The Friend Trap

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She drove to the place her brother had told her about in his message and she spotted his car. She knew he was there even though she was a little late she figured they might have moved on already. She knew that they often hopped places from the stories her brother told her when they got together during the week for lunch or dinner. She had a good idea of the group of friends that he was going to introduce her too as well. Things about them had been dropping for a while. Christian seemed to really like some of them.

Henni got out of the car and took off her hospital lanyard and then thought twice about it. Somehow it being there around her neck would give her the strength to go in and do this. She put it back on and then shut and locked her door. She walked into the crowded place. She had to struggle to see over the crowd to make her way to a place that she could really see where they were. It shouldn’t be all that hard to see Christian in any crowd. He was often the tallest one there.

When she found a break in the crowd she went threw it and to a place that she scanned the room. She spotted her brother who was with a group of people. They were all laughing and then she could see the faces of the women that were there. Henni knew this was not going to be fun nor easy. They were all so made up she had to wonder what they must really look like under the layers of paint they had on.

She moved slowly to the group and Christian saw her. His darkened eyes lit up for a second. “Hey guys I have someone I would like you to meet!” he said over the group. All eyes went to him and then to her. “This is my little sister, Henni.”

“Hello.” Henni said as the group looked her over and then back to him. They were all confused as were most people when the siblings got together.

“There is no way you two are brother and sister.” One of the woman said in the cattiest of voices. She was scoffing at the thought.

“Actually we aren’t just brother and sister. We are twins.” Henni said as she glanced back. “Genetics can be really weird at times.”

“Not possible.” She said again. “I mean you are so white and he isn’t.”

“Well actually neither am I.” Henni laughed. “I just don’t have the high levels of melanin in my skin but I assure you we are twins. This isn’t the first time we have been questioned.”

“No. Maybe half brother and sister.” She continued on.

“Okay whatever. I am sure that you know more about our family than I do.” Henni said with an eyeroll. The woman in front of her kept going on and on about the subject and how it was totally impossible. Christian looked down at her and she up at him. The stares were the thing that said it all. He didn’t want her to rise to the challenge and she wasn’t for once.

Henni kept her mouth shut for a minute more. She wanted to go ahead and leave then but she knew Chris would get mad at her for bailing out so early. He leaned down, “Why are you still in your scrubs?”

“I am on call.” She said as she looked at him. “You left a voice mail that I didn’t get until about an hour ago. I had no way to go home.”

“Cute outfit.” The same woman walked a bit closer as she looked her over, “What are you some nurse assistant?”

“No.” Henni said. She wasn’t going to say anymore to the woman. Henni could already read her and knew that she thought she was the queen of the group. The man standing in back of her was a good looking man who was young. He was probably the same age as her and Christian whereas everyone else in the group was possibly four or five years older. She must rule with an iron fist because though the man was looking Henni over his eyes darted away moments before the woman would rant and then turn to him and ask him a question to confirm she was correct. Henni wanted to laugh at how utterly stupid the woman really was. Nothing she said made to much sense. The woman who looked like her was off to the side. She was a few inches shorter than her sister and she was not made up as much. These were the other set of twins Christian had told her about. That did make her want to laugh.

“Well you can’t be a nurse.” She said as she looked over new woman in her sphere.

“I am not one.” Henni said with a smile that if anyone actually looked at they would know she could be as deadly as she needed to be. To her as she also looked over the woman who was taller than her by a good six inches and then had heels on as well. Henni was in her sneakers which were the most comfortable pair of shoes to wear for what she did.

Henni had a tap on the shoulder and she turned. She smiled slightly more. She knew this person was going to out what she was and there would be no need for Henni to have to clarify it or have to hear it, “Dr. Hanson! I thought it was you. Before you go you have to let me get you a drink!” She looked at the man who worked in the transport division for the hospital said. She had run into him a few times as his office was in the same basement hallway hers was in.

“Thank you Sam. WE will see.” She said, “I am on call for the night though.”

“Well that sucks.” He said as he shook his head. “You work to hard. Maybe next time.”

“Maybe.” She replied and he turned and walked away.

“Dr?” the woman in front of her asked and then she started to laugh. “There is no way you can be a doctor.”

“It kinda says it on my hospital ID. It also says it on the nine or so Diplomas I have for my work. Not to mention the others ones I have.” Henni said as she stared down the woman.

“What exactly do you do?” Henni asked.

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