A Fresh Start

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Chapter 2: Meeting Camille

I slept through the morning and I felt embarrassment flood through my whole body. It partly wasn't my fault that the huge luxurious bed was comfortable with an electric blanket at that.

It was my first day staying with my new family and I guess they were already criticizing me for sleeping into the afternoon. I let out a sleepy yawn before shuffling to the bathroom to start my routine.

After taking a good 5 minutes to figure out what each bottle's purpose was since I hadn't bothered to do so last night, I finally started showering then brushed my teeth thoroughly. I wrapped a towel around myself before heading to my undiscovered closet.

I gasped quietly at how large and spacious it was, the LED lights on the roof illuminating the room brightly. The closet was filled to the brim with a variety of ordinary and designer clothes ranging from tops, skirts, jeans, vintage dresses and many more. It felt like I needed a whole clothes guide to find myself an outfit.

I took some simple blue skinny jeans and a white t-shirt with Vogue imprinted in black cursive. That was my usual style of dressing and I wasn't planning on changing it yet. At least until I figure out how to wear some of the clothes in the closet. After drying my hair and applying a minimal amount of makeup, I tidied my room then went downstairs.

"Aurora, you're awake" Claire grinned at me as soon as I entered the kitchen. Her beautifully plaid white skirt and matching expensive satin blouse put my simple attire to shame.

"Yes. I'm sorry for sleeping like a log, that's not how I usually am-"

"It's no worry. You were on the plane for a long time and you needed some rest so it's okay" she walked over to me before placing a kiss on my forehead. I couldn't help but flinch at this. Claire didn't seem fazed though, as if knowing that I was new to all of this.

"Lunch has been prepared and set on the table specially for you. Feel free to go and help yourself" Claire waved her hand. She was too nice. Being in a dreadful foster home taught you to always suspect but never trust anyone.

"Thank you" my voice barely came out as a whisper as I basically ran to the dining room. I was trying my best to let my guard down, be nice and act normal but my conscience wouldn't let me.

I did a double take as soon as I saw the vast amounts of food arrayed on the table. It looked as if it were a banquet for the Queen of England.

I walked over to the chair in the middle and carefully settled on it, wondering where to start. I took the silver platter before dishing out some macaroni cheese with a chicken stew that consisted of chicken breast strips and bell peppers. My stomach eagerly growled at the delicious smell.

I didn't hesitate to stuff my mouth with the scrumptious food whilst occasionally drinking my guava fruit juice. They made such amazing food in this household.

"OH MY GOSH, WHAT IS THAT!?" a female voice shrieked, causing me to drop my cutlery out of shock.

I turned my head to face a pretty blonde girl, whose face was caked in heavy amounts of makeup, her fingernails decorated with long white acrylics and her body clothed in a designer dress. She appeared to be the same age as me.

"What?" I whispered to myself as I turned to look to where she was pointing but saw nothing peculiar. That's when it finally clicked in my head that she was, in fact, pointing at me. Excuse me?

"Stop being so insensitive Camille" Claire came up behind her before walking towards me. I was thoroughly confused as to why this Camille girl was standing at the door, judging me without any sort of basis.

"Well it's weird to come back home to find some random girl stuffing her face with our food" she put emphasis on the word 'our'. Home?

"She's not some random girl Camille. This is the girl we decided to take from the foster home" Claire placed her manicured hand on my shoulder as I looked at the both of them with wide eyes.

"Ugh" Camille rolled her eyes before crossing her arms and shifting her weight to her other leg. Okay...

"Aurora, this is Camille, your new sister. She was not around because she had gone on vacation to Malaysia" Claire told me as I slowly nodded.

I was very excited to have a sister, since I had never really experienced what it felt like to have siblings. Moreover, one of the same gender.

"Hey Camille" I smiled and waved my hand at her. Shw gave me a judgmental look before uncrossing her small arms. It was evident that she spent lots of her time at the gym.

"I'm going to my room. Call me if you need me" she turned on her heels before walking out of the dining room. Ouch. I guess having a sister is not that, exciting.

"Please excuse her attitude, she's like that sometimes. I'm sure she'll warm up to you soon" Claire smiled sympathetically.

"It's okay. Even I wouldn't be happy if I was no longer the only child" I faked a laugh, hoping that it would ease the tense atmosphere.

"I guess that's the case. Please don't let it bother you, I'm always here if you need someone to talk to or hang with, Walter too" she wrapped her arms around me briefly before letting go.

"Thank you for that but I'm fine" I said in a believable tone, making her nod in an understanding manner.

"It's okay darling. We have to go shopping for your school stuffs. I already have the timetable and the list of necessities" Claire stroked my hair gently.

"Okay. I'll get ready in time" I looked up at her. She really was your ideal mom. Caring, fashionable, kind and understanding.

"Don't deprive yourself. There's plenty of food and if you want something specially made for you, just consult Maria" Claire outstretched her arm.

