Marcello Mafia Series- Dark Side of the Moon

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Chapter 38- Do You Know The Enemy?

Hayley was done crying, eventually. She was angry, she trusted him and he let her down. She had been a fool, he was the Mafia and she should have stayed clear of him.

His words echoed in her head as she sat staring aimlessly around his grey monochrome room. She was used to bossy men, her father, Alex Hunter. She wouldn’t let Luca Marcello do the same.

She wasn’t going to lie, somewhere inside she was scared of Luca. She knew what he was capable of, what he could do to her. However, she had more about her.

To be honest she would walk away, let the detective take her just so she didn’t have to cope with the pain of reliving what happened in the meeting room. She was not one of his men, and she deserved the truth.

Her fingers danced over the buttons of the phone. She toyed with the idea of calling the detective and tell him it was over and She couldn’t do it anymore.

However, fear always crept in. Who would be waiting for her once she was taken from Luca? Would Luca let her leave alive? The detective had the power here. She placed the phone back in her toiletries bag and waited.

It was late as Tony pulled up to the house. Luca sighed as he looked up to the dimly lit window of his bedroom. She must just have the bedside lights on.

“Boss?” Frankie spoke as Luca entered the hallway. Luca looked worn out, he had clearly been drinking perhaps a tad too much. “You okay?”

“Yep, fine.” His tone was cold as he looked up at the staircase leading to the bedroom. He shook his head and walked into the grand living room.

It had a glass wall to the left, an enormous ‘L’ shaped sofa facing a modern fireplace. He sauntered to the metal table in the corner and poured himself another glass of scotch.

Frankie watched silently in the grand, unused room. He watched as Luca tossed the entire drink to the back of his throat. Luca could handle his drink, just like Frankie could. But this didn’t stop Frankie from being concerned for his boss and friend.

“How did things go?” Frankie asked as he watched as Luca poured a second glass.

Luca never Looked at Frankie as he drank the second glass of burning liquor. He answered him, telling him everything went as smoothly as it could have gone. His mind thought instantly of Hayley, and how she put herself in danger.

“How’s Hayley?” His voice was low as he spoke, and Frankie shrugged.

“She cried, but I think she got the message,” Luca looked up at a hard-faced Frankie. “That you’re the boss and your word is the law.”

Frankie wasn’t above scaring women, to be honest, his job was to make sure he kept the family safe. That unfortunately meant women were threatened. That doesn’t mean he enjoyed doing it. Particularly to Hayley, she deserved better. Better than the Mafia boss.

“Go to The Venetian, take Tony with you,” Luca instructed as he placed the glass on the metal side table, and walked towards his friend. “I need to speak to Hayley.”

“Boss, that’s probably not a good idea,” Frankie explained. “I’m the only member here, the house is unprotected.”

“And my enemies have just been sitting drinking whiskey in my club,” Luca pointed out. “Right now my home and I have never been safer.”

Frankie was unsure of what he should do. Loyally he should listen to Luca and leave. However, Luca was drunk and he was angry with Hayley. He couldn’t leave her, could he?

“Frankie, go to the club.” Luca’s tone was forceful.

Frankie reluctantly nodded before walking out of the grand living area into the hallway. Luca followed him, Frankie looked briefly upstairs before leaving the house.

Hayley wasn’t asleep as she heard the bedroom door creak open. Her heart was pounding as she watched him slowly enter the dimly lit room. His face was hard as stone, but still, he was beautiful. Evil, but stunning.

“You’re back.” She croaked, her voice betraying her.

“It is my house.” He muttered as he walked to the chair removing his jacket and placing it ever so carefully on the chair.

Hayley sighed heavily as her eyes continued to watch him. He removed his tie, opening his top two buttons and then cautiously taking off his expensive shoes. She quietly slipped out of the bed and stood beside the bed.

“I’m so angry with you.” Her weak voice whispered.

His laugh was cold, deep and low. He slowly turned to face her. She stood in one of his shirts.

“Me too, mia cara." He was angry, and he had every right to be.

(My Dear)

He turned fully to face Hayley, she remained strong when inside she was shaking.

“I bet, my anger is a lot scarier than yours.” His words were dark and threatening.

“You don’t scare me.” Hayley lie, but to her relief, her voice never faltered this time.

“What the hell does scare you, huh?” He was furious, she could see the anger in his eyes. “Because a room full of my enemies didn’t ignite a hint of the fear it should have.”

“Enemies?” She scoffed, as she shook her head. “They weren’t your enemies tonight Luca.”

Hayley could only feel the hate for Lorenzo Borroni coursing through her body. She could only see the bodies of the men he had killed in The Dublin. She hated that bastard.

“They could have killed you, you foolish woman!” He shouted.

“Yeah well, I would have died doing the right thing Luca!”

