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Chapter 11 - Not Your Whore

Frankie followed Hayley as she walked faster than he thought she could move. She was furious, she got some looks off other members of staff as she walked through the staff areas, and out into the main floor.

It was daytime, so the place wasn’t particularly busy, but she must have looked a sight. She was wearing her dress from last night, her hair was still in waves, but had lost its sleek glamour look.

“Hayley?” Ben was confused as she passed him, he had a tray in his hand and grabbed her elbow, he saw her go out dressed like this. She looked at him fiercely as she pulled her arm from his grasp looking up at the VIP balcony she saw Luca talking to his cousin Nic.

"Bastard.” She muttered looking up at him, he was talking to another couple of guys and she noticed Ricardo and Dom were nearby sitting with other Marcello men. She looked at Ben then stormed past him before flying up the staircase.

Most of the men were there last night and recognised the beauty that came with their boss, she was dressed as she was last night. However, Hayley didn’t care, her eyes found the cause of her anger.

“Er.. Luca!” Nic said as he saw the bull, that was Hayley, march through the balcony, Luca turned but he wasn’t expecting the slap that hit his face. She used all her force, but it only moved his head slightly, this frustrated her.

“You bastard.” She spat.

Luca’s face went hard; he noticed his men were on their feet as they witnessed Hayley hitting the boss, some even had their guns at the ready. Luca shook his head at them, but they only stood down, very slightly. Frankie was quickly at the balcony, he looked back at her wild blue eyes. “You fucking bastard.” She repeated.

“Hayley! Boss, I’ll get rid of her.” She felt Frankie putting his hands on her shoulders from behind, but she shrugged him off, Luca watched as she angrily looked back at Luca.

"Don’t touch me!” She yelled, then she pointed a finger at Luca. “You never pay me for sex, do you understand?” She shouted through her anger, she wanted to rip his head off.

In a heartbeat Luca grabbed her elbow and dragged her through the ‘Staff Only’ door that leads to the two private meeting rooms and an office, he kicked open the door and threw her into the first meeting room.

The force sent her flying into the table, but she quickly turned around to face him. He shut the door and stood in front of it. She ignored the pain the table had caused, and walked up to Luca and tried to slap his face again, but he grabbed her wrist, so she attempted it with her second hand, but he grabbed that one too.

“I let you have your first slap, sweetheart. But, you will never get me a second time. Do you understand?” His tone was cool, calm but the threat was clear as a bell. “I’m faster, stronger and just better than you.” His voice was deep and smooth.

She pulled her wrists from his heavy and tight grip. She stepped slightly back from him, and he put his hands on his hips and this made his jacket move showing his guns under each armpit, her eyes caught the black weapons.

“Is that supposed to frighten me!” She had to admit she was a little scared, in fact, she was terrified. But, she was hiding it well.

“Put it like this I am an expert at hiding bodies, particularly of little girls who don’t know how to behave.” His eyes darkened, and inside Hayley was shaking.

“You’re an arsehole,” She hissed as she stepped back a little further. “I’m not a feather girl you know!” She watched as he laughed a little, but she never said anything, and his eyes met hers.

“I’m not a whore you can pay to fuck, I put my trust in you. Foolishly, but I did.” She was angry with herself as much as she was angry with him.

He could sense she was angry, she was pissed and partly at him but partly because of her own trust issues.

“I know you’re not a feather girl. Hayley, if I wanted a feather girl I would have taken Arianna, Chloe or Rebecca, but I wanted you.” He watched as she shook her head and walked closer to him.

Any other woman who disrespected him would be getting a threat, a gun pointed at them. But, he felt he couldn’t draw his gun at her, even if she was a pain in his ass.

“I wish you had taken one of them.” Hayley cried out as she thought of the beautiful girls who didn’t have a problem with their trust, who didn’t have an ex-boyfriend who had hurt them or fear of rejection.

