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Chapter 9 - One Night Of Us

His house was huge, it was modern and sleek from the outside. Hayley had been in his home before, but it was still impressive.

He led her through the house to a modern white and grey kitchen area, where she took a seat on the stool as he opened a bottle of wine and poured two large glasses.

Luca looked at her beauty in the dim spotlights of the kitchen. The confidence that she held in the night club was gone. He watched as she removed her faux fur coat and placed it on the empty stool beside her, he handed her the wine.

“Your poker skills are impressive, Hayley.” He pulled up a stool opposite her on the other side of the kitchen island, she smiled as she thought of the hours she spent in her father’s apartment playing poker with him and his best friend Ivan.

“My dad and my Uncle played. So, I was taught to play.” She replied, her eyes dropped as she remembered her dad was the reason she was in New York City.

Luca sipped his drink and suddenly it wasn’t about having sex. Yes, of course, he wanted her in that way. But, he wanted to know about this girl, he wanted to find out all about her. Luca, remembering Siobhan had told him Hayley was running from her life, was her dad why she was running?

“Is he who you’re running from?” He asked, and her eyes looked up and he and she smiled weakly.

She sighed. Was she really having a conversation with Luca Marcello, a man who was famed for sleeping with Siobhan’s feather girls? Was he really that interested or was he just being polite?

“Yeah,” She replied although she had no idea why she was telling him all this. “We had a disagreement.” She said simply.

“A disagreement?” He pressed, and she nodded as she pressed her lips together. “You ran from your family because you had an argument with your dad?” He asked as he sipped the wine, and she shook her head.

She was frantic as her mind thought of how her father’s violence had caused her to be hospitalised and made her feel unsafe and broken. She shook her head as she thought what a fuck up she truly was, who was she kidding? She couldn’t sleep with Luca, she hadn’t slept with a man since her fucked up relationship with Alex Hunter nearly four years ago! She slipped off the stool shaking her head and grabbed her coat.

“I’m sorry Luca, I...” She never finished her sentence as she began to head out the kitchen and grabbed the front door, but he took her arm and got her to face him. She shook her head and looked up at the beautiful man in front of her.

“Hayley.” He murmured, he had no idea what was going on in her head, he had no idea what she was thinking but he wanted to protect her, look after her it was a strange feeling he had.

“Luca, I am no good, I am broken, and I thought I could, But I can’t.” She wanted to run from him and hide but he wasn’t letting her go. He gently put his finger under her chin and made her look up at him.

“Hayley, talk to me,” His voice was low and seductive. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He vowed he could never hurt this woman.

As she stood in front of him. He had never wanted a woman to trust him as much as he wanted her to trust him.

“I’m not what you need.” She said shaking her head and he shook his head and put his lips to hers and she lost herself into him, her heart stopped at the electric touch, she was captivated by him. He pulled away and kept his forehead on hers.

“You have no idea what I need, right now I want you, Hayley.” He murmured lowly, it was the truth he wanted her.

He then gently kissed her cheek and moved to her neck and kissed her sweet spot. It made her groan and her core burn for him, but she gently pushed him away, she was shaking.

“I can’t.” She said simply, he looked at the fear in her bright blue eyes, and he put his hand on her cheek gently. She could feel her nerves making her shake, she wanted him but she was petrified.

“Why are you frightened, what are you scared of?” A tear slipped out her eye.

This was new to him. He was used to his woman succumbing to him, but here she was with a tear in her eyes.

“Talk to me, Hayley.” He practically begged. This was unusual for Luca Marcello to beg for anything.

“I’m scared,” she whispered her honesty, he moved back a little and she shook her head. “I’m not scared of you. Luca, I’ve only had one man.” She spoke the truth, Luca couldn’t believe what she was saying.

In his eyes she was stunning, and he knew men at the club loved her too. How on earth had she only managed to have one guy?

“He was different, the last time we were together he hurt me and that was years ago I’ve never had another person Luca. I’m sorry.” She was ashamed, but Luca stepped forward and took her shoulders.

The silence was paramount within the small space they had created between each other. Her breathing was heavy, she was embarrassed and pained. Alex Hunter was the man she once loved, he hurt her and left her. He was gone and years on and her heart refused to forgive, forget and move on.

Luca’s mind was all over the place, but his eyes remained on hers. How could anyone hurt her? How could he kill him? This beautiful woman had suffered, her trust was gone and something inside of Luca wanted to fix that, allow her the chance to feel alive again.

