Marcello Mafia Series- Dark Side of the Moon

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Chapter 41- The Big Reveal

“NYPD get on the ground!” A booming voice said.

Hayley’s heart was pounding, suddenly she felt a sharp poke in her back as chaos ensued around her.

“Get the fuck on the ground.” A cop spoke behind her, she turned to see him holding a long gun.

Nic took Hayley’s waist and helped her to her knees, Nic was used to this sort of shit from cops and he knew they wouldn’t hesitate to use force.

Hayley wasn’t gonna lie she was petrified as she looked around the room as the police stormed the room, knocking tables forcing people to the ground.

She looked for Luca in the chaos, and her eyes found him, he was on his knees with his hands on his head, he caught her eyes and was relieved she was okay and was with his cousin.

Borroni was furious he was spouting out curses in Italian, and other men were just as pissed as he was. However, Hayley admired how calm Luca was in this whole situation.

“Well, well.” A voice managed to silence the entire room, a voice that was familiar to Hayley.

“Holy shit.” She heard Nic curse, as he watched the detective walk down the staircase to the room.

She couldn’t help but feel bile churn in her stomach and rise to her throat, she kept it down. Guilt washed over her, she led him here and left Luca and his family unprotected.

“I came here for one family and get three, plus a couple of guests. Hello, your honour.” He addressed a man who looked angry and a little humiliated as he was on his knees.

From the silence a single laugh echoes around the room, Hayley looked from the bastard detective to Luca.

“Adam Marino,” Luca spoke through his deep laughter. Genovese and Borroni both looked at the detective.

“Detective Blake, Mr Marcello.” The detective growled as he approached the table where the police had gotten the three Mafia leaders side by side and on their knees.

"Puoi cambiare il tuo nome ma non puoi cambiare la tua eredità." Luca hissed.

(You can change your name but not your heritage.)

“Speak English Marcello, we don’t all speak Italian.” The detective acted like he didn’t understand.

However, Luca knew he did. He knew Adam’s father, like his own, insisted all the Marino boys were taught Italian.

"Ma tu sì," Luca answered back.

(But you do)

“I said fucking English!” The detective shouted back, at a smug-looking Luca.

"Bastardo traditore.” Borroni roared and went for the detective but was restrained by three cops.

(Traitorous bastard)

Hayley could do nothing but watch everything, it was all her fault.

“You Borroni, are involving yourself in illegal activities. That is a violation of your bail.” The detective walked up to Borroni, who was still cursing in Italian.

“Whoever was stupid to let you out was insane, you are a fucking psychopath.” Then the detective chuckled as he looked at his men before looking down at Luca.

“Oh, I see,” he laughed. “I was wondering who the crazy son of bitch was, but of course Luca.”

Hayley couldn’t believe what she was hearing, Luca had paid Lorenzo’s bail money? Luca said nothing he just looked smugly at the detective.

“I suppose all you family men stick together in the end.” He hissed before turning to face the rest of the room, his eyes briefly meeting Hayley’s.

“I want this place turned over, I want everyone searched and Luca Giovanni Marcello I am arresting you for illegally hosting a gambling ring, serving liquor without a licence and we’ll see what else comes out the woodwork of this place.”

Luca said nothing he just chuckled lowly to himself as one officer grabbed his hands from his head and pulled them behind his back.

“Hold on!” A voice came from a corner of the room. “I am Mr Duvall, Mr Marcello’s senior attorney.”

The man was tall, he had light hair and was in his early forties but looked good for it. The man approached the detective.

“My client is not going to be arrested,” the man laughed as he went into his suit jacket and produced papers and handed them to the detective. “You see Mr Marcello has a gambling and liquor licence for tonight, as you see Detective Blake tonight is to raise funds for a charity.”

It was then Hayley noticed the banners, posters, charity buckets with a registered children’s charity logo and even a handful of regular-looking people sporting t-shirts. Her mouth fell open in shock.

The Detective was beyond annoyed as he read the papers that Mr Duvall handed him.

“Can we continue our fundraiser now?” Luca asked as the officer stepped away from him.

“You can when we are done!” The detective spat as he threw the papers back Mr Duvall.

“That will be now Detective Blake, you have no reason to be here.” Mr Duvall placed the papers back in his inside pocket.

