Marcello Mafia Series- Dark Side of the Moon

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Chapter 13 - A Determined Man

Hayley wasn’t expecting the person standing in her apartment to be standing there. His dark chocolate eyes were waiting for hers. She looked at the immaculately dressed man, his hair impeccably styled and his features perfect. Her heart was racing, she hadn’t been alone with him since the day after they had slept together.

“What are you doing in my apartment?” That was all she could say, she was angry and a little bit nervous. Luca remained unmoved from his spot as he watched her eyes, they were filled with passion and emotions.

Luca had no idea what he was doing in her apartment, he had no idea why this woman captivated him so much, all he knew was he couldn’t watch her walk away from him.

“Don’t go to Paris.” He said firmly, he kept his tone cool and calm and his words assertive and bold. She shook her head, he couldn’t believe him.

“Why?” She whispered, she wanted to remain strong but her voice failed her.

“I think you are better off here.” He shrugged simply.

She let out a shaky breath, as she moved a little to the kitchen counter and placed her clutch handbag on the countertop.

Luca watched as she slipped out her heels, and removed pins from her hair allowing her beautiful brown loose curls to fall more freely.

“Why do you care, Luca? Why do you care whether I fly to France, Australia hell why do you care if I stay in New York?” She was exhausted talking to him, he was giving her whiplash.

This man managed to get under her skin, he managed to make her have feelings she thought after Alex Hunter she would never experience again. He just looked at her as she put her hands on her hips as she spoke to him.

“Hayley,” He spoke her name firmly. “I think you’re better off here.” Luca knew to her this was probably the words of a mad man.

Luca’s mind just had the haunting images that Borroni had sent to him, the picture of Hayley in his bed. How could he protect her when she was in France?

“With you?” She spat, he moved a little closer and she moved a little step back. “Don’t come any closer, Luca Marcello.” She warned which made him laugh a little, but she was serious.

“I meant what I said the other night, I am not a hero Hayley,” Luca repeated his words, and she nodded she understood exactly what he was saying.

“I know and I meant what I said about wishing you had taken another girl to the casino.” She retorted, the words stung.

Going to that party made her free again. Sleeping with Luca had been sort of liberating for her, for years she feared getting hurt and she let herself fall, yet it had happened anyway. But, at least she could for one night feel real again.

“My intention was never to hurt you, Hayley.” He said so sincerely and formally, to Hayley it was like a script he had perfected and used frequently.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, you are not the first man who has hurt me, Luca.” She shrugged trying to pretend she couldn’t be hurt.

However, Luca could see the pain in her eyes, the heartache was written on her beautiful face.

“I want you to leave.” She tried to make her words come out with force as if she had some power here.

He watched as she wrapped her arms around herself, she didn’t want him anywhere near. Yet, a part of her would always crave for his touch. Luca wasn’t going to leave her.

“Hayley,” He spoke her name again, it cut into her every time he did. “The night of the casino was amazing,” Luca remembered Lambert’s words, Hayley was no one night stand, she was an all-in kind of girl.

Therein lay the problem she was just somebody he couldn’t have, yet he wanted her. Luca moved closer to her, Hayley moved back and before she knew it she was up against the counter and Luca was in front of her.

Hayley was sure he could hear her heart beating in her chest, her breathing was heavy as he gently took her elbows in his hands, she still had her arms around her stomach- cuddling herself.

“Luca.” She whispered a shaky breath as he touched her, this was not what she should want yet it was everything she wanted.

“I want you to understand.” He said softly looking deep into her bright eyes, he didn’t know how he felt with Hayley, he didn’t know how he should feel about Hayley.

"My world, my life isn’t for you,” he murmured, and her heart ached at his words.“I’m a walking dead man, I am a target constantly. Anyone I am close to dies, they get murdered.” He whispered.

She could see Mr Marcello the notorious leader of his Family was letting down a barrier, his hard exterior was softening. Hayley didn’t know what made her so brave or so bold. But she moved her hand and placed it softly on his face and gently put her lips on his.

