The Friend Trap

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“How about now?” he asked as he looked at the time. “It is only nine.”

“Do places still serve after nine?” She asked and he laughed at the comment.

“Yes. They do.” He said as he was still chuckling. “Sometimes it is even better a little later.”

“Really?” she asked. Then she thought that she was going to stop off at the cafeteria and pick something up to eat there as she left for the night. Going out was not something she had planned on. She looked at him though and she didn’t think he minded that she was still in her scrubs and probably smelled like the hospital as well. “Alright.”

“Good.” He said as he smiled. “Are you ready now?”

“Yeah, I can be.” She said as she handed over the stack of papers that had been copied for him as they talked. He looked at the stack and smiled at it.

“good I know the perfect place.” He said as he looked at his watch. “If we hurry we can get there.”

“Where is it? “she asked as she looked at him.

“It is a hole in the wall place. Trust me you don’t know it.” He said with a grin again. “they have some of the best food though.”

“Okay. “she said. “so if I don’t know how to get there how will I get there?”

“I will drive you.” He said. “That is what people do when they go out.”

“I just thought.” She said as she looked at the floor. She really sounded like an idiot to herself right now. She didn’t know the most basic things about certain things.

“Henni? Is it? I think I understand your issue. Look I will tell you what you want to know but you have to at least ask.” Max said as he looked at her. He understood then why her brother had been really trying to get her to go out. She needed to experience some life. He knew that she was young but he was really seeing how she needed a little help.

“You will? “She asked as she looked at him. “Why?”

“Because you can count me as a friend.” He said as he grinned and stood up. That was when he really noticed how small she was. Though he was not as tall as her brother he was close to his height. She was tiny in comparison. “I didn’t realize how small you are.”

“Oh. Does that bother you?” she asked as she picked up her bag and placed it on her shoulder. She slipped her phone into it and then she reached over to shut down her computer.

“No I would think it would bother you.” He chuckled. “I am used to having to deal with people who are smaller than I am.”

“Christian is one inch away from being seven feet tall. I have had to deal with that my entire life for the most part.” She said.

“For the most part?” he asked.

“WE didn’t live in the same house after we were eleven.” She said. “He lived with everyone with my mom. I lived with my dad. That was after the divorce was final.”

“Oh.” He said slightly shocked. “I didn’t know anything about that.”

“Not a problem. Christian doesn’t like to talk about it so I understand why you don’t know anything about it.” She said as she looked at him. “Or is that something that I shouldn’t say.”

“No it is a piece of information about you.” He said as he put out his hand for her to lead the way out to the parking lot. Everyone that was in the hallway saw the pair leave her office and they were surprised she was leaving with someone. She looked up and everyone got back to business but he had seen the surprise on all her co-workers faces for a moment before she looked up from locking her door. That said a lot to him about her as a person then she could actually say. “So you lived with your father? That is a little weird.”

“Why?” she asked. “He was the one who didn’t care if I lived with him.”

“Wait what?” he asked as he nearly stopped. He had worked plenty of cases where the parties were getting divorced. It seems almost all of them the mother wanted the kids. All of the kids.

“Is it weird that my father wanted me?” she asked. “A lot of people always want to know more but I really don’t know why.”

“It is a little different.” He said as they made their way out to the lot and then he showed her which car to go to. “Most of the time there is fifty fity custody with normally the mother having the primary custody.”

“Oh.” She said, “Well she had the others almost all the time. She would talk badly about our dad so he didn’t get them often. He wanted too though but it was almost a lost cause.”

“But you?” he asked. He knew he was prying but now he was intrigued even more about her. She was beautiful and looked like a goddess in her own right but she didn’t see it. She had no idea that her smallness was a turn on for most men. The fact her curves were in the right places as well as another. His guess was that she had no idea how the male side of the species actually reacted to her.

“She didn’t want me.” Henni said. “I was nothing to her but spare parts. When I wasn;t needed anymore I wasn;t wanted.”

“Spare parts?” he asked. He was confused. If Christian was her twin brother and she was considered spare parts why were they still on good terms.

“Not for Chris.” Henni said as she saw his confusion. “One of our older brothers had a cancer of the blood. He didn’t do all that well with the treatment and needed a donor. The problem was out of the eleven kids they had at the time no one was a close match. It is common in bi-racial and in our case tri-racial familys that the donor has to come within the family. So my mother got pregnant. That was her second set of twins. Both girls they were not a match. So she got pregnant again. Both boys this time and they weren;t a match either. Then us. I was the match they were looking for. She got to save her precious son and I got the boot. Well until she needed me again after the divorce that is.”

“Well you saved your brothers life. that is pretty amazing.” He said as he looked at her in the seat. She was cold to the subject. She was stareing out the window as she remembered all of it.

“Twice.” She said, “I was his donor again when I was twelve. She didn’t care that after the procedure though I got so sick I had to be in the hospital for another two months. She didn’t come to see me at all after the day I gave him my marrow. My dad thought that she was the one who got me sick. She wouldn’t actually go into the room with my brother for a few days because she had a fever. She came in and told me I did exactly what I was born for and then she left.”

“What a royal bitch.” He said and then he looked at her to see if he might have crossed a line. Event though she might be angry about what her mother had done she might get offended at the comment.

“She is.” Henni laughed, “Don’t ever tell Chris that though. He would blow a gasket.”

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