The Detective laughed shaking his head, he looked around the room. He caught her brilliant blue eyes again, she was terrified at what was going on.

“I won’t be leaving now, Mr Duvall,” the Detective handed him his own papers. “I had a tip-off, this is a venue of illegal activities by your client and associates. My source has told me this place has countless weapons, drugs and other items I am very interested in.”

Hayley watched as Mr Duvall read the papers and sighed before looking at his boss who was on his knees between Borroni and Genovese.

“This is a warrant, he has the right to search everywhere and everyone.”

Luca was prepared for this and remained unfazed, still cool and calm.

“Search this place top to bottom and begin the personal searches.”

The room began to move as the officers ordered people around, it seemed the police were prepared for this.

Hayley stayed on her knees with Nic still with one hand protectively around her waist. She knew the Detective knew who and what he was searching for. The people like judges, businessmen, charity personnel and bar staff were all searched first and let go.

Hayley’s heart was pounding as she remained unmoved on the floor, with Nic at her side. She tried not to make any eye contact with the detective.

“Did you enjoy prison Lorenzo?” The detective spoke as the officers were searching the last of the people the Detective knew had no or very little Mafia connections.

Lorenzo looked up at Adam Marino who leaned casually against the bar and growled at him but never answered.

“I heard Luca’s family made you feel welcome.”

The Detective was toying with the three Mafia leaders and he was enjoying the power he had over them. Even laughing when Lorenzo muttered an insult in Italian but never answered any of his questions, he then looked at Genovese.

“I bet this whole family’s together mantra was your idea, Matteo,” Genovese also said nothing but had a cocky smile on his face. “I don’t know how you trust the Genovese’s Luca, it was an alliance with the Genovese that killed your grandfather.”

Hayley gasped a little at the revelation, how could Luca trust Matteo Genovese and his family after that? Nic heard her light gasp and pulled her in tighter, but he kept his eyes on what was going on.

“You see once I find the guns, the drugs and anything else incriminating, I will arrest you all. Then it will be the waiting game, witnesses will come forward. Even your valued men will tell me your secrets for a plea bargain.”

“I fear, vecchio amico you have shown your hand too early in the game.” Luca’s voice was so smooth and calm.

(Old Friend)

“This isn’t a fucking game Marcello!”

“Isn’t it?” Luca smiled. “Admit it, you get a rush, a high from this game of cat and mouse. The chase. This game vecchio amico has been played for years. The cops and us, you vecchio amico are just another player.”

(Old friend)

“I am not your friend, Marcello.” The Detective hissed.

Luca laughed at the words of the Detective, his Italian roots weren’t hidden too far.

“Sir.” An officer entered the room and walked up to the Detective and whispered in his ear.

The Detective’s eyes were wild, full of anger and he muttered back to the officer who swiftly left the huge room again.

“Can’t find what you are looking for? Detective?" Luca purred with a wicked glint in his eye.

The Detective refused to be humiliated by this criminal, this murderer, this bastard. The Detective may be down, but he sure as hell wasn’t out.

“You know, you were scarier when you were anonymous.” Luca laughed.

The Detective knew he couldn’t scare Luca, but he could scare Hayley. He pushed himself from the bar and walked over to where Hayley was on her knees with Niccolo Marcello.

“Let’s get on with the searches, I need to arrest some fucker tonight!”

“Hey!” Hayley cried out as he roughly grabbed Hayley’s arm, dragging her from Nic’s tight hold and to her feet.

Luca tried to keep his composure, he tried to keep calm. But it was finding it hard as he watched the Detective hold Hayley.

Hayley was petrified. The Detective had everything on her, and he could in a heartbeat tell Luca everything.

"Se la ferisci ti distruggerò!” Luca muttered in a low voice, the detective chuckled.

(If you hurt her I will destroy you)

“A good money maker, Luca?” The Detective laughed.

“How dar-” Hayley began but the Detective cut her off.

"Prostitution is illegal did you know that.” He laughed, as he moved her to the bar and forced her to put her hands flat on the bar and bent her over.

“Get your hands off me.” Hayley fought back, but he was a lot stronger than her.

“You fucking asshole!” Luca called out and went for the detective only to be held back by two officers.

“Detective Blake!” Mr Duvall stepped in, the Detective turned to the lawyer. “This is unnecessary and unwarranted. Miss Tate is simply a guest here with Mr Marcello, you have no proof she has been paid for sexual activities.”

