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Chapter 32- Trusting The Enemy

Luca stood arms out as the cop patted down his arms, his legs and his torso. This was something he had prepared for. So, like a good boy, he let the cop do his job.

“Turn around.” The old cop instructed.

Luca dropped his arms and turned around to face a younger cop, as the older one told him to put his arms up again and Luca complied.

“Done.” He announced.

Luca dropped his arms once again and walked to the second cop who held out a metal detector wand and told Luca to raise his arms as he skimmed the paddle-like instrument over his body.

“All checks clear.” A third cop had all of Luca’s personal possessions, well Mr Joseph Felling’s belongings. The wand cop nodded at Luca and dropped the wand.

“All clear, you can go through Mr Felling. Mr Borroni will be at table seven.” Luca nodded at the cop and picked up his jacket and belongings and walked into the area for visitors.

Luca had been to this prison before, he knew three of his loyal guys were inside here, and knew it wasn’t as strict as there were no plastic partitions.

Luca knew the cops knew Lorenzo was a Mafia leader, but his crime didn’t warrant him being locked into the strictest of prisons, unfortunately.

Luca walked into the room where inmates were already sitting, Luca caught the eyes of two of his men, who looked puzzled but nodded solemnly at their boss.

Each one had a wife or girlfriend visiting. Luca caught eyes with Lorenzo and his face hardened as he looked at his enemy. Luca smirked as he noticed the bruises he wore and looked at one of his guys who smiled before talking to his wife. Loyalty even inside, Luca made a mental note to reimburse him via his wife.

“Luca fucking Marcello.” Lorenzo hissed as his rival sat at the table opposite him.

“Borroni, I see my guys are keeping you company.” Luca laughed a little as Lorenzo’s face hardened.

“What the fuck do you want?” Luca had all the power, and Lorenzo knew this. He was expecting an assistant of his lawyer, so he could yell and ask why his men were free while he was still sitting here, yet here sat Luca Marcello.

“I’m going to get you out of here my friend,” Luca spoke darkly towards Lorenzo, who squinted his bruised eyes. “It appears Genovese and I need you.”

Luca watched as Lorenzo sat confidently back in his chair, Luca took a deep breath to calm the urge to lunge over the table and beat the shit out of him.

“Genovese?” Lorenzo pondered, as he looked around the room then back at Luca, “Nice to see him crawl out the woodwork.” Borroni snorted.

Luca had to agree with him, Genovese had been sitting quietly recently. Nevertheless, there was a bigger threat to their businesses, their control over New York and that was this elusive cop.

“Why would I help any of you?” Borroni quizzed. Borroni wasn’t stupid, he didn’t trust Luca and definitely didn’t hold Matteo Genovese to a high standard either.

“If you don’t, you don’t get out of here,” Luca explained. Borroni sighed harshly as his eyes wandered to the guys who beat him up last night, then back at their boss.

“Plus, we are going to bring down the cop that put you and your guys in here.” Luca could see the glint in the bruised eyes, revenge was always what Lorenzo wanted, what he thrived on. It was the reason he hated Luca, the reason his family was at war with Luca’s.

“And you trust Genovese, the last time the families combined them bastards killed your Granddaddy,” Lorenzo reminded Luca. ”Although, that to me wouldn’t be a bad thing.” Lorenzo laughed, Luca took a deep breath and clenched his fist.

He could quite easily leave and let Borroni sit here until his trial, but he had to do this for Hayley, for his family and for his future. So, Luca decided to ignore his last comment.

“I don’t trust anyone, but right now we have a cop who managed to get you arrested. My insiders have no clue who he is and who he is using for information. Right now, the families need to take him down.” Luca explained, he watched Borroni nodded taking it all in.

“So, you are bailing me out Luca?” Borroni asked and with a little hesitation, Luca nodded.

“I am having one of your whores bring it in this morning. You will be released urgently as your lawyer will see to it. By tonight you will be a free man again.” Luca explained, the thought of Lorenzo back on the streets of New York didn’t sit well with him.

“What’s in it for you?” Lorenzo knew he would have to pay, Luca will have an angle he always does. Luca kept his face serious, cold and hard before he spoke next.

“Call off the hit on Hayley.” Lorenzo laughed at Luca’s words.

“I knew it would come down to a whore Marcello,” He laughed, Luca sucked in air ready to kill him for calling her that, but Lorenzo kept talking. “Of all the things you could have used as a bargaining chip, money, land, territory even the life of your own Padre. Yet, you chose her.”

“Call it off Lorenzo.” Luca snarled through gritted teeth, he was furious but it was all for her he had to do it for her.

“You would be a shit poker player Marcello, you show your hand too easily. You have shown us your weakness.” Lorenzo sighed. Luca couldn’t give a fuck about poker, he only cared about his family and her, of course.

"Fuck you, Lorenzo. You want to rot in here, fine.” Luca went to stand up, Lorenzo knew Luca was all he had, his only way of getting out of here quickly.

“Fine, you get me out of here and the girl will have her hit removed,” Lorenzo said.

It was a relief to hear, it was like everything he was doing seemed to be worth it. This bastard was his enemy, but for her, he would bail him out and keep her safe.

