Marcello Mafia Series- Dark Side of the Moon

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Chapter 18- Letting Her Go?

Her eyes fluttered open, she was in Luca’s room. Her head was heavy; she had no idea how long she had been here.

She hadn’t forgotten anything, she remembered going to the restaurant, she remembered how Borroni had her tied to a chair and how he forced Luca and herself to play a sick game of Russian roulette.

She slowly put her hand to her neck where he had sliced her, there was gauze stuck to her skin, he must have had her looked at. The room was dark but she could make out a figure sitting in the chair at the bottom corner of the bedroom.

“Luca?” She said out loud, he stood up and walked slowly to the foot of the bed as she reached over to switch on the bedside table, the light only dimly lit the room.

She admired him as he stood clean, fully dressed in his usual expensive suit and dress shirt. She looked at his face, the cuts were not bloody but looked sore, the bruises were still a deep purple.

“Luca, you’re okay.” She sighed, as she looked at his chocolate eyes. His face was hard, he had to let her go.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, and she shrugged and sighed.

“How long have I been out?” She asked as she tried to make sense of time, he watched as she searched around the room.

“We were found in the early hours, you slept in the car. It’s 5 pm, Hayley.” She looked shocked as he said those words and she jumped out of the bed.

“Shit, I have work.” She looked down at her clothes, she was dressed in one of his shirts. “Where are my clothes?” She asked him, and he slowly went to the dresser where her clothes had been carefully placed when he had stripped her for bed, he gave them to Hayley.

He watched as she turned her back to quickly remove the shirt and put on her navy lace dress.

“I’m going to have to go, we will talk later, yeah?” She said as she thought about her shift starting at 6pm and she would have to cross the city. She went to pass Luca but he took her arm and she looked at him, his face looked cold and serious.

“Luca, what the-” But he cut her off.

“Hayley, there will be no later for us,” she looked at him with confusion in her eyes. “It was whatever it was, but that’s it, Hayley.” Hayley fiercely pulled her arm away from him and stepped back from him.

“It was what it was?” She said harshly, but he never moved; he just looked at her. “I nearly put a bullet in my head you asshole.”

She violently pushed him with her palms on his chest, he stepped back from her little force. She was furious, she couldn’t contain her anger as she looked at him, and he remained motionless like a statue.

“I didn’t ask you too.” He said in a low voice.

Her anger boiled over as he uttered those words. She raised her hand to hit him, but he was quicker than she was and grabbed her wrist and pulled her close to him. She could feel his breath on her face, as they locked eyes.

“I said I would only let you hit me once, sweetheart.” He whispered in a low and dark tone.

She violently pulled her hand away and then stepped back herself. She couldn’t believe she had risked her life for him, she was in too deep for no reason.

“I’m just another bed warmer to you, aren’t I?” She shouted at him, and he shrugged. “Fucking answer me Luca!” She yelled.

He could see the anger in her eyes as she spoke and he stepped forward and grabbed her shoulders. It took her by surprise and her body shuddered with fear, but she remained strong and defiant.

“What the hell do you want me to say?” He shouted back he was livid with her.

He was trying to protect her, keep her safe. Yet, here she was shouting at him.

“I’m a piece of shit, I don’t do relationships, I don’t love and believe it or not Hayley I don’t want you.” He shouted. The words tasted vile coming out of his mouth. He did want her, he did want to feel something for her. But it was safer for her if she wasn’t linked to him.

She could feel the tears stinging her eyes. But, she refused to cry, he wouldn’t see her cry.

“But-” She began but he shook his head and chuckled darkly at her.

“What Hayley? Did you think you were special like you were a girl I would commit to?” He quizzed her.

Something inside of her tore in two, as she wriggled in his grip she wanted to leave and get as far away from him as she could. He let go of her and he watched as a tear fell from her beautiful eyes.

“You’re right you are a piece of shit.” She said with all the hate in her body, he stood and watched her. She fiercely wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

“I did everything to stay away from you.” She shouted. What had she done? She had put herself in a position as she had done all those years ago.

“I never believed I was special, I just thought you had some human emotion in that body of stone.” He took a deep breath as she spoke.

“You were wrong.” He said in a low tone and she nodded and pressed her lips together as she heard his words.

“I was, wasn’t I?” She hissed, as she walked back over to the door and slipped on her shoes. She fumbled getting the shoes on her feet as her hands were shaking and tears were flowing down her face.

“This is all on you, I warned you, Hayley,” she stopped and took a deep breath and turned to look at him, he slowly turned to face the door where she stood. “I told you I didn’t love it, I didn’t want it to be like this.” His words were harsh as they came from his mouth.