He laughed at her words, she just glared at the man in front of him.

“The right thing? Do you think I give a shit about doing the right thing?” He laughed again.

She felt the burning sting in her eyes, the tears begging to fall. She wanted to believe all the words he spoke of in the bathroom the night Borroni attacked The Dublin.

“I know you don’t give a shit Luca!” Her words were harsh as she fought the tears in her eyes. “You don’t give a shit about those guys he killed, you speak of justice and vengeance, yet you share a drink with their murder!”

“Hayley-” He growled, but she interrupted him.

“No, Luca,” She hissed. “They didn’t deserve to die, they didn’t deserve any of this shit!”

He could see the anger in her the hatred towards him. But, his anger never subsided. He was angry too, she put herself at risk and that couldn’t be tolerated.

“Listen to me!” He demanded but she just shook her head.

Luca walked closer to Hayley seizing her shoulders in his hands, she tried in vain to shrug him off but she couldn’t his grip was too strong.

“Hayley.” He sighed her name. ”Questa donna sarà la mia morte.”

(This woman will be the death of me)

“I don’t speak Italian, asshole!” She violently shrugged out his grasp and stepped back causing the back of her heel to catch the bedside table.

"Conosco mia cara." He chuckled and she huffed at him.

(I know my dear.)

“Your such an Italian jerk.” She shouted pushing herself off the bedside table and tried to walk past him, but his hand caught her arm.

“Get off me.”

“Listen to me, mia cara.”

“Why the hell should I?” She pulled herself from him and he dropped his hand from her.

“Because I am trying to explain.” His voice echoing around the room, igniting the fire in her belly, the anger in her heart and the storm in her soul.

“Your words mean shit, like the promise you made about those guys.”

“Hayley, I will avenge their deaths, I will get them their justice.”

Hayley shook her head at his words, another empty promise.

“When? After you have had a dinner party with Borroni, or after a game of golf with him?” The pain inside of her chest was awful, the anger was so strong.

“You don’t understand-”

“Then make me understand, Luca.” She begged.

Luca couldn’t, his head slowly shook and she sighed.

“I can’t-”

“You can, you’re the boss remember,” she raised her eyebrow. “I’m to do as I’m told right?”

He could see the pain in her eyes. Frankie was right she knew he was the boss and his word was golden, but it wasn’t what he wanted to be to her. Yet, that persona was all he knew.

“I’m just another girl, a feather bitch you can order around?” She spat.

He was quickly in front of her, his hands clasping her face.

“Don’t you dare speak about yourself like that, do you understand?” His words were harsh, she tried to pull her face from his hands, but he kept them on her.

“Then trust me, Luca.” She whispered, he sighed.

Luca looked at the eyes of the beautiful woman, he always had her protection in his mind. All he wanted was to protect her that is why he gave her himself, a month of just them.

Tonight he could have had another, he could have fucked Arianna and never thought twice about it. However, he couldn’t he wanted to come back to this woman and that was a hard truth to swallow.

She wanted the truth, that was all she wanted. Not for the detective but for her sanity. Luca sighed once more before continuing.

“I have to go along with this alliance baby,” He spoke softly. Her heart raced as she listened to him. “There is a cop, a detective who wants to take down our families.”

Hayley felt sick as she thought of detective Blake, this was because of him? Luca moved his hands gently from her face down to her shoulders and carefully held her.

“My family, the Borroni’s and the Genovese have decided to create an alliance and take him on.” Luca watched as Hayley took in everything he said, he spoke slowly and with caution, but he never stopped.

“If we don’t do this baby my family would be destroyed.”

Hayley couldn’t help but remember the faces, the people in the files. Luca, his family and the enemy families all had a hand in their deaths. The right path is justice for them and let all the mafia families go to prison. However, Hayley’s gut pained at the idea of that.

“But hear me, Hayley,” he said his words with force and conviction, it made her pretty blue eyes look at his warm chocolate ones. “I will take down Lorenzo, I will get justice for those guys.” He vowed a one she had heard before.

“I can’t,” He murmured, stroking her cheek lightly, “I can’t let this cop take down my family, he has rats within my members and I can’t risk all my family has worked so hard to build up.”

Hayley cupped his hand pulling it gently from her face and shook her head and took a step backwards, her eyes never leaving his. She felt herself knock against the chair behind her and she slumped into it.

She didn’t ask for this? She didn’t ask to fall for this Mafia man, she didn’t ask for the detective to do this to her. He was a murderer, a monster. She didn’t deserve this life, this is not what she wanted.

“This is not what I wanted.” Echoing her thoughts.

Luca remained silent as he watched as Hayley put her head in his hands, he could see the internal monologue, the internal struggle.

