A Fresh Start

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Chapter 3: The New School

♬♪𝐀𝐧𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐞 ~ 𝐉𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧 𝐁𝐢𝐞𝐛𝐞𝐫✧:・

❅◐𝗔𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗿𝗮'𝘀 𝗣𝗢𝗩◑❅

I woke up first thing in the morning at 5.30AM and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a hot shower. Afterwards, I slipped my school uniform on.

It consisted of a white blouse, a moderately short black pleated skirt then a white blazer with black stripes on the sleeves. The jersey was a beautiful cream colour. I could tell this was a very prestige school because of the fancy uniform.

I packed my bag before going downstairs for breakfast. Claire had come up briefly to say goodbye since she went to work then told me that breakfast would be ready for us on the dining room.

I slung my bag over my shoulder and finished sending Claire a text message telling her to have a good day at work. My gut dropped when I found Camille seated at the table, scrolling through her Instagram whilst eating some cereal.

I contemplated on whether or not to go in and eat my breakfast quietly or to get a fruit from the kitchen and go to school. I decided to face my fear and went to my usual chair. She looked up at me before returning her attention to her phone as if I hadn't passed by.

I put some berries and vanilla yogurt in a bowl then poured myself some orange juice. I sat down then started eating as silently as possible, hoping she wouldn't say anything mean to me. I was very sensitive. Too sensitive.

The grating of the chair on the tiles told me that she was standing up. After a brief shuffle, I heard Camille walk out of the room, leaving her cereal bowl full. She was really wasteful. She didn't know the pain of having nothing to eat, the pain of being deprived of having food.

I reached over to take the bowl so the food wouldn't go to waste. After eating everything, including her cereal, I placed the plates neatly on the table then went out to where the driver was.

"Good morning ma'am. I'm Roberto, your personal driver but you can call me Rob" he outstretched his hand as I studied his face. I couldn't see his eyes because of the dark shades but he had a stubble, signaling me that he was a grown man.

"Good morning Rob" I shook his hand. He opened the door of the black limo for me and I thanked him before entering. I noticed Camille sitting in the front row of the car, still scrolling through her phone and sipping on her drink.

Rob began to drive as I just looked out of the window, wondering what kind of people I was going to meet at the new school.

After a short while, the limo parked in front of a huge white school with a small lot of students congregated outside, conversing with each other probably about the latest gossip in the school. Rob started by opening the door for Camille since she was in front.

"I finish sports at 4PM. Don't be tardy and come at 1PM" was all Camille said to Rob before getting out of the car and prancing towards the school. She was so mannerless for a rich kid.

He opened my door and I stepped out before giving him a polite smile.

"I don't know what time I finish but I just want to thank you for driving me safely to school. Anything could've happened" I tilted my head as his lips uplifted into a smile.

"You're welcome Ms. Aurora. It's my pleasure. Mrs. Williams said she was coming to pick you personally" he informed me and I nodded.

"Okay. Have a lovely day" I waved and he held his thumb up.

Nervousness settled in my gut as I made my way up the stairs to the entrance. I watched as students in a similar attire to mine laughed and hugged each other affectionately recognised the ones who were in an all black attire as the Juniors.

My hands fumbled for my timetable once I had reached the locker with my name label attached to it. Once I had gotten the code right, I opened it and took the books required for my first History lesson.

"Hie there!" a high-pitched voice startled me, causing my book to drop onto the floor with a loud thud. I clutched my chest whilst turning to see who it was.

The girl had wavy blonde hair that was clipped up in a neat bun, bright cerulescent blue eyes that were complimented by a dark wing liner that ran across her bottom eyelids and lips which sparkled with a clear gloss. She was also in a white uniform but her stripes were red instead of black.

"Um, hey. You scared me sorry" I let out a nervous laugh as she gave me a bright smile.

"My bad, sorry. I was asked to help you around the school, you're Aurora right?" she picked the thick book from the floor and dusted it before handing it back to me.

"Yes. I was just going to enter the wrong classes until I got to the right one" I laughed and she joined me.

"You don't have to. I'm Serena Samuels but you can call me Rena. You're really pretty too" she smiled as I blushed.

"Thank you. It's lovely to meet you, Serena" I shook her hand before shutting my locker before following her down the corridor.

"Do you do History too?" I looked around as she hummed in agreement.

"The teacher is very fun so you don't have to worry about falling asleep" Serena informed me, making me exhale a breath of relief.

"Thank goodness. I love History so I wouldn't want a boring teacher" she opened the door for the both of us before walking into the class. It was half full and just as I had expected, everyone was giving me curious glances.

"Let's sit over there. Don't worry, no one will bully you. My brother is the headboy so no one will dare to" she winked as I stifled a laugh.

We sat at the front of the class and decided kill time by telling each other about ourselves. Serena was actually a very sweet and kind girl. We shared so many interests and had tons of things in common.

"Good morning class. There was a staff meeting so I got delayed for a bit" a woman who looked to be around her mid-forties walked into the class before putting her stack of books on the oak desk.

"So I was informed that we have a new student. May she please stand up" my heart started thumping against my chest. Time to finally start school.

I watched as Camille laughed with her friends, her petite frame leaning against a locker. Her skirt was way shorter than mine, showing off her long toned legs.

