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Chapter 19- No Commitment

Hayley had been given a few days off to sort herself out and it kept her away from the Venetian. She never received anything from Luca, no flowers, no notes and nothing to even suggest he was thinking or asking about her.

He was done with her and in her broken heart, she knew she had to be done too. Getting back to work was distracting her, Luca and his goons were never in the Venetian presumably dealing with Lorenzo, his name made her hands shake.

She had time to think, time to evaluate her life and she knew she had to go, leave New York and take Siobhan’s Paris job offer.

"Ah you’re back." His Russian accent beamed as she walked back behind her bar. Her emerald green mask covering her eyes, she wore an emerald green satin corset and some black shorts and thigh highs.

Ava had done a great job covering her marks on her cheek that Lorenzo’s hand had caused. The cut in her neck and chest was harder to disguise, she had taken off the gauze and Ava had given her a black choker necklace that had lots of long black fringing that covered her chest touching the top of her corset.

"Hello Dimitri, you missed me." She teased as she got him his usual and he tipped her as he normally did.

It was funny Hayley felt safe behind the mask, safe as she stood in lingerie with eyes ogling her. Her mind went back to how Lorenzo spoke about her, how he threatened to fuck her in front of Luca, she shook the memories from her head.

“Evening Hayley,” his deep smooth voice made her look into his hypnotic eye. “You are looking better.”

“Leave me alone Luca,” her words were harsh but she wanted them to be. “It’s your fault I was looking shit before.”

Luca deserved that it was his fault. He put her in danger and he walked away from her.

“Fine, send up a bottle of whiskey. A good bottle, six glasses.” He said before turning on his heel to walk away from him. He had to stay away from Hayley, the siren that unwittingly sang for him.

“Yes, Sir.” Her words were harsh but he never turned to face her. No, he just continued to cross the room up to the VIP booths.

Hayley used that as an excuse to go to the high-value lock-up to get a ‘good bottle’ of whiskey. She placed the bottle and the six glasses on a tray and proceeded to approach the booths where he sat with his usual crew of men, including Nic and Frankie.

Her stomach dropped as she watched Arianna sitting on his lap and his face in her neck, his eyes caught hers and she wanted so badly to smash the ‘good bottle’ of whiskey over his arrogant head.

She looked away and placed the tray on the table. He doesn’t do commitments she reminded herself, he’s not a ‘boyfriend guy’. She began to walk away from them.

“Hayley?” His smooth voice spoke and she stopped and slowly turned to face him her hands on her hips, and her eyes locked on his with his hands-on Arianna’s waist. “Can you get Arianna a bottle of Champagne?”

She looked at Arianna who beamed at his words and looked smugly at Hayley, it was like a pissing contest and Arianna was winning. Luca watched as Hayley looked from Arianna back to him and gave a sarcastic smile. Luca had to hurt her, he had to carry on.

“Yep.” Was all she responded before she turned and walked away from the arsehole and his whore. She threw the tray on the bar and Ava and Ben looked at her.

“What’s happened?” Ben asked as he watched Hayley violently pull out a bottle of champagne and a champagne flute.

"Mr Marcello would like a bottle of champagne for Miss Arianna.” Hayley hissed.

Ben looked up at the booths where Luca was looking down at their bar with Arianna on his lap. Ben thought he was sick, why would he do this to Hayley flaunting his inability to keep his dick to himself. Ava took the tray from Hayley.

“Let me take it up, I could do with the tips,” She winked as she adjusted her breasts in her bra and grabbed another flute. “I’m irresistible.” She winked in her bright red-feathered- mask.

Hayley was grateful when Ava offered to take the drink up to the VIP’s, so Hayley didn’t have to face them again.

"Can I get another angel?” Dimitri asked and Hayley smiled widely at her regular and continued her job.

It was hard, the night was hard. She tried to avoid looking up at Luca and Arianna. Ava, who was sitting with Nic kept coming down for the drinks which meant she didn’t have too. It hurt her every time he touched Arianna, every time she laughed and every time she kissed him. She couldn’t do this.

On her break, she sat on her usual perch. She hadn’t been this fascinated with a guy since Alex Hunter and for her, that was something she didn’t want to repeat anytime soon. But, she couldn’t watch Luca slobber over anyone else; it was too much.

Hayley knew it was best for everyone for her to go, she had to take Siobhan’s offer so she confidently marched passed the VIP booths to Siobhan’s office.

“You want to go to Paris?” Siobhan was surprised as Hayley stood in her office and even more surprised that she wanted to go back to France.

“Yeah, I do, I think it would be a great opportunity to run the club.” Siobhan knew what was going on and she knew deep down Luca was to blame. However, even she could understand this was possibly the best solution for everyone.

“Well I will arrange everything for as soon as possible I know Adrien will be thrilled, I will be sad to see you go, but it’s for the best,” Hayley just smiled at her boss. She was pleased Siobhan wasn’t going to make her stay. “You best get to work, I have some calls to make.”

Siobhan explained and Hayley left the office with a heavy heart and walked out the next door which led out to the VIP booths. She passed where Luca was sitting; she never looked at him and was caught by Frankie.

“Hey, you okay?” Frankie had seen her going into Siobhan’s office. Hayley liked Frankie; he seemed a lot more down to earth than Nic and Luca.

