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Chapter 7 - Another Employee?

Hayley couldn’t believe how stupid she was, whenever Luca Marcello was around she let her guard down, the one person she should never do that with. She tried to get a little sleep before her midday shift at the club, but she failed. She decided to just get a shower, drink some coffee and get going.

Like every shift during the day, it was quiet, she had a couple of guys who propped up her bar but that was about it.

Her mind would wander to the VIP booths, which were empty, she thought of the dark, mysterious eyes of Luca. It was crazy but she could feel him watching her and it made her stomach churn but her heart quicken.

She managed to grab some dinner at a nearby fast-food burger place before she headed back to the club for the evening shift.

Ben greeted her as she walked in the back entrance and he walked across the hallway to set up their bar, whilst she headed to the girl’s dressing room.

“You have more flowers.” Ava giggled as she ran up to her best friend filled with excitement. But Hayley just looked past Ava at the gift.

The flowers were in a crystal vase and the bouquet was huge and colourful. A part of her leapt as she looked at the stunning bouquet, the other part wanted to toss them across the room.

Hayley sat on the cushioned backless stool, she touched the flowers to admire them before taking the attached note to have a read.

“I noticed your other ones were dying, I’m sorry about this morning.


Luca Marcello.”

She re-read the note as the other girls smelled and cooed over the bouquet. She wanted to beam at the words written but this was Luca and this could be an act.

She did, however, find it sweet almost, that he noticed her flowers were dying, and that he cared. She placed the note in her handbag before she changed into a deep purple corset, her usual shorts and thigh highs and a purple feather-less mask.

She was exhausted as the night wore on. She wished she had managed to get some sleep before her early shift.

"You look tired, young one." Dimitri pointed out in his husky Russian voice, Hayley nodded as she took a sip of her icy water, trying to wake herself up.

"I am but will manage to get you another Vodka.” She smiled warmly before she turned to get Dimitri another shot of Vodka.

Hayley was dizzy, and she felt weak, but she kept going, she didn’t even notice Luca Marcello had come into the club and headed straight up to the VIP booths. She was too busy keeping herself upright.

Hayley was starting to feel unwell, truly unwell she turned to Ben and excused herself, she needed some air. So, taking her water she walked out to the back. She felt like she was floating like her legs weren’t carrying her anymore.

“Hayley.” His voice made her stop as she was halfway down the corridor, she turned slowly and carefully to face him. She had no idea he was here tonight, and he looked good as usual. He wore a clean and expensive suit; his features were so attractive it still made her stare at him like a teenager.

“Luca,” She breathed before she shook her head. “Thank you for the flowers.” She said, she began to feel the world spin around her.

“Hayley, are you okay?” Luca walked towards her, he watched her blink several times behind her heavy eyelashes, before her lids closed and the glass she was holding smashed to the floor, Luca was quick as she fell forward and he caught her in his arms.

“Hayley!” He called out to her as he pushed her hair back and pulled her mask off her face, he dropped to one knee and took out his phone.

“Frankie, car around the back of the Venetian, now!” He hung up without hearing his reply before he picked up Hayley. He noticed Siobhan walking towards him as he went to head for the exit, she ran towards him as he noticed he had Hayley in his arms.

“Oh my god, Hayley, what’s happened?” She touched her head and then looked up at her godson. A part of her believed he had something to do with this, but the look on his face made her believe otherwise, was he concerned?

“She fainted.” Luca replied as he looked at the beauty he held, was this because of all the shifts she was pulling?

“I’ll get Ben to take her back to her apartment.” But she noticed Luca pulled her close to his broad chest. Luca shook his head, there was no way he was going to let Ben take care of her. It was strange a part of him wanted that job.

“Luca.” Siobhan said firmly.

“I’ll get a doctor to see her, she has probably worked herself to the ground in this place.” He growled lowly, Siobhan heard him blaming her in his voice.

“You listen here Luca Giovanni Marcello.” She used a voice he hadn’t heard since he was a teen getting into trouble. Siobhan stood with her hands on her hips.

“I’ve had this place longer than you have been breathing. I have had girls pour every hour of every day into their job. I’ve had girls like Hayley fall and faint, when have you cared for them?” She barked.

What she was saying was true, she did have girls who for want of money and a better future killed themselves for the cash they could make here, yet Luca only cared about Hayley’s health.