I was supposed to be making my way to the school theater for choir auditions because I loved to sing and I was so excited to be in a choir.

I loved singing and painting but I was staring at my step sister, wondering if she was the same girl I lived with. She looked so carefree around her friends. She had ignored me and avoided me as much as possible when we had the same classes or crossed paths.

A very tall, cute guy walked over to her before wrapping his arms around her waist. Camille had a boyfriend, I reckoned when she grinned and blushed at him when he placed a kiss on her cheek.

I checked the clock before carrying my Art bag that contained all my painting brushes and oils, crayons, paint, pencils and many other things that were used for Art.

I checked my school map for directions to the theater then started walking once I had mastered the turns and curves.

A small gasp escaped my lips as I stepped into the large room, full of rows of red chairs and a huge stage at the front. The royal blue curtains were illuminated by some bright LED lights. The chattering signaled me that some people were already present.

I made my way to the backstage then found myself a private corner to practise my vocals since I was too scared and shy to join the others. After putting my bags down, I cleared my throat and took some deep breaths as my warm up.

"Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do" I vocalised and internally thanked my voice for not acting up like it did sometimes.

"Do Ti La So Fa Mi Re-"

"You have a beautiful voice" a deep male voice said from behind, making my body tense up. I slowly turned around to face a lofty guy. This school had really tall boys.

His long brown curls fell across his forehead, perfectly complimenting his chocolate brown eyes. He had pink plump lips and a lean, muscular body. I'm sure he had the entire female population worshipping at his feet.

"Um thanks" I said awkwardly before looking down at my shoes.

"I'm Corey Detroit, I reckon you're the new girl?" he tilted his head as I nodded.

"Yeah. I'm Aurora. Aurora Williams" I introduced myself amd he hummed slowly.

"Oh. Are you perhaps related to Camille in some way or the other?" he questioned, making me contemplate on whether to tell him.

"Um yes, kinda" I replied as his brunneous eyes studied me. As if sensing my unwillingness to dive deeper into the topic, he changed it.

"What else do you do? Apart from singing?" he asked curiously as I nervously tugged on my finger.

"Well, I, um-"

"Aurora Williams, first audition" the announcer spoke, cutting our conversation short. I was very thankful for that.

"Sorry, I have to go" I gave him a small smile, to which he responded to with an even wider one.

"Good luck with your audition. I know you'll get the final spot" Corey gave me a thumbs up.

"Thanks" I dismissed before walking to the stage. There were two judges sitting at a table with papers and pens in front of them.

I stood in front of the microphone, waiting for their signal to start singing. I had spent months practicing 'Anyone' by Justin Bieber, in all hopes that someday that practice would be rewarding.

One of the judges held two fingers up and I turned the microphone on. I began to sing and closed my eyes so I could imagine that I was alone.

"You say that I won't lose you but you can't predict the future, so just hold on like you will never let go" my voice projected by the microphone filled the atmosphere.

"That you are the only one I've ever loved. Yeah you, if it's not you it's not anyone. Looking back at my life you're the only good I've ever done-" I stopped singing when the judge clapped her hands twice.

"You have so much talent and potential. Did you do music at your old school?" she questioned and I shook my head slowly. She frowned slowly before jotting a few things down on her paper.

I gulped the lump in my throat as she started whispering to the man besides her. It seemed like hours watching them converse and quietly argue between themselves. He finally wrote something down before standing up.

"You've been accepted into the Parkville High School Senior Choir. Congratulations Aurora, please collect your form before you leave" he announced as I squealed to myself. That had been the toughest 10 minutes I had to endure. Thank goodness I got the position.

I walked back to the backstage and people applauded for me. My cheeks heated up as I collected my bag and slung it over my shoulders.

"Aurora, congratulations, you're so good" the same guy from before came up in front of me.

"Thank you Corey. Are you also auditioning?" I asked, making him shake his head.

"Nah. I'm already in the choir" he informed me and it was my turn to nod.

"So I have to go. I'll see you around" I gave him a shy smile. He stepped back and gave me a wave before I walked out of the room, my heart still making little somersaults.

Thankfully, Claire had texted telling me that she was already parked outside in a white Range Rover. I power walked to it before getting into the backseat.

"Hey sweetie. How was your first day at school?" she turned the ignition on before reversing out of her parking spot.

"It wasn't bad. I got accepted into the choir" I handed the form to her as she gasped.

"That's amazing Aurora. I'm so proud of you" she gushed as my cheeks went bright once again. It was the first time in my life someone was telling me that they were proud of me and it felt nice.

"Thank you"

"Did Camille help you find your way around the school?" Claire asked me.

"No, we didn't talk. Serena helped me out" I confessed as a long silence broke out in the car.

"I'll talk to her. Do you want me to get you anything from Starbucks, KFC or anywhere?" she adjusted the rear view mirror and I shook my head.

"The school lunch was satisfying" I smiled.

"Okay. Once Camille gets home we have some news for you" Claire said nonchalantly as my heart raced once again. What news could it possibly be about?

Hey my lovely readers. Another chapter updated for you and I'm still thankful if you're still reading this book. Love you!!❤️

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