Marcello Mafia Series- Dark Side of the Moon

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Chapter 36- Revenge or Alliance?

Ava had no clue how to comfort Hayley, all she had was a hug and a hot mug of tea. Ava wasn’t stupid, she knew everything the Marcello men got up to. She knew all about the drugs, the weapons and of course the violence. However, unlike Hayley, she had never witnessed it.

“It’ll be okay, I’m sure Luca and Nic will sort it all out.” Ava comforted Hayley in the living area, the area where she had first met the Detective.

Tears were starting to form again, Luca would sort everything, but she couldn’t help but think about the innocents. Two men were killed for what? Hayley hadn’t a clue why, she just knew it was because Lorenzo wanted to get Luca’s attention and it succeeded.

“It will never be okay.” Hayley choked through her tears, she was angry.

She was angry with herself for not stopping Lorenzo, angry with Lorenzo for killing those young guys and she was angry with Luca. She didn’t know why she was angry with Luca, he never pulled the trigger, but it was all for his attention.

Hayley hated that she wanted Luca so much, she hated everything about the situation. The detective had a metaphoric gun to her head and Luca had one at her heart and it hurt her.

She was reminded of the detective’s words “Luca and company are bad men. You have the power to do the right thing.” She had no power before when Borroni had her and killed those innocent men. However, she did have the power to stop him, right?

“I’m going for a lie-down.” Hayley lied, Ava just nodded.

Ava watched as Hayley walked to the bedroom, Ava was worried about her friend but how could she not be? She was running with wolves and she wasn’t sure Hayley could cope with Luca and Nic’s world.

Hayley sat on the bed in the room that she had made her own when she came to New York. The double bed took over the room, a dresser to the left just before the door to her bathroom, and a wardrobe.

She sighed as she crouched down to the loose floorboard and moved it. Her stomach dropped as she looked at the white corset, it was still a little red from the fake blood, it had stained through. She pushed the white corset out the way and pulled out the brown files from underneath it.

She carefully sat on the bed and put the files in front of her. She moved the one with her name on it and put it on the floor by the open floorboard, she didn’t need to see all that again.

Then she read the file names “Wheeler Brothers.” She didn’t need to see the faces of two police informants, their bodies were etched on her brain. That wouldn’t help her today, so she placed that file away with hers.

“Missing persons - Family Members.” She sighed and placed that file on the floor. Those men like Artem, the three men at the poker game, reaped what they sowed.

She looked at the final file, “Victims/missing persons- Unknown.” They were just faces, young and old, men and women. Her stomach churned as some were just photos, normal snaps that the cops were using to find them.

She smiled at them, they looked happy. A woman celebrating her 18th, a fifty-something on holiday with his wife, a woman in a wedding gown and a teenager in a school yearbook picture. Each photo had a life behind it, and a tragedy to end it.

She hadn’t properly looked at the file when she was with the cop, but she was now. Further in the file was what horrified her, they were police reports. Deaths, murders.

Hayley looked at the photos of corpses, victims of “Organized crime fight”. Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like the boys killed today. She read as some were shot, some were run over, car accidents after a police pursuit with “gang members”. It was terrible.

She couldn’t read anymore so she got off the bed and placed the files back under the floor and replaced the floorboard.

She wasn’t powerless, Borroni had killed two men today and she had the power to stand up to him. Borroni was a criminal and deserved what he got.

But did Luca? That voice in my head replied yes, he would have killed them too to prove a point, make a statement. But, the voice in her heart reminded her that Luca wasn’t like Borroni, but how did she know otherwise? Hayley flew out of the room grabbing her bag and coat.

“Hayley?” Ava watched a frantic looking Hayley run around the living area.

“I need to go back, I need a shower and my toiletries-” But Ava interrupted.

“You can borrow mine, I have shampoo-” Hayley stopped her, no Hayley needed her toiletries bag.

“Please, I want my own stuff,” Hayley went for the door. “I’ll text you!”

Hayley ran through the apartment block out the front door. Dom was having a cigarette and he looked at the door as it opened.

“Please can you take me to Luca’s?” Dom grabbed the car door before she did and opened it for her.

“Of course.” He closed the door and jumped in the front with Ric, who looked puzzled.

The boss hadn’t said Hayley was going back to the house, but they knew the boss wasn’t home, nobody was. Ric drove as Dom texted Nic to let him know Hayley was going to Luca’s, they couldn’t worry Luca right now he was out for Borroni.

