Marcello Mafia Series- Dark Side of the Moon

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Chapter 22 - Just For Tonight

“Just get it over with.” She had heard him come in, watched as he removed his jacket and tie, roll up his sleeves and sat on the bed. She watched him as he toyed with her blade she had put on the bedside table.

“Just kill me already.” Her heart was pounding, he shook his head and put the blade on the bedside table.

“I wouldn’t kill you like that.” He moved as she sat up with her back up against the headboard. She noticed his gun holsters under each armpit.

“I would make sure you are awake.” He explained as he stood up and just walked a little way from the bed.

“I’m awake now.” She slipped out of his comfy super king-size bed.

He found something strangely sexy about Hayley being in one of his shirts, it came to the tops of her thighs. He had noticed her work clothes on the chair in the corner. He had to focus, he was here to ask her about Artem.

“I’m not going to kill you,” he shook his head. ”Unless you piss me off, which Hayley you find easy to do.”

He removed the holsters and placed them on the dresser, Hayley placed her hands firmly on her hips and looked at him, this man was irritating.

“You do things to make me piss you off, how dare you lock me in here.” She was firm, as he went to the little table in the corner that had a decanter and crystal tumblers on.

“Drink?” He offered as Hayley watched him open the stopper of the decanter. She shook her head, she needed her soberness around this man she needed her wits. He shrugged and poured himself a glass and threw it back.

“You locked me in, that was unnecessary and dangerous what if there was a fire? Or what if I had fainted or-” But he interrupted her.

“Hayley,” She glared at him as he spoke. “You couldn’t have been safer, this room along with all my rooms have CCTV, and Nic was always watching.”

He watched as her mouth fell open, Hayley thought about the night she slept with Luca, could someone have watched them then? She suddenly went red.

“Don’t worry the footage is only for security, my men would never watch it unless they thought it was a security risk. Us fucking doesn’t constitute a risk.” She turned her nose up at his words, how could he be so cold towards what they did?

“Don’t mention that Luca, it’s something I’d like to forget.” She lied.

She didn’t really want to forget the night she let herself go, the night she allowed Luca to conquer her.

Luca didn’t buy it, that night meant something to her, like deep down it did for him too. But he shook off her words and his thoughts.

“Whatever,” he muttered, and she watched as he took another drink. “We have to talk about tonight.” He said simply. She shrugged, folding her arms across her chest.

“You killed a man, what is there to talk about?” Her voice was harsh, but inside she was hurt how casually he used the term fucking in reference to the night she let go, and how he didn’t care that she wanted to forget about it, he was a pig.

“Hayley, I need you to tell me everything about what you heard.” Luca was frustrated. He needed information and normally he used force but with Hayley that was impossible.

Hayley swallowed hard and nodded.

“What did Artem say on the phone,” Luca asked. His voice was calm, she was not the traitor, Thomas was. And it was his job as the boss to find out the truth.

Hayley tried to remember something that seemed a lifetime ago, when in fact it couldn’t have been more than a few hours.

“He said something about meeting the boss, they don’t suspect a thing,” Hayley was trying to remember what Artem said in Russian down the phone. “Something about killing the boss and owing someone his life.”

Luca nodded, he walked slowly up to Hayley and she looked into his deep chocolate eyes. Hayley’s stomach skipped as she watched him saunter towards her.

“Did Artem speak English?” He quizzed her.

Hayley’s heart was racing, she couldn’t say yes, if she said yes it would raise questions, questions she wasn’t ready to answer. No a normal English girl wouldn’t know Russian, French yes, but Russian? They don’t even teach it in schools, unless you request it like her father had done.

“Yes.” She whispered, it wasn’t a lie Artem did speak English. Luca nodded firmly and fiercely.

“That’s all I need to know.” He walked past Hayley, picking up his guns on the way, he would finish Thomas off himself. He stopped at the chair.

“What? Why?” She asked as she watched him putting on his holsters and picking up his tie.

“I have a traitor, a man, who was meant to be watching Artem,” Luca rolled down his sleeves and did the cuff buttons. “He missed the fucking call.”

He was angry as he put on his jacket, and Hayley looked at Luca before he spoke again.

“Or he chose to ignore it, if you heard it he should have too. He lied to me saying Artem made the call in fucking Russian.” Hayley’s face dropped as Luca reached the door.

“What are you going to do?” She was panicking as Luca stopped to answer. He exhaled violently knowing that she won’t like the truth. Only people like him would understand what he did.

