Marcello Mafia Series- Dark Side of the Moon

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Chapter 31- The Third Family

Hayley spent the next few days working and with Luca. He made an effort to either take her for lunch or dinner on an evening. He seemed so different, carefree whatever the problem was it had clearly a good effect on him.

Hayley was sitting over the books of The Dublin, she had hatched a plan to make The Dublin the best place in New York for live bands and DJs, and tonight was the first night of this.

The club was a blur of activities, she had briefed the bar and security staff and she had met up with a band that was setting up on the stage. She wasn’t going to lie that a part of her missed sitting in the dressing room with the other girls, but she loved the responsibility the new job gave her.

*Have fun tonight Hayley, I miss my buddy though. X* Hayley smiled at Ava’s message, she had just had breakfast with Ava who was keen to know what was going on.

But there wasn’t much to tell, apart from for now she was the manager of The Dublin and was staying with Luca Marcello.

“I’ve never seen this place so full!” Leah, a bartender, called over the music to Hayley who was busy mixing drinks, Hayley beamed at her.

“It’s brilliant, isn’t it?” Hayley was proud of herself, the head of security told her they were refusing entry until people leave as the building is at full capacity.

“Can we have three whiskeys, baby?” Hayley looked up and there he was in all his glory and his two minions.

“Of course.” She smiled as she made up the three drinks and placed them on the bar top, and the three guys took a sip. Hayley watched as Luca looked around the place, he had to admit she had done an amazing job.

“You’re doing brilliantly, Hayley.” He said proudly, and she beamed her amazing smile back at him, before turning to serve another customer.

The night wore on and eventually the place was empty. Hayley began cashing up the club as security sat around different tables waiting for her to finish up.

“Guys, we got this,” Luca said as he, Nic and Frankie came through the doors.

“Yes, Boss.” The head of security for The Dublin said and then he and the others left the club for the night, and Hayley looked up and smiled at the lads.

“You didn’t have to wait for me, Luca.” She reminded him as she wrote down the takings and put it all into a tin and marked it with the date, before locking the tin up.

“It’s no problem, we were about anyway.” Luca shrugged.

Hayley disappeared with the tin and placed it in the safe in the office and grabbed her coat and bag.

“Ready to go?” He asked, and she nodded, and he put his hand around her waist and kissed her temple.

“Lock up, Nic.” Luca instructed as Luca led the way out the club, and Hayley heard Nic locking the doors as they hit the cool night air.

The four of them headed towards the two SUVs that waited for them, Hayley noticed there were no drivers, meaning Nic and Frankie must be driving. Out of nowhere, there was a squeak of a car’s tyres, and a black SUV pulled up in front of them and their cars.

"Fuck!” Luca muttered as he moved Hayley behind him slightly.

Nic and Frankie were quick as they pulled out their guns and stood in front of Luca. Hayley hadn’t a clue what was going on as two men got out of the car. They were about Luca’s age, they wore smart suits, and looked almost identical.

“Lost Genovese?” Luca called out as he recognised the two brothers who stood in front of his group, Nic and Frankie never lowered their guns. Hayley’s heart was racing as she watched them all.

“No,” the taller one replied. “We’ve got a problem, Marcello,” he said fiercely, Luca was always wary of Matteo Genovese. “You’re gonna have to come with me.”

"Fuck you.” Frankie hissed, then the pair pulled out their own guns, two each. Hayley sucked in the air as she felt the hostility.

“There is no need for language Altera, I know Maria raised you better,” Matteo said as he looked at Frankie then looked back at the Marcello boss, he noticed the petite brunette behind him.

“Look, we don’t want any casualties here Marcello.” Luca looked briefly at Hayley but said nothing before looking back at Matteo.

“What do you want, Genovese?” Luca asked, Genovese?

Hayley knew that name, the detective mentioned Matteo Genovese, he was another family leader. Her stomach churned, Borroni was bad enough, what was this guy capable of?

“I need to talk to you and Nic,” Matteo said simply. “This isn’t an option Luca, we have a problem.” Luca could hear the importance in his voice.

“Like we’re gonna trust you guys.” Nic piped in.

“You won’t have a choice.” The guy beside Matteo spoke with a deep gruff voice.

Luca looked down at Hayley just behind him, he looked at his two men then let his mind and eyes wander. He was thinking of a plan, thinking of all the what-ifs.

“Marcello!” Matteo called out getting Luca’s attention, who sighed violently. Hayley and Luca watched as Matteo dropped his guns.

“This is important Luca. No men, no weapons,” Matteo heard Frankie as he scoffed a laugh, before looking back at Luca. “Look, Luca, you’re gonna wanna hear this. But, it is vital we keep our meeting between the five,” Matteo paused looked at Hayley then back at Luca. “Six of us. Just you and Nic need to come, the girl doesn’t need to be here.” Matteo explained.

Luca knew Matteo, if he had to he would use Hayley as leverage and he was doing that. Luca had to get her safely away.

“We go nowhere without our weapons, Genovese.” Luca insisted, and Matteo shrugged.

