Marcello Mafia Series- Dark Side of the Moon

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Chapter 30 - A Selfish Man

Hayley woke up wrapped in his arms, she hadn’t been awake when he came home, but she knew it must have been after 3 am when he did return home. Quietly she sat up reaching her phone to check the time, it was late afternoon, she had to get ready for work.

She crept out of the bed and went to her holdall that was placed on the chair in front of the dressing table and grabbed her toiletries bag and went to the en-suite and showered quickly avoiding washing her hair.

Luca wasn’t in the bed when she came back into the room, so she quickly changed and grabbed her handbag before heading downstairs.

Luca and his two minions were sitting having a hushed conversation at the breakfast bar.

“Hey.” She spoke interrupting them, they all turned to look at her. She was a natural beauty. Luca walked over to her and kissed her cheek lightly.

“I’ve got to go, I’ve got work.” She knew she would have to see Siobhan, and possibly receive a telling off but it was worth it, she hoped.

“Okay,” he turned to Frankie. “Frankie, drive Hayley to the Venetian.” Hayley was going to protest, she was capable of getting a cab. But he silenced her with a kiss on the lips, making her forget what she was going to protest about.

“I’ll be there later, see you later,” then he put his mouth to her ear and spoke low. ”Baby.” He loved the effect he had on her if he was honest.

He watched as the person he had sworn to protect walked away, in the hands of Frankie, he had better take care of her or he will have no fucking eyes.

“So,” Ava began to speak as they both began applying makeup sitting in the dressing room of the Venetian. “You are living with Luca Marcello?” Hayley nodded, she had told Ava over and over again that she was living with Luca on a trial basis. “Fuck Hayley.”

The blonde ruffled her big curls. Hayley looked at her friend through the mirror, and Ava spoke back through the same mirror.

“You’re brave, I’ll give you that.” Then Ava stood up and dropped a feathered mask on the dressing table in front of Hayley.

“I take it you won’t be wanting this?” Ava then smiled at her friend before she left to get to her spot.

Hayley picked up the mask and toyed with it, she wouldn’t wear a feather, she knew she couldn’t. She placed the mask back on the dresser and picked up her featherless black one and checked her appearance, in her emerald green corset before heading behind the bar.

Hayley had managed to avoid her boss, she kept her head down and kept working the bar. Ben was on break, and Ava was on the centre stage. so she was manning the bar alone, but that didn’t bother her.

The atmosphere changed, as it did every time he and his entourage entered the club. Hayley couldn’t help but watch as he led the way, followed by his closest men. The men in the club respected him, he was feared by most of the people in here.

Her eyes followed him and his goons up to the VIP booths.

“Hayley!” A voice hissed, she turned to see Max standing, he looked frantic. She never said a word to him, but simply looked at him. “You have to call the detective.”

“I don’t have t-” But he cut her off.

“He heard you were boarding a plane,” He growled. “Are you fucking stupid?” Hayley wanted to talk but he never gave her the chance. “Your name comes up on a booking for a flight, do you not think he has your name fucking red-flagged.”

Hayley hadn’t thought of that, Hayley looked up at the VIP booths as Luca and company were talking. Her eyes went back to Max as he spoke again.

“Jesus, he had a fucking team waiting at the airport.” Her heart was racing, she couldn’t escape him and now she was with Luca she was going to get hurt or get him hurt.

“Look, call him,” Max spoke low again. “If you don’t he will be arresting you and he will make sure Luca finds out you were in a deal with him.” Hayley could feel the panic rising inside of her.

“Hey Max,” Nic greeted Max as Hayley looked at Luca’s cousin who had approached the bar.

“Hayley, can you fetch up some drinks please.” Hayley just nodded and Nic left the bar.

“Don’t fuck up Hayley,” Max hissed. “Call him!” Max then walked away from the bar, and Hayley began to get the drinks for Nic.

Luca watched as Hayley moved behind the bar, the guys looked at her, he didn’t like it. He was never a jealous man. But, he was jealous when it came to Hayley.

His mind was made up; she wouldn’t work down here anymore, even though security was tighter in the Venetian. No, she would work in the legitimate club upstairs, and he would employ a hell of a lot more security.

