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Chapter 31- Can't Let Go

The hotel was impressive, modern and sleek. Hayley followed Luca through to the gold elevator, his hand on her waist. The door opened, and she felt the cool air as they reached the roof of the hotel.

“Wow.” She breathed as she looked across the elevator and across space on the roof to the view of the nightline of New York City.

Hayley was mesmerised by it all, she ignored the waiter and walked over to the railings, to look out at the view. The night was cloudless, the stars twinkled in the darkness.

She admired the city that literally never sleeps, the cars rushing on the roads, the skyscraper buildings with their lights, it was amazing.

Luca quietly spoke to the waiter, then stood and watched as Hayley’s brunette hair slowed gently in the night air, how her brilliant eyes lit up her face. The waiter returned with two glasses of champagne, which Luca took and headed towards Hayley.

She could feel his presence behind her and she turned to face him, her heart was racing at this man. She couldn’t love him, but her heart wanted to.

“It’s so beautiful,” she whispered as he handed her a champagne flute. “What are we celebrating, then?” Hayley beamed as she held out her glass.

“An end to a problem.” Luca didn’t need to tell her any more than that, she was safe that was all that mattered.

Hayley knew she should quiz the problem, she had to remember what she had to do, even if she didn’t want too. However, she didn’t question him, and tonight she wouldn’t.

“An end to a problem.” She carefully clinked his glass and took a sip of the stunning drink.

Before turning to face over the railings and Luca stood behind her, placing his free hand on her waist, he placed his chin on her shoulder and the arm that held the glass was resting on railings.

“New York is amazing, it really doesn’t sleep.” She spoke as she watched people below her moving, some running some hand in hand with a loved one.

“That’s why people like me thrive,” he murmured, his warm breath on her skin made her shudder. “We can be anonymous, faceless and work constantly.”

She nodded at his words before taking another sip. He took her free hand in his hand and led her to a single table that had a horseshoe-shaped booth type seating and sat under a see-through canopy, it was a heated area, romantic and totally alone.

The menu was extensive, and the pair picked their food and the waiter left them. Luca watched as she sipped from her glass. The pair spoke of light conversation

“What are you running from?” Luca wanted to know more about Hayley, about her life. Hayley stilled, she had caught him off guard. The truth was no good here.

“My dad, mainly,” Hayley replied as the waiter brought over their starters and she smiled a quick thank you before he left the table.

“Was he an asshole?” He quizzed as he picked up the fork to begin to eat his crab cakes and Hayley began to eat her scallops.

“He never used to be. But, we fell out over relationships.” Hayley lied, it wasn’t a total lie, but it wasn’t the total truth either.

“Did he not approve of a relationship?” Hayley sighed at his question, she hadn’t been prepared to answer these types of questions. She was used to having her past, her baggage behind her. But, she knew Luca should at least know her half-truths.

“I only ever had one boyfriend, Luca, he left me, and I went to live with my businessman dad, but he wanted me to get close to another business man’s son, but I refused, he was mad as hell.”

Hayley couldn’t ever forget the night her dad turned on her and hospitalised her, he had never so much as yelled at her, but that night he lost it.

“He must have needed to protect his company.” Luca sighed. Hayley just shrugged it was more likey hiss ass he was protecting.

“What about your dad? What was he like, I mean is?” Hayley asked before taking a bite of the amazing food in front of her.

“My dad?” Luca thought about the man that made him who he was, the Marcello man that got the name Marcello out of the mud and made it a feared and profitable organization. “He’s a dangerous man, he is ambitious and strong.”

It was clear from the way Luca spoke of his father he admired and respected his dad. Hayley listened to him as he began to talk about his dad.

“He had me trained to do what I do; he and my Uncle Stefano raised our family name out of the ashes that my Grandfather had left behind.”

“You seem proud of him.” Hayley pointed out, he shrugged.

“He cursed me, my brother, Nic and himself. He still influences the family, and his word is the law if he wants someone gone I have to obey regardless of who it is. If he told me to take out Nic or Frankie I would have to do it.” Luca sighed, he may be the boss in New York, but his father had ultimate control.

“But New York isn’t safe for him?” Hayley remembered Luca told her that at their last meal together, he nodded simply before taking a drink.

