Marcello Mafia Series- Dark Side of the Moon

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Chapter 35- A Bloody Message

“This is pretty messed up!” Frankie said breathlessly as he picked up the towel to wipe away the sweat and then readjusted his white hand wrap.

He looked back up at his boss who took a drink from the water bottle nearby. Frankie had just listened to the whole story, they were forming a three-way alliance with Genovese and Borroni.

“I know, not as fucked up as paying the bail for fucking Borroni!” Luca hissed as he hit the punching bag violently.

Frankie sighed as he held the bag and allowed Luca to hit it. Frankie trusted Luca to make the right decisions, but trusting the other families was a hard pill to swallow.

“That’ll go down for the history books,” Frankie laughed, and Luca looked at his friend harshly before violently assaulting the punching bag. “So, let me get this straight we are not telling any of our guys.” Luca nodded as he hit the bag, one punch causing Frankie to take a steady step back.

“Genovese thinks we have a rat or two in our families,” Luca shrugged, he was probably right, Frankie nodded. “They don’t even know you know, we all agreed on telling our underbosses, but I trust you.” He stopped hitting the bag to look at his friend.

“Aw boss,” Frankie teased. “I knew you loved me, in honesty you love me more than Nic,” Luca shook his head at his friend. “What?”

Frankie gave out a light chuckle before he went serious again. “So, what are we going to do next?” Frankie asked, he had no idea, and that was what he hated. He liked the control, he liked to be in charge.

“The ball is in Genovese’s court, he orchestrated this, so it is up to him how we approach it.” Luca adjusted his own hand wraps.

“I suppose if it all goes wrong it is his call.” Frankie pointed out, Luca nodded.

“It also means we are sitting ducks, this could be a plot by him to get us to let our guard down.” Luca voiced his concerns.

“But, you don’t think it is?” Frankie knew Luca, he would never trust anyone without any reason too.

“No, I don’t. Toby Sanchez already confirmed the cops have a Detective hidden away, who knows who it is and what they know. If this cop has access to rats, who knows what secrets, locations and names they have.” This did frighten Luca a little, he right now only had two people he trusted and for now, it would stay that way.

“We have a letter from Genovese.” Nic entered the gym holding a handwritten note.

“Is he a fucking idiot?” Luca hissed as he took the note addressed to himself and Nic. “This could have fallen into anyone’s hand.”

“It was given to me by a hooker, she was paid a lot to pass this on and ask no questions. But, I have a feeling we won’t be seeing her again.” Nic explained, Luca shook his head before he read the letter. It was open, obviously, Nic had already.

*Luca and Nic.

The plan is to go about our business, let the cops believe there is no underworld alliance. Borroni is going to make his release known, in four days we will meet and plan the next part. I suggest you try and flush out your rat or rats.


That was his grand plan, wait and then meet to plan in four days. Luca crumpled the paper between the palms of his hands.

Then he began to think about what Lorenzo would do to make his presence known, knowing Borroni it would be something extravagant. This was a fucking nightmare. Luca’s cell sang, and he read that the caller ID was Ric.

"Ciao,” Luca spoke down the phone, as Frankie took the note from his boss.

“Hayley is leaving for work. Something about a meeting.” Luca looked at the clock on the wall it said 10:30 am.

“Fine, get a car ready for her, I’ll be down in a minute. Then you will take her to work.” Luca hung up and walked out of the Gym and down the two flights of stairs, closely followed by Nic and a half-dressed Frankie.

Hayley was caught off guard as she watched Luca shirtless walk down the stairs, she raised her eyebrows.

“Like what you see baby?” Luca beamed a smile towards her.

“Maybe.” She smiled widely before he kissed her, but he was careful not to touch him as he knew he had been sweating.

She looked gorgeous in a straight black skirt and a deep purple silk blouse with capped sleeves. He was glad he insisted on taking her shopping for new work clothes.

“Of course, she does.” Frankie beamed, Luca and Hayley both looked at him.

“Look at me, I’m a Greek god.” Frankie gestured to his own toned, muscular body.

Hayley couldn’t deny all three of these men were stunning, and clearly looked after themselves, but her eyes were only on Luca.

“Frankie, fuck off,” Luca said as Nic pushed a sweaty Frankie into the kitchen, away from the hallway Hayley and Luca stood in, Ric was waiting in the car in the rain.

“I best go.” Hayley grabbed her deep burgundy coat and her handbag. He kissed her one more time.

“See you later, beautiful.” He promised, and she kissed him one last time.

“I look forward to it.” She smiled before she opened the door and ran to the car.

The band was not bad, Hayley sat and listened to them as they gave her a demo of the music they did.

There were a couple of bar guys sorting out the bar as she sat, one had been kind enough to make her a coffee.

“I’ll be in touch.” She shook the lead singer’s hand and the band left the club, and she returned the table she had set up in front of the stage.

“Hello, Darling.” The voice made her skin crawl, she looked up to see Borroni standing in front of her table.