“I didn’t want this.” Her eyes looked up at Luca. His face softened only for a second before it hardened.

“I never promised you rainbows and sunshine, Mia cara."

“I never asked for them, Luca!” Hayley hissed, as she stood up from the chair.

“You are not a family member you can walk away from all of this shit." His words were bitter and full of anger.

“What-” He cut her off.

“You are getting too fucking involved Hayley,” Luca shook his head. “You could have been killed today, I should have beaten the shit out of you for the lack of respect you showed me.”

“Then do it!” Hayley yelled. “Get it over with, if beating me will bring back your Mafia boss image do it.”

He could feel the anger through his body. The demon, the dark in him wanted to take her and show her he was in charge. Thankfully, the small part of him suddenly became stronger than that part.

“Come on Luca, do it.” Luca walked towards her, the fear in her eyes was evident.

Hayley shook inside as she watched the tall man approach her, his hands gripped her shoulders. Of course, she was scared. She wouldn’t show it though, she wouldn’t let him win.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Hayley.” His voice whispered, and Hayley gasped weakly.

“Why?” Her voice was weak as he let go of her and turned from him.

“I just can’t.” That was all he replied.

Luca couldn’t raise his hand to this woman. Yes, she disrespected him, but he disrespected her too. He promised to get revenge for the guys, and instead, he sat and made an alliance.

Hayley stood from him, looking at his muscular back. Her heart panged for him, yearned for him. Her head, however, was staying cautious he was a mob boss.

“I am sorry Hayley.” His words shocked her, he spoke quietly without turning to face her again.

“I should have explained everything, I should have slit Lorenzo’s throat.”

Hayley slowly and quietly walked towards Luca and put her hand on his shoulder, she felt him shudder at the touch.

“If you do the cop wins, I understand now.” She spoke softly. He let out a heavy sigh.

“You should walk away from this chaos, baby.”

Hayley knew he was right, but she wouldn’t. She couldn’t turn her back on him, she wanted to, but she wouldn’t.

Luca hated himself for bringing her into his world, his home and his fucked up life. He remembered he did this to protect her from Borroni’s hit, yet now he felt he wanted the month he wanted her.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Her words shocked both of them. Luca turned to face her, her brilliant eyes lit up with a warm smile.

“Baby, you should.” Luca pulled her into him and hugged her close to her chest. He could smell her argon oil lotion, her cherry shampoo and felt the soft fabric of his shirt.

“I promised you a month Luca.” Her words muffled into him. She took the opportunity to drink him up, the smell of his cologne she loved it.

“I won’t hold you captive over that little fact.”

Hayley reluctantly pulled away from him and looked up at him reaching up to kiss his lips. The kiss was soft almost sweet. She felt him pull her closer and tighter to him. She pulled away and smiled at him.

“Let us see this month out.” She knew she was dancing with the devil, she knew she was also a puppet on the detective’s strings.

He pulled her close and kissed her mouth, she let herself fall into his kiss.

“You have to trust me. This cop business is going to be rough, I will be working hard to protect everyone.” He sighed.

“That means I might have to do things, help my enemies and keep you in the dark. But only for your safety and my families.”

Hayley didn’t want to lie to, who does. But what choice did she have? He was a Mafia boss he would always have demons in his head, and skeletons in the closest. Possibly quite literally.

“However, I will tell you about anything you should know. To stop you flying into a room of armed gangsters.” He huffed.

“I had my knife.” She shrugged, he chuckled at the fire inside of this woman.

“Yes, you and your knife. I have that in my jacket,” She remembered she must have left it in the office. “Please Hayley, stop being reckless, I can’t trust you if you are flying into my enemies’ way.”

Hayley nodded solemnly, she knew she had to be more careful.

“Let’s go to bed.” He took her hand and led her to his bed, kissing her before letting go of her hand.

Hayley lay in his arms, in the darkroom. The warmth of his naked torso touched her cheeks lightly. She felt his chest lightly move up and down. She loved lying with him, she hated that, but she couldn’t deny how good it felt.

Was she the enemy? She thought as he slept. She was the rat he was hunting, she was the enemy in his bed. But so was he. He was a monster, a criminal and the enemy to the peace of New York.

She deserved better in her life, or at least she felt she did. She deserved a normal life with a normal man. Something she dreamed about and thought would just happen.

She was unlucky that the two men she had loved in her lifetime were not normal, both wicked in their own unique ways.

She detested herself, she hated what she was doing. She was a liar, the detective was creating a darkness within her that only he could control. Yet, Luca was doing exactly the same.

Luca was creating darkness to run with his own, she would never have witnessed the murders, the gang crime and the criminal activities before him. But now it was second nature.

Luca was changing her, the detective was manipulating her and she was stuck in between a war she wasn’t prepared to fight in.

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