“Yeah, well I didn’t want this either,” she lied, but she knew he hadn’t bought it, “goodbye, Luca.” She said as she pulled open the door and flew out of it.

He watched as the door slam closed and she was gone. What the hell had he done? It was the right thing but his anger flared up, he wanted to rip heads off. His rage sent him into his dark spot and the lamps, the ornament and even the chair ended up in pieces.

Her tears were relentless as she flew through the house and out the front door. It was pouring with rain as she stepped out into the evening air. She dropped to her knees on the gravel and sobbed, what had become of herself?

How did he manage to make her feel on cloud nine and in the pit of hell at the same time? She slowly got up from the floor, she had to get away from his home and find a way to get home. A car pulled up, she walked towards the three men getting out only one she recognised as Nic.

"Vai, dica al capo cosa è successo.” He instructed his men, who walked past Hayley to the front door of his house.

(Go, tell the boss what happened.)

Hayley tried to walk past Nic but he stepped in front of her and put his palms up and she stopped.

“Woah, Woah. Hayley, what’s going on?” He quizzed. Nic could tell she had been crying, what had his cousin done now? She took a deep breath and shook her head.

“Nothing I didn’t see coming. I’m just another piece of skirt to him, another name in his little black book.” She said as she rolled her eyes.

Nic looked up at the window where his cousin stood looking at the scene. Luca looked calm as he puffed on a cigarette, Nic looked back at Hayley.

“He told you this?” she nodded, and he sighed. “Come, I’ll drive you home.”

He put his hand to her lower back, not touching, just guiding her to the car where he opened the back passenger door and she slipped in and he got in the driver’s side.

Hayley wanted to say no and that she was capable of getting herself home, but she couldn’t be bothered to argue and she doubted Nic would listen anyway.

She put her elbows on her legs and her head in her hands, she was annoyed. What had she let him into her life for? Why did she let herself get sucked in by the devil himself?

Nic watched in the rear-view mirror as she threw her head back against the seat after it had been in her hands, she caught his eyes in the mirror.

“Nic? Can you take me to the club, I have to go to work.” Hayley whispered. Nic nodded and smiled weakly, and she sighed.

They drove there in silence, Hayley just looked at the world outside her window and Nic just drove.

He didn’t want to know what happened, that was between her and Luca. But, he knew Luca was having a rough night as it was, this was probably the last thing he needed.

Hayley thanked Nic as she got out and ran through the rain into the staff entrance of the club. She got some funny looks as she walked through the back-door hallway, she was wearing a dress and was soaked through.

“Hayley?” Siobhan’s voice called out as she appeared in front of Hayley.

Hayley looked like hell and she watched as the young girl began to cry, Siobhan ran to her and put her hands on her shoulder and led her to one of the side dressing rooms and locked the door, she sat Hayley on the couch in the room and sat beside her and let her calm down.

Hayley told Siobhan about being taken by Lorenzo, the game he made them play and of course how she was treated by Luca when she woke up.

“I’m mad at myself.” Hayley huffed as Siobhan closed the door on the waitress who brought two whiskeys and returned to sit beside Hayley handing her a glass.

“I’m mad because I knew he was a bad idea, I should have stayed well away.” She sighed before she took a sip of the burning liquid.

Siobhan knew the look Hayley was giving, the feeling of regret and anger at Luca. In fairness, Siobhan was angry at Luca also. Hayley had done all that and Luca just tossed her aside, she had raised him better than that, but she had remained mutual and calm.

“You two are like a hurricane and volcano,” Hayley just looked blankly at Siobhan as she spoke. “Both stubborn, but filled with a passion so when you come together it will never end well.” Hayley shook her head.

“Well, we won’t be coming together again,” Hayley said with determination. “I have been burnt by him before, I thought I’d learnt by my first love to not be burnt again.” Siobhan held her hand.

“Luca hasn’t hurt you?” She pressed, Hayley shook her head and a part of her regretted talking to Siobhan about her first-ever boyfriend Alex.

“No, but I think what he said hurt more than any physical injury,” Hayley remembered how he told her she wasn’t special, he wouldn’t love her and how she was just another girl to him.

Siobhan saw this as a blessing in disguise, for how much she loved Luca she knew he couldn’t allow himself to be left vulnerable. Besides, his world is too chaotic and dangerous. Hayley will get hurt, even if it’s not by Luca’s hands.

