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Chapter 17- Loyally Disloyal

Luca sat holding the glass of whiskey to his forehead, the cuts and bruises didn’t hurt. Yet, he felt pain. His eyes focused on the screens, particularly the one that had Hayley featured. He watched as she stirred in his bed.

His mind couldn’t shake the image of Hayley with the gun to her head, the image of Borroni touching her. He sighed angrily as his eyes just watched the darkroom.

“Boss.” Frankie entered the room. It had been a long night, he and Nic had been searching for answers to how his boss and friend was nearly killed today. He looked at Luca who was sitting staring at the screens, he was clean at least.

“What do we know?” Luca asked as he looked up at Frankie who took the chair beside Luca. Luca had to find out the people who betrayed him, he wanted blood.

“We have one of our rats at the lock-up,” Frankie explained. “Nic has made him sing like Pavarotti.” Frankie had that evil glint in his eyes, Luca nodded as he took a sip of the brown liquor, then looked back at his friend.

“Who?” Luca asked as he poured more whiskey into his glass after pouring a glass for Frankie.

“One of our new drivers, Nate.” Luca had heard of Nate, his mind wandered trying to place him amongst his men, reminding himself of his past and what brought him to the family.

Nate, he remembered, was once just a drug boy passing cash between them and dealers. Frankie had particularly taken an interest in the lad and got him to train as a driver. This pissed Luca off.

The boy came from nothing, he was welcomed to the family and offered a salary that couldn’t be beaten. Yet, he betrayed the family and nearly helped to kill Hayley.

“He gave us another name, the waiter from the restaurant. Joseph, he helped.” Frankie explained what Nic had found out during Nate’s interrogation.

“Ric and Dom have gone to pick him up.” Frankie took a sip of the whisky and looked at his boss who turned to look at the sleeping beauty in his bed.

“That’s not the best bit. Nate told us Borroni has a rat among us, an informant. Jonas Leone, he knew where you would be, and he knew where Hayley would be.” Luca’s stomach dropped, as he heard the name.

Jonas had been in the family for over two years, at one stage he thought he would join the ranks of Frankie and Nic. However, his wife had a child last year and he had distanced himself from the family to help her out. That was a bigger betrayal than Nate or the waiter.

“According to Nate, Borroni wanted you and the girl in this photo.” Frankie held out a piece of paper.

Luca took it and he instantly recognised the photos as one that was sent to him the night after the 1920′s party. He looked at her; it was the one where they had left the casino together, she was safe in his arms.

“Nate picked you up to take you to the restaurant. Before that Jonas took your phone and replaced it with a fake and took all your tracking devices. By the time you realised you were in Borroni’s hands. Then Nate went to the restaurant to pick up Hayley.” Frankie explained.

“The truly best bit is that Jonas has no clue we know.” Frankie was smiling like the Cheshire cat, Luca couldn’t believe there was a best bit, Hayley nearly died!

“Get on with it Frankie, or I will cheer myself up by shooting you,” Luca warned and Frankie laughed.

“That won’t make you happy.” Frankie shook his head with a chuckle.

Luca sighed, he was right. Maybe, it would for like half a second. A stress relief, but he would regret it afterwards. Possibly. If anything, he would be annoyed that Frankie bled on his flooring.

“What would make you happy is this.” Luca watched as Frankie leaned over to the keyboard and pressed a couple of keys to show the basement, where he had created a bar-type man cave. His blood boiled as he saw sitting on a bar stool sipping a beer was Jonas Leone, then Luca smiled at his best friend.

The pair walked through the house to the stairs leading to the basement, Luca looked at the back of his new enemy, his rat. He looked at Frankie as the pair walked to stand beside him.

Luca pulled up a barstool next to Jonas, as Frankie stayed on his other side but remained standing. Luca looked at Jonas who just puffed on his cigarette then nodded at his boss.

“Boss, how is Hayley?” Luca wanted to ram the cigarette down the bastard’s throat.

“She’ll live, shame I can’t say the same about you.” Luca pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it.

Jonas looked shocked as he tried to rise from his seat, but Frankie pushed his shoulder down so he was sitting.

“I remember the day any one of my men came to me. I remember the reasons why they joined, and I remember the vow of silence and loyalty to the Marcello name.” Luca was starting to sound like his father, but he had to.

