A Fresh Start

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Chapter 10: Decisions and Apologies

❅◐𝗔𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗿𝗮'𝘀 𝗣𝗢𝗩◑❅

"Is she awake?" I heard someone whisper as my mind slowly began to function.

"Her eyelashes are fluttering" another whispered as I furrowed. Where was I?

"Am I still in the forest?" I croaked with my eyes still shut.

"No. You're safe now, in bed" I heard Serena say as I forced my eyes open. I found everyone standing in the room except Camille and Jenevive. Not that I even wanted them to be present.

"What- what happened?" I scratched my head in confusion before accidentally touching my face scars and wincing, the color of antiseptic staining my hand. Corey was sitted on the left side of my bed then Serena on the right. Mason inhaled before speaking.

"Well, Camille was the last to arrive and we all had been waiting for you two to make it. When she did arrive, we asked her where you were and she said that you had shouted at her and decided to walk by yourself. So, we waited for you but you didn't show up"

"Camille had decided to go back to the lodge so we had to follow her and ask her what really happened then she broke down and confessed that she had lashed out at you and left you alone in the forest. So Corey and I spent about an hour searching for you, then Corey finally found you"

"Your temperature was below average and if we had wasted another minute, we were going to lose you. So we brought you back here and got you warmed up before it was too late. You've been asleep for 4 hours now, actually, make that 5" he crossed his arms after narrating the whole story to me.

"All thanks to Corey for finding you. Claire has been informed about this and she's arriving soon, along with your agent" Serena said as I sneezed.

"That weather was bad for your health" Jules shook his head as the others hummed in agreement. Corey reached for a mug on the table before handing it to me.

"Thank you" I smiled slightly before sipping the hot chocolate.

"How are you feeling? After what happened?" Sabrina didn't hesitate to ask me.

"In all honestly, I don't want to be here anymore. You guys are all amazing and I've enjoyed having you around but, I can't take the mental and emotional pain anymore" I fanned my face as I felt the tears threaten to spill. Serena ribbed my back gently.

"I was hoping that Camille would accept me someday, I didn't want to talk about this because I didn't want to make her look like a bad person-"

"Don't worry. We already know her behavior. Just tell us" Evelyn nodded assuringly and I exhaled loudly before continuing.

"This is not the first time she has insulted me and told me that I don't belong here, that I don't have parents so I want to take hers, that she constantly wished that I could just go back to the foster home and honestly, that's all I want to do right now. It didn't have the best conditions but I had so many loving people around me, a loving family" I quickly wiped the tear that had escaped my eye.

Corey took my cold hand into his warm one as a comforting gesture, making me feel all fuzzy inside but immediately brushed the feeling away after reminiscing about the scenario I had witnessed this morning.

"As I have mentioned before, I have really enjoyed being around all of you but maybe this isn't where I'm supposed to be. If Camille wants to be the only child then so be it. It's better for the both of us" I shrugged my shoulders sadly as they came to wrap their arms around me.

"I'm so sorry you had to go through this in silence. You should have spoke up earlier" Serena sniffled whilst keeping her arms around me.

"You're way too nice. I know for a fact that I would have slapped the girl right across the face" Jenny said, making us laugh heartily. Something I really needed.

"Aurora dear, oh my gosh you look so pale" Sarah barged into the room before shoving her way through the tall teenagers since she was the size of a dwarf. People would think we were actually related because of that.

"Sarah! I'm so glad you're here" I smiled as she wrapped her arms around me. Corey stood up to let her sit besides me.

"I shouldn't have let you come here, oh gosh. No offense Claire" she turned to the woman who had just walked in, her clothing dripping with expense and elegance.

"None taken. I can't believe Camille did such a bad deed. Ignoring you is one thing but leaving you out in the cold? I deeply apologize on her behalf and I'll make sure we deal with her" she walked up to me before giving me a hug too.

"It's fine I just have to accept that she'll never like me so I've made the decision to go back to the foster home. Tomorrow" I added as they all looked at me with shocked expressions.

"So soon? We haven't even got the chance to introduce you to the relatives. We had already planned a date-"

"And I appreciate that. I honestly have been through a tiring roller coaster in my life and the last thing I want to do is stay with a hostile person. I really appreciate and thank you for treating me well, it's just for my own mental health and sanity" she smiled sadly at my statement.

"Well if that's what you want, then we can't really stop you. Oh you were such a lovely girl, even Rob and Maria thoroughly enjoyed your company" Claire's eyes got glassy as I did my best not to cry again.

"I enjoyed it. Everyone was so nice to me" I smiled sympathetically.

"I was starting to get fond of you" Serena sniffled, her eyes already red from crying.

"Whose going to be my Choir partner now?" Corey pouted as I laughed.

"Now I'm going to have to buy ice-cream and watch some sappy movies whilst she recovers" Mason pointed at Serena as we all laughed. I really was going to miss them.

"Are those all your bags?" Sarah questioned as I inspected the suitcases. Claire had basically forced me to take all the clothes in the closet because she had specially bought them for me and it would be such a waste.

"Yes" I swallowed the lump in my throat and watched as the helpers took them out. I was partially sad to leave but excited to see my friends again, especially Carly.

"Let's go" Sarah took my hand and we walked out of the room, descending the stairs carefully. I saw Camille for the first time after the incident and her hair was untamed, her eyes swollen with bags under them and tear streaks. I wanted to feel sorry for her but I didn't. I was now bitter. I was angry and all I wanted to do was scream at her until my throat hurt.

Claire, Sarah and I went to the car and got driven to the airport. We arrived in no time at all and I watched as my luggage got taken out. This really was it.

I bid my farewells to Claire and hugged her goodbye before following Sarah to the screening area. After getting my passport checked and my luggage as well, I walked towards the doors that led to the huge aircraft.

"Aurora! Wait!" I heard a voice call out, making me come to a halt.

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