Hayley thanked Dom and Ric, told them she was having a rest and went to the bedroom. His smell was still lingering; it made her skin tingle, but she tried to ignore it as she grabbed her bag. In the bathroom, she turned on the phone and read a message the detective had sent.

*I heard The Dublin had an accident, and you were there. Details?* She sighed and dialled the number and he answered on the first ring.

“Hayley.” He spoke, she took in a deep breath before speaking.

“It was Lorenzo Borroni,” Hayley muttered quietly and quickly. “He came in and shot two guys,” Hayley said, she felt the relief washed over her.

“Why? Did he say why?” Hayley was puzzled, why wasn’t he asking about the two bartenders. “Hayley?” He called down the phone.

“He said he was making a point to Luca,” Hayley replied softly as a tear or two slipped down her face.

"Fuck,” The detective hissed. “Borroni was in prison up until last night, some idiot paid his bail.” The detective seemed pissed off.

“The bar guys-” Hayley began but cut him off.

“Is this all you have?” The detective said, he seemed angry.

“Isn’t this enough?” She hissed, he laughed down the phone.

“Really? You have given me a shoot up in a club, well known to be associated with Siobhan Byrne the Godmother of Luca Marcello. The shoot was staged by Borroni, Marcello’s enemy. Nah, I need more than that.” The detective spat.

Hayley didn’t give a shit she cared about the innocent people.

“The guys who were kil-” He cut her off again with a sigh.

“A police report was filed; their families will be notified,” His tone was cold. Hayley felt betrayed by his love for innocents. “Do you have anything else for me?”

She thought about Genovese’s visit. But, the trust in the detective was not there; she didn’t feel the need to tell him more.

“No.” She replied, he sighed violently.

“Then you will have to do better than that.” Then the line went dead. Hayley dropped her hand to her lap looking at the phone, what about the bar guys? That was her only thought.

Luca had watched and waited for his enemy to come out of the strip club and eventually did and Luca watched as Lorenzo paid the blonde whore and took her hand followed loyally by Vitali and another goon.

Luca’s guys were scattered around, ready but Luca laughed this would be easy as he was underprepared for retaliation, especially one this quick.

“Now!” Luca instructed as his men leapt into action.

The girl screamed as Luca, Tony, Frankie and Chuck stood in front of the four of them. Borroni’s eyes were wild on Luca’s. Vitali and the other guy grabbed their guns, but Borroni shook his head.

“I’ll come quietly, he has a score to settle.” Luca was puzzled by Lorenzo’s actions as he walked towards Luca, Frankie was also suspicious.

“You killed two people, threatened Hayley.” Luca hissed slowly.

This was confusing for everyone Marcello and Borroni did not talk, they fought. Luca picked his gun from his holster and put the gun past Borroni and pointed it over his shoulder. Luca fired one shot, the girl screamed again.

“One life for a life Borroni. I will take another tonight, mark my words,” he confirmed fiercely. “But, I have some questions for you first,” Luca spoke lowly to his enemy, who nodded. Borroni looked behind to see that Vitali was still alive.

“You!” Frankie walked to the girl and gave her a wad of money. She looked petrified as he grabbed her arm and turned her from the men, and towards the exit of the alley passing the army that had circled Borroni.

“You saw fucking nothing, I’ve got your face etched in my memory, you talk I kill, got it?” The girl nodded frantically and ran away. “Guys, go to the casino and await a call, move it,” Frankie instructed.

He then stood behind Vitali and put his gun to the back of his head. ”

Put the fucking gun down.” Vitali sighed and did as instructed, Chuck picked up the guns and Tony put his gun to Borroni’s head.

“Angelo, Tony I need you to head back to the house,” Luca informed them.

He needed to get rid of them. The men looked confused and nodded before leaving in the cars like others.

Luca waited before they were gone before they spoke. “I’m going to make this brief,” Luca’s tone was filled with authority, Lorenzo remained silent. “You made your point, now leave my businesses and her alone.” Luca threatened.

“You won’t hurt me, Luca, not now.” Lorenzo teased. Luca in a swift movement used the gun to hit Lorenzo in the face, it caused Lorenzo to bleed and swear.

“You’re right, I won’t kill you. Right now, the alliance is keeping your ass alive. But, I will hurt you if you touch her again.” Luca promised.

Frankie just stood with the gun to Vitali, how was Luca going to play this? His men will expect him to kill Borroni, but he can’t.

“But, you can’t kill me.” Lorenzo laughed, his laugh echoed into Luca’s mind, and he looked past Lorenzo and laughed himself before looking back at his enemy.

