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-Mature content- - "Spread your legs," he demanded. "And if I don't?" He chuckled. "Don't even think about it." - The supernatural werewolf world has a specific way of ruling. A king that had power over the entire nation. Then 7 alphas were under him, one for each region in which the American nation was split: The Pacific, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, the Rocky Mountains, and the Noncontiguous. Then alphas under them that ruled over their single state. And finally, under those alphas you had about five to ten packs in each state; each state varied. Some had few packs. A king, regional alphas, Statal alphas, and territorial alphas. They say the regional alphas were all deadly in their own way of sin. And the King... Well, bless any soul who would ever dare to cross him. There was a certain way the Pacific territory ran. The way the Alpha led his men gave him a name. A title. You did not want to get on his bad side. His anger, his fury- his wrath, it was something unlike any other. He would hold a grudge. He did not forget nor did he forgive. But he was blessed by the Moon Goddess, blessed with a mate. A mate who would be the opposite of him, a balance to him. She was the epitome of patience. He was brutal, soft to her. He knew he would do anything to protect her. And when someone took her away from him; It had become a Day of Wrath. -

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Good evening/afternoon/morning! This is my fourth book on this platform, my fifth piece of work on this platform.

^ that's for my Wattpad account.

For Inkitt, this is my third book and my fourth piece of work.

Started: 3.5.2021

I’m writing this story for me because this is what I want to read. They say to write for yourself and not for the satisfaction of others, that’s what this is.

My dark themes include but do not limit foul language, rape, murder, war, abusive characters, and/or thoughts, desensitization, dark romance. Again, just because it is not mentioned does