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Chapter 24- Halloween

“This is my favourite night of the Venetian calendar.” Ava beamed as she applied her dark eye makeup. Tonight, was October 31st, and tonight was a costume night for the feather girls, and Hayley.

Hayley was on countdown until she would be flying to Paris. Adrien was gone and Siobhan was finalising everything. She wanted to enjoy tonight, but deep down she wanted to be far away from Luca Marcello.

“I love how Siobhan decorates the place, I can’t wait to get on that podium!“Ava beamed as she backcombed her already messy hair and applied some fake blood to her neck.

She was a zombie, well that’s what Hayley presumed she was. She wore a grey and black corset and a tattered net skirt that only came to the tops of her thighs, her stockings were grey and ripped.

Arianna walked past dressed in a red bra and panty set. She tonight was the devil, which was fitting. Hayley watched as she put on her red thigh highs, her red tail and some ′fuck me′ red leather boots.

“Come on, let’s have some fun!” Ava took Hayley’s hand and they went to their usual bar and Ava’s usual podium.

Ben was a crazy scientist, had wacky hair, a doctor’s coat and he was making drinks with smoke, he was wowing the guys who hung around the bar.

Ava was right, Hayley thought. The place was normally bright and light but tonight was dark and gothic looking. The music was creepy, yet had a steady beat to keep the podium girls and the stage girls moving.

Luca couldn’t help but notice Hayley, she stood out in her outfit and it had caused more than the usual number of guys around the bar. He admired her figure in the white corset, her white shorts left nothing to the imagination. She had white wings on her back and white stockings with lace tops. Her mask was delicate on her face, fitting she was an angel, in his eyes she was.

“Borroni’s men have gone underground.” Nic stood beside Luca, this was typical of Lorenzo; making threats, playing a sick game of Russian roulette, sending the head of a Marcello man only to hideaway. What was he up to?

“The runners are saying the streets are unusually quiet.” Frankie puffed on a cigarette and stood on the other side of Luca.

“He’s also relocated his warehouse and lockup. When we went we found Deano’s headless body.” Nic exhaled as he remembered the plan to storm the lockup, only to find it empty with only Deano’s body. It hurt when they lost a man, particularly one who was their informant, he took a dangerous mission and never complained once.

“We have no one else in the Borroni fold?” Luca asked as he looked at Hayley as she laughed with Ava and Ben behind the bar and Ben put his arm around her and said something that made the girls laugh before they all returned to their work.

“No, it would be far too dangerous to put someone in now,” Nic explained and Luca agreed.

“Deano was our only reliable man in there.” Luca sighed, as he thought of the bravery Deano had shown.

His family was going to be looked after, he vowed. But, Luca had to focus, he had a family to run and protect.

Nic was right putting someone in the Borroni family would be too dangerous, Lorenzo was waiting for them to do something like that.

“Right now, Boss, we can’t trust anyone,” Nic explained, the trio nodded.

"Ciao Mr Marcello.” Luca turned to see Arianna.

She stood truly like the devil she was dressed with her hair big and bouncy. Luca was tempted by both the devil and the angel; the devil was already fucked up. Better to fuck the devil than fuck up the angel.

He gave a slant smile to his devil and took her hand as he led her to a booth, Nic and Frankie raised their eyebrows at one another before turning to look back over the balcony.

“I thought he wanted Hayley,” Frankie whispered, his boss was a complete mind-fuck. Nic sighed as he looked at the beauty wearing all white.

"Fuck if I know, all I know is that it’s a game of cat and mouse. The problem is they are both gonna get hurt in the end.” Nic said before throwing back his scotch.

Hayley ignored the VIP balcony, she kept her mind focused on the men that crowded her bar. The place was heaving, some men were in Halloween spirit some just enjoyed the girls’ Halloween spirit.

“You were right!” Hayley shouted over the rowdiness as she put down the drinks Ava was talking to the VIP booths. Some of the girls had been sent up by request of the Marcello family, and Ava was an obvious favourite to them.

