Marcello Mafia Series- Dark Side of the Moon

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Chapter 16 - Russian Roulette

Hayley hesitantly woke, very briefly for a few seconds. She was inside, a grey room it was cold. She could hear voices, but her vision was too blurry to make sense of who they were, or where she really was. Hayley’s body gave up again and went back to darkness.

Her senses slowly began to return to her, first the pain in her neck. It was tender and sore, but the world was still in darkness.

Then the coldness of the room washed over her, it skimmed over her bare skin. Hayley could hear the voices of men, some spoke in Italian some were speaking English, but it made no sense to her.

She fluttered her eyes open, it was blurry at first, someone somewhere announced she was awake, and someone banged a heavy metal sounding door. She began to slowly get her vision back, the blurry figures returning to normality.

Two heavy built men stood at either side of the door and held a huge gun each. They wore suits and fedoras. Looking over her shoulder and two more were leaning against the grey concrete wall, they were just as bulky and held guns too.

She was sitting in a chair; her arms were tied tightly behind her back. Hayley’s waist had rope tying her to the chair, along with rope at her legs and feet. Hayley said nothing, these guys were just yes men, they wouldn’t tell her anything.

The door flung open and banged shut behind the green-eyed man from before. He smiled broadly as he entered the room, and stopped in front of her.

“Hello, Hayley,” He beamed, she remained silent. He pouted and looked at the men around him. “Funny,” he mused before looking back at the girl tied to the chair. “I thought the British had good manners.” She just rolled her eyes and remained silent.

His face hardened for a second before he spoke again. “But, Luca has probably rubbed off on you, he doesn’t understand respect either.”

Hayley shrugged, she had to pretend she didn’t know Luca, it was what he told her to do.

“Who’s Luca?” Hayley spoke flatly.

The unknown power laughed and then some of the others joined in around the room, she could feel her heart beating in her chest, she had no idea what the hell was going on and who this man was.

The man shook his head he wasn’t buying this bullshit.

“Let me introduce myself, Darling, I am Lorenzo Borroni.” His voice was firm, authoritative and right now very formal and polite.

Hayley remained calm, even though she had heard his name. From what she could gather he was no friend of Luca, but she just looked at the man disinterested.

“But you Darling can call me just call me Enzo.” He flashed her one of his devilish smiles, but she just looked at him blankly.

“It’s fine, Dickhead works for me.” She watched as he raised his hand and slapped her across the face. It was hard and caught her cheekbone, but she never whimpered. She just looked back at him.

He then pulled his trouser leg up slightly before bending at his knees so he was eye-level at Hayley.

“If I were you Darling I would be very careful what you say, you see I’m a crazy son of a bitch and can’t stand people disrespecting me.” His tone was dark and low.

Hayley just looked at him dead in his eyes. She tried not to let her fear show, she was stronger than that. However her heart was racing, what was he going to do with her?

“Now, me and Luca go way, way back. In fact, once I would have called him a friend. Now, you see the friendship had gone a bit downhill.”

He then looked at his friends and laughed before looking back at Hayley.

“He’s here by the way.” He gestured the air, Hayley suspiciously looked around.

“Who is?” She looked back at him and smiled. She wasn’t going to let this prick win. He laughed shaking his head.

“Keep pretending Darling, I think it’s time we reunite them and play a game.” He laughed darkly as he stood up.

Hayley watched silently as he nodded to his friends who roughly grabbed her and untied her.

“You’re making a mistake, I have no idea who this Luca is!” She yelled at Lorenzo, she looked desperate, he smiled, he liked it when they begged. ”Please I have no idea-” Lorenzo walked over to her grabbing her face and shushed her.

"Darling, if what you say is true, you know too much now so you will die.” He then looked down at her perfect little body, the beautiful lace dress that she was wearing and then he looked back at her.

Hayley’s breathing was deep, she was frightened.

“But, we can make a deal. I’m sure you could be kept alive, with the correct use for your pretty little mouth.” His mouth curled into a dark, wicked smirk, her stomach dropped at his sickening words.

Hayley felt sick, and she did something that usually repulsed her; she spat in his face.

The grips on her arms were tightened, some men gasped but she looked at Lorenzo fiercely as he wiped her spit. He nodded and then held a blade to the side of her neck, just above her collar bone.

