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Chapter 10- Broken Trust

Luca woke up with Hayley silently breathing in his arms, she looked so peaceful and tranquil. He got up, showered and dressed, she hadn’t stirred. Luca walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs to where a lot of his men were scattered, all over the place. He walked to the kitchen to find Nic and Frankie standing, both faces were serious and hard.

“Did you get rid of Jackson okay?” Was all Luca said as he went to the coffee machine and poured himself a fresh cup of coffee.

“Yeah, that’s all fine.” Luca looked at his hard-faced cousin, before looking down at the brown envelope on the kitchen counter and he put his mug down as he picked up the envelope.

“Luca Giovanni Marcello,

Souvenirs of your fabulous party last night.”

He looked between Nic and Frankie as he pulled out photographs. The first one was of him in his outfit from last night he was talking to various people, the next one was of himself at the roulette table with his hand on Hayley’s waist.

The third photo was of Frankie and himself walking out of the office, the fourth was of a poker-faced Hayley sitting at the poker table and he could see himself next to Frankie in the crowd, then a photograph of him dancing with Hayley. The next was his hand on Hayley as he was leading her out the party, the next photo he was kissing her before getting in the car.

The last photo was hazy, it seemed to be in a smoke-filled room. It was then he recognised the image, his anger flared up as it was of her asleep in his arms.

“What the actual fuck!” He yelled, Nic held out his own copies of the photos as did Frankie, they put down their brown envelopes, Luca read their notes.

“Niccolo Dante Marcello,

You’re always the one missing the parties, cleaning up after Luca again?”

He then looked at Frankie’s note, the fury was boiling within him as he read it.

“Franco Altera,

The boss’ trusty wingman, he got the girl at least.”

Luca furiously looked through their photos. They were of Frankie and Nic carrying bags, doing the clean up of Jackson.

“This is fucking Lorenzo Borroni, he is the only guy I know who would use the word fabulous! He’s so dramatic!” He growled.

Luca thought of his enemy, his main family enemy. He once went to School with Lorenzo; all the families’ kids went to school together. But times changed, their parents fucked up New York and now the kids were fighting the wars they left behind. It probably didn’t help that Luca screwed Elianna, Lorenzo’s then-girlfriend.

“He was in my fucking house?” Luca said as his mind went back to the photo of Hayley naked in his arms, why was the photo hazy?

“I checked the camera, it must be an inside job,” Frankie said as Nic went and closed the kitchen door, and Luca looked up to the cameras. “I turned the camera to the kitchen is turned off and the camera room is locked.” Frankie explained, and Luca nodded.

“Somebody must be working for Lorenzo,” Luca hissed, as he looked between his cousin and best friend, the only two people he trusted. “How did they get the picture in my room?” He pressed, and Frankie smiled as he held out a canister, an empty one and placed it on the counter.

“It’s a sleeping mist, it will knock people out for hours,” Nic explained to Luca who looked at the device. “It was in your room. When we received the pictures, Frankie slipped in while you were in the shower and found it.” Luca looked harshly at Frankie as he put down the canister.

“Don’t worry,” Frankie laughed. “I never noticed the sleeping beauty in your bed, I had my eyes covered the entire time.” He laughed again.

Luca sighed, there was some sort of mental delay with Frankie he was sure of it. His perverted mind was a dark and disturbing place.

“So, whoever is working for Borroni, managed to slip the canister in wait a few minutes then take one quick picture. But, the idiot forgot to remove the canister.” Nic explained, bringing Luca’s thoughts from Frankie’s dirty mind to the Borroni problem.

“They were also able to wipe our entire security system for the night. They also managed to do this all in the time that Nic was cleaning up with Ricardo and Dom and while I was looking over the party.” Luca was the picture of calmness as Frankie explained everything.

“So, we can rule out Dom and Ricardo,” Luca spoke to which Frankie nodded without a word.

He was grateful to him Dom and Ric, and a few select others were just as loyal as Frankie. They had worked for his father when they were teens, they were older than Luca maybe by a couple of years.

“Let’s keep this between us, we don’t want the rat scaring,” Luca spoke with authority making sure to keep his tone low and dark.

His father had taught him to be calm, in control and dark. Panicking can cause death, acting on impulse could lead to bad decisions being made. So Luca was always calm, always in control.

“Frankie, I want you to try and revive any footage you can, Nic we have to get to the meeting at the Venetian.” Luca’s mind went to the beauty lying in his bed. Last night she had trusted him with all her being. The beautiful innocent woman had trusted the dark beast, and he, like a sadistic bastard allowed her.

“Frankie when Hayley wakes, take her home, I’ll leave her a note. Nic go and get a car ready.” Luca instructed as he went out of the room back to his bedroom, where Hayley was still asleep, and he left his note and went to the Venetian.

Hayley eventually woke up, she noticed she was alone in the bedroom as she looked around the room she had only seen in the dark last night. She was in a huge bed with grey bedding, two black painted bedside tables with chrome lamps with a grey lamp shade. There was a black painted dresser, a door leading to a bathroom, the far corner was a grey armchair.

“Luca?” She called out lightly before she slipped out of the bed and washed her face in the bathroom, before picking her clothes off the floor and began to get changed.

She quickly made the bed and smiled at how well things had gone between them last night. She went to the dresser to look for a comb for her hair, she noticed a pile of cash on the dresser and a note with her name on it.


I had to go to work, please take the cash and last night was great, thank you.


Her stomach dropped as she looked at the cash, there had to be, well she couldn’t count it, it made her sick. After she put all that trust in him, he treated her like a fucking feather girl, he was going to pay her for sex! She was suddenly furious and humiliated, he had played her!

She noticed the headband she had worn last night, she didn’t want it. She left it with the cash and note before storming out the bedroom and down the stairs, with the coat draped over her arm.

“Hayley?” Frankie had come out of the camera room and noticed Hayley walking to the door, she looked furious. She turned to look at Frankie.

“I’m to take you home.” He said as he grabbed one of the car keys from the hooks.

“I can get a cab.” She huffed, she would not be indebted to Luca Marcello, the arsehole! Frankie laughed at her.

“You have no clue where you are, no cabs just drive past the house. Look, let me just drive you home.” Frankie half chuckled as he knew this house was too well hidden to be stumbled across by cabs.

Hayley wanted to protest, she wanted to fight but she found it difficult to fight against Frankie. Frankie smiled warmly, causing her anger to subside. She simply gave up and followed as he led the way out the house and to one of the cars parked out the front.

“Where did Luca go?” Hayley asked innocently as she put the coat on the seat beside her.

“The Venetian I think.” Frankie said vaguely as he drove into the city and Hayley nodded he was probably finding his next whore. Hayley wanted to yell at him, she had to face him, he will never pay her for sex again.

"Shit!” She said as she pretended to look at the time on her imaginary watch, Frankie looked at her in the rear mirror. “I’m late for work, shit I forgot I was doing the early shift.” Frankie looked at her as she ran her fingers through her hair and looked stressed out.

“I’ll drop you off if you want.” Frankie said as he looked at her getting upset.

“Thanks, Siobhan is going to kill me.” She looked relieved, but she knew she had only one person in her mind by going to the Venetian and that was Luca.

Frankie pulled up outside the staff entrance of the Venetian lounge, Hayley flew out the car slamming the car door. Frankie then realised she looked exactly how his younger sisters looked when they wanted to tear a man down.

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