Luca said nothing, he just marched past Siobhan carrying Hayley. Siobhan called after him, but it was hopeless. She watched as the Marcello man carried the woman out, she felt sick as she watched the scene. Marcello men always get what they want, and whether he liked it or not he wanted Hayley, and Siobhan knew that no good came from a Marcello man and his woman.

“Fainting at your touch boss?” Frankie chuckled as he held open the back door of the car, Luca just looked at him as he got in the SUV with Hayley.

“Just get us back to mine.” Luca hissed as Frankie started the car and drove away from the Venetian. He held Hayley closer than ever before.

During the drive to his home, Luca looked down at Hayley who stirred slightly, murmured something about cheese then went silent. Luca pulled out his phone and instructed Nic to get Hayley’s things from the dressing room and meet up with him at his home.

With the help of Frankie opening the doors, he carried Hayley to his room. He’s never had anyone in his room, nobody came into his room. Hayley was completely out of it as he placed her gently on the bed, he carefully removed her shoes.

He looked down at her stunning body, she was what his father would call a real woman, curves where she should have them. He looked at her tight-fitting corset, surely, she wouldn’t sleep well in that? He quietly walked to his huge walk-in closet and pulled one of his white shirts off a hanger and walked quietly back to the bed she lay in.

He gently picked up the sleeping beauty and a part of him felt it was wrong to strip an unconscious woman. But, he knew she would be better out of the tight lingerie, besides if she questions his integrity he had cameras.

He carefully pulled the hook and eye fastenings that ran the length of the purple corset, he pulled it from her body and placed it beside him. There she was, her perfect body was there for him.

As sexy as she was she had an innocence about her, he noticed no piercings or tattoos, just her pale skin. He avoided as much as he could to ogle her body and avoided looking at her breasts, as beautiful as they were. He quickly put his shirt on her and buttoned it up, then pulled back the bed covers and placed her gently under them.

Luca reluctantly left Hayley in his bed and went to his study, poured himself a drink and sat behind his desk. Frankie knew he was in the camera room, so he knew Hayley was safe.

But, why did he care? Why didn’t he let Siobhan look after her, or Ben? Why did he insist on doing it?

The door opened after a sharp knock, Luca looked up to see Nic entering the office and took a seat opposite Luca.

“I’ve got Hayley’s things, I told Ava about her fainting and said we were having her looked at., Luca nodded, he was glad he had Nic. “Siobhan told me you wouldn’t let Ben take her back to her apartment.” Luca poured Nic a glass and refilled his own, Nic leaned forward and took the tumbler.

“You have feelings for Hayley?” Nic knew he did, but he needed to hear it from Luca himself. Luca shook his head.

“She’s an employee, like Ric and Dom.” Luca pointed out before he looked down at the paperwork he was pretending to work on, he heard his cousin laugh before taking a drink.

“Something funny Niccolo?” Luca spat as he glared at his young cousin, who shook his head.

“I don’t see you stripping Dom and putting him to bed, or Arianna?” Nic countered that Luca sighed he must have spoken to Frankie.

Luca said nothing as he looked back down at his paperwork.

“I take it she is still a very important person?” Nic asked his cousin as he remembered how Luca told him she had made herself important. Normally when someone goes on Luca’s radar it is only in a bad way.

“Hayley is an employee,” Luca replied to his cousin never looking up from his paperwork. Nic shook his head.

"Bugie.” Nic spoke in his fluent language. This made Luca look up, he had gotten his cousin’s attention.


“What do you want me to say?” Luca asked his cousin.

“The truth.” Nic replied simply as he took another sip of the whiskey, and Luca sighed.

“She is pretty, fuckable, but featherless.” Luca had to keep his cool, Hayley was stunning and he was telling the truth she was fuckable, he just wished he could. Nic nodded.

“That’s all, remember amare è perdere e perdere è morire." Luca repeated his father’s phrase.

“(to love is to lose and to lose is to die.)

He watched as Nic laughed as he stood up placing the empty glass on the desk.

“I never said anything about love, dear cousin.” Nic laughed, he knew Luca felt something stronger than the urge to fuck her.

Luca remained quiet as Nic went into his inside pocket and produced the spare casino party invitations, he placed them on the desk.

“I’ve got to prep security for tomorrow night.” Nic said before leaving Luca with his thoughts.

Hayley fluttered her eyes awake, where the hell was she? Her head was spinning as she slowly sat up in the huge bed, it was amazingly comfy and had grey sheets.

Everything about the room was monochrome. She looked around the unfamiliar room, even in the darkness she could see the greys, blacks and odd white that was around the room.