“No, you’re right I can’t kill you. But,” Luca laughed again. “I can kill Vitali, I only need you alive.” Luca pointed out.

Luca watched as Lorenzo’s face darkened. Luca wouldn’t kill Vitali, not yet anyway. Killing Vitali would only lead Borroni to do the same, killing Nic or Frankie. Frankie chuckled.

“Say the words boss,” Frankie called out to his boss.

“Kill him, and alliance or no alliance I will take one of your right hands, Luca.” Lorenzo threatened a threat Luca knew would come.

Luca showed no weakness and fired a warning shot, he aimed it, so it scraped across Vitali’s shoulder he grunted in pain and dropped to one knee. Vitali squirmed but refused to show weakness, it impressed Luca.

“That,” he looked back at Lorenzo. “Was a warning, come near Hayley again and I will kill him.” Luca then turned on his heel and walked back to the car. Frankie used his foot to kick Vitali over and walk to follow Luca.

“What will we tell the guys?” Frankie asked as he drove, and Luca read a text from Nic explaining Hayley had gone to his apartment.

“Tell them, there is a bigger plan in motion, drop me off at home, you go to the warehouse tell them whatever will keep them quiet for the next two days,” Luca instructed, and Frankie just nodded.

Luca watched the CCTV footage of the club that Nic sent to his phone. Luca watched as Hayley bravely tried to take on Borroni, he was proud of her.

“Where is she?” Lucas first words as he entered the house, Nic stood in the hallway and used his head to point to the staircase.

Luca nodded and briskly walked past his cousin to his bedroom. He opened the door to the sound of muffled music. He could see the light from his ensuite.

Luca sighed as he removed his jacket and placed it carefully on the chair along with his tie, undoing his cuffs rolling up the sleeves, and undoing his top button.

He opened the door to his bathroom to find Hayley in the large deep oval grey stone bathtub, the music playing gentle piano music, she looked at him as he walked in.

She couldn’t help but stop to look at him, he walked to the side of the bathtub. Hayley had filled the room with the sweet aroma of the expensive bubble bath, he knew he had some but he never took baths, he was a shower guy.

“Did everything go okay?” She asked softly as he got on to his knees and faced her beautiful face as she sat up, the foam covering her ivory body.

“Yeah, baby we sorted it.” He confirmed, his voice was low and filled with reassurance, he had to make her feel safe.

“They didn’t deserve to die.” She mumbled, he could see the pain in her eyes, the sadness. He agreed with her.

“I know,” He murmured. “Their deaths have not gone unnoticed, the police are not interested, victims of a club hold up.” Hayley knew this, the police didn’t care.

“Borroni has paid for their lives, their families will be looked after too. I am making sure everything is as okay as it can be,” Luca promised. “They didn’t deserve to die. But, I’m just thankful it wasn’t you.” Her heart fluttered at his words, but she couldn’t help but feel the guilt.

“But it was my fault.” He put his hand on her face gently as she spoke and shook his head.

“Hayley, this is not your fault. This, this is my fault. I left you unprotected, I brought you into my violent world.”

“Kiss me.” She whispered, he looked at her bright eyes and without hesitation he kissed her. She knew he was a bad man, he murdered, and he had probably hurt someone today. Her mouth was lost in his, as her mind wandered.

He hurt people, bad people. But, he felt remorse. He cared about those guys and their families, the police didn’t. She pulled away and looked at him as he kept his hand on her beautiful face.

“Join me.” She asked simply.

He smiled, she was so innocent. She was seeing past the shit he had to do, when he couldn’t forgive himself she could.

She watched as he removed his clothes, and she admired his naked body, his toned chest, his dark artwork that littered his skin. She shuffled down and he slipped in behind her and pulled her back so she lay her back to his chest.

“This is nice.” She whispered as they lay in the bath while the music played and she enjoyed feeling his hands moving across her body. She heard him murmur in agreement.

“I saw the camera footage. You were very brave today.” He remembered the footage of Hayley standing up to Borroni with the knife.

“I tried.” Hayley shrugged as she felt him kiss her head.

“You did great baby, you did all you could do.” He knew she couldn’t fight off the army Lorenzo had against her. Hayley wished she could have done more and save those innocent men.

“We’ll get our ultimate revenge on Borroni, he won’t get away with making me look like a fool and threatening you.” He murmured, she nodded in agreement. She had already made that promise to herself, Borroni would pay and she was determined to get justice for them.

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