Luca was surprised by her actions, but he didn’t stop her, why would he? He moved his hands from her elbows to her waist and held her as he kissed her back.

The kiss was long, passionate and made Hayley weak and wrapped her arms around his neck. Luca was getting hard instantly as her lips touched his, she was the only woman who had this effect on him, the slightest of touch by Hayley and he was ready for her.

He held her waist and lifted her so she was on the counter, their lips never stopped kissing each other, Hayley knew this wouldn’t end well, but she couldn’t stop what she had started, she didn’t want too.

“Hayley?” he murmured her name through the kisses. “I want you.”

His words were undoing, it made her core burn with passion. His eyes locked on hers, and she nodded before pulling him into her for more kissing.

“Tell me, Hayley,” He said in low growls between kisses. “Tell me you want this.” He growled as he slid her lacy black dress up to her hips, revealing her black lace panties.

“I do.” She gasped as she felt his finger skimming over her wet panties, and began to rub her swollen clit through the lace fabric. She didn’t care if this made her look easy or if it disagreed with her common sense. She wanted Luca, she wanted him how she wanted him at the casino.

He watched as Hayley arched her back as he touched her. Luca smiled as he felt how wet she was, he never usually had this much fun getting a girl wet. In fact, sex in the past was purely to let off steam for him, but with Hayley, he enjoyed the foreplay.

He stopped thumbing her clit and used his hands to remove the dress and discard it across the room, and brought his lips to her. He removed her bra and then lay her down on her back.

Hayley felt him tracing his kisses down her cheek, to her neck and then concentrated on teasing her hard nipples and she lay fully exposed to him, just in her lace panties.

“You look beautiful.” His smooth voice spoke as he moved his kisses down her stomach, and kissed just above her panty line and pulled them down and tossed them as he had with her dress and bra. He looked down at her glistening pussy, and began to kiss it.

Her heart raced as she felt his breath on her pussy, and he took her clit in his mouth and rolled his tongue over it. She jerked with every touch, and he slipped a finger inside of her as his mouth worked on her very sensitive clit.

She arched her back of the counter as she felt him putting in a second finger inside of her. She was close, and he knew it.

“Come for me.” He purred, this was all she needed.

Her body shook as he picked up the speed with his fingers, pumping in and out of her slick, wet pussy. He gently bit her clit, and then sucked it hard. He felt her body shake as she reached her orgasm and he felt her juices flow.

He smiled into her delicious pussy as she did, he slowed his finger but didn’t completely stop, he gently kissed her sensitive pussy. She felt him slowly remove his fingers, and she heard him lick them clean. She looked up at him and his devilish grin clearly proud of himself.

She sat herself up and kissed him and he kissed her back. She slowly slid herself off the countertop and felt his hard cock as she did so. She gently took his hand and led him to her bedroom.

Hayley wasn’t used to being in control and this was all new for her. She turned and kissed Luca who was happy, for tonight let her control what happens next. Again, another first for him.

She removed his expensive jacket and threw in over the nearby chair, and then removed his tie and shirt. She kissed his bare chest, Luca was finding her touch intoxicating.

Hayley took a second to admire his well-shaped torso. She looked at the intricate artwork on his body, the tattoo of dog tags wrapped around a gun. She looked at the intricate cross that was on his right forearm, Hayley noticed that the cross had scrolls around it and lettering that said, Family, Honour and Loyalty.

On his left shoulder was an anchor that was beautiful in its detailing that underneath said, ′refuse to sink.′ And on his other shoulder coming just across his chest was a lion’s head.

She then unbuckled Luca’s belt, Luca took a condom from his pocket and hid it away in his hand, she didn’t spot it as he stepped out of his designer trousers. She practically pushed him on to the end of the bed, and she knelt in front of him.

She pulled off his boxers, freeing his hard member. She could see the tip glistening in pre-cum, and she gently put her hand around his thick shaft and gently moved her hand up and down. She was teasing him, he growled lowly at her delicate touch.