“Traitors must die. I could have been killed, you could have been killed.” Her heart sank at his words, but guilt washed over her.

The guy didn’t deserve to die. Luca pulled open the door, he would explain all this to her later, but he had to get rid of Thomas now.

“He did!” She called out, Luca stopped and turned to look at the beauty wearing his shirt. “Artem did make the call in Russian.” Luca quietly shut the door behind him but never kept his eyes from her, as she took a deep breath.

“I speak Russian.” She explained, Luca took a deep breath. Suddenly the anger faded out of his body as she spoke.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell you because I didn’t want to talk about it. My dad’s mother was Russian, my dad made me learn Russian. You see she couldn’t speak English well and he sent me to a private school, I learnt German, French, Russian and Spanish. I would have been an interpreter.” She knew she was rambling.

However Luca wasn’t listening, he just thought about Thomas and how he was going to kill him. He pulled out his mobile and messaged Frankie.

*Thomas was telling the truth, give him some cash and my apologies.*

He placed the phone back in his jacket, before removing it and placing it on the chair along with the tie.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered as he passed her and removed his holsters and placed them on the dresser once again. “I hate discussing my family.” She explained, he took a deep breath again and faced Hayley.

“Your family is Russian?” He asked her, suddenly he was curious about her.

She shook her head, she couldn’t tell him who her father was, no one could know, he could find her. She shuddered at the idea of her businessman father finding her.

“Just my grandmother.” She said simply. He walked closer to her.

“I want to know more about you Hayley.” He said simply, as he cupped her chin again and pulled her closer for a kiss, but she pulled away shaking her head.

“You can’t treat me this way Luca!” She said fiercely as she stepped back from him. “You told me there is nothing between us, you pushed me away. Yet, you say things like you want to get to know me, you called me baby.”

He shook his head. He couldn’t love her, even if he wanted to. But, he was dangerous, one wrong word, one enemy and she could be dead.

She watched as he dropped his head and stepped away.

“I’m leaving Luca.” She turned to walk out, she didn’t care she was just in his shirt, and panty-less.

“Hayley, wait,” His voice was soft yet firm, it made her heart stop and she turned to face the handsome man she couldn’t stop thinking about,.“I push you away to protect you, to keep you safe.” She shook her head.

“I’m not yours to protect Luca.” She whispered, that wasn’t true whether he liked it or not she was his, he wouldn’t let anything happen to this woman.

“I can’t do love.” He shrugged, and she shrugged too.

“I never asked you to love me Luca.” She whispered.

Although deep down a part of her wanted for him to scoop her in his arms and tell her he felt something for her, but she knew that wouldn’t happen, yet she clings to the little bit of hope.

“But, it’s what you want, you want a hero Hayley,” he pointed out, he took a couple of steps, so he was closer to her. “You don’t trust men, you don’t trust anyone. The man who hurt you, what happened?” Luca hadn’t been able to forget how a man hurt this woman, a man she let into her life.

“I don’t want to talk about it Luca.” She whispered before he took her shoulders gently.

“Like I said, Mia caro, I want to know things about you.” She shook her head after he spoke.

“Why? I’m just another girl to you.” It hurt that she thought of herself that way, she was amazing, and he didn’t deserve to even know a woman like her.

“You’re not just another girl, Hayley,” he gently touched her delicate skin. “You have something more about you, and I hate the idea of a man hurting you, please tell me what happened.”

He heard her take a shaky breath, and she walked away from him and sat on the edge of his bed, and he sat next to her.

“You really want to know?” She asked, she didn’t believe the infamous Marcello family boss was interested in her life, he nodded. For some reason he wanted to know everything he could about the woman that had captivated him

“I was in a relationship, he was a few years older than me. I was just turned eighteen when we first met, nineteen when we split.” It was painful, Hayley had never spoken to anyone about Alex Hunter since Siobhan took her in, now she was telling Luca Marcello.

“We were drunk, we had just been to a party,” Her mind was reminded of her last night with Alex. “He was rough, but he liked it rough. But, then things happened all at once.”

Luca sat silent as he listened to her, his focus only on her. He placed a hand gently on her thigh, she smiled at him before she continued.

“It started to hurt, I told him this, but he was drunk, I was drunk. It was over soon enough, he finished up and that was that.” Hayley swallowed back her tears.