“Stupid,” he slipped the knife down her exposed neck, she yelped in pain as he brought it down to the top of her chest, he wasn’t deep enough to truly hurt her, but the pain was there, and her tears came to her eyes.

“Little bitch.” He finished as he removed the knife and she looked at the crimson blood on the end.

“I will kill you, make no mistake you are not leaving here alive.” He promised and then they all walked down the grey walled hallway. Hayley was in pain; her cut was bleeding and her cheek was burning from his slap.

“Oh, Luca!” Lorenzo sang as he threw open some heavy metal doors. Lorenzo practically danced with excitement as he smiled at his enemy in his vulnerable state.

Luca immediately caught Hayley’s beautiful eyes, and she caught his. He was sitting there in his dress shirt, no tie. His face was bruised and cut and he was tied to a chair, with a piece of cloth in his mouth.

His chair was at the end of a table which in the middle had a metal dome plate cover they have in fancy restaurants. His eyes squinted as he looked at her, she was in the hands of his enemy. He had to remain calm, now he was in dangerous waters.

Luca looked at her, she stood with a bruise on her face and a long cut from her neck to her chest. She was a mess and in his enemy’s hands. He was going to kill Borroni.

“Still don’t know him, Darling?” Luca looked back at Hayley, as she watched Borroni who walked around the table and placed his hands-on Luca’s shoulder, he rolled his eyes.

“No.” She whispered as she looked at the mess Luca was in.

Luca was surprised she was actually doing what he told her to do, but he feared this wouldn’t help her today. Borroni tapped his shoulder harshly.

“You must be shit in bed Luca, this one can’t remember you. Don’t worry I can give her a better time.” He laughed, but Luca never moved he never even tried to say anything.

“You see Darling,” Lorenzo looked at the beauty who stood looking just at him, her eyes hadn’t really met Luca. “I’m here for my revenge. You see Luca is a bad boy, he fucks my fiancée, but before that his fuck face of a father kills mine”

Hayley could see the anger in his eyes, but she just shrugs feigning disinterest.

“Nobody fucks with me!” He shouted.

Then Hayley surprised the whole room as she laughs. She looked at Luca who was frowning, what the hell was she playing at? Lorenzo was confused by her. But she didn’t stop laughing.

“Clearly, nobody’s fucking you, they’re all fucking him by the sounds of it.” She laughed as she motioned towards Luca. Within a heartbeat, Lorenzo had a fist full of Hayley’s brown hair.

“You’re starting to piss me off.” He hissed as he violently threw her into the chair opposite Luca.

Luca’s eyes were only on Borroni as he let go of hair. He nodded to one of his men behind Luca, they removed his gag.

"Perché coinvolgere la ragazza in questo, è tra te e me.” Luca seethed through gritted teeth and Lorenzo laughed as he played with Hayley’s hair.

(Why involve the girl, this between you and me)

“A beautiful girl Luca,” He murmured, Luca sighed as he watched as Hayley sat still as he continued to stroke her thick hair. “You see, I want my revenge, and I thought why not kill two birds...” He was interrupted by his own hysterical almost psychotic laughter.

He moved to the metal dome food cover and held the handle looking back at Luca then Hayley.

“I was going to say two birds one stone, but more like two birds and one bullet.” Lorenzo laughed darkly as he thought of his little idea, a way to make things more interesting.

They watched as under the silver dome was an old-fashioned revolver and a single bullet. Luca’s stomach dropped as he understood what was going on, he looked darkly at his enemy.

"Perché i giochi? Allora uccidimi?" Luca growled as Lorenzo laughed and looked at Luca.

(Why The games, just kill me.“)

“You see Luca, you fucked Elliana. Now I was going to watch while I fucked Hayley. But then I remembered your dad killed my dad. Now your dad is hiding in Italy, so you will have to take the brunt unless you are going to get him here?” Lorenzo sat on the table so he was facing Luca, Hayley didn’t have a clue what was going on.

“That won’t happen.” Luca hissed, and Lorenzo nodded. Lorenzo knew that Luca would protect his dad.

“Understandable.” He then walked down the table and sat on the table in front of Hayley, he smiled wickedly at her.