“Yes, he is a dead man. He has a very expensive hit on him by our mutual enemy Lorenzo Borroni.” Hayley made an involuntary shudder at his name.

Luca noticed her shudder, she feared Borroni, little did she know was that he wasn’t even close to harming her.

The waiter returned and took away the starter plates and left them their main courses.

“You don’t have to do this you know?” His face was filled with pain as Hayley looked at him confused. This meal should be about Luca saying goodbye, he didn’t need to protect her anymore.

What did he want from this woman? The answer was everything, her touch, her mouth and her soul. He should have been brave enough to walk away, the only reason he promised her a month was to keep her safe.

“I’m not leaving,” Hayley said boldly as she realised what he was getting at.

“You don’t know what you are getting involved with,” Luca murmured, shaking his head causing Hayley to look back at him.

“I do.” She said simply before picking up the glass of champagne.

Luca watched as her lips touched the glass, and her chest heaved lightly in the gown. He couldn’t help but watch her, and she knew them. She placed the glass down and looked back at him again.

“I watched you kill men Luca, I sat holding a gun to my head.” Her voice cracked as her memories reminded her of her recklessness.

“You were never supposed to be there.” He spoke gruffly, and she took his hand and gently kissed the back of it before speaking again.

“But I was. I am not stupid, I know who you are. I know what you are capable of, and I am not afraid of you.”

Luca smiled at her and moved his hand, so it cupped her beautiful face, and his fingers slid into her brunette curls.

His touch sent electric shocks through to her core, his touch was rough, eager and she was desperate for him. His mouth on hers was what she craved from him, his tongue slipped into her mouth and found hers.

They moved to a steady rhythm, she could hear the streets below, she could see the twinkling of the stars above as he moved down her neck and she tilted her head back. He pulled back and found her mouth again, before pulling away just to admire her face.

She was brave, beautiful and he should have let her go, but he is a selfish bastard. He dipped his head back to hers and kissed her again.

Luca slept well that night with Hayley by his side, he had no cares. His world was spinning whilst his enemy was sitting in a jail cell. He gently kissed her shoulder as she lay on her front, her brunette hair hiding her face.

He grabbed his training gear and headed to the upstairs gym. He worked out, thinking about his night with Hayley. He smiled at himself as he thought how he had Hayley just in her corset and thigh highs on the private rooftop dining area.

He punched the bag harder, he was filled with images of taking her upstairs in his room, multiple times. She was pretty impressive.

Nic and Frankie were having breakfast in the kitchen when he strolled in and grabbed a coffee.

“Good work out?” Nic asked, Luca nodded as he took a sip. He could see the dirty smile from Frankie before he spoke.

“Good night last night boss?” Frankie’s voice was laced with dirty innuendos, Nic looked at his friend.

“Did something happen to you as a child, you fucking pervert?” Nic asked Frankie as Luca laughed, he hadn’t laughed between the three of them for ages. The Borroni weight had dragged all three of them down. Luca cleared his throat before talking to his guys.

“The Borroni situation?” Luca looked at Nic who he knew was closer with their cop insider. Nic swallowed the bit of toast he had eaten and brushed the crumbs off his hands before he spoke, Luca waited patiently.

“Toby says the worst they are going to do them for is drug charges, possession, dealing and smuggling,” Nic explained. “Toby has no clue who was the detective that orchestrated this, and he is keeping his ear to the walls. For now, Borroni is inside, he has been moved to prison this morning, the same one a few of our guys are in.” Nic explained.

As much as Luca tried to save his guys from prison it was an inevitability in this line of work, and they all know the risks.

Frankie more so than he and Nic. Of course, Luca had been detained, usually for questioning but he had never been to prison, just a jail cell.

“How long does he reckon?” Luca asked, Nic shrugged.

“Hard to say, but he could get a few years for the drug charges. If he gets out on bail he may never get to trial. His money is still good in some judges’ hands.” Luca nodded, he hoped he wouldn’t get out to make his money talk.

“Then let’s hope nobody is stupid enough to pay his bail.” Luca smiled as he drank the rest of his coffee. He explained the plan of the day. Frankie reminded him it was his nephew’s birthday party tonight.