Her heart was racing as she put the head of his member in her mouth. He felt her warm mouth on his hard, and ready member. He didn’t take his eyes off her as she began to take as much of his lengthy cock in her mouth.

Her mouth and hand-worked a steady rhythm that made him groan her name. He couldn’t take much more of her work on him, he would come soon he knew this.

“Hayley,” he said, bringing her to look at him.“I need to be inside of you.” He said breathlessly and frantically, she smiled innocently and Luca took over.

He pulled her onto the bed and in one swift movement had the condom on and kissed her neck before he plunged into her.

He loved hearing her moan and groan, it was exciting and something he wanted to hear more of from her. Hayley couldn’t feel him pumping into her, he was fast and it wasn’t long until they both came.

Hayley sat under the sheets as Luca went to discard the used condom, and put on his boxers.

Hayley was sitting up and watched as he came back into the room after going to get a glass of water, he had all her clothes in his arms and placed them on the dresser. He sat on the bed and looked at her beauty.

“I’m going to have to go.” He said, he noticed the sadness in her eyes. The fear of rejection again.

“Before you make a decision about leaving, let me show you, New York,” she looked at him puzzled. “Give me one day, then if you still want to leave then I will personally book you the flight.” He promised.

“Okay.” She said simply and his face lit up, and he leaned over to her and kissed her and her heart fluttered.

" I will pick you up at 10am, we will grab some breakfast first.” She beamed and nodded.

She watched as he finished getting dressed and left with a final kiss and let himself out of her apartment. Hayley was taken back by everything, Luca was a whirlwind. He was a tornado that would without a doubt cause havoc in her world, but a part of her welcomed the chaos.

Nic picked Luca up from Hayley’s apartment, he had been a while. Luca gave instructions to head back to the Venetian, and Nic loyally did so. Luca walked through the busy club.

Luca walked through the ‘Staff Only’ door and to the office, where Frankie had told him Siobhan and Adrien were.

“Luca!” Siobhan rolled her eyes as Luca barged in without knocking as usual. Luca looked at Lambert who sat with his back facing the door and turned his head slightly to see Luca walk in.

“Siobhan, we need to talk.” He demanded. Siobhan was used to Luca and his outbursts. But, she also knew when to argue with him and when to let him have his moment.

“I’ll let you get on, I will speak tomorrow Siobhan.” Adrien smiled as he stood up and walked past a hard-faced Luca. Siobhan crossed her arms with a sigh and looked at her godson.

“What’s going on Luca?” Siobhan asked.

“Hayley is not going to France.” He said fiercely. Siobhan shook her head, making her auburn bob swing at her chin.

“That is not your decision Luca.” She reminded him. She watched as his face went cold and hard. He wasn’t used to not getting his own way, and she knew this.

“I brought Hayley here on a trial, to keep her safe.”

Luca squinted his eyes as Siobhan spoke. He noticed she was looking frantic, worried even.

“What are you trying to protect her from?” Luca urged and her green eyes looked wide for a second as if he had hit a nerve or something.

“Hayley has a past Luca, a past that she needs protecting from. I brought her here to protect her, but then your eyes caught her and now I have to protect her from you.” Siobhan groaned as she thought of what she had done to Hayley. Her protection went in vain.

“I wouldn’t hurt her.” Luca’s words came out with force and determination.

“Not with violence, Luca, you can’t love her. You can’t love anyone, it’s not your nature.” Siobhan slumped into her desk chair and placed her head in her hands.

“You are a son to me Luca, and she is like a daughter. I can’t let you hurt her, you can’t treat her like Arianna or any other of your conquests.” Siobhan looked at Luca, she had to get him to let her go.

“Please Luca, let her go,” Siobhan begged Luca, shook his head.

“I don’t think I can,” Luca confessed and Siobhan’s stomach dropped. This is what she feared. And she watched as he left the room.

Siobhan wanted to cry, she wanted to put Hayley on the next flight out of New York, going absolutely anywhere. In her mind, these two could never be together. Yet, she knew he was his father’s son and if he wanted Hayley, he would destroy the world to get her.

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