“Interesting, thanks Toby,” Frankie hung up his phone and smiled at his boss. “You are gonna love this.” Frankie smiled at Luca, who looked at his friend with disinterest.

“Lorenzo Borroni and his right-hand man Vitali have just been arrested, along with some of his cousins and top men.” Luca looked up at his friend as he removed his jacket and rolled the sleeves of his designer shirt.

“How the fuck did that happen?” Luca quizzed. Frankie shrugged.

“Toby said they had no clue they were even going in on a raid. They all were driven there by three truck drivers, no fucking clue. His boss hadn’t a clue, seems the order came from someone above the head of even the lead detective of the organised crime division.” Luca smiled.

“Toby said the bail is enormous, and his assets are frozen; he will be in there until his trial.” Frankie finished with a laugh.

“Then I think we should celebrate.” Luca watched as Hayley came up the stairs, and placed the tray on their table, her eyes bright and warm on him as she approached.

“Thank you, baby.” He said in a low voice as Nic and Frankie started pouring drinks to Ric, Dom, Tony and Max, other guys were in the next few booths. Hayley smiled and left the guys to the drinks.

“I’m going on break,” Hayley told Ben as she approached the bar, he nodded, and she walked to the dressing room.

She had to call the Detective. The phone he had given her was turned off and hidden in the zipped compartment of her bag, she went to the toilet in the dressing room to call him.

“Hello, Hayley,” his voice purred as he answered, it made her stomach drop. “You have had me worried, I nearly came to your place of work to have you arrested.”

She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat as he spoke.

“How are things going? Max has told me he has moved you in, that was quick.”

“I can’t help you.” She whispered, but she heard him scoff on the other end.

“Yes, you can. There is no such word as can’t,” He chuckled. “My team is on the verge of a breakthrough, we need all our informants to cooperate.”

“Luca tells me nothing.” She stressed it was true.

“Then get creative Hayley. Remember this is about getting the bad guys locked up, this is about your god damn safety and your freedom,” his words were harsh. “Just, remember you have till the 1st of December to give me something. I have eyes everywhere, don’t try to bail again.” Then the line went dead.

Hayley sat on the closed lid of the toilet looking at the throwaway pay-as-you-go mobile. He had her, whether she liked it or not the detective had her.

She allowed the tears to fall, she couldn’t do this to Luca, but she couldn’t walk away from him either. She was a traitor, she was a liar and she could do nothing but ride the month out.

“Now this is a celebration.” Frankie beamed with a devilish grin, as Nic and Luca looked at what had caught his attention.

Luca looked at the five feather girls, Arianna and Ava were just two to mention. Luca looked down at the tumbler filled with the brown liquor, he had yet to take a sip.

His eyes met with one feather girl, the one he would bury himself in, regardless of his pain or happiness.

“Hello, Luca.” She spoke seductively with a dirty wink and a light toss of her hair, she was dressed in a deep purple bra and panties set and she had a matching purple feathered mask.

She was not what he wanted, who he wanted. Luca wanted Hayley, he needed to celebrate her safety with her.

Arianna watched as Luca placed the glass on the table and rolled down his white sleeves and buttoned the cuffs.

“Celebrate well gentlemen.” He looked at Nic and Frankie as he picked up his suit jacket. “I’m going to celebrate in my own way.”

Nic knew who his older cousin wanted, he smiled up at him, he knew this wasn’t just about keeping her safe from Borroni. In reality, the danger was gone. Luca should let her go, but Nic knew he wouldn’t

“Dirty bastard.” Frankie teased as he also knew he was going to find Hayley.

Ava sat comfortably on Nic’s lap, and she shifted as Nic went and brought out his car keys and held them out to Luca. Ava eyed Luca up and down, she didn’t trust him.

“Take my car, boss,” Nic said, Luca nodded and took the keys to Nic’s Porsche. Luca walked straight past Arianna, who couldn’t believe Luca was ditching her for Hayley, the simple and plain bar girl.

Luca marched through the club, but an arm held him in the middle of the huge room.

“She was supposed to be on that plane, god damn it, Luca!” He turned to see Siobhan, she looked like she was crossed between anger and heartache.

