees and sat on the mound of dirt piled up on the path before sobbing to my heart's content.

I couldn't take the insults anymore, there was only so much a person could take. All I wanted in my life was happiness and joy but it seemed as if I was under a curse. I was Aurora after all.

I don't know for how many hours I sat by myself, hoping that Camille would come back but she didn't. My body shivered uncontrollably as the gelid mist in the thick forest began to form.

The sky was slowly turning dark grey, creating a dreary atmosphere. The goosebumps on my skin rose rapidly as the crude wind howled viciously. The low rumble of thunder signaled me that it was about to rain.

I hugged my knees before sniffling lightly, a melancholic tine playing in my mind. I knew that no one was going to find me so I just prayed for forgiveness from the Almighty for all the bad things I had done before laying my benumbed body down on the bone-chilling ground.

I felt myself slowly lose consciousness from the inclement weather and severe famishment. The last thing I heard was my name being called as I blacked out.

A/N: Heyy lovess. Just to check up on all of you, have you taken care of yourself today? If you ever feel down and you just want to vent, my pm's are always open. You are all very special and deserve to be here on Earth no matter what you think. I love you all so much, plss remember that❤️

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