Luca wanted to rip his head off but the restraints were not letting him move. “So, Hayley,” he spoke darkly and slowly. “We are going to play a game. Have you heard of Russian roulette? I know how good you are at normal roulette.”

Luca sucked in air, that bastard had been in his casino! Hayley’s eyes were wide in horror as she looked at the gun in the middle of the table, and she slowly nodded.

“She’s not doing this Borroni!” Luca shouted. Lorenzo. sighed dramatically.

“Shut him up!” He demanded and someone smacked Luca across his already bruised face, Hayley looked past Lorenzo to Luca then back at Lorenzo.

“Now, the game is simple between you and Luca, you will take it in turns. You see someone has to die today.” Lorenzo explained before standing up and moving to where on the table the gun was and looked at Luca.

“Hayley if you don’t play I will shoot Luca, and Luca if you don’t play I will make you watch as I fuck her right here and then slit her throat.” Luca stayed very calm as he looked at Borroni.

“You always were dramatic, Borroni!” Luca laughed a little, and Lorenzo smiled darkly. “What happens if I die, will you let her leave?” Luca asked, and Lorenzo looked at Hayley who was taking in everything that has been said.

“Why should you care Marcello, you will be dead? Ma Hayley è bello. Sei stato un ragazzo fortunateo." Luca just looked at him darkly.

(But, Hayley is beautiful. You were a lucky Guy.)

Hayley watched as Lorenzo picked up the revolver and placed in it the single bullet, her heart was racing as he snapped it shut, and he spun the cylinder placing the gun on the table. And a bulky man loosened one of Luca’s hand restraints.

“Not that I don’t trust you Luca, but.” Another nameless heavy man stood next to Hayley and had his gun nearby, not pointed at her but if Luca fucked up he knew Lorenzo would kill her instantly. Lorenzo slid the gun to Luca, Luca looked at it and then back at Hayley.

“You’re a fucking crazy ass mother fucker.” Luca spat as he picked up the revolver.

Hayley watched as he put it to this temple and as if it was nothing he pulled the trigger, and she gasped as it made a little click noise, and Luca threw the gun on the table.

“All this over Elliana?” Luca laughed and he watched as Borroni slid the gun towards Hayley.

Hayley looked down at the revolver, her stomach churned and her eyes looked up at Luca’s. He watched as a tear slipped down her face, he wished he could protect her, he wished he could get her out of here but he couldn’t.

“Elliana!” Lorenzo sighed, Luca chuckled causing Lorenzo to look at him and not Hayley who was staring at the gun.

“She was a decent fuck, she said she didn’t give blowjobs, but she didn’t mind giving one to me!” Lorenzo flew at Luca, his knife was at his throat.

“You can get another one off that bitch when I kill you, she might wait for you at the pearly gates. She begged for death in the end, just like you will or perhaps Hayley will.” His words were harsh as he went to pierce Luca Marcello’s skin.

But then he pulled away and looked at Hayley. Luca’s eyes were locked on to Hayley as she slowly and with a shaking hand picked up the revolver.

“You don’t have to do this Hayley,” Luca said calmly. Hayley looked at Luca, his face so calm even through such a scary situation.

“He’s right Hayley, you don’t have to do this at all,” Lorenzo looked intensely at the girl that sat frightened at the table. “Come with me, let me show you how a true Italian makes love.”

Hayley looked at him with disgust and held the gun to her temple, Luca’s stomach dropped as he watched as she closed her eyes, and pulled the trigger with a click.

She let out a gaspy breath as she looked straight into Lorenzo’s eyes and then threw the gun on the table, her heart was racing. But she shook her head and looked at him fiercely.

“I would rather die than touch you.” Her words were harsh and Lorenzo smiled, as he slid the gun back to Luca and laughed.

“She’s playing the game, your turn.” For Luca this was torture, if he died he couldn’t protect her but there was no way he could watch Hayley take the bullet.

He put the gun to his head and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. They were the last thing he wanted to see. He pulled the trigger and with a click he was still alive, he slid the gun down the table.

Luca watched as she picked up the gun. In her mind, she knew she could have made better life choices, but right now she had to face the fact that she was about to die today regardless of whether this shot was the bullet shot or not.

She took a deep breath as she placed the gun to her temple and closed her eyes before pulling the trigger. It again was not the kill shot. The guy beside her took the gun and slid it down the table to Luca. But Lorenzo picked up the gun before Luca had a chance to.