“Of course,” Matteo replied, and Luca looked at Nic who sighed.

Nic and Luca knew if Genovese had approached them it was serious. Their families have had no business together for years, and the bad blood between them was long gone. Yet, that didn’t mean Nic nor Luca trusted them.

“Frankie,” Luca called out sharply, and Frankie looked at his boss. “Get her out of here.” Frankie nodded and went behind his boss and took Hayley’s elbow.

“C’mon Bella,” Frankie murmured, but Hayley went to pull away from Frankie.

“Luca.” She whispered, she was frightened. What the hell was going on? Luca looked down at her.

“Just go, I’ll be back. I promise.” He said in a very low and soft voice, before looking past her at Frankie and nodded once at him, Frankie gently took her arm and pulled her away from Luca.

“C’mon,” Frankie uttered as he walked with a shaking Hayley around the Genovese car with his gun ready in case this was a setup, and he opened his SUV and put Hayley in before driving away. Luca said nothing as he watched as Frankie was safely driving down the road with Hayley.

“What’s this all about, Matteo?” Luca demanded he looked darkly at his old school friend, his business rival.

“We can’t talk here, we have an abandoned warehouse nearby, you take your car and follow us.” Luca laughed at Matteo’s words, and Nic shook his head.

“We went to school together Genovese, so you know I wasn’t fucking born yesterday,” Matteo just looked at Luca before he spoke again. “I’m not stupid, I’m not being taken anywhere, without my own men?” Luca wasn’t going to fall into a trap his Grandfather once fell into, he was better than that.

"Fuck it, Marcello,” Matteo was getting pissed off, he needed Luca’s help and he also needed to keep this between him and their two underbosses. “There is no sense in killing you.” Matteo spat out harshly.

He looked around The Dublin he knew Siobhan Byrne was the owner of this place, and he knew Siobhan was Luca’s for want of a better word, Aunt.

“Do you control the camera’s here?” Matteo asked, Luca nodded solemnly. “Good here will do. I could do with a fucking drink.”

It seemed Luca had no choice, he held out his hand and Nic handed him the keys and unlocked the doors. Luca didn’t want any Genovese man in his bar, but it seemed he had little choice, he led the way to the club floor. Luca walked to the bar and jumped over and grabbed a bottle of whiskey and two glasses.

“Please, take a seat,” Luca gestured towards the booths that were along the sides of the dance floor, Nic led them over to a booth and both underbosses put their weapons on the table that was just a little way from the booth table, a sign they wouldn’t use them.

Luca joined them and slid in to sit beside his cousin and opposite Matteo and began to pour the two bosses a drink, he assumed like Nic Matteo’s brother Francesco was driving.

"Saluti!" Matteo declared as he held up the whiskey and Luca echoed his words and they both took a drink.

“So, what the hell is this about?” Luca asked, getting a bit tired of being in the Genovese boss’ presence.

“Lorenzo Borroni.” That was all Matteo muttered, and Luca smiled a huge grin at Matteo and took another drink of his whiskey.

“He’s not a problem, he is in prison. Knowing Lorenzo enjoying a nice big dick up his ass.” Luca laughed and Nic also couldn’t hold back the low chuckle from within him. Luca watched as Matteo sighed and shook his head.

“That is the problem we need him out,” Matteo announced.

Matteo watched as the anger came across Luca’s face. Matteo knew Luca and Lorenzo recently had been causing havoc with a war caused by their fathers, and quite frankly he was enjoying getting rich with the bloodshed between them.

To be honest, Lorenzo being locked up had improved his business, but he knew he needed the three families to secure the future for the Genovese family.

“You’re not fucking serious!” Luca shouted as he slammed down his empty glass, and Matteo nodded before taking a sip of his own glass. Matteo was a picture of calmness, something Luca normally prided himself on. However, he couldn’t keep calm about this.

“What benefit is this to you, Matteo? You always have an angle!” Luca spat.

“The benefit is for all three of our families,” Matteo began. “Lorenzo was a victim of a plan by a cop who is clearly keeping one step ahead of us. My inside cop was there when the Borroni family was arrested.”

Luca listened to Matteo, he knew all about the arrest of Lorenzo; his own inside guy was there, but he remained silent as Matteo spoke.

“This guy is using rats to get to us and our plans, hence why I needed to meet with only you and Nic.” Matteo said gesturing to Nic and Luca.

“Why do we need Borroni?” Luca quizzed as he began to pour himself and Matteo a drink.

“Strength in numbers,” Matteo said simply before he took another drink.

“Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?” Nic eyed the Genovese boss up, and Matteo nodded.

Matteo liked Nic, always had. He was clever, calm and Luca had made an excellent decision making him his second over his useless brother Marco.

“It worked in the past, the three of our families were nearly taken down by an idiot cop, but they worked together, and the cop disappeared.” Matteo reminded Luca of the biggest collaboration between the three families, it was something none of the three would forget.

“I also recall your Grandfather shot mine in an ambush,” Luca spoke darkly, and Matteo laughed a little before speaking.