"This is good enough. Thank you so much" I dismissed, causing her to smile before walking out of the room.

I exhaled loudly before finishing my food off then. I got up then made my way back to my room. I nearly got lost in the grand mansion due to my forgetful memory.

Once I had, I slipped on some black sneakers, I tied my hair into a ponytail then applied a minimal amount of gloss. I was quite excited to go shopping.

"Okay, so I contour my eyebrows with concealer" I checked the labels of the countless bottles on my vanity. I was watching a makeup tutorial on my large screen TV so I wouldn't let the makeup equipment go to waste.

It was 7PM and I was planning on eating dinner, read a novel then go to sleep since I had school tomorrow. I would watch Netflix on the weekend even though I was so eager to.

As I was about to apply the liquid to my face, there was a knock at the door. I muttered an audible 'come in' and turned to see Claire enter my room, her body clad in a black body hugging dress with some high stilettos. Her hair was pinned up neatly and her makeup was on point.

"Hey Claire, you look great" I smiled as her cheeks went bright. We had strengthened our bond during our shopping spree but I still had my guard up.

"Thank you. I just came to ask if you could please come down for dinner so we can have our first official gathering as a family" the excited expression on her face made me feel guilty about wanting to refuse.

"Umm, okay" I sighed heavily as she squealed.

"It starts at 7.45PM but you can come earlier than that if you like" Claire gave me a thumbs up and I gave her a small smile in return.

"Oh, I almost forgot, this is for you" she took out a box from her clutch bag. I gasped loudly as soon as I saw what it was.

"This is yours. The latest as well" she handed me the white iPhone box.

"Thank you so much. You didn't have to" I felt some tears well up in my eyes. It was the first ever phone I was getting. My old foster parents didn't want me having one just in case I decided to call Sarah and tell her that I was being abused.

"You're more than welcome. I've already saved the family's contacts in there. Once you make more friends at school then you can add more" she squeezed my shoulders gently as I pulled the pink shiny phone from the wrapping. It was brand new indeed.

"It's so beautiful. Thank you again, Claire. I really wasn't expecting it" I smiled up at her.

"It's the least I could do. So, I'll see you downstairs" she kissed my forehead before exiting my room.

I powered the phone on before exploring the basic apps and settings. I didn't spend too much time using it since I had to shower and dress up for dinner.

After my bathing routine, I went into the closet and picked out a simple white long sleeved dress that flared at the bottom then some clear sandals to finish the outfit off.

I quickly made my way downstairs as soon as I was done making myself look presentable. The chattering signaled me that people were already assembled at the table.

I entered the dining room and found Claire, Walter and Camille seated, enthusiastically conversing about a certain topic. Something that was foreign to me. It was the first time I was seeing Camille look happy.

"Aurora, you made it" Walter was the first to stand up and welcome me. He pulled out a chair next to Claire's for me before going back to his that was next to Camille.

"Thank you" I spoke in my usual timid voice before tucking myself in. My gaze met Camille's and my stomach twisted when I noticed how she was glaring at me.

"So, are you excited for school tomorrow?" Walter began and I quickly looked up.

"Oh, uhm yes. I'm quite nervous but I'll be fine" I cleared my throat. It was the first proper conversation I was having with him.

"Lovely. I'm sure it's going to be even better since Camille attends the same school" he gestured to her but I avoided her gaze.

"Newcomers always get bullied" she said in a cold tone as my lips pursed.

"Camille" Walter gave her a stern look which made her roll her eyes. She seriously disliked me and I could sense the tension.

The food was brought to the table on time and we all served ourselves before eating in silence. That was, until Claire spoke up.

"So I still owe you a tour of the mansion but my schedule is so tight" she directed her statement to me as I swallowed the spaghetti bolognese I had put into my mouth.

"It's okay if you're busy. I'll take a tour by myself"

"There is no need for that, Camille will show you around the place" Walter interjected as we both turned our gaze to him. I heard Camille scoff under her breath.

"Lovely idea. The perfect opportunity for you two to get to know each other better and act more like sisters" Claire gave her a look. She stopped eating her greens and dropped her cutlery with a loud rattle.

"Why did you have to get another child!? What part of I don't need a sister did you not understand? I'm going to my room" she aggressively pushed her chair back and stormed out. I felt some tears well up in my eyes at her outburst. I was unwanted. As usual.

"Please don't be sad Aurora. This was a little hard on her since she was so used to being the only child" Claire wrapped her arms around me as I did my best to shun my emotions.

"She'll come to her senses soon. Just relax and remember that we want you here" Walter stood up from his own chair to comfort me.

"I just want to sleep. Thank you for the dinner" I whispered quietly as they slowly let me go.

"Just call us if you need anything sweetheart. Don't let it get to you" Claire said gently and I nodded slowly.

I made my way back to my room then changed into some pyjamas before slipping into bed with my Enid Blyton novel.

I had high hopes that tomorrow was going to be a better day and that someday, Camille would be nicer to me. If that was possible.


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