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Chapter 25- Detective Blake

“Police!” The voice repeated and she slowly stood up from the tiled bathroom floor, she caught herself in the mirror.

Her corset and shorts had blood on, she grabbed the dressing gown that was on the back of the door and pulled the shower curtain across the bathtub and stayed silent.

They banged again, harder and louder.

“Hayley Albina Collins!” Hayley couldn’t believe what she had just heard, tears began to fall again as she heard her Russian middle name, a name nobody apart from Siobhan knew about.

“Open the door Hayley, it’s the police!” He yelled again. Hayley could hear how frantic her breathing was.

“Hayley!” His harsh voice called out again, but it was softening as he spoke. “Please let me in!”

The voice banged on the door.

“I will get you, Hayley,” His voice filled with force, her heart was racing, “I have sources and I know you are in there. Open. This. Door.” He spoke with three loud bangs, she had no choice but to answer the door.

She pulled open the door to find a man, around Luca’s age standing in front of her.

“I’m detective Blake, Miss Collins and I am here to talk to you about an incident that happened about thirty minutes ago,” her eyes were wide in horror, how did they trace her so fast? “look, I can do this here or at the station.” Suddenly the idea of being in a police cell made her dizzy, so she nodded and let him in.

“How do you know my name?” Hayley croaked, she had to pretend she was innocent, but she was here with illegal documents and passports.

“I know a lot about you Miss Collins.” He gave a slant, wicked smile.

He took a casual seat on the couch and opened the file he had in his hand.

“Do you know this man?” He handed her a photograph, her heart skipped as she looked at the photograph.

The man in the photo was smoking a cigarette outside of a car. Hayley recognised every inch of him, his muscular body, his perfect face and his dark eyes that glowed a chocolate brown when the sun caught them. She took a deep breath and looked at the detective and handed him back the picture.

“No.” She said simply, her heart was racing. Always lie, never let them know you know anything or anyone. He sucked in some air as he handed Hayley a second picture.

“Are you sure?” He quizzed as Hayley took the second picture and her heart dropped.

This time he wasn’t alone in the picture, his hand was on her waist as she wore the 1920′s gown, Hayley took a deep breath.

“Lying won’t help you, Hayley,” he said coldly. She looked up from the photo and at the detective. “You see we have been tracing the Marcello family for numerous years now.”

Hayley had to act bold, tough and not afraid.

“I thought you were here about some incident.” Hayley pressed as she handed him the picture violently, and he smiled as he took it and carefully placed it back into the file.

His eyes looked back up to hers, she remained unmoved frozen to the spot. For a second she thought of the body she left in the alley of the Venetian Lounge.

“Oh yes,” he laughed, once. “You have been a very, very naughty girl.” His tone was dark and her body was shaking.

Was she going to prison tonight?

“Murder.” The word just turned her stomach, it made her skin crawl.

“A serious crime, in fact so is entering the country on fraudulent visas and passports.” He explained. Hayley wanted to cry, she wanted to break down. She wasn’t a criminal, she wasn’t supposed to be this girl.

“You can deny it all we want but we have a witness, and soon DNA evidence,” he explained, she was doomed. Hayley could feel the tears begging to fall. “However, I’m not that interested in the murder of a Marcello member.” He explained, so this was all about her passports.

“I can’t-” Hayley began to explain that she couldn’t go home but he interjected.

His manner was similar to how Luca’s was; cold, calm and domineering, even as he sat down she felt pretty insignificant compared to the detective.

“I know you can’t go back home, I know,” he put the file on the couch and leaned forward and clasped his hands together and placed them on his knees. “I’m not interested in your visas either. I’m the lead investigator of organised crime, particularly the Italian American mafia.”

Hayley’s heart raced as she remembered how casually Luca explained who he was and all about his lifestyle.

“My aim is to take down the crime families of New York like the Borroni’s and the Marcello’s. Now, you can help me.”

Hayley’s heart was beating so fast, she knew shouldn’t be talking to him particularly about Luca.

“You see I need information, I need someone to get inside of his head,” Hayley shook her head and he sighed. “Fine, you see if you refuse to help me Hayley.” his words suddenly turned firm and his eyes darkened.

She was still unmoved standing looking down at him, yet she felt so small.

“Then I will have to arrest you for murder, and then pass your file to my friend,” he raised his eyebrows briefly. “You see my friend has your missing person file, all the way from Russia. He deals with foreign runaways.” He clarified it was all real.

Hayley was standing with a detective on her couch. He knew she had murdered someone, he knew she was here on fake ID’s and he knew she was running from her family in Russia.

Hayley thought of everything, what was she doing? She couldn’t go back to Russia; her dad was angry when she rejected the forced marriage! What would he do to her if he found her?