Hayley cringed as she heard the lawyer speak and the words he used.

“That doesn’t stop me from doing my search, Mr Duvall.”

Hayley felt the Detectives hands run from her wrists to the top of her arms. Her hands still flat on the bar top and her body bent over. Mr Duvall interjected once more.

“Detective Blake!” His voice was firm. “Miss Tate has the right to be searched by a female officer, as you are well aware it is common courtesy. Miss Tate has shown you nothing to indicate a search by you is vital for your safety or the safety of others.” The Detective sighed.

“Officer Sinclair.” He pulled Hayley up roughly and looked at her dead in the eye.

"Miss Tate is to be searched by yourself, then if she is clean she is free to go. Please take her to get searched.”

“I am not going anywhere alone with anyone!” Hayley tried to pull from his grip, but he only tightened it.

The Detective wanted to question her alone without the Marcello leader standing a few feet away, she was ruining everything.

“You want to be searched here? In front of a room full of family men?” The Detective chuckled. “Fine by me, I’ll enjoy the show.”

Hayley shook as she thought of the female officer searching her with the eyes of all the Mafia men and police on her. Would she be forced to strip?

"Fottuto bastardo." Luca hissed, and this made the Detective laugh.

(Fucking bastard)

“This is inappropriate behaviour, Miss Tate doesn’t need privacy, I am just requesting a female officer, so she is more comfortable. Miss Tate does not need anything more than a simple pat-down, she doesn’t need to leave.” Mr Duvall stepped in once again.

"Fine.” He huffed and nodded to the female officer who spoke directly to Hayley explaining she was going to perform a pat-down.

“I want everyone in this room, searched immediately.”

Hayley watched as a large officer practically threw Nic onto the bar side her, he huffed violently as he placed his palms down on the bar top and the cop began to search him.

“You okay?” He mouthed Hayley, she nodded with a weak smile.

“Clear, here.” The female officer spoke out, then others repeated the words she had said including the officer frisking Nic. The office put Nic back on his knees, Nic swore under his breath.

“You’re lucky Miss Tate, I can’t prove your involvement in the whore industry.” The Detective muttered low enough so Luca heard him, he heard Luca curse him. He took Hayley’s arm again.

“You bastard.” She spat back before the Detective turned to Luca.

“You also showed your hand Luca, you’re breaking a cardinal poker sin, vecchio amico." He chuckled one more time before he forced Hayley violently to one knee beside him. “You’re getting too emotionally involved.”

(Old Friend)

“Then I think we are both guilty of that.” Luca retorted.

Adam Marino was personally involved, it was clear to Luca. He wanted revenge for his family, and he was using that to fuel him. It would eventually kill him, the families would see to that.

The doors burst open once more with some officers walking in, and the one who entered before stood at the head of the group and shook his head.

“Nothing Sir. There are no guns, no storage lockers, this place is clean.”

“Damn it!” The Detective was furious, this was his shot to get three Mafia leaders in jail, then open the second phase of his plan.

“The thing about poker, Marino,” Luca laughed. “You just have to be smarter than the person you are playing against, know their face then you know their hand. I’ve seen your face, Marino.” He spoke darkly.

The room went silent, the Detective could do no more. Luca had clearly anticipated all of this, he admittedly had taken the lure Luca had left for him and showed himself.

“Let’s get out of here.” The room began to clear of all the armed officers.

Luca rose to his feet followed by his two fellow family leaders.

“It’s your turn, Marino, what card will you play next?” Luca watched as the Detective turned to face him. “This place, tomorrow won’t be here.”


“Luca-” Mr Duvall began but Luca cut him off.

“Your sources will be useless to you by the morning. I will have sold this place, by the morning this will no longer be under my name. Anything you think you know about this place will have no use to you. By the morning you will have to start all over again.” Luca had a smile across his face.

“Like I said Detective Blake, it’s your move.” Luca watched with his hands in his dress pants pockets as the Detective said no more and turned violently on his heel and walked out of the grand room.

Hayley let out a shaking breath, he was gone, and relief washed over her. She felt Nic helping her to her feet.

"Fuck.” Genovese spoke as men began to pick up the tables and spoke amongst themselves. Nic helped Hayley to a stool by the bar.

“Did you get a tip-off, Marcello?” Borroni asked, Luca shook his head.