Luca never looked at Jonas, he just looked at his cigar and the liquor bottles along the back of the bar.

“I like to think I take care of my men, I’d like to think the motto of when you’re good to the family, the family is good to you. Do you agree Frankie?” Luca asked his friend who still stood with his hand firmly on the asshole’s shoulder.

“Yep.” Was all Frankie said, Luca flicked the cigarette ash in a marble ashtray, and then looked at Jonas.

“Speaking of family, how is Marsha and little Abigail.” Luca watched as Jonas’ face hardened at the names of his wife and daughter.

“You’re going to answer all my questions Jonas, every. Single. One.” Luca’s tone was dark, but Jonas looked defiant as he shook his head.

“No, you will have to kill me.” Luca laughed at Jonas’s words and he looked at Frankie then back at Jonas.

“Don’t worry I will, but not after I find out what I want to know. Now how long have you been working for Borroni?” Luca hissed, but Jonas laughed and shook his head.

Luca picked up his cigarette and plunged it down onto the back of Jonas’ hand that was on the bar, Jonas let out a cry as Luca pulled the now extinguished cigarette away.

“I’ve not worked for Borroni, I’ve always been in the family. My father was too, I offered to be an informant.” Jonas said through his pain as he looked up to Luca, Luca smiled wickedly at Frankie and then back at Jonas.

“Wow, how very loyal of you.” Then in a heartbeat, he had his knife plunged into his hand, his scream was so loud, fearing it would wake Hayley two floors up he slapped his hand over Jonas’ mouth.

“Death, the ultimate sacrifice for loyalty. Also, the appropriate punishment for disloyalty.” Luca stood up beside Jonas and looked at his other hand, and Frankie put his own knife into the other hand, Luca rolled his eyes as he cried out again into his palm.

“Why did he take Hayley?” Luca asked as he quieted a little.

Now, Jonas was just whimpering so Luca removed his hand. Jonas tried to be brave and shook his head, Frankie twisted the knife in his hand and the pain rippled through Jonas.

"Talk, and this will be less painful,” Luca explained, he shook his head again.

Luca sighed as he walked around the bar and pulled out endless amounts of sharp objects; knives, needles and broken glass.

Luca remained behind the bar so he was facing Jonas. “One more time Jonas, why did the bastard want her?”

But the idiot shook his head again, so Luca nodded at Frankie who picked up a knife and plunged it in his arm. He screamed again, this time Frankie covered his mouth.

Luca picked up another knife and handed it to his friend, who plunged it in the opposite shoulder. Luca went for a needle and popped the top and gave the empty syringe to Frankie.

“Neck? Or Eye?” Frankie looked at his boss as he held the needle close to Jonas. Luca looked at Jonas who was sweating and his eyes filled with horror at Frankie’s question.

“Eye I think,” Luca commanded, then just as Frankie nodded and held the syringe close to his eye Jonas nodded and murmured okay. Disappointed, Frankie removed his hand.

“He wants revenge,” Jonas said as he sighed through his pain, “for Elianna, and for his father. He thinks if he had her it will at least make up for Elianna, you bastard, he really loved her!” Jonas yelled.

Frankie stabbed him with the syringe into his neck and then covered his mouth again. Luca thought of Hayley, she was in danger because of how people think he feels towards her. He couldn’t put her through this again, he couldn’t do this again, he had to let her go.

“You’re going to wait here,” Luca said fiercely as he walked around the bar and towards the door and looked at Frankie who followed. Frankie closed the door and looked at his boss.

“Get him out of my house, make him suffer for his betrayal Frankie. Send him to Borroni like a fucking jigsaw puzzle, let him know I’m not going to be fucked by him.” Frankie nodded. Luca was hard and cold how he used to be, how his father trained him. The dark side taking over.

“Find out anything he will tell you, what he told Borroni. If he says nothing just destroy him, make sure Marsha finds out her husband’s fate. A bouquet or something, with a reminder that if she calls the cops her daughter will go missing.” Frankie nodded and took out his phone to grab a man or two to help transport Jonas to the lock-up.

Luca walked back up the stairs and to the camera room. He took a seat and watched her as she slept, she looked so peaceful yet she was nearly killed because of him.

He had to let her go.

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