“Yep, I’m fine. Just been discussing my career options,” She answered honestly and Frankie looked at her puzzled, and she laughed. “I’m going to run the Paris club.” Frankie’s face dropped as she said this.

“Really? So, you will be going back to Paris?” She nodded, as she looked vaguely past Frankie to Luca who was whispering in Arianna’s ear.

“I don’t like the New York scenery.” She shrugged.

Frankie looked over his shoulder to what had caught Hayley’s attention and he understood. Frankie looked back at Hayley. Frankie had four sisters, he knew that look that Hayley had, and it crushed him a little.

If this was his sister and a guy had dropped her the way Luca had done to Hayley he would have beaten him to a pulp. But, this was Luca and he is who he is and unfortunately, Hayley knew this.

“I hope the scenery in Paris can make you happy,” Frankie said with a weak smile and Hayley nodded and she walked down the stairs. Nic appeared at Frankie’s side.

“She’s taking Lambert’s offer and she is going to Paris,” Frankie explained, and Nic looked back at his cousin then back at Frankie.

“Do we tell him?” Nic asked Frankie who shrugged.

They had no idea what to do, Luca was adamant he didn’t need nor want Hayley yet he does everything to contradict what he is saying. Nic watched as he kissed Arianna, and his eyes watched Hayley who was walking back to the bar.

“No, I don’t think we should. Let’s play naïve, we know nothing.” Nic said with assertiveness.

It made Frankie nervous they never lied to Luca. But, this wasn’t business this isn’t a betrayal this was Nic and Frankie protecting both Hayley and Luca.

“You’re going back to Paris?” Ava said as Hayley sipped her cappuccino in the little café just down from their apartments, it was a new day and Hayley was ready to plan her move.

Ava couldn’t believe it, she and Hayley had just become good friends and she didn’t want her to go.

“Siobhan has offered me the opportunity to go and be the manager over there.” Hayley beamed, but she knew Ava would see through her as she held a puzzled look.

“Well, we have a night off tonight,” Hayley could see the wicked look in her eyes and she laughed. “Let’s have one last night getting drunk in New York City!” Ava was excited, as the pair trudged through New York and bought new outfits and then went home to get ready.

Luca was meeting his new business associate at the Venetian, he was part of a strong family in Italy and knew he needed this deal to go smoothly, thankfully with a drink and a pretty girl on his lap the guy agreed to everything Luca wanted.

He sat on a round table at the front of the stage as the guy lusted over pretty Callie who danced for him, thanks to cash from Luca’s pockets. Nic also sat at the table but was on his phone sorting out work for the men tonight.

His eyes caught the man that walked into the Venetian, his silver eyes and silver hair. What the hell was he doing here? His eyes flashed to Nic who had to turn around to see the man enter, he watched as Luca’s eyes darkened at the sight of Adrien Lambert.

Nic knew why he was here, but he had prayed Siobhan had some sense and just sent Hayley away. Luca looked at his guest with a smile as he stood up.

"Scusami.” He politely excused himself and left the man enjoying Callie, Nic followed Luca loyally. Luca followed Adrien who had headed to the office.

“Luca!” Siobhan shouted as Luca barged his way through the door, Siobhan was standing up and Adrien had taken a seat in the chair opposite he never looked at Luca as he entered.

“What are you doing in here?” She gave him the look she used to give him when he had done something naughty when he was eight, tough look Siobhan Luca wasn’t eight anymore and that look doesn’t scare him anymore!

“I could say the same for our French guest, hello Lambert,” Luca said as he strode over to Lambert who now stood up and held his hand out for Luca, who reluctantly shook his hand.

“Hello, Luca. I’ve come for Hayley.” Lambert’s face was beaming from ear to ear.

Luca’s fists clenched as Lambert said those words, Nic was ready for Luca’s rage and braced for whatever he had planned or unplanned in Luca’s crazy head.

“What the fuck do you mean you have come for Hayley. She isn’t fucking object you can claim!” Luca was furious at Lambert thinking he can do what he liked, Luca was the fucking boss.

“Luca,” Siobhan spoke calmly, but Luca just kept his eyes on Lambert. “She agreed to go, last night she came to me and asked to go back to Paris.” Luca then looked at Siobhan.

“And you let her!” His voice was strained and filled with rage.

Inside he was breaking at the idea of Hayley going to Europe, how could he watch over her?

“Luca, she asked to go. I can’t make her stay here and at least if she is in Paris I know she is getting a wage and is protected by the club.” Siobhan knew this was hurting Luca, she knew he had felt something for Hayley.

However, she also knew that the pair had to be separated. Luca was pissed off with Siobhan, how could she do this to him? But, he knew the only reason she was leaving was because of him.

“I warned you young Marcello, she is the butterfly you failed to catch.”

Luca’s fist flew towards Lambert and hit his jaw with a crack, and then he hit a second shot.

“Luca!” Siobhan cried out as she rushed to stop Luca.

By this time Nic had gotten hold of Luca and pulled him away from Lambert.

“Nic get him out of here!” She yelled and Nic nodded before he grabbed and pulled his boss out of the room.

Luca was like a bull in the china shop, there was a shelf with empty, exotic gin and bourbon bottles. In his anger, he smashed the shelf up. He wanted to kill Lambert, he wanted to fly to Paris and burn the club to the ground then she would have nowhere to run to.

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