She stood up but a hand, from someone standing behind her, pushed her shoulder so she was back in her seat.

“What the hell do you want?” Hayley was petrified of this man, this man had her force a gun to her head, this man was a crazy bastard.

Lorenzo loved the fire in this girl, he loved her wild eyes and her tempting little body.

Why did he and Luca have the same taste in irresistible women? Hayley remained bold and confident even if inside she was shaking like a leaf.

“I’m here to send a message.” He spoke to Hayley.

He then gave a single solemn nod and suddenly men filled the room and started wrecking the place. Hayley was dragged up from her chair by the guy who held her down.

“Get your hands off me!” She struggled, her hand went to her discreet pocket to grab her flick knife, she was thrown at Borroni, who grabbed her as the beauty slammed into his chest.

“Back off, you bastard.” She cried out over the noisy chaos of the guys wrecking the place.

She brought the blade to Lorenzo’s throat, he was impressed as he felt the cold metal on his skin. Her eyes were wide on his green ones.

“Let. Me. Go.” Her angst spoke through gritted teeth.

Lorenzo wasn’t going to let this bitch tell him what to do, so he put his gun to her temple. He felt her stiffen as she felt the gun at her head, she gasped a little.

“Gun beats knife.” He mused. “Drop the knife, piccola ragazza.” He spoke slowly.

(Little Girl)

Hayley didn’t drop the knife. But he felt it move slightly, her grip had weakened. He nodded at Vitali who took the knife from her hand and stepped away from his boss and the Marcello woman.

Lorenzo turned her around so her back was against his chest, he could feel her shaking. She tried to calm herself, but it was hard with a gun pressed to your temple, she watched as her two bar guys stood with guns at their head too, as other men smashed bottles, stools and whatever else they could.

"Abbiamo finito ragazzi, penso che Luca riceverà il messaggio ora.” Lorenzo shouted, his voice echoed in her head. The men immediately stopped and looked at their boss.

(We are done boys, I think Luca will get the message now.)

Then he chuckled lowly. “Wait I think, this will send the ultimate message.” His words were dark, as his eyes bore into her.

Hayley held her breath. He had threatened to kill her in the game of Roulette, he threatened to fuck her while Luca watched.

Hayley tried to control herself, but a tear slipped down her face as she braced herself for whatever Lorenzo had in his twisted mind to do to her. She closed her eyes and braced herself for the pain.

Two shots echoed through the room causing her to scream and her eyes open wide in horror. She was in shock as she was still alive and could feel no pain. Lorenzo’s arm was outstretched past her ear, over her shoulder. She followed the length of his arm and saw where his gun had aimed at.

“Oh, God.” She choked as she noticed her two bartenders were not standing where they were, and she could see the blood splatters along with the broken bottles behind the bar where they stood. She made a wrenching sound.

She felt Lorenzo let go, but her legs were too weak to hold her up and she fell to her knees, and she was shaking. The room was silent, the men all looking at Luca’s woman, at the feet of their boss.

“Call Luca,” Lorenzo ordered as he held out his cell towards Hayley.

Hayley looked up at the monster, who was stooped to her level bending at the knees. She shook her head, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction, but he held out his gun.

“Call. Him.” He demanded.

Hayley swallowed the bile that rose in her throat, she wanted to be sick. The phone was already with the saved number of Luca. Luca answered on the first ring, tears flowed as she heard his familiar voice.

“Borroni!” He hissed down the phone, Lorenzo could hear everything, and he revelled in all of these dramatics.

“Luca.” She sobbed, her voice was weak, broken and tear-filled.

“Hayley?” His voice softened but laced with confusion. “Baby, where are you?”

He was angry, Borroni was going to die! Before Hayley could speak again Borroni took the phone from her to speak to his frenemy.

"Ciao, Luca!” Lorenzo beamed as Hayley sobbed beside him, he was sure Luca could hear.

“Where the fuck have you taken her?” Luca spoke violently down the phone, Lorenzo laughed.

“She’s at work Luca,” Lorenzo spoke with amusement in his voice. “I’m going to leave her for you to find, I’ve sent you a message, I’m sure you will understand when you get here.”

“You bas-” But Lorenzo hung up before Luca finished the sentence.

He looked down at Hayley, who was trying to hold herself together but failing miserably. “Luca’s on his way now Darling.” He stood upright, and she locked her bloodshot eyes up at him.

“You bastard,” she finished Luca’s sentence for him, he just chuckled and looked at the men.

“Let’s go gents, goodbye Darling.” He took the knife from Vitali and dropped it to the floor beside Hayley.

All she could do was watch as the room emptied. She felt so weak at that moment, she wished she could have stood up to him like she knew the brave, strong inner Hayley could.

She slowly picked herself off the floor, she was dizzy and her eyes were still crying. She looked at the destruction Borroni had caused, and her eyes locked on to the blood splatters.

She felt herself gag and put her hand to her mouth, and ran towards the nearest thing to vomit in, it was a cleaning bucket. She threw up violently, tears flowing. They were innocent, she whimpered to herself in between violently throwing up.