His eyes went to Hayley who looked shaken up by everything. Ric had jumped over the bar and began pouring glasses off drinks. Some guys began to hand out the glasses, Luca watched as Hayley took one.

“No, but we wanted to coax out our Detective. Fighting him with weapons or even having weapons on the premises would lead to us being arrested.”

A Genovese man came over with a tray of drinks both Lorenzo and Matteo took a tumbler, Luca refused his.

“Adam Marino, huh?” Matteo spoke as he took a sip of the hard liquor.

“He already knows so much.” Lorenzo hissed throwing back his drink and getting another one from the tray that the guy as placed on a nearby table.

“Yes, but he made a huge mistake tonight, he showed his face.” Luca looked back at Hayley, Frankie was sitting with her, as Nic went to start the cleanup and complete the rest of Luca’s plan.

“We know who he is, our police informants also know who he is. Tonight, his ego caused him to show his hand, caused his own downfall. How we play ours is crucial.” Luca explained.

He was already hatching the next plan. His father had always taught him to stay two steps ahead, here Luca had to be more than that.

“My rat?” Lorenzo hissed in a very low voice, so it was only heard by the trio.

“He will be used to put pressure on the detective, he will act quickly if he has information on us. He won’t want to lose any more rats, he won’t want to start all this all over again,” Luca whispered in a low tone. “He will act quickly and foolishly like tonight.” Luca was sure of that.

“Our weapons?” Genovese asked, Luca smiled.

“I had my men have them transport them to a safe location. Nic will text your right-hands the location in the morning.”

“Well done Marcello.” Matteo scoffed before he finished his drink and picked up a second.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Genovese. We have to tread carefully from here on out.”

Luca wasn’t going to lie Adam Marino was a huge problem. His family were strong Mafia men, his family were caught in the crossfire of the three families and now he wants his vengeance.

“You okay?” Frankie asked as he watched Hayley sipped the brown liquor, she nodded.

“Baby?” She turned on the stool to see Luca putting his hand on her back, she smiled up at him. “Let’s get you home.” He murmured, she nodded.

Luca helped his girl down from the stool, her hand tight in his as she lifted her skirt elegantly, pulling her protectively into his side.

“I’ll drive you, boss.” Frankie walked behind his boss.

“Goodnight Darling.” Lorenzo sat leaning back in a chair with a cigar in one hand and holding his glass up to her as if he was toasting her.

“Goodnight Hayley.” Matteo sat beside Lorenzo looked at Luca’s hand, as it was comfortably on her hip. He chuckled lightly, Marino was right he was emotionally involved.

“Goodnight,” Hayley said weakly, she didn’t want to come across as rude, even if she wanted to punch Lorenzo Borroni in the face.

“Come on, baby,” Luca whispered into her ear.

Luca led Hayley out to the lobby, he felt her shaking. He had no idea if it was a sudden drop in temperature or the fear of the situation.

Hayley felt him pull away from her and shrug out his suit jacket and place it carefully on her shoulders. She breathed in his familiar cologne, her new favourite smell, she devoured the warmth it gave off.

He pulled her back into his side and led her outside, it was cool, and she was pleased he had given her his coat. In the car, she put her head on his chest and he held her tight.

She had so many questions, she wanted to ask him. Deep down she wanted to know why he bailed out Lorenzo? She wanted to know more about the Detective, but from Luca, but she was exhausted and craved Luca’s affection.

“Do you want to talk about tonight?” Luca asked her as she stood in his room and began to take her hair down, leaving it loose messy curls.

Yes, she did.

“No.” She replied, he took a deep breath as he sat on the edge of the bed and removed his shoes and socks.

“You sure?” It was clear her mind was a whirl of thought, he knew she would want to talk.

He stood up and faced the beauty as she walked towards him and turned so her back was to him and moved her hair over one shoulder. He went to her zip and unzipped her.

She turned to face him and looked up at his eyes and shook her head again.

“Not tonight,” she spoke softly. “I just want you.”

He pulled her to him and kissed her, it was passionate. He wanted to never stop kissing this woman. She felt her dress slip to the floor to a pool at her feet.

She was scared of the future, she was playing a game that she knew she would lose somewhere along the way.

She wanted all the answers, all the truths. He knew she would want to ask questions. But they lost themselves in each other.

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