Marcello Mafia Series- Dark Side of the Moon

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Chapter 39- The Three Traitors

Luca found it hard to sleep, his mind was too messed up too full of the events of the past few days.

Hayley slept in his arms, he played carefully with her brunette hair and wished for an easier way for him to love her. She didn’t deserve this, but he couldn’t let her go not yet.

He slipped out of the bed and headed to the bathroom. It was still really early the sun had yet to rise in the sky, he had too much to do, too much rested on his broad shoulders.

He let the hot waterfall shower drench his muscular, tattooed body. He let the shower wash the anger from last night away.

Luca had learnt to deal with the hate he felt towards himself. From the first time, he killed someone he had hated himself, but he had learnt to control it. His father reminded him that the hatred he felt towards himself was the reason others feared him, and why people followed him.

Last night he allied himself with his enemies, people who he wanted dead and in return wouldn’t think twice about killing him. He needed to end this soon, find his rats and kill them. Rats can’t live.

He shaved and changed, dressing as he always did. He prided himself on his appearance, he liked to dress well.

Luca took one look at the sleeping woman in his bed before leaving the room.

“Morning boss.” Nic nodded at his cousin as he walked into the kitchen where, sitting at the breakfast bar was Nic, Frankie, Dom and Tony.

“Morning,” Luca headed towards the coffee machine where a fresh pot had just finished brewing, “I need a second with Nic and Frankie.”

Dom and Tony said nothing they loyally left the room, they took no offence at being told to leave.

“Updates?” Luca stood at the breakfast bar looking at his two right hands.

“I’ve organised everything for the casino night, I am personally going to deliver the invitations this morning.” Nic pointed to the fancy envelopes that were between him and Luca.

“Vitali has given me everything on their rat,” Frankie added.

Luca sighed loudly before taking a sip from the cup. He knew he had promised to take out their rat and hand them to the cop, dead.

“Genovese thinks we should wait until after the casino night to take him out,” Nic interjected.

“What difference does it make?” Frankie hissed as he stood up and went to pour himself another cup. Luca watched his friend it looked like he hadn’t seen his bed at all.

“He thinks we can personally deliver the rat to the cop but we need to find out his name.” Luca looked back at Nic.

“This sounds a little too dramatic for Genovese,” Luca pursed his lips. “I bet Lorenzo has had his little input.”

“But he has a point.” Nic shrugged as he finished off his coffee.

Luca sighed as he thought of everything. Delivering the rat personally to the cop that thought he was one up on the Borroni family would send a better message.

“Fine, let’s keep him alive until after the party.”

Nic excused himself to carry on with the preparations, Frankie stayed in the kitchen with his boss.

“Everything okay with Hayley last night?” He asked, Luca nodded.

Frankie had been worried about his boss and his woman. He didn’t want to leave Luca alone with her, he didn’t trust him or her.

Last night Hayley put herself in danger, undermined his authority and he was angry with her. Luca could be a cruel bastard and hated being challenged.

The door opened, and Frankie and Luca watched as Max entered the room.

“Morning boss, Frankie I’m just letting you know the ammo drop went fine last night no cops and no casualties.”

“There wouldn’t be our enemies are or friends for now.” Frankie huffed, Luca just glanced at Frankie.

Luca knew Frankie didn’t want this alliance, he had buried too many of his friends, street runners and family because of our enemies.

“I dropped the cash with Nic.” Max added before Frankie offered him some coffee which he accepted and took a seat beside Frankie.

“Good,” Luca spoke before finishing off his coffee. “I’m taking Hayley out this morning for breakfast, then I’m taking her shopping for a dress for the casino party. Max go and get us a car ready.” Max nodded and left the room.

“You sure you want her there?” Frankie asked, Luca nodded.

“She’ll enjoy it,” Luca shrugged. “I want you, Ric and Dom on the security. No guns are to be brought into the event.”

“You’re crazy!” Frankie couldn’t believe what his boss had said.

“Trust me, no guns, no weapons and no drugs. Understand.” Frankie nodded, but to be honest he couldn’t believe what was going through his boss’ mind.

Hayley could feel a light hand on her head and the lightest of kisses on her cheek.

“Morning, baby.” His voice murmured, she smiled up at Luca.

She sat up in the bed and he handed her a mug of fresh coffee which she gratefully took and took a sip. Hayley noticed Luca was dressed and seemed ready to go.

“You off out?” Hayley asked as she brought the mug to her lips.

“We are,” He replied simply as he stood up from the bed and adjusted his suit jacket. “I’m taking you for breakfast before work, plus you need to go dress shopping.”

“Why?” Hayley placed the mug on the bedside table and then headed to the bathroom to wash, brush her teeth and get herself sorted.

“Because I am taking you to a casino party tomorrow night.” He knew he had to tell her Borroni would be there, she would kill him if she found out whilst she was there.

“Oh okay.” She smiled as she walked past him to the dresser.

He watched as she removed the shirt she slept in and leaving herself bare to him. Her body was perfect, her pale white skin. She had no marks, tattoos or piercings she was flawless.

