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Chapter 28 - One Month

“You.” The simple word seemed to make the world stand still, the pair just stood looking at one another.

Hayley was shocked by the little word. “I shouldn’t, but I do.” Was all he said, she walked over to him and held the mask up to the side of her face.

“Which me?” She asked him. “The feather girl?” She watched as he gently took her wrist and removed the mask from her hand with his free hand. He looked deep in her eyes as he held up the mask but kept a hold of the mask.

“I never want to see you wearing a feather again.” He instructed forcefully as he let go of her wrist and put the mask in his jacket pocket, before looking back at her.

Her heart was racing, her head was swimming. She never expected him to answer so honestly, and never expected him to choose the girl behind the feather. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him and sighed.

“I’m going to hurt you,” Looking at her bright blue eyes. “I’m not a good man, I’m selfish and a fucked-up son of a bitch.” Inside he knew he was bad, evil and had no good inside him. Hayley put her hand on his cheek.

“I might hurt you.” She shrugged, and he shook his head in her soft palm.

“Impossible.” He whispered the words cut into her.

This was the master plan, get him to let her in. She deep down wanted this to be real, but deeper down she reminded herself of the villain she would become.

“Come back home with me.” He murmured into her hand.

“Okay.” Was all she replied with. She was being reckless, but she wanted Luca.

In a heartbeat, he took her hand and led her out the doors until he was on the VIP balcony. He looked at all his men in the booths, as he held on to Hayley tight.

“Who’s sober?” He asked amongst his men, Ric held his hand up. “C’mon I’m going home.” Ric nodded and followed his boss and Hayley out of the Venetian.

Luca before leaving passed the dressing room where he told Hayley to collect her things, she quickly changed into her jeans and a vest top grabbing her bag and coat.

Hayley sat beside him in the back of one of his heavy SUVs, he spoke in Italian down the phone to someone. But, he kept his hand in hers.

She had a sense of security with him, security she had only felt once before with a man. She knew in the back of her mind there was no way she could trust Luca Marcello, how many times had he claimed her only to leave her?

How many times had he told her to forget about him, and she wasn’t what he needed, or wanted. She so badly wanted to trust him, but like everything in life the only person you can depend on was yourself.

“Drink?” He offered Hayley as they stepped into his spacious kitchen, she nodded as she took a familiar seat on a stool at the counter, a seat she had sat in when he made her lunch the last time she was here.

Luca opened an expensive bottle of white wine, he watched Hayley out the corner of his eye as he poured out two glasses. She looked stunning, nervous but absolutely stunning.

“You don’t trust me? “He placed the glass in front of the brunette, and she shrugged as she took the glass and he took a sip of his own.

“I don’t trust a lot of people, Luca. Don’t take it too personally,” She sighed before taking a huge drink from her glass, she was nervous, but the wine was delicious. “What are we doing here?”

Hayley looked at the handsome Don, the man who in a heartbeat could order a kill, in a heartbeat could control the entire city of New York or in a heartbeat could be killed himself. That thought made her stomach churn.

“Having a glass of wine, Hayley.” He said simply, but she shook her head.

“I mean what are we doing here, Luca.” She was desperate to know what was going through Mr Mafia’s head, what he wanted from her and when he would choose to let her go, again!

Luca was silent as he looked at Hayley. She was a face that he could spot in the most crowded of places, a face he knew better than his own.

But, thinking of her always made him think of Borroni, his threats and the idea that because of him she could get hurt.

“Something completely foolish.” He said darkly, in the silence. His words made Hayley suck in the air and caused her heart to race. He took a deep breath and shook his head.

“I am too selfish to let you go again.” He muttered, just audible between the pair.

Hayley sat on the stool silently listening to him, watching his strong handsome face squirm as he spoke. “I want you.” His eyes locked on to hers, she let out a shaky breath.

“Until tomorrow?” she sighed. Her words made him walk around the counter and took her shoulders spinning her to face him, she was still sitting on the stool, but he was much closer.

“Give me time, give yourself time,” he kept his voice low, but Hayley could hear the vulnerability behind it. “I want to have you, Hayley. All of you. But, you need to have the choice, the options.”

Hayley was confused by his words, but he never stopped to explain he just kept going.

“My world is fucking brutal. I’ve never let a woman in, for fear they will get hurt.” He cupped her face gently, he wanted to make her see sense and run from him, but she wasn’t going anywhere.