“I don’t trust you, Marcello.” He put the gun to Luca’s temple.

Hayley took another deep breath as she kept her eyes closed, and she listened for the gunshot. But there was just a faint click of the empty shot.

“No!” Luca yelled as Borroni chucked the gun on the table and slid it towards Hayley.

Hayley opened her eyes. This was it, the last shot. Hayley looked at Luca who was struggling in the restraints, her heart was pounding. And Lorenzo caught her attention as he walked towards her.

“Pick up the gun, Darling!” He demanded, she slowly took the gun.

The tears were falling relentlessly, she was going to die. Would it be painful? Would there be a flash of white light? Will her mum guide her to the next life? Would she miss Luca?

“Shame you were a stunning creature.” He purred as she slowly put the gun to her temple, her eyes looking at Luca.

“Hayley, don’t you pull that damn trigger.” He ordered, but she shook her head.

“I told you, I play the games I play until the end.” She reminded him of the night she let him touch her, the night she was in his arms. She smiled at the thought, and she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Get down!” Someone yelled and then a loud crash as a loud explosion happened.

The force managed to topple Hayley and her chair over. The gun was fiercely ripped from Hayley’s hand and she looked up to see Frankie standing, he gently stood her up. There was smoke everywhere.

“Frankie, get her out of here!” Luca yelled, she looked over to Nic and others around Luca untying him.

Borroni was on the floor but was slowly getting up. Frankie grabbed Hayley and threw her over his shoulder, so he was able to use his gun with the other. He could feel her shaking as he waded his way through the smoke and the guys running.

He finally reached the outside world, and gently put her down against the side of one of the waiting SUVs.

“Hayley, you’re safe,” Frankie said he tried to stop her crying as he grabbed her shoulders.

The tears were falling, she nearly died, she nearly took a bullet for who? Luca Marcello? She fell to her knees, what had become of her? She wrapped herself in her arms, she couldn’t breathe.

His image came to her head as she closed her eyes and tried to control her breathing. He had the gun to his head, he nearly took himself away too, and that was hurting just as much.

“Hayley?” Frankie knelt beside her and kept his hands on her shoulders as she whimpered.

“Luca, we have to get out of here!” Nic shouted urgently, as he noticed they were severely outnumbered.

Luca held his gun in his hand and shot a guy in the chest, and his enemy caught his eye. He ran towards where he and his right guys were running towards. Luca was frantically shooting at Lorenzo, who ran into a room.

“Luca!” Nic called after his cousin, Luca ran to the door it was locked. He could hear engines, possibly motorbikes?

"Fuck it, he’s going to get away!” He yelled as he tried with his damaged body to slam his shoulder into the door in a vain attempt of opening the door. Nic grabbed his cousin and made him look at him, he had to get him out.

“Luca! Ric has wired this place it will blow in minutes, we have to get out of here. We will get another chance to get him, but c’mon.” Nic insisted.

Luca roared but knew he had to follow Nic, but he knew he would make it a mission to find and destroy Lorenzo Borroni.

Hayley looked up to see people running past Frankie but waiting near the waiting SUVs. Behind them she heard the sound of engines, the guys around them opened fire but the bikers were quick and had gotten away.

Suddenly ’BOOM!” a loud explosion causing all the guys to go down to the ground, Frankie covered Hayley. But she looked up at the burning warehouse, her heart dropped as she realised Luca wasn’t here.

“Luca!” She whispered as she pushed Frankie off her and ran towards the burning building.

“Hayley!” He yelled as he tried to grab her, and then followed her. Hayley watched as three men walked calmly out of the smoke.

Ric smiled as he lit a cigarette, Nic looked stressed but had a little smile on his face. But her eyes caught the gorgeous man in the middle as he walked with purpose and total calmness.

“Luca!” She called out as she ran towards him, she never stopped until she slammed into him and he hoisted her up so her legs were wrapped around him.

He never stopped walking as he let her hug him, and tears fell down her cheeks. Luca was talking as he reached the SUV’s explaining he wanted to know how this happened, he also told Frankie to call for a doctor to be ready at his home.

He slipped into the car and held Hayley in his arms, Lorenzo Borroni would pay, he would make sure of it.

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