Hayley placed the shirt on the chair and picked out to French label matching lace powder blue underwear and put them on.

She smiled at him as she passed him to walk to his huge walk-in closest, but his hand took her elbow and made her look at him.

“Baby, I have to tell you something,” her heart raced as she looked at his grave face. “This casino night is for business, it’s for the alliance.”

Hayley pressed her lips together as he spoke, he told her how Borroni would be there and so would Genovese.

“I promise he won’t come close to you, I am going to have Frankie with you all night. My men will make sure you are safe.” He assured her, she nodded.

She took a huge shaky break and held his suit jacket and he placed his hands on her bareback.

“As long as you are there I know I will be okay.” She beamed up at him before he pulled her closer and kissed her perfect mouth.

Max dropped Hayley and Luca off at the diner and explained Nic needed him so would pick them up later.

Hayley enjoyed her breakfast with Luca. When they were alone you wouldn’t think he was a Mafia boss, he acted so normally.

He helped Hayley pick out the perfect dress for tomorrow night before they left to drop her off at work.

Luca got out of the SUV and helped her out, she always looked breath-taking even in her work clothes. Today she was dressed in a grey dress, grey shoes, and hair in a messy bun.

“Thank you for today.” Hayley smiled up at him before he kissed her on the lips.

“It’s my pleasure, enjoy work.” He then let her go, reluctantly. He noticed Tony stationed outside the doorway, which made it easier for him to leave.

“Hi, Tony.” Hayley smiled at Tony, who said hello back before she entered The Dublin.

Hayley was busy stocktaking a chore that she hated doing but it had to be done. The band she had hired for the night were busy practising and some bar workers were beginning the setup.

“Hayley,” a guy from our security team entered the lock-up where she was counting the high-value bottles. “The cameras have had some sort of malfunction they are all off.”

“I’ll deal with it, thanks.“She smiled, he nodded his response before leaving the lock-up.

Hayley knew better than to leave the cameras down, her body shuddered at the thought of Lorenzo coming into the club. So, she pulled out her phone.

“Hayley? is everything okay?” Luca answered the phone practically on the first ring.

“Hey, everything is fine, but the security cameras are down,” Hayley explained as she resumed counting the expensive bottles of champagne.

“I’ll have my IT guy come down, his name is Benny Conti.”

“Thanks, Luca. I have to go, bye.” He said his goodbyes after her and she hung up replacing the phone into her pocket.

It was mid-afternoon and Hayley was busy standing briefing the staff on the rundown of the night, the VIP’s that were coming in and about fraudulent cash that was going around.

“Hayley,” she turned to see Tony walking with Max and another guy she assumed was Benny Conti. “Boss sent Max with Benny.”

“Thanks, Tony,” she replied, and he left to go back to his post outside with a couple of bouncers. “I’ll show you to the camera room.”

She suddenly felt nervous as she led the way to the camera room. She didn’t trust Max, he was in league with the detective, but so was she.

“Here we are.” She opened the door and the guys walked in before her. Max stayed beside the door and closed it after she entered, and Benny faced her.

“Hayley,” Max spoke from behind her as she looked at Benny who was only a few years older than herself. “This is Benny Conti, he’s like us and informant.”

She felt sick as he said those words, an informant. She looked at Benny who smiled weakly at her.

“Detective knows about the casino party, he wants to know where it is,” Max spoke with authority.

“You turned the cameras off.” Hayley worked out as she turned to face him, he smiled devilishly and nodded.

"Look, the Detective knows you are going to the party tomorrow night and you are going to show him where it is.” His words were dark as he spoke, it made Hayley’s skin crawl.

“How?” Hayley croaked.

“Benny will explain everything. We know Luca won’t leave you alone at the party, so you will be the best person for the detective’s plan.”

“If I refuse?” Hayley let her boldness come out, but Max just laughed at her feeble attempt.

“The detective will arrest you, deport you or let Luca know you are a dirty little rat.” Max chuckled, Hayley’s anger boiled up, “I’ll be outside, Benny, explain the plan.”

Hayley waited for Max to leave before turning to face Benny. Benny rummaged through his bag and pulled out a bracelet it was a thick silver bangle.

“This is a tracker,” Benny spoke softly is dark eyes looked from Hayley to the bangle, he took a hesitant step forward.“Where this and the detective can locate you.”

“Why are you doing this?” Hayley whispered as she took the bangle from his hands. “Are you a Marcello member?” He nodded weakly.

“I am yes.” Was his reply.

“Then why betray Luca?”

“Why are you betraying him?” He countered. “I am not sharing his bed.” Benny was defensive.

“I have no choice, asshole!” Hayley spat back.

“Me neither,” Benny replied before he sighed. “My wife is pregnant, I have a load of debts, a house I need to pay for, cars. Being a dad isn’t easy, we already have two with two on the way.” He explained.

“I’m sure Luca would help, he looks out for his family men.” Hayley urged, but Benny shook his head.

