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Marcello Mafia Series- Dark Side of the Moon

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THIS STORY IS EXCLUSIVE TO GALATEA Hayley wasn't in an underground club for the love of it, no she was hiding. She wanted to forget the people she ran from and keep the darkness within her hidden for good. That was the plan, that was all before she met Luca Marcello. The mob boss has one motto; NEVER FALL IN LOVE! To love is lose and to lose is to die. He was happy in his violent ways, his fast cars and his feather girls. Until he met the fiery British girl hiding behind the featherless mask in his club. His dark side is pulling her in but she forced between right and wrong and she is forced to choose between doing the right thing or loving Luca. But she is finding that loving Luca Marcello is not easy and she is about to let the darkness she was running from take over her once again. *Mature warning: Violence of all kinds, sex and adult scenes, swear words.

Romance / Drama
Belle Dowson
4.9 16 reviews
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Dark Side of the Moon

“Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to nobody.”

- Mark Twain.


Hayley watched as Lorenzo picked up the gun and placed in it the single bullet, her heart was racing as he snapped it shut, and he spun the cylinder placing the gun on the table. And a bulky man loosened one of Luca’s hand restraints.

“Not that I don’t trust you, Luca, but.” Another nameless heavy man stood next to Hayley and had his gun nearby, not pointed at her but if Luca fucked up he knew Lorenzo would kill her instantly. Lorenzo slid the gun to Luca, Luca looked at it and then back at Hayley.

“You’re a fucking crazy ass mother fucker.” Luca spat as he picked up the revolver.

Hayley watched as he put it to this temple and as if it was nothing he pulled the trigger, and she gasped as it made a little click noise, and Luca threw the gun on the table.

“All this over Elliana?” Luca laughed and he watched as Borroni slid the gun towards Hayley.

Hayley looked down at the revolver, her stomach churned and her eyes looked up at Luca’s. He watched as a tear slipped down her face, he wished he could protect her, he wished he could get her out of here but he couldn’t.

“Elliana!” Lorenzo sighed, Luca chuckled causing Lorenzo to look at him and not Hayley who was staring at the gun.

“She was a decent fuck, she said she didn’t give blowjobs, but she didn’t mind giving one to me!” Lorenzo flew at Luca, his knife was at his throat.

“You can get another one, off that bitch when I kill you, she might wait for you at the pearly gates. She begged for death in the end, just like you will or perhaps Hayley will.” His words were harsh as he went to pierce Luca Marcello’s skin.

But then he pulled away and looked at Hayley. Luca’s eyes were locked on to Hayley as she slowly and with a shaking hand picked up the revolver.

“You don’t have to do this Hayley,” Luca said calmly. Hayley looked at Luca, his face so calm even through such a scary situation.

“He’s right Hayley, you don’t have to do this at all,” Lorenzo looked intensely at the girl that sat frightened at the table, “come with me, let me show you how a true Italian makes love.”

Hayley looked at him with disgust and held the gun to her temple, Luca’s stomach dropped as he watched as she closed her eyes, and pulled the trigger with a click.

She let out a gaspy breath as she looked straight into Lorenzo’s eyes and then threw the gun on the table, her heart was racing. But she shook her head and looked at him fiercely.

“I would rather die than touch you.” Her words were harsh and Lorenzo smiled, as he slid the gun back to Luca and laughed.

“She’s playing the game, your turn.” For Luca this was torture, if he died he couldn’t protect her but there was no way he could watch Hayley take the bullet.

He put the gun to his head and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. They were the last thing he wanted to see. He pulled the trigger and with a click he was still alive, he slid the gun down the table.

Luca watched as she picked up the gun. In her mind, she knew she could have made better life choices, but right now she had to face the fact that she was about to die today regardless of whether this shot was the bullet shot or not.

She took a deep breath as she placed the gun to her temple and closed her eyes before pulling the trigger. It again was not the kill shot. The guy beside her took the gun and slid it down the table to Luca. But Lorenzo picked up the revolver before Luca had a chance to.

“I don’t trust you Marcello.” He put the gun to Luca’s temple.

Hayley took another deep breath as she kept her eyes closed, and she listened for the gunshot. But there was just a faint click of the empty shot.

“No!” Luca yelled as Borroni chucked the gun on the table and slid it towards Hayley.

Hayley opened her eyes. This was it, the last shot. Hayley looked at Luca who was struggling in the restraints, her heart was pounding. And Lorenzo caught her attention as he walked towards her.

“Pick up the gun, Darling!” He demanded, she slowly took the gun.

The tears were falling relentlessly, she was going to die. Would it be painful? Would there be a flash of white light? Will her mum guide her to the next life? Would she miss Luca?

“Shame you were a stunning creature.” He purred as she slowly put the gun to her temple, her eyes looking at Luca.

“Hayley, don’t you pull that damn trigger.” He ordered, but she shook her head.

“I told you, I play the games I play until the end.” She reminded him of the night she let him touch her, the night she was in his arms. She smiled at the thought, and she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

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