“Yes, an unfortunate decision by my family,” Matteo interjected. “Which, between me and you, we rectified and that is all water under the bridge. Besides Luca, you have proved you are not stupid enough to fall for that.” Matteo smiled, as he thought how Luca wouldn’t go anywhere with him.

Luca looked at Matteo and his mind was a whirl as he thought of everything. It was all true there was someone powerful out to destroy them, his insider was trying to find that person.

Matteo was right in the past the strength of the three families had caused the downfall of the NYPD for a time, and they could do the same here.

But, working with Borroni was going to be a problem. Genovese was the lesser of two evils, but he had little choice; he had to secure his family’s future.

“I want to be the one to bail Lorenzo out,” Luca said firmly in the silence of the room, Nic looked shocked at his cousin as he spoke.

“I want him indebted to me.”

Luca gritted his teeth with his hate. Getting Borroni out could secure Hayley’s future, the hit would be lifted and he would make sure of that.

“I thought you would say that.” Matteo knew about the hit on Luca’s new arm candy, Lorenzo wanted her brought to him for a nice price tag. Matteo knew Luca would seize the opportunity to protect what is his, he knew Luca too well.

“I have already secured the release of Vitali and his other guys. Lorenzo is waiting in prison and has no idea why his guys are free, and he isn’t.” Matteo laughed as he lit a cigar up and Luca threw back his drink and poured another.

“We must keep this between us and Borroni,” Francesco spoke for the first time. “This cop will have rats in our families, for now, there mustn’t be an alliance.”

“Not until we want him to know anyways,” Luca muttered darkly, and then Matteo and Francesco nodded.

“When will you secure Borroni?” Matteo quizzed Luca as he watched as he lit a cigarette and blew out the grey smoke.

“I will put the money in an account of an employee of his or a mistress, then I will visit him tomorrow morning and explain the conditions, I will make sure he is released for tomorrow night,” Luca explained, and Matteo held out his hand.

“Until we meet again, as a unit,” Matteo said, Luca was sceptical but shook Matteo’s hand, then the Genovese brothers stood up, and Luca and Nic did the same, the two underbosses went to retrieve their guns.

“Matteo Genovese.” All four heads turned as they heard the voice.

Siobhan walked through the club floor and looked at the Genovese boys, Matteo had a huge devilish grin on his face, as he looked at the cold stare of Siobhan Byrne. Siobhan looked fiercely at Matteo, with her hands on her hips.

“Hello, Siobhan, nice to see you again.” Matteo beamed as he walked towards her.

“I wish I could say the same about you, now fuck off out my club,” she spoke her words full of viciousness and venom.

“As lovely as ever,” Matteo teased. “Don’t worry I’ve no matches, the club is safe.” He chuckled wickedly before he and his brother passed Siobhan and her eyes caught her Godson and Nic.

“What the hell is going on Luca? Nic?” She spoke as if they were children.

Luca could tell she was pissed. He supposed she had a right too, Matteo did torch The Dublin in retaliation for something Luca had done. Luca sighed and walked up to Siobhan and gently took her shoulders, he knew she just needed reassurance.

“Don’t worry, it’s just friendly business.” He kissed her forehead and he walked past her followed by Nic who smiled weakly at Siobhan.

Once outside Luca looked and his cousin.

“We best get some cash together.” Luca grimaced, and Nic remained unmoved. The pair headed to their main office in the casino. He had to get sorted and organised.

“Who were they, Frankie? You have told me nothing.” Hayley demanded it was late and Frankie had just gotten off the phone to Luca. He was safe at least.

“Please Frankie.” She begged.

He looked at her bright blue eyes, they were all puppy dog and he couldn’t resist. Fuck, now he knows how Luca got attached to her.

“They are Matteo Genovese and his brother Francesco.” Frankie sighed.

“As in the Genovese family?” She quizzed, although she already knew the answer, he nodded.

“Don’t worry too much Hayley,” Frankie could see the fear in her eyes, the panic in her voice. “The Marcello and Genovese have no bad blood, not like Borroni. It was probably just a business call, an arms trade or whatever.”

He wasn’t convinced at his own words and neither was she, but she nodded. She had heard Matteo, he seemed to have something important to say to Luca.

“I’m off to bed then, night Frankie.” She yawned as she slid off the stool, he said good night and she walked upstairs to Luca’s room.

She was exhausted, the club had gone well, and she was proud of herself but the thing with Genovese had her shaken. She grabbed her toiletries bag and headed to the bathroom. She began to get ready for bed.

She noticed the mobile phone from the detective, she hid it in here the only place Luca wouldn’t look in, he thought of it as her personal, girly place. She switched it on and looked at the message that was in the inbox.

*Hope all is going well, anything you need to tell me? Remember you’re safe as long as you give me something.*

Hayley switched off the phone and hid it back in the bag. She knew she should tell him that Luca had met with the Genovese, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Besides it was a risk, only the six of them knew. For now, she knew nothing. She grabbed one of his shirts and headed to bed, smelling in his cologne.

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