Nervously she felt around the bedside table and found a grey lamp that dimly lit the room. Her heart was racing, the room was massive, simplistic but she could tell the décor was very expensive and high-end designer.

It was then noticed what she was wearing, she was horrified as she felt the expensive material of the white shirt, someone had stripped her!

She quietly slipped out of the tall and huge bed and noticed she was still wearing her short shorts and her thigh high stockings. She went towards the door, which led to a white and bright hallway.

Her heart was pounding as she tried to remember what had happened before she woke up, she was talking to Luca, that was all she could remember.

“Looking for Luca?” A voice she recognised spoke, she turned and noticed down the hall was Frankie and his wide cheeky grin.

Luca had brought her here? He pointed to the door down the very end.

“He’s in his office.” Frankie watched as she nodded and walked away from him, he admired the gorgeous girl Luca had brought home, his bosses shirt just covered her perfect little ass.

Hayley reached the door and gently knocked on it.

“Come in, Hayley.” She heard his voice from behind the door, and she opened it. There he was sitting behind a huge oak desk. He had no jacket on, his sleeves rolled up and had no tie.

“Are you feeling better?” He asked as he never let his head look up from the work he was doing.

However, his eyes peaked at her. He could see her lacy tops of her black thigh highs that came just to the hem of his shirt that she elegantly wore.

“Yeah, a little,” She stood uncomfortably in front of Luca, she felt so exposed even though she wore less in the club. “Did you strip me?” She asked him, and he laughed a little before looking up at her bright blue eyes.

“I did,” He replied simply and her heart raced as she thought of him seeing her naked. “I closed my eyes, don’t worry.” He lied, a part of her was relieved but she didn’t truly trust him.

“We never...” She was embarrassed to ask the looming sex question and he chuckled again.

“No Hayley, you fainted. I brought you here, put you in a shirt, with my eyes closed and left you there. It’s now nearly 6am you have been out for nearly fourteen hours.” Luca explained.

Hayley couldn’t believe she had slept that long, had Luca joined her?

“Where did you sleep?” She quizzed, he chuckled again.

“I haven’t,” Luca replied. “You are overworking yourself, Hayley,” Luca pointed out the obvious and she just shook her head. “If you’re desperate for money...” He began but she cut him off.

“I work hard because I am an independent Luca, I work to fund my home, my living expenses and to save money just in case.” She explained, his eyebrows furrowed as she spoke, and she could feel his eyes locking and intense gaze on her.

“In case?” He probed, and she sighed.

“Just in case.” She shrugged. But he waited for her to continue, she sighed again before he spoke. “In case I need to get away again. I like to have money to be able to start again anywhere.” She spoke truthfully.

“You like running?” He asked her as she fiddled with the hem of his shirt, she shook her head.

“No, I wish I never had to. Yet, that’s life,” She said simply. “That’s why I work, that’s why I can never stop.” She sighed, Luca could see the pain and sadness in her stunning blue eyes.

Hayley could never forget what she was running from, it was always in the forefront of her mind.

It was obvious in her eyes she had pain and a part Luca wanted to fix this broken girl, even though he knew he couldn’t be that person for her.

“I spoke to Siobhan she has given you today off, to recover.”

“I don’t-” But Luca cut her off.

“That will make you free tonight,” Luca stood up picking up one of the party tickets. “I’m hosting a casino party tonight, it’s 1920′s inspired, a lot of influential people will be there and I would like you to join me. Think of coming as a way for you to thank me for helping last night.”

Hayley knew she should have said no, she should thank him for helping last night and walk away. But, she pursed her lips before replying.

“Okay.” What was one party anyway, right?

Luca was thrilled inside he was rejoicing, but he simply smiled and handed her the ticket. It was a bad idea, he knew it. This was like taking the poison apple and holding it close but trying hard to resist tasting it.

She was attracted to Luca, that was obvious. He gently moved a stray strand of hair away from her beautiful face and admired her. Hayley’s heart raced at the simple yet electric touch. He knew the promise he made, she was not his or anyone’s to touch, she was not a feather girl.

“Nic got your things from the club,” He said, using his head to indicate to her bag that she took work with her, “Frankie will take you home, get some rest and I’ll see you tonight.” He said, and she nodded.

“Thank you, Luca.” She said simply as she went and picked up the bag and left the office.

As much as she was trying to fight it and deny it she wanted Luca, she was desperate for him. She looked at the ticket, maybe a part of her should give in to him? But, she knew if she did it wouldn’t end well for her.

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