“Tonight is amazing!” Hayley beamed as she looked at her happy and excited friend.

“You should see us at Christmas, I’ll tell ya there are a lot of naughty elves strutting about.” She laughed with a naughty wink before taking the tray and walked away from the bar.

Hayley knew that was an off the cuff remark. Ava had forgotten that Hayley wouldn’t be here at Christmas. It made her sad, but her eyes looked up at Luca who sat casually with the Devil on his right. She shook her head and served the next gent.

“I’ll take these empties to the bin,” Hayley called over the music to Ben, the night was in full flow; it was after midnight close to 1 am, yet the Venetian showed no signs of slowing down.

Ben simply nodded before he served someone. The box was full as she carried it out to the cold back alleyway.

“Hello, sweetheart.” She heard a slurred voice of a guy, she recognised him. He was a regular in the Venetian, he sat upstairs in the VIP booths, with Luca.

Judging by the way he was dressed it was obvious he was a Marcello man. Hayley, remaining professional as she smiled at him throwing the bottles in the glass bin.

“Hey.” She smiled as she went to walk back into the club, but his hand took her arm. The shock made her drop the box and look at him.

“Remove your hand.” She demanded firmly, he laughed a little and removed his hand.

Hayley let out a shaky breath and went to pick up the box. But, she felt his hand grab a handful of her hair.

“Argh!” She cried out as she felt the tall, burly man drag her to the side of the building, he threw her violently against the wall and moved his hands down her neck.

“Get the fuck off me!” She shouted as she fought against him, but he never did, as he went to the first hook of her corset.

“Why? You’re a whore? I’ll fucking pay you!” He laughed.

Then he put his lips to her ear, she couldn’t smell alcohol. This guy was sober. He pushed the side of her face into the wall and spoke into her ear.

“Then, I’ll fucking kill you!” He laughed, Hayley used all her strength to shove him, but he expected that and moved towards her. Hayley went to her pocket and pulled out her knife.

“Not before I do!” She threatened, but inside she was terrified. He could see the fear in her, but he admired the bravery in this little girl. He went for her wrist to grab the knife, but she clung to it, her only protection.

Then it happened, she felt the knife plunge into him. She watched as blood poured from his stomach, he looked at her bleakly as she pulled the knife from him. Hayley was shocked as she watched the guy fall to the floor after he yelped in pain and slumped to the floor.

“Oh my god.” Hayley whispered as she looked down at the bloody weapon and the bloody body.

“Hey, Someone call 911” She noticed a man running down the alley.

Hayley ran, her heart was pounding as she ran as fast as she could she had to get away. She was petrified, what had she actually done!

She ran through people enjoying the Halloween nightlife, and no one was fazed by the girl in lingerie with blood all over her.

Hayley fumbled with the key to the apartment, the spare Ben insisted to be kept under the stone at the foot of the staircase.

She let herself into the apartment, and her mind caught up with herself. She threw herself into the bathroom and threw up, violently. Her body was shaking with fear and the cold.

She went into her pocket and pulled out the bloody knife, she threw it into the bathtub before she threw up some more. In her other pocket, she put her phone and had to phone someone and there was only one person she could think of to help her.

Through her tears, she found his number and dialled it. It rang twice before going to voicemail, she couldn’t leave a message. She tried again, one ring and he hung up on her. She re-dialled and again after one ring he sent her to voicemail.

She began to sob uncontrollably. She ripped off her shoes, and thigh highs that were covered in the man’s blood and threw them into the bathtub.

Her body was shaking, she was alone, and the fear crept to the back of her throat once again, and she was sick, again.

Suddenly three loud bangs on her apartment door stopped her from violently throwing up any more. Her heart was racing as she listened.

“NYPD, open up!” She covered her mouth to stop her from making a noise as tears rolled relentlessly down her face.

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