“Good. Genovese will contact you with the plan once you are out.” Luca explained, and Lorenzo simply nodded. This was the first time the pair had ever agreed on anything, even as teenagers.

“Also, Matteo and I have agreed we can’t let anyone know. We all have rats amongst us. Matteo has only told Francesco, I have only told Nic,” he lied, he had told Frankie too. But, he trusted Frankie with every inch of his core. “You must only tell one person, and only who you know is solidly loyal to you.” Lorenzo nodded.

“I only trust Vitali.” Luca knew he would reply with that. Lorenzo had loads of cousins, but his second was Vitali.

Luca knew him from growing up beside them, he was Lorenzo’s father’s adopted son, Lorenzo Senior took on Vitali when his dad did a job and it ended badly. Lorenzo had trust issues with everyone, even his own flesh and blood, but like Luca with Frankie, Lorenzo loved and trusted Vitali.

“I don’t pretend to like you Borroni and I know you feel the same,” Lorenzo looked at Luca as he spoke, Luca sighed. “But, for now, we have a common enemy and he is our priority,” Luca said as he stood up, Lorenzo said nothing.

There was a buzz somewhere calling time, Luca walked away from his enemy without so much as a goodbye. He passed his two fellow Marcello men who embraced their girls, something he was keen to go home to do.

“Everything go okay?” Nic asked Luca once he reached the SUV and Luca jumped into the front passenger side.

“For now, yes, but I don’t trust Lorenzo,” Luca said as Nic drove away from the prison.

“Did he agree to your condition?” Nic asked, Luca nodded. Nic sighed at least they didn’t have to worry about Hayley.

Luca felt like a traitor to his father bailing out Lorenzo, but he had little choice. He had to protect the family his father raised from the ground, he had to protect himself from this cop, but most importantly he had to protect Hayley.

Hayley knew Luca hadn’t been home, his side of the bed was still undisturbed. It was funny they already had sides, it had only been a couple of nights. Luca always slept nearest the door, he said if someone came in he likes to be closest to the intruder.

Frankie was very unhelpful as she asked him about Luca’s whereabouts, but was very helpful driving her into the city so she could have coffee and cake with Ava.

“I heard last night was a success.” Ava beamed as she drank her skinny latte, Hayley nodded.

“It was, honestly I love it in The Dublin,” Hayley said as she used a napkin to wipe her hands to free them of the stickiness of the frosting from the overpriced cupcake.

“Well I miss you downstairs, Arianna is still a stuck-up bitch.” Ava said as she finished her drink.

“Nothing will change there.” Hayley giggled, and so did Ava. The pair said their goodbyes as Ava went to get her hair and nails done, whilst Hayley walked the short distance to The Dublin.

The place was busy again that night, news had spread about last night. Hayley took a breather, taking a sip of icy water. Her eyes watched the DJ as he put the dance tracks on, he was a crowd-pleaser, a flirt and they loved him.

She was looking for a regular DJ, a one to work with when she didn’t schedule in a guest band, artist or DJ. He caught her looking at him and winked at her and she smiled and shook her head before getting back to what she does best, serving customers.

“You are doing a great job,” Siobhan said as the pair sat at the bar having a sit of coffee, it was the end of the night.

“I agree.” His voice made her heart skip and she turned to see him standing there. It had been nearly twenty-four hours since she had seen him, she beamed a huge smile at him.

“Hello, baby.” He said with a warm glint in his eyes. She walked over to him, and wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed his cheek.

“Hello, you.” She whispered in his ear, and he held her tighter.

He took in the scent of her perfume, the smell of her shampoo in her brunette locks. His eyes caught Siobhan, she was looking harshly at him.

She had many questions for him, particularly about Genovese. But, her heart melted, only slightly, as he held Hayley. Hayley pulled back and kissed his lips. He tasted clean, no alcohol. He had changed since last night, so where the hell had he been. Luca pulled away softly.

“Go grab your stuff.” He murmured, she nodded and went to the office. Both he and Siobhan watched her leave, and suddenly like a whippet, Siobhan was in front of him.

“What’s going on Luca!” She hissed keeping her voice low. “Why was Genovese here? And where have you been? You and Nic have had your cells off, you never switch off your phones.”

Siobhan was pissed but relieved too. She had been contacting both boys all day, to no avail. So, seeing him alive was a relief.

"Calmati, donna." He chuckled, but she hit him in the arm, which made him chuckle even more.

“Don’t tell me to calm down! And quit speaking in Italian,” she scolded, he just laughed at his Godmother. “What are you up to with Genovese?” She hated Matteo Genovese, he was arrogant and underhanded, and he destroyed her club.

“I am handling it.” He murmured keeping his voice low but laced with authority. Although, he knew that was wasted on Siobhan.

“Don’t do anything stupid Luca, remember Genovese killed your Grandfather.” She reminded him. He didn’t need reminding, it was an embarrassing part of the Marcello family history. Who walks blindly towards the enemy?

“And we killed many more of theirs. Trust me Siobhan, But shit is bigger than all that.” He heard Hayley re-enter the room and he smiled past Siobhan and at Hayley.

Siobhan was scared. She had many more questions for him, but she watched as he put his arm around the innocent girl’s waist, and they said goodbye, leaving her. Siobhan was worried, what dangers had he put himself in?

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