Hayley pushed herself off the long conference table she was leaning on and went for the door behind him, it was a bold move. But as she pulled open the door he put his hand on the top of the door and forced it to shut.

“Let me go.” She demanded, but he turned her around, so her back was against the door, her heart was racing as he moved closer on hand, still flat against the door.

“You fucking paid me for sex,” She spat as she still couldn’t believe she had been paid for sex, “Do you get it? Do you get why I’m pissed?”

He sighed heavily, and she remained strong even though she knew it would only take him what, a second to kill her.

“I didn’t pay you for sex Hayley.” He looked at her brilliant blue eyes, he could see the hint of fear in there, somewhere.

A fear that many people had around him, the fear that they know he was able to take them out in a heartbeat. He gently removed his hand from the door and stepped back.

“If I were to have paid you for sex I would have made that fact very clear beforehand.”

“What a gentleman.” She huffed sarcastically, but he just shook his head. She was one of the most frustrating women, no person he had ever met.

“I never claimed to be a gentleman, or a hero Hayley.” His words were dark as he looked at her, she could see his darkness, the Mafia King inside of him.

“Did I ever suggest you were?” She laughed darkly. “In fact, you Mr Marcello are an arsehole. You use people, you take their trust, you take their lives and bend them to your will and when they don’t bend anymore you dispose of them. So, no. I don’t believe you are a hero or a gentleman.” The words fell out of her mouth.

“I do what I have to, to keep my family safe, to keep people like you safe.” Her mouth fell open at his words, but he never stopped.

“I have hundreds of men, families who rely on me to make tough, yeah, really tough and bad decisions.”

He was angry as he spoke, his mind was a blur. He had his greatest enemy to close for comfort, a rat in his men and now potentially Hayley was a risk.

“I have a responsibility to make sure my decisions are the best ones, I have to hurt people who jeopardise my family or put my livelihood in danger.” Then there was silence. Her heart was racing as he stood close and her back was against the door.

“I am not one of your people, I’m not in your fucked-up Family.” His eyes darkened at her words.

Something inside of her ached, something did want to hold Luca and never let go. However, that part of her was too weak to speak up or fight. Luca was a bad man, a man she had put too much trust in.

“I’m glad,” He said in a low voice. “If you were one of my family members you would have been dead for pure disrespect.” He sighed harshly.

“Disrespect?” She laughed as she shook her head towards him. “You have done nothing to earn my respect.”

“I wish last night never happened.” She said painfully, as her tears begged to fall.

The words hurt that place inside that wanted Luca. To that small part of her, Luca was a hero, the man who fought the demons in her head, and demons on the streets.

He was the man who she was able to forget the people she ran from, the pain they had caused her. Yet, he was still Luca Marcello, a man who would never be the real hero, a villain who wears an angel’s smile.

Before he could reply she flung the door open and left the room slamming it harshly behind her. She let out a sigh and allowed a single tear to slip out, but she composed herself as she looked at Nic and Frankie who were casually standing outside the room. Had they heard everything? Did she care?

She walked briskly past them out to the balcony area where men watched as she flew down the stairs past Ben behind the bar and out to hail down a cab. Inside the cab she sat, humiliated and torn about how she felt towards Luca Marcello. She put her head in her hands and she cried.

Luca watched as she slammed the door, he never chased a woman. A part of him wanted to grab her, throw her back in the room and apologise profusely, he also wanted to grab her and squeeze her neck until she begged for her life.

His emotions were confusing him. He had never felt this way; how could he want to hurt her and want her at the same time? He put his hands on his head calming himself and paced the meeting room. He thought of her beautiful eyes, the way she was last night in his arms in his bed.

He thought of the hatred in her eyes, he thought of the times she disrespected him and how she was disgusted by him. He clenched his fists and on impulse, he threw his fist against the drywall, and the force caused him pain and caused a hole in the wall.

He clutched his bloodied fist as he leaned against the long table. Why couldn’t she let him be, why couldn’t he forget her?

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