“I’m not like the others,” he growled. “I don’t hurt people, I don’t kill. I am an IT guy. If I want more money I need to do jobs, jobs my conscience won’t allow me to do.”

Hayley suddenly felt sorry for this guy, somehow he had gotten into the family probably with his IT skills and the money wasn’t enough. Could she kill someone for more money? Probably not.

“Detective Blake has offered me money, a new home relocation and safety for my family.” he shrugged. “Sooner or later this life will catch up with me, I will end up in prison, like most Marcello men.” He sighed.

“But if you haven’t killed or hurt anyone-” Benny’s laugh interrupted her.

“I make illegal documents, I hack government records and I have access to top-secret information. My crimes are just as severe, that is how the cop found me. He offered me money and I couldn’t refuse, now I’m in too deep.”

“Why does Max do this?” Hayley asked Benny, Benny began to fiddle with the monitors.

“He has an axe to grind,” he huffed as he picked up a wire that wasn’t attached to the computers and plugged it back in. “Don’t ask me what, I don’t know and frankly I don’t care he has reasons and I have mine.”

Hayley remained silent as she watched as Benny managed to get the monitors back up running and she could see the entirety of the club, even outside where Max was having a cigarette with the bouncers and Tony.

“Are there any more informants in this family?” Hayley asked, Benny shook his head.

“No, we are the only ones,” Benny stood up and faced Hayley. “Just wear the bangle tomorrow night, leave the rest to the cop and Max.”

Hayley reluctantly nodded as she played with the bangle in her hand. She didn’t want this, but she couldn’t bear the alternative. Benny walked past her and left the camera room.

The club had been packed out all night, and Hayley and the bouncer’s had finally managed to clear the last of the customers out the doors. Hayley was cashing up as the bouncers and Tony sat in a booth drinking coffee.

“Hey, baby.” His smooth voice got her attention and there he was with Nic who beamed a smile at him.

“Hey, I’m nearly finished.” She replied, and he nodded before going over to the bouncers and Tony to ask about the night.

Hayley quickly locked up the takings in the safe before grabbing her bag and her coat. Luca took her hand gently as she reached him.

“Come on let’s get out of here,” he murmured into her ear as they followed Nic out the club and to the SUV. “I’ve organised a surprise.” He held the door open for her and she slipped into the car.

He laced her hand into his as Nic pulled away and Hayley knew they weren’t on the route back to his place.

“Where are we going?” She asked him, but he just tapped his nose with a childlike grin, which made Hayley smile.

She hated this, she hated how nice and different he could be. It made her stomach churn and her heart race. She hated it because she was a traitor the rat he was trying to destroy. Yet, she loved these little moments with him, the man who wasn’t just the mob boss.

Yet, She was trapped in the web of lies and treachery the detective had created, and she hated him for it.

They pulled up at a huge glass skyscraper building. Luca led Hayley through the marble and gilded lobby, Hayley didn’t know whether it was a hotel or apartments.

Luca let her step into the glass elevator first and hit the button for the rooftop, he placed his hands on her waist and kissed her.

“I want to show you my city.” He murmured before he kissed her again and the lift dinged signalling their arrival at the top.

“Oh my god.” Her eyes were wide as she looked at the rooftop, it was a helipad complete with a modern-looking helicopter.

Luca smiled at her reaction and took her hand and walked her out to the breezy rooftop.

Hayley noticed six guys in suits hung around, and one man who seemed in charge walking up to Luca and the pair shook hands.

“Boss, she’s ready to go, all checks are done.” Luca thanked him, walked Hayley over, buckled her into the helicopter, and placed the headphones and mic on her.

Hayley was excited as she watched Luca do the pre-flight checks he then looked at her.

“Ready mia Luna??” he asked into his microphone, she could hear him clearly in her headphones.

(My Moon)

“Absolutely.” She beamed and with that, he took off into the late-night sky.

She couldn’t describe the feeling of being up in the night sky. New York was amazing, Luca flew effortlessly, and this made her forget about the detective and all her problems, everything seemed okay.

Above the twinkling lights of the skyscrapers and the movements of the cabs below, they flew above the water. It made her feel on top of the world and paired with being with Luca it was a feeling she would never forget.

“That was amazing!” She breathed out as he got her out of the helicopter and led her back to the elevator. “Thank you!”

“My pleasure. Now, Let’s get you home.” He smiled as he kissed her again.

He lifted her up so she was up against the glass wall, and he didn’t care everyone could see as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

She could feel him as she pushed herself against him and she put her hands in his hair as he ferociously kissed her lips tracing down to her neck.

“Luca!” She moaned, her moans just made him harder.

The elevator opened to a huge penthouse suite, Luca’s penthouse suite. Hayley was unaware of where she was and took in none of the grand surroundings.

Luca lay her down on the bed and looked down at the stunning woman. She was his and as she moaned at his touch he knew she was somebody he couldn’t let go of. He wanted her, she made everything okay, everything all worthwhile.

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