“She is safer here, I can protect her better. You can protect her.” Luca was trying to make this okay, he was playing on the fact that Siobhan cared for Hayley and tried to use this to his advantage.

“New York will break her.” She said weakly, Luca shook his head. He loved Siobhan and knew the fears she had, fears that were from her own past.

“Hayley is not you. Now, I’m taking Hayley tonight and we will discuss her moving to work in The Dublin.” Luca said formally, Siobhan’s mouth fell open as she watched Luca walk towards the bar Hayley worked at. She was at a loss, she couldn’t fight him and to be honest he didn’t want to.

As Luca walked through the crowded Venetian he gently caught the arm of a passing feather girl, she stopped and smiled warmly at him.

"Bella.” This word always made them blush.

He smiled as he thought of when he first met Hayley and he called her Bella, she never blushed then. She stood like a force against him, he shook the memory and looked back at the young girl.

“Have you seen the bar girl, Hayley?” He asked her, she nodded.

“Yeah, I saw her go into the toilet in the girls dressing room.” She answered.

“Thank you, Bella.” He replied and then let her arm go and she walked away.

Luca entered the room without so much as a knock or a word. Hayley was sitting reapplying her makeup, her mask was off, and she caught his eyes in the reflection of the mirror.

“Luca.” She breathed out his name as she turned and stood up.

Luca couldn’t help but be caught off guard by her beauty, her hair tumbled in loose curls, her bright eyes always pulled focus, she was stunning.

“What’s the matter?” Hayley spoke.

He was supposed to be upstairs in VIP booths enjoying the drink she sent up. Her heart was pounding as he walked boldly towards her and took her corseted waist firmly, she gasped a little taken back by the action. He pulled her closer to his suited body, her eyes locked onto his warm chocolate ones, he was intense and handsome.

Only a few minutes ago she was speaking to the cop wanting to take him down, yet he made her forget all that. His mouth found hers, it was electric. She shouldn’t want him, she shouldn’t feel anything for him, but she did. Their mouths moved to their own unique rhythm, in sync with each other’s bodies.

“Get dressed,” he murmured as he pulled away. “I’m celebrating, and I want to celebrate with you.”

He let go of her waist and walked to the closet he knew were filled with evening gowns, dresses the feather girls wore if a man wanted to wine and dine them.

Hayley watched as he looked through the stunning gowns and picked out a full-length evening gown, it was a royal blue strapless sweetheart neckline dress.

Hayley walked over to him as he unzipped the dress and she took it stepping into the dress. It was stunning, the bodice had intricate beading and hugged her figure the corset underneath helped.

With her back to him, she put her hair over one shoulder, and he carefully zipped her into the dress. He couldn’t resist planting a long and passionate kiss in the crook of her neck, she moaned at his touch before he pulled away and took her hand.

“You actually drive?” Hayley teased him as he used the electronic key to open Nic’s silver Porsche, he smiled at her and kissed her cheek as he opened the passenger doors.

“I am a good driver.” He pointed out as he watched her slip into the low sports car, she watched as he closed the door and walked around the expensive car to the driver’s side.

“No heavy car?” Hayley quizzed him as he drove out of the car park and onto the main road. He shook his head with a huge smile.

He didn’t need a heavy car; his current enemy was sitting in a police cell. Although he knew to be careful, so he carried his gun as normal, and one of his heavies was driving a heavy car close by.

“Nope, just a regular car.” Hayley raised an eyebrow as she looked at the expensive interior, the leather seats, the electronic dashboard, this was hardly a regular car.

Hayley knew something was different, he was different. He seemed to have lost the hard man demeanour like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

She felt his hand find hers and he held her hand, she looked down at their laced fingers and back up at him as his eyes focused on the road, what was going through his head? She would love to take a pickaxe and tear his brain open, find out what he was thinking.

He was thinking as his hand Hayley’s he knew he shouldn’t be doing this, he was supposed to be protecting her, this was too much.

But, he wanted her, he craved her touch. No, he thought as he looked briefly at her beauty then back at the road.

No, he had too let her go. It was the best way; a Marcello man can not love. Never.

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