The Friend Trap

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As she walked back into back into the hospital she avoided all the main places that her co-workers would go. She then slipped into her office and closed the door. No one would know that she was there. As long as she really didn’t make any noise or someone didn’t go looking into her office for something that they needed. She settled into her desk and then she picked up a folder and turned on her computer. There was a new email from the detective she had just met.

She looked over the email and it was rather basic. She had to wonder when it was actually sent. It had to be before they had met a few minutes ago. She smiled to herself . It isn’t like that working with him would be hard unless he was attached to one of those women she had just put into their place. She shook her head. That is one of the reasons that she hated meeting people

She shot him off a basic response saying he could come anytime to get her first report. It wasn;t final yet as they needed the results for a few of the test they had to send out for. However she had a good first report that was full of details and she felt okay with letting the one who was also working the case see the basic first part of the file.

She then settled into her files to review. She had gone over two of them in what she thought was quickly and also revised some places. She smiled as she placed the folder down. She looked up to the door because she heard some voices that were talking. One of them was one of the techs that worked for her.

“She doesn’t normally let people have first draft files.” Her tech, Steve said as he must have been right outside her door. She smiled knowing that her people wouldn’t go into her office without her express permission or give something out of it to someone. She stood up and went to the door.

“I have the email she just sent me that I could have the file. I just showed you that.” Hanni heard a voice she had just heard at the bar. It was the detective she had . Just sent the email too a few hours ago when she got to her office.

She opened the door and looked at the two men. “What are you doing here?” her tech asked.

“Working.” She replied. “Thank you for respecting my office but I can handle this.”

The tech walked away shaking his head. She looked up to his face and saw that he did look like the man that was behind the woman who had pushed her a little to far. Somehow she knew that he was related to him. “So it is nice to see you again.” He chuckled. She looked him over and though his taller frame dwarfed hers he was slightly heavier then he probably should be for optium health. Though that did not take away from his handsomeness. He was something she didn’t see often. A professional that was extremely friendly as well as good looking.

“I didn’t think you would come for the file after being out tonight.” She said as she turned and went back into her office and behind the desk. He followed her in and then sat down in the chair that was there in front of her desk.

“I didn’t want to listen to that harpy get angry because someone finally called her out on her crap.” He said as he smiled. As he did his eyes crinkled slightly and it made his face even more gorgeous. “I do have to say that was the best thing I have seen on any of these stupid nights.”

“Stupid nights?” she asked.

“These guys have everything all wrong.” He laughed. “I understand that they are trying to see how the world is and have fun at the same time. However they go about it all wrong.”

“And what is the right way?” she asked now leaning on her desk as she listened to his voice. It by itself was like silk that filled the room with the tone he just spoke with.

“One on one is the best.” He chuckled. “I take it you don’t date that much.”

“Never.” She said as she looked at him. She didn’t want to hear anything from yet another male about her lack of dating.

“Now I see why your brother wanted the guys to meet you first then.” He smiled. “It would be easier then having them there as well. They take over everything.”

“So you are not a fan? “she laughed slightly.

“Of them? No.” he said. “They were not supposed to be there tonight. That was the only reason I went.”

“So what are they trying to set you up sa well? “she asked.

“Yes.” He said with a sigh. “The women have a thing for the people that surround my family. Actually my cousins family. All of them are friends and have been for years. They all want to date or have some chance with one of the members in the family. Abby and her sister Beth are the worst in the bunch. You put Abby in her place. That was the highlight of my entire week. Right now she is trying like hell to set me up with one of her friends. That will not be happening.”

“It seems like you have no love lost between you and her.” She said as she started digging through the files and then lifted the one she was looking for. She then stood up and placed the stack of paper in the copier and pressed a few buttons.

“No.” he said. “I have said my peace a few times but that doesn’t seem to matter. Basically I only go if they are not going to be there. Plus today I was lured out by the idea Christian’s sister.”

“Why would that matter?” she asked.

“Well he does talk about you often.” He chuckled. “I didn’t put two and two together and figure out it was you.”

“Well it is.” She said. “At least with this failure for him Chris will leave me alone for a few months.”

“What?” he asked as he looked at her and tilted his head.

“We made a deal.” She said with a smile. “If this failed, and it did, he wouldn’t pester me to go out and meet people my own age for a few months.”

“So you aren’t one to go out?” he asked.

“No, why? “she responded.

“I was going to ask you to go to dinner.” He said as he looked at her.

“You were? Why?” she asked.

“Because I think I would like to get to know you better. That is what people do.” He said as he looked at her. He didn’t really know what to say to her. He did want to ask her out. He liked her. He liked her more now that she had put the woman who was dating his cousin in her place.

“Oh. Like a working dinner?” she asked and he saw his chance.

“Yes. “he said with a smile.

“Then yes that would be nice.” She said and he grinned even more.

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