“I’m spending the day with Hayley, I need to go and get little Sam a gift anyways. Nic you give this letter to Siobhan, I want Hayley moved to The Dublin club. Frankie, you are free to help Sofia and your mother, I’m sure they will keep you busy.” Luca instructed as Frankie pulled a face.

Luca laughed as Frankie groaned, two Italian women, one child’s birthday party and Frankie, he was not headed towards a good day.

They pulled outside the restaurant, which was extravagantly done up for a toddler’s birthday party, Nic waited for Luca outside the restaurant.

Nic greeted both Luca and Hayley and indicated for Hayley to go through, but he stepped in front of Luca before he entered and held out an envelope with Hayley’s name on it.

“A copy of Hayley’s new job role from Siobhan,” Luca took the envelope, and he looked back at Nic. “She said she would make Hayley the manager. She said The Dublin was falling by the wayside because of her attention to the Venetian clubs, so she is giving Hayley control of the Dublin.” Luca smiled and placed the envelope in the inside pocket of his jacket.

“Thanks, Nic.” He tapped the top of his cousin’s arm, as he heard Hayley call his name and he went to follow Hayley.

He watched in awe as she removed her coat and placed it on the back of the chair, she was wearing tight skinny jeans and a satin gold strappy top, she was hugged and greeted by all the Altera women, and she gave little Sam a hug.

“Welcome back son,” Sal spoke, and Luca turned to greet Mr Altera, Frankie’s dad.

Sal beamed a smile at the Mafia boss and then looked back at the group of women, Luca also looked back to see Hayley as she laughed with Isabella as she introduced Hayley to Elena, Sofia’s twin sister.

“You are still with the little diamond I see.” Sal liked Hayley because she was a good girl, perhaps too good for Luca Marcello.

Although, deep down Luca was a good man, who just did bad things like his own son Frankie, and like he used to do all those years ago.

“Yes, for now, Sal. For now.” Luca said as he walked towards the group and greeted all the women. Sal watched Luca and shook his head. Sal could see the potential Hayley had for Luca, the good she could be in him.

Hayley was absorbed in Frankie’s family, just like before. They sang happy birthday to the sweet, yet cheeky youngster. They all watched as Sam opened all his presents, and everybody ate Maria’s amazing food and drank some very nice Italian wine.

Unlike normal children’s parties, the night wore on, Sam and all the other young children were in bed, but everyone was still eating, drinking and dancing.

Luca was standing at the bar of the restaurant with Frankie’s cousin as they watched Frankie take on a distant relative in an arm wrestle, Nic was beside him.

But, to be honest, Luca was too busy watching Hayley as she sat and Laughed with Maria and Frankie’s four, strong sisters, it was like she just fit.

“Hey, baby.” He spoke low to her as he took her shoulders and gave them a gentle squeeze and she looked up from her chair and smiled at him, he dipped down and lightly kissed her.

Isabella was the only one left sitting at the table now, so she disappeared, and Luca sat beside her and pulled out the envelope.

“You’re not going to be working in The Venetian anymore,” Luca spoke in a low voice, Hayley looked at him confused.

“But, I like my job.” She countered, and he shook his head.

There was no way the woman he was with would be half-naked for a living, even if she was only his for a month. No, he would feel better with her upstairs, fully clothed.

“Luca, you can’t choose where I work,” she hissed, she was furious, but she kept her voice down to avoid a scene. “Siobhan won’t like this.” She said harshly, Luca sighed.

“Open the damn letter, Hayley.” Luca was losing patience, Hayley huffed but ripped open the white envelope addressed to her. Luca waited as she read the letter.

Hayley couldn’t believe it, Siobhan had made her the manager of The Dublin. She read the words from her boss, it was all because she had refused to manage the Paris club and Siobhan feels she was wasted as a bar girl.

“Oh my God!” Her face beamed at Luca and threw her arms around him. “You knew.” She hugged him, and he placed his hands on her back, and he couldn’t help but smile at her happiness.

“Of course, silent partners remember?” He chuckled and pulled her from his and put his lips to hers, they kissed and she melted into him. He slowly and reluctantly pulled away.

“Let’s go home.” He whispered, and she nodded.

Taking her hand, they said their goodbyes and stepped out into the cool night air. His arm wrapped securely around her, he kissed her one more time before Ric opened the SUV door and they left for his home.

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