Luca knew he needed Hayley to trust him, trust herself, without any of that he couldn’t let himself have her. His eyes wandered to the feather she had worn tonight, she wanted to be a feather girl, even just for tonight.

“Hayley, I would never hurt you, but I won’t force you. I can take you home if you want or you can stay in a guest suite.” Luca finally breaking the silence.

He would never force a woman to have sex with him, he wanted Hayley, but he was prepared to wait for her or leave her be.

But, in the back of his mind, his anger was there, the anger towards the bastard who had hurt her so much she had hidden from men for so long.

“I want to, I’m just nervous I think.” She said, and he smiled at her as he kissed her again. He could feel her shaking in their kiss and then he pulled away and put his lips to her ear.

“Don’t be nervous, I will go slow.” he vowed it made her heart race and her core burn all over again, “Trust me.” He pulled away and looked at her bright blue eyes, and she had no idea why, but she nodded and took her head and led her to his bedroom.

He kissed her passionately and she let herself kiss back. He drank in her every movement, he savoured the moment. She was making him hard and eager for her, but he reminded himself to take his time and get her to trust him. He pulled her dress over her head and she was wearing white underwear and bra set that had gold embroidery on, she looked stunning.

She continued to kiss him as she pushed off his jacket and began to unbutton his shirt. She looked at his perfect body, she for a second took in the artwork on his chest and upper arms, before he whisked her up in his arms and put her on the bed. Quickly he removed her bra and went back to kissing her mouth and then moving to her jaw and then down her neck.

She squirmed as she felt her wetness in her underwear, and his hard erection through his pants, as he teased her nipples in his hot wet mouth and the other between his fingers. He listened as she groaned in pleasure as he teased her, she was beautiful.

He moved the kisses down her stomach and kissed her through her lace underwear, she shifted as he held her thighs and open as he kissed between her thighs.

“You are amazing.” He murmured as he used his forefinger to slip under her underwear, and he looked back up at her as she bit her lip watching him between her legs.

He gently used both his hands to gently remove her underwear, he followed her underwear down her legs until he had removed them completely.

She was nervous as she watched him kiss up her thigh high stockings he had left on, and then slowly pulled the left off, before moving his kisses to the right and slipped that one off too.

He moved his kisses back to her pussy, then he put his finger tenderly to her swollen clit, she jerked and moaned at his touch.

He smirked as he watched her squirm. Her heart was racing as she felt his touch on her sensitive clit, his fingers circled her bud as she squirmed and moaned. He slipped his finger from her clit to her entrance, she was soaking. and he smiled at this.

“Luca.” She murmured as his tongue found her clit and he licked, sucked and kissed her down there, as he used his finger in her pussy to get her ready for him. Her back arched as she felt herself about to come. But her mind was conflicted, it didn’t want to allow herself to do it.

“Come for me baby.” His voice was smooth and calm as he spoke. She shook as she came, her toes curled as he kept sucking and licking her.

He pulled away from her shaking body as he removed his trousers and boxers and reached for a condom and wrapped up his manhood. Hayley was taken back by his size, he was huge.

“Are you okay?” He asked her as he moved back towards her.

She nodded, and he moved to kiss her mouth again, and she tasted herself on his lips. He kissed her passionately before he gently pushed himself past her wet folds, and she moaned as she felt his huge member entering her, he savoured her wetness and her tightness before he began to move. His mouth found hers again, as they both found a rhythm and they moved, moaning and drinking in the feelings.

He began to pick up speed as she cried out his name, he linked their fingers together as her hands were beside her head.

“Oh, baby, you’re, so, tight, you’re, so, good.” He said between thrusts that made her moan as he plunged into her, and she felt her body ripple and her back arch. She was close and so was Luca, he had never felt this good, this alive during sex since he was a teenager, and he sped up his pace.

“Luca!” She cried out as a tear slipped down her face, she pushed through the feelings she pushed through the confusion her body was dealing with. He was Luca, not Alex.

He moved and kissed her mouth as they both cried out in their orgasm. He kissed her as they came down from their euphoria and she let the shaking subside.

He kissed her forehead as he left the bed to discreetly remove the used condom and came back to find her slipping into a sex coma, he laughed as she dozily tried to speak to him. He pulled her into the bedsheets and he slipped in beside her and pulled her close to him before he went to sleep himself.

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