Alex was a Dominant, their relationship was focused around BDSM and he broke her trust, she still remembered the sounds of the riding crop on her ass, she still remembered the morning after when he told her it was over, the heartache when she couldn’t find him, the realisation he was never coming back.

“He raped you.” Was all Luca could say, his mind flashed to the little shit he had taken care of that tried to hurt her in his club, he remembered how she said she wouldn’t be a victim again. She shook her head.

“He hurt me, I consented to sex.” She explained, rape was a word she couldn’t use in context with Alex, never have and probably never would.

Luca didn’t want to force her, he could see the tears in her eyes and the pain behind her beauty. He couldn’t imagine any boyfriend hurting his woman like that, but he knew the woman never sees it as an assault. Luca knew Hayley was more hurt that he left her, not the act itself.

Hayley watched as Luca got up and walked to the dresser removing his expensive watch, he also took off his shoes and socks.

Luca looked over at Hayley who was watching as he began to unbutton his shirt revealing the ink that was all over his chest and shoulders.

“What are you doing?” She asked as her heart raced at the sight of Luca stripping, he folded his shirt over the chair and removed his dress pants.

"We are going to bed. It’s late,” Her eyes wide in shock, “don’t worry, all PG,” he chuckled.

He walked around the bed in his boxers and slipped into bed, with Hayley still perched on the end.

“Together?” She quizzed, and he chuckled.

“We are grown adults Hayley,” he looked at her, she was giving him a stern look. “Look, you can either stay up all night or come to bed, in the morning I will take you home, or wherever just come to bed.”

She didn’t want to sit up all night, and her heart yearned to be close to him, so she scooted along the bed and got in beside him. She was facing him, and he couldn’t keep his eyes from her.

“I’ve never told anyone about him before.” She whispered, as her hand touched his torso, just where her eyes fell on the tattoo of the gun and dog tags.

The glow of the bedside lamp let her read the names on the tags, ′Niccolo Marcello′ and ’Franco Altera.′ She looked back up at Luca. ”

“Why do I throw away all sense with you?” She asked as she felt his hand on her thigh, her body begged for him.

“I have the same problem.” He confessed.

She was like a siren; he couldn’t resist her call, her pull. He moved his hand to her hip and pulled her closer to him and kissed her and this time she let him, he pulled away a little.

“Tell me you want this?”

“For tonight?” She asked herself out loud. “Yes.” She breathed.

For tonight she was his, tomorrow she would probably regret it but tonight she wanted to be his, and as his hand slipped under the shirt she wore and found her panty-less entrance she was willing to let go.

He tugged on the collar of his shirt giving him access to the soft skin on her neck, she could feel him between the thin material of his boxers. His hands found her sensitive clit, he heard her moan as he began to slowly tease her.

“You’re so wet, baby.” He murmured into her neck before he kissed her.

She was stunning, he never wanted a woman like this, so badly. He felt her hand find his hard member and she began to rub him, he was eager for her.

He moved her, so he was on top of her, and she was under him. He unbuttoned the shirt she wore and began to tease her breasts.

She moaned as his tongue swirled over her nipple and his hand made sure the other wasn’t left out. He traced the kisses down her soft body, and he found her entrance. She was exposed and entirely at his mercy.

His mouth knew what it was doing as she gripped the bedsheets, and he pushed her stomach down at the orgasm that rumbled at his tongue’s touch, making her back arch.

"Fuck, Luca!” She moaned and his cock twitched at his name from her lips. He sucked and nipped her little bud, before plunging his two fingers in her tight entrance, that was her undoing crying out his name she came.

He gave her a second to breathe, he removed his boxers and grabbed a condom. Hayley pulled herself up and began to kiss him, he was sitting on his knees, and she noticed his waiting erection.

She climbed on top of him and slid herself on to his hard cock. He moaned at the tightness. She began to move, and kissed her neck, her lips grabbing her hair.

“Hayley, baby...” He moaned out as she moved on top of him, pushing him further into her, and her breasts bounced in front of his face.

She sped up her rhythm and they came, calling out one another’s name. He gently lay her on her back, his member still in her pussy. He kissed her as she tried to regain her breath.

She managed to take him to the highest high, she was amazing. There was silence between them, three words could be said, three words in a normal relationship would have been said. But this was fucked-up, he eased out of her, discarded the condom, slipped back into bed pulling her into him.

For tonight, it was only him and her. She held herself close to him. Tomorrow she will cope with the regret and the pain, but for tonight he was hers.

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