“Hayley!” Luca’s voice called out and she looked up to see a group enter the club, Luca led it followed by Frankie and Nic. Then some guys like Tony, Dom, Ric followed in, and her eyes caught Max’s for a second who looked wide-eyed at the chaos.

“Jesus,” Frankie murmured. Luca looked at Hayley who was hunched over in the corner near the stage as far away from the bar as possible.

He ran to her and knelt beside her, pulling her shaking body into his arms. She was sobbing uncontrollably about things, he couldn’t understand her, he stroked her back shushing her and soothing her.

Nic spotted the blood splatter first, he gently tapped Frankie at his side and used his head to silently point to it. Frankie took a deep breath as he followed Nic towards the bar, and the pair looked over to see two bodies slumped on the floor. They had both taken a single bullet to the centre of the forehead.

"Fucking Borroni,” Frankie hissed, he looked over to their boss who was still comforting Hayley. Nic also looked at poor Hayley. “You reckon she saw the whole thing?” Frankie asked, and Nic nodded.

“I think we get the message,” Nic whispered. “Lorenzo could have killed her, but he spared her. He is back, and his hit on her is off.”

“Baby?” Luca murmured it to her ear as he carefully helped her to her feet. He could feel her shaking in his hold, it made him sick he couldn’t protect her from this.

“I just let him,” She choked shaking her head. “He killed them.” She sobbed, he held her close to him.

“You couldn’t have stopped him.” He murmured. Luca was furious, he turned to look at his men, his eyes finding Nic and Frankie.

Both subtly pointed out the blood splatter, Luca got his message, and he would retaliate. Alliance or no alliance.

"Shit!” He heard Siobhan shout as she entered the club floor. He just held Hayley close. Hayley watched her boss enter and pulled away from Luca and walked towards Siobhan, tears rolling down her cheek.

“Siobhan, I’m so sorry I’m going to get this cleaned up.” She vowed. Hayley felt guilty she was left in charge. Siobhan hugged Hayley, before pulling away again.

“No, you’re not, Ava is downstairs you and her are going back to your apartment. Take a shower and let me and Luca handle this shit.” She ordered.

Hayley didn’t argue. Hayley turned and Looked at Luca, who held her hand lightly and kissed her cheek.

“I’ll talk to you later, don’t worry about this..” He kept his voice low, she nodded and walked up the stairs avoiding looking at the blood, the trauma caused by Borroni.

“Ric, Dom go with them. Stay outside that apartment.” Luca instructed harshly, and the pair nodded and left the club.

Siobhan was mad as hell, Luca could see the anger in the powerful woman who had a huge hand in raising him. Even Nic and Frankie knew the shit storm that was heading Luca’s way.

“Leave us,” She shouted. The men never moved. ”Fucking move!” She yelled as she turned viciously to the group of ten or fifteen hard Mafia men, the heavy men Luca had assembled quickly to take on Borroni. Luca nodded, and the guys left.

"Not you two.” She barked pointing at the two right hands of Luca Marcello. Both froze instantly on the spot. Her wild emerald eyes looked back at Luca.

“I fucking knew it,” She spoke slowly he could hear the anger at the back of her throat. “I fucking knew it!” She screeched as she picked up the first thing to hand a piece of one of her bar stools and threw it at Luca, who ducked narrowly missing it.

“You got involved with Genovese and my fucking club loses, shit Luca!” She shouted.

“This wasn’t Genovese.” Luca protested, but he knew it didn’t matter.

It didn’t matter whether it was a Genovese, a Borroni or any of the other two big families, it happened to her club, she was the victim.

“I’m calling it in Luca.” As she took out her mobile.

She noticed the blood on the broken mirror, she wasn’t stupid, she had seen blood patterns like that. Her stomach churned as she pictured her staff back there dead.

“They were fucking innocent Luca!” She hissed, he nodded.

“Keep Hayley from the report.” He demanded. She exhaled violently.

“Let us call it in Siobhan.” Nic calmly stepping forwards, he knew he was stepping towards the angry bear that was Siobhan. Frankie was wide-eyed, he admired Nic for his sheer bravery.

“I’ve got a cop who will file it and keep our secrets,” Nic explained. Siobhan nodded and smiled at Nic warmly before she turned to face Luca with a dark face.

“Clean this shit, Luca.” She spat violently, she was beyond mad at him. “Then sort out whatever shit you have dragged my club and Hayley into. I fucking mean it, Luca.”

She kicked a broken table and marched to her office. Luca let out an angry growl and kicked the nearby debris. Nic had gotten his phone out to call Toby Sanchez.

“Nic, you sort this out. We need it open for tonight.” Nic nodded, as he put the phone to his ear and walked a little way to call Toby. Frankie stepped forward and he had an evil glint in his eye.

“You, me and our guys are going after Borroni.” Luca’s words were firm, Borroni was about to pay for his destruction

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