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Chapter 34- Trusting Luca

Hayley was resting on Luca’s chest as they drove home with Ric up front driving. Luca was talking to Nic or Frankie on the phone, she never heard a word of it though as he spoke quick, fluent Italian.

“Hungry?” Luca asked as he led Hayley through to the kitchen. In truth, she was starving and exhausted, but she wanted answers.

“Where have you been Luca?” She asked simply as she stood in his brilliant white kitchen.

She watched as Luca moved around the kitchen, he began grabbing ingredients to make something. He never once looked at her.

“Luca!” She raised her voice, he stopped and looked up at her. “I don’t want food, I want answers.” She demanded.

“I can’t give you answers, Hayley. I’m sorry.” He shook his head, this was his world, this was his business. He was damned if he was bringing her into it.

Hayley swallowed the lump in her throat and wrapped her arms around herself, she wasn’t done.

“You abandon me in the middle of the night-” Luca interrupted her, catching her off guard.

“I didn’t abandon you, I left you in Frankie’s capable hands.” Luca piped in, she shook her head.

“Luca!” She moaned. “You left me. I know who that man was. I know he is another family leader.” Her breathing was heavy, she had no idea how he was going to react.

Luca could see the fear and worry in her brilliant eyes. He looked at the woman standing in his kitchen, she looked tired from her day.

Her arms were wrapped around herself, and her eyes were staring at him. He walked around the counter towards her and took her shoulder in his hands. Hayley gasped as he held her, but never lost contact with his eyes.

“Are you in danger?” She whispered, he shook his head.

“No. You never have to worry about me, I’m capable of looking after myself, and you.” He emphasised the word ‘you’ making it clear he would keep her safe. Hayley tried to pull away, but he was a lot stronger than she was.

“You don’t have to protect me.” She said back, he laughed inside as he remembered this feisty woman was very capable with a flick knife, he wondered idly if she still carried it, he hoped she did. Perhaps he should teach her to shoot?

“I’m capable of looking after myself.” She looked down stubbornly, he let go of one of her arms and used his index finger to lift her chin, so she was looking at him.

“I know, but like I have reminded you before,” he stopped, his voice was smooth and allowed Hayley to get lost in his words. “This world will take more than your knife, Hayley.” He murmured.

He moved his hand, so it was cupping her face, the touch was amazing on her face.

“You have to trust me.” Luca needed her to trust him, he wasn’t used to having to explain his actions, and he wasn’t prepared to start now.

“How can I trust what I can’t see? How many lies will you tell me?” Hayley asked him.

It was a simple question, what was she trusting him with? Was he in danger? Was she in danger? Her stomach churned as she thought of Lorenzo taking her and forcing a gun to her head.

“I will only lie to you Hayley if I have to.” He had to get her to move on from this topic, he moved closer and put his hands on her waist. He felt her coldness, her hostility. Luca knew Hayley was too stubborn, too bold to let this go.

She heard him sigh a little, but she never said a word.

“Genovese,” he murmured, he had to give her some truth. “You are right, he is a family leader. He was giving me some information about a cop.”

“Why would he do that? If you are different families?” Hayley quizzed, she remembered the hate between Luca and Lorenzo, and he was just as cold with Matteo Genovese. Luca shook his head a little.

“Marcello and Genovese have no issues, we stay out of their business and they stay out of ours. But, without each other, we can’t do what we do.”

Hayley’s heart was racing, she could have told him, she should have told him. But she was scared. She had gone too far, it had been days since Halloween. As much as she knew he was with her in the present, she knew he may not be there in the future.

He had promised her a month, but she was just a girl, just another girl. Right now, she trusted he would keep her safe, from his enemies. But, she wasn’t too confident he would be able to keep her safe from himself if he found out she was working for Detective Blake.

“I trust you.” She whispered. The words came out effortlessly. She didn’t want to talk about it anymore, she didn’t want to have to lie to him.

He cupped her face again and pulled her towards him. He kissed her. She closed her eyes and with his kiss, she felt all her fears disappear. The kiss went from slow and tender to rough and passionate in minutes.

With her legs wrapped around his waist, he carried her to the kitchen table and sat her there his mouth never leaving hers. It was raw and animalistic, he wanted her, and she couldn’t get enough of his touch.

She pushed off his jacket as his mouth moved down her sensitive neck. Her eyes caught the two-gun holsters under his arm, he stopped and looked at her in the eye.

“I’m always prepared, baby.” He whispered as he removed them and placed them on the counter just a little way from the table. He stood between her legs and watched as she reached into the pocket of her tailored dress and held up her knife.

“Me too.” She said as she tossed the knife to the counter and it landed beside his weapons.

She put her hands in his hair and pulled him in for a kiss as she stood up, and began to remove his shirt, as his hands found the zip going down her slender back.

“Turn around.” His voice was low and seductive.

She obeyed and turned, and he continued to undo the zip of her grey dress, he let it pool to a heap at her feet. Her breathing was heavy as she felt his hands skim over her shoulders down her arms, he planted kisses behind her ear.

He couldn’t help but get hard by looking at her, her ass was stunning in the purple and black lace lingerie.

“Bend over.” He instructed in her ear, and to his delight she did. He kissed her back as he removed her bra tossing to the floor. He moved his hands slowly down her back. She bit her lips and she felt his hands move to her hips and then down her smooth legs. He was teasing her, and she loved it.

Luca put himself on his knees behind her, and slowly removed her now wet panties. It was incredible how responsive she was, he hadn’t known a woman like her.

He was normally a quick fuck kind of guy, very rarely went down on a woman, yet he was ready to devour her. Hayley gasped in shock as she felt his tongue as her entrance, his tongue tasting her, teasing her clit and working its way around her pussy.

“Luca.” She moaned as he lapped up her folds, and his arm snaked around her leg and found her clit and he applied pressure rubbing her bud.

Her cries made him strain in his dress pants, but he kept his tongue teasing her. He felt her legs strain, and she was on her tiptoes.

Hayley knew she was close, and he gently sucked her folds causing her undoing.

“Luca!” She called out his name in ecstasy, he took her to another world, he never stopped as she came he drank her juices.

“I need you!” She breathed and that was what he wanted to hear. He quickly stood up dropping his pants, and quickly he was filling her up. Hayley felt him inside of her and she craved it, loved it.

He started slowly, but her tightness got him eager and he soon built up speed. Taking her like this, excited her and he loved her like this. But, he wanted to see her, he flipped her so her back was on the table and her breasts perky and in full view. He bent over and moved deeper in her causing her to cry out, he then sucked her nipple, whilst his hands held her hips tight.

His mouth moved up to her, and she could taste herself on him and this got her hotter. And together they came, calling out their names bringing themselves slowly down from their high.

Luca kissed her as she slowed her heart rate down, he scooped her up bridal style and carried her to his room, and in his arms, she fell asleep.

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