“You are right,” Siobhan sighed as she squeezed her young friend’s hands. “Being in love with a mobster is no easy task, and the heartache outweighs all the pro’s.” Hayley nodded. Hayley knew Siobhan was right.

Siobhan gave Hayley the rest of the night off, and slipping into a taxi Hayley was looking forward to a bath, some wine and a night away from Luca Marcello.

It was after midnight when he walked into the Venetian Lounge, he looked around at the room full of men watching women. His eyes scanned over the bar she normally worked at, only Ben was there with Ava on the pole above.

He looked up at the VIP booths, one was free so he led the way followed by Nic and Frankie. Nic had told him that he brought Hayley here, but he had to stay away from her. Nic called over a server and ordered us some Whiskey.

“I’m in need of this drink.” Frankie sighed as the waitress returned with their drinks, he admired the waitress as she walked away.

“Is Jonas gone?” Luca quizzed his friend, who nodded.

“Yep, his wife has been given a generous bouquet. He never said much in the end only that Lorenzo is growing in strength and numbers.” Luca nodded solemnly as he took a sip of his drink, his eyes watching the club carefully.

“The waiter in the restaurant explained how Borroni threatened his family if he didn’t help,” Nic explained. “I reminded him of how we can offer protection, but apparently Borroni already took his daughter.”

Luca didn’t care. He didn’t care about excuses, all he cared about was how Borroni had managed to have him at his mercy. He didn’t care about the threats, everyone knows Marcello’s look after anyone who looks after them.

“Where are he and Nate?” Luca asked as he thought of the young new driver who drove him and Hayley to be tortured and nearly killed by Borroni.

“They are both at the lock-up still, Ric and Dom are waiting for your instructions on what to do with them.” Luca had no choice; they both had betrayed him, and they both posed a risk. He shook his head, he had to have them killed.

“I can’t be seen to show mercy, I can’t be weak,” both Nic and Frankie nodded. “Kill them both and make sure they are found on Borroni territory, let him know I find out everything.”

Frankie nodded as he stood up taking his phone, he would step outside and deliver the instructions to Dom and Ric.

Nic looked at his cousin, his eyes were looking around the club. He knew who he was trying to find, but the fool had sent her away.

“What happened with you and Hayley?” He asked Luca as he poured himself another glass of whiskey, and Luca looked at his younger cousin.

“She wanted a relationship, I can’t do that to her.” Luca said with as much honesty as he could muster, as much as he trusted Nic he couldn’t appear to have any form of weakness.

“So, she was just another Arianna?” Luca shook his head as he brought the glass to his mouth.

“No, Arianna I can go back to without the commitments, I can’t with Hayley.” Nic nodded.

Nic knew straight away Hayley was an all-in type of girl. Maybe that was what his cousin needed, but who was he to give love advice? The girl he wanted was unattainable, so the pair sipped their whiskey in silence.

“Luca!” Siobhan came around the corner of the booth, her hands resting attentively on Nic’s shoulders as she stood behind him, “hello, Nic Son.” she greeted warmly he looked up to her and smiled.

“Hello, Siobhan.” He greeted, and she looked viciously at Luca who rolled his eyes before knocking his drink back. Nic could feel the tension between Luca and his fierce godmother.

“Erm.. I’m gonna look for Frankie. Good luck boss.” Nic smirked as he slid out of the booth, and Siobhan slid in.

“Stop messing with things I warned you not to touch. You’re not a child Luca!” Siobhan wanted to yell and scold Luca she was so angry at him. “When I tell you not to do something just understand I am protecting you but most importantly her. Christ, the one thing I have asked of you. Hayley is a broken mess.”

Siobhan was right, she had warned him to keep away from Hayley. But he couldn’t. He had to have her and even now he wanted to see her even though he had to push her far, far away.

“She is not one of the girls who you can sleep with and walk away from,” Siobhan reminded him. “You just aban-”

“Borroni took her,” his words made her gasp. “Borroni only took her because he knew I had let her in, he saw her as more than an Arianna or any other feather girl.” Luca picked up the bottle and refilled his drink pouring one for Siobhan and handing it to her, she took it and took a drink.

Luca read a text before standing up to leave.

“I let her go to protect her, I have to hurt her to make her leave.” He hated himself somewhere deep down he hated himself.

“Luca, you are doing the right thing, remember what will happen if a volcano meets a tornado.” Luca smiled at her words and nodded before standing up straight and adjusting his jacket and walked away.

Siobhan’s heart was tearing. She had never seen Luca like this, self-sacrificing and honest. In her heart, she prayed he and Hayley would walk away from one another, she prayed they would be strong enough to stay away.

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