Hayley also didn’t want to go to prison. But, she thought of Luca. She thought of his lips on hers, his intensity. Yes, she hated him, she walked away from him. But betraying him? Hayley couldn’t do that to him.

“Then,” Hayley sighed, as she looked at the detective and he stood up and looked at her. “You had better arrest me for murder.” Hayley said simply.

If she betrays Luca he will kill her and if he goes to jail he would assign someone to do it, if she goes to Russia who knows what will happen. Hayley watched as the detective’s face screwed up, he seemed to not understand what she was saying.

“I don’t think you understand, Hayley,” He said, shaking his head, as he approached her. Hayley took a hesitated step back. “If you help us the murder charges are dropped, and I promise you I will protect you.” He vowed, protection? Did he know how big the Marcello family was?

“I can’t...” She said but he cut her off again.

“You are willing to risk prison and a life back at your father’s mercy for a man who right now is screwing another woman.”

Hayley’s eyes widened as he spoke, and her stomach dropped. He laughed and shook his head.

“Did you think you were special? I have an informant in his family already, Hayley, and it seems the Don is preoccupied with another whore.”

Hayley felt her heart shatter as he spoke those words. He was right she wasn’t special to Luca, and he told her this, countless times. Unfortunately, he was to her.

“If you help me, and you will receive protection and your papers will all be legal, you can have a new ID, a real one.” He vowed. He could have promised her the earth, but she simply shook her head. He took a deep breath and nodded.

“He wouldn’t do this for you Hayley, his world is all about him and his loyal subjects.” He sighed as he passed her but stopped as they were shoulder to shoulder, Hayley looked at him as he held out a little card.

“I’m not arresting you tonight, I will give you twenty-four hours. Think about everything I have said and get back to me. If you don’t or still refuse well, then I will have you deported back to Russia.”

He then walked after he placed the card on the coffee table at their feet. Hayley’s heart was racing but she never turned to face him even as he called her name.

“Oh, and Hayley,” She never moved. “Don’t think about running. I am putting you on twenty-four surveillance. I know your plan to leave for Paris too, that is not an option anymore.” She then heard his feet across the wood flooring and the door close as he left.

Hayley was shaking like a leaf, and in her weakness, she fell hard in her knees. The tears were streaming down her face.

She had to tell Luca, she needed him to help her, he had to know that a cop had tried to have her become an informant and secondly, he had an informant already in his family. Hayley took my phone and rang him again, he answered on the third ring.

“What!” He sounded furious and breathless.

“Luca, I...” I began but like the detective, he cut her off.

“Look Hayley,” He said fiercely, “I am a little busy here.” He groaned, then she heard a woman’s voice she spoke in perfect Italian, it was definitely Arianna

“Non ho finito con te, Sr. Marcello.” She felt sick, the detective was right he was busy with another girl, one who was beautiful and obviously spoke Italian better than she ever could.

(I’m not done with you Mr Marcello.)

“Ti ho detto di stare tranquilli!” He spoke perfectly back to the girl, Hayley’s heart was tearing.

(I told you to be quiet.)

“Look Hayley I’m not in the mood for you tonight. I’m busy. I’m going to be busy all night.” He hissed again, she nodded as if he could see her, her eyes were stinging, he was right she was nothing to him.

“Yeah!” Hayley was just as harsh as he spoke to her, “I can tell you’re busy.” she then hung up on him, something no one ever did to Mr Luca Marcello.

She was hurt, she had no reason to be, Luca was never hers, but he could have at least three minutes to tell him what she knew before he fucked her!

Hayley felt sick as she thought of his hands on her body, his lips kissing her, were they in his bed? Tears were still flowing as she picked herself off the ground and moved to sit on the couch.

The file was still there, she picked it up and looked through images of Luca. He was always outside, he was either smoking, on the phone or talking to Frankie or Nic.

But there was one inside his underworld, his hand was on the waist of a blonde-haired beauty, he would never be hers and she couldn’t be his. She threw the file on the coffee table and put her elbows on her knees and put her head in her hands.

Luca was a mafia leader, he killed people, tortured people and did so many illegal activities she couldn’t even imagine. He shot one of his family members in the head for not following a command. He is dangerous and is willing to kill for his way of life.

Hayley wasn’t like him, she killed because if she hadn’t she would have been abused, she entered America to be protected from her dad. Hayley picked up the card and looked at the name and the number.

She felt sick at the idea of calling the detective. But, what loyalty did Luca show her? When she needed him, he rejected her calls and then when he did answer he told her he was too busy to talk. What loyalty did she owe him? Her fingers dialled the number and the phone went to her ear.

“Detective Blake?” He answered.

She knew this would hurt Luca, and she knew deep down it would hurt her. But she had no choice, she had nothing here.

“I’ll meet you.

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