“You know you have a choice, Hayley, if ever you want to you can leave. You’re not a member of the family, you can walk away.”

The pair looked at one another, his hand cupping her face gently. If only she knew the dangers his world held, perhaps she did and still was foolish enough to stay with him.

Hayley knew she should get up off the stool, tell him goodbye and walk away from Luca, the detective and New York. She knew if she was fast and silent she could easily leave New York and head back to Paris or disappear entirely.

Nobody would know or would they? The detective had Max in his camp, and Max would eventually find out where she was.

Yet, the idea of leaving crushed her. She for some insane reason wanted to trust Luca and that maybe what would kill her.

“How about,” she spoke silently as she took his hand from her face and kissed the back of it. “We give us a go.” Her heart was racing as she spoke, she heard him take a long deep breath before exhaling.

“Us?” He spoke lowly, he had never truly been in an ‘us’ type of relationship. Well, once he tried but it didn’t end well. “This will be a first.” He chuckled, Hayley smiled.

“You know you are walking into a hellhole Hayley? I’m going to have you checked by a doctor because clearly, you are insane. You do understand how dangerous I am, the people I run with are not nice people.” He wanted her to never use lack of knowledge as a reason to leave him, she nodded.

“I understand Luca, I am giving you a chance. Us a chance. Perhaps it will crash and burn, perhaps I will go running. But, I will give you time.”

“You want to put a timescale on it?” He asked, she nodded. He paused to think about a time frame. How much time would he need to get Borroni to remove his hit on her? How much time will he need to protect her from him.

“A month?” He offered. Her heart panged as she knew a month from today would be the day the detective would meet her again, she nodded.

“A month.” She repeated. He took her face gently in his hands and gently kissed her soft plump lips, and she kissed him back before he carefully pulled away and put his forehead to hers.

“You are a crazy woman.” He mused, and she nodded in agreement before he kissed her again.

Luca stopped kissing her and took her hand and knew he had to show her around the house. Hayley followed Luca as he showed her all the rooms of his impressive house. There were ten bedrooms all with ensuites, three bathrooms, a games room, a pool, a gym, two lounges and a dining room.

Luca explained he had an office, which Hayley had been in and a camera room. Luca made it clear to Hayley that each room had at least two cameras, except his en-suite bathroom, but she would notice it was the only room without a window.

“My bedroom, but I’m sure you knew that.” He chuckled causing her to blush. She walked in and she noticed how pristine it was, considering she had trashed it only days ago.

“I see you managed to get it cleaned up.” She mused, and he just laughed as he shut the door. He moved closer behind Hayley and moved her hair over to one shoulder as he kissed her neck. She let out a soft moan at his touch.

“Luca.” She moaned.

“You can stay here, in fact during the month I think you should live here.” He purred into her ear as he stopped his soft kisses and she turned to face him.

“I have an apartment.” She reminded him, and he smiled warmly and nodded at her.

“I know, and to be honest I’m glad you do,” he sighed as he took her hands and held them tight. “It means you have somewhere to go if you decide to leave.”

“You are truly selling this Luca.” Hayley laughed nervously, as he gently cupped the side of her face and her brown hair gently touched the back of his hand, he heard her exhale at his touch.

“I’m serious Hayley,” he looked into her eyes as he spoke. “I’ve no idea what this world has in store for me, for us.” The word us made Hayley’s heart skip, but she tried to focus on what he was saying.

“Not for a very long time have I ever let a woman into my life, I can’t promise you anything but that I will try.” He sighed, she put her hand on the hand he had cupping her face as she moved closer and lightly kissed his lips before pulling away to look at him.

“That’s all you can promise me, is that you will try.” She beamed at him, and he smiled back.

She was toxic, she smiled, it made him smile. She was innocent, yet he knew she had seen her fair share of evil. She was perfect, but a part of him knew his world could tarnish all that.

He pulled her body closer to him and kissed the beauty in front of him. He was going to protect her from his world, she would be on a need to know basis, he would do anything to protect her.

Hayley felt the rush of his kisses, she moved her mouth in harmony with his. It was electricity coursed through her body. She was vile, evil and the worst kind of human. But, she wanted him.

If this was her last month in her little life, then she would die a happy girl. Could she betray him? In this moment as he lifted her shirt leaving her in her lace powder blue bra she couldn’t, she wouldn’t.

His kisses traced her neck, as made her skin burn at his touch. She moaned his name softly, as he began to remove her jeans but never stopping his hot kisses.

She wanted him, she wanted this. All thoughts of Adam and Max were long gone as he lay her naked body on his super king-size bed. As his lips found her bud and his tongue teased and played with her.

Luca was a mafia man, but he was going to try for her, he would make her feel like a queen and he knew she would be all he wanted. Hayley cried out his name as he put more pressure on her clit with his tongue and his fingers were pleasuring her core.

She was his, she was giving him everything. The word whore never crossed her mind, some would say she was. She was getting with Luca to help the detective. But she wasn’t. No, she was his and for a month at least she was here just for him.

The sex with Hayley was something he had never experienced. She lay in her sex coma, naked in his arms. He could hear her lightly breathing, as he gently stroked her thick brunette hair. A little while ago he heard his men come home, but Hayley hadn’t long been asleep.

Luca silently slipped out of the bed and put his clothes back on and looked at the sleeping beauty in his bed before he left the room.

He heard the low, quiet voices of Frankie and Nic in the camera room. Frankie looked up at his boss as he entered the small room.

“Boss, you and Hayley are giving me whiplash.” Frankie chuckled, but Luca didn’t laugh.

“Shut the fuck up Frankie,” he spat harshly, and Frankie just took a drag of his cigarette with a smug grin. “Hayley will be staying here.”

“Is that a good idea?” Nic asked, Luca, took a deep breath and his eyes for a moment were lost on the screen that had the bed where she lay. But, he was focused back on Nic in a heartbeat.

“Borroni wants her, he wants to settle the debt. All of this is because of Elianna and his father.” Luca said.

“And now his cousin and Jonas Leone,” Frankie interjected.

“Both sides have their casualties.” Luca hissed as he thought of Deano and the street runners.

“Hayley played a game of fucking Russian Roulette, he sent a bullet with her name on it. She should have taken the final bullet, but she didn’t.” Luca took a cigarette from his jacket and lit it.

“Staying away from her didn’t work,” Nic said gruffly and the trio nodded in unison. Luca was foolish to think he could stay away from her, Borroni saw through it anyway.

“Here I can look after her until we find a way to call off the hit on her.” Luca sighed, both Nic and Frankie looked at one another as Luca put his cigarette to his mouth.

“Call off the hit?” Nic questioned.

“You’re not suggesting doing a fucking deal with Borroni? Fuck Boss!” Frankie was furious, he knew Hayley needed protecting but he couldn’t stand by and watch Luca work with the man who ordered the killing of Deano and the guys Frankie had on the streets.

“Calm down, Frankie,” Luca stubbed his cigarette out in an ashtray on the desk. “I’m sure we will have something Borroni wants.”

“You know what he wants Luca,” Nic sighed. “Your father, for his.”

Luca knew this all boiled down to who killed who. Luca knew Borroni wanted his father for the loss of his own.

Hayley was just the bystander, the way to get to Luca. Hayley was never supposed to go to that warehouse, but Borroni loves a game, loves dramatics.

“Then we just have to be clever, we have to use strength if we have to!” His eyes went back to the screen where she laid, unmoved.

“Then we need a plan boss.” Nic said simply and Luca nodded.

“Frankie talk to the street runners, surely they will know why Borroni is hiding and how many men he has floating around out there,” Frankie nodded and quickly left the room, and Luca took a seat in his vacant chair, and sighed. “Nic. Get your mole in the force.”

“Toby Sanchez?” Luca nodded as his eyes went back to the screen with his room on.

“Find out what he knows from the inside, he might have some information on where Borroni has moved locations or if he has some of his men inside for anything recently.”

“How long is she going to stay here?” Nic asked.

“A month,” Nic nodded at Luca’s response as his eyes went to the screen. “I hope keeping her close will work Luca, but after a month will you let her go?” He mused.

“She will want to go.” Luca knew his world was cruel, and after a month Hayley would leave he knew this.

“Are you sure?”

“I can’t keep her. I am only doing this to protect her.” Nic nodded at his cousin’s admirable reason, but deep down Nic knew that it was bullshit.

Luca just said nothing as he was left alone in the camera room. He promised her he would try, he has promised himself he would protect her and promised his cousin he will walk away from her.

He was Luca Marcello and he would stand by his promises. One month he would leave Hayley.

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