A Fresh Start

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Chapter 4: Unwanted

❅◐𝗔𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗿𝗮'𝘀 𝗣𝗢𝗩◑❅

"I don't get it, so you're saying that if I achieve something I get a reward of anything that I want?" Camille gasped loudly as Claire nodded.

"I know you always get whatever you want but we're putting some limits. Especially you Camille, you can't be purchasing over a hundred pairs of the same shoes in a day" she shook her head in disappointment as I remained quiet, sitting on the single couch far away from her.

"What? But you've never had a problem with that" Camille frowned in confusion, causing Claire to sigh audibly.

"You're growing up. You need to know how to save or budget money and how not to overspend it" she clasped her manicured hands together.

"I can't believe this. I have better things to do than to just sit here with her" she pointed disgustedly towards me before pushing herself off the couch.

"You are not going anywhere young lady! This attitude of yours won't be tolerated and if you don't behave yourself, your privileges will be taken away" Walter's authoritative boomed across the room, causing my heart to jump slightly.

He walked into the room, clad in a black business suit before settling down on the sofa close to Claire. Camille sighed annoyedly before reluctantly dropping back on her seat.

"Aurora, you haven't spent a single dime of your money from your card. Please don't feel threatened to, there's plenty for you to utilise" his face softened as he spoke to me. I played with my fingers nervously before speaking.

"It doesn't feel right to splurge someone else's hard earned money. They taught us to work for our own at the foster care home" I bit my lip nervously as they both chuckled.

"It's not someone's money. We're your parents so you're obliged" Claire waved her hand as the foreign statement made my stomach bubble with glee.


"So I heard you made it into the school choir?" Walter smiled as my cheeks brightened.

"Yes. It was the last spot and I'm thankful" I nodded as Camille gasped.

"You have to have been at the school for at least 2 years to be in the choir. You should have at least 1 merit as well!" she shrieked, clearly and openly flabbergasted.

"I remember how you auditioned 10 times-"

"And I still didn't get the freaking spot! It's so unfair" I pouted like a little kid and crossed her arms aggressively, her saturnine behavior becoming more apparent with each passing minute.

"Anyways, I'm happy for you Aurora. Is there anything that you would like us to get you?" he asked, making me shake my head vehemently.

"There's nothing, thank you. Getting the spot is already enough for me"

"Walter and I came to a conclusion last night. We really want the both of you to bond as sisters because it hurts us to see you avoid each other like the plague. So, you're going to start doing weekend activities together" Claire crossed her leg over the other, an excited expression plastered on her beautiful face.

"Starting this Saturday" Walter added as Camille emitted yet another astounded gasp.

"But Jenevive and I were supposed to-"

"The decision is final. I'm sorry but you have to cancel any plans you had made" Walter shrugged as she huffed in defeat.

"Can they at least come over?" her tone became persistent.

"Fine. Only if you promise to hang with Aurora too" the sound of my name caused me to jerk my head up.

Camille gave me an ired glare before turning back to Claire and Walter. It made me feel sullen knowing that she had great hatred for me and wanted nothing more than for me to go back to where I came from.

"Whatever, okay. Can I be excused now?" she droned whilst tilting her head back.

"You can g-" Claire didn't finish her statement when Camille abruptly stood up and dashed out of the room.

"Well, Aurora, I'd like to hear about your first day of school over a small lunch. What do you say?" Claire stood up and tugged my arm. Something to take my mind off Camille's resentment would be nice.

I finished taking a long hot shower before texting Serena about anything and everything. We ended up FaceTiming each other then I started working on my Art Piece.

I unlocked my phone to check the time. It read 22.30 so I put all my things away so I could get adequate sleep for school.

Just as I was done putting my pyjamas on, my stomach grumbled loudly. I exhaled loudly but decided to go downstairs for something to eat before I sleep anyways.

The light from downstairs was my guide to figure my way down. I could hear someone talking but just brushed it off and headed straight to the kitchen.

I opened the fridge and got myself a small carton of yogurt and a packet of M&M's. I also got my hands on some salty cheese crackers then turned to head back to my room.

"Your first time having so much food around you?" a voice made my body freeze on the spot and I swerved carefully to see Camille seated on the kitchen counter, clad in a sleeping short with a black oversized hoodie.


"You heard me. All I ever see you do is eat, Princess Aurora" she snickered before sliding off the counter.

"I don't want to fight" I stood my ground, remembering how I was taught to defend myself.

"I don't either but you just annoy me a lot, and when I'm annoyed I feel like fighting" she shrugged before moving closer to me. She was slightly taller since I was very short. Well thank you body, for making me feel look like a dwarf.

"Ever since you came here it's been Aurora this, Aurora that. I'm so sick of it! You're the goody two shoes all the time, or at least pretend to be" she smirked whilst folding her arms over her chest.

"I just-"

"Shush, I'm not yet done, where are your manners now Aurora? You should know that I'm way more important than you since I'm their biological child, you're just an adopted one" her words pierced through my happiness like a sharp knife as I felt my eyes begin to well up.

"You don't belong here and I wish that you'll leave someday. Claire and Walter are my parents. You'll never fit in, Aurora" she spat emotionlessly as my lachrymoseness got the best of me.

"Aaaw, is the princess crying? Your parents are dead and now you're trying to steal mine. I would say I hate you but that's an understatement" she shrugged before flicking her glossy blonde hair off her shoulder.

I furiously wiped my tears away before running away from her and up the stairs, tears after tears streaming down my face. I opened my door and slammed it shut, wishing I had never been brought here in the first place. It was better to be physically abused than to be emotionally and mentally abused.

I let my emotions loose and shook violently with each sob. Why was life so unfair for me? Why couldn't I get the love and care that I deserved? These thoughts consumed me as I lay on the cold, hard floor and cried myself to sleep.

Hey lovess, I hope you're all taking good care of yourselves. Your mental and overall health matters💚 If you ever want to talk, my pm's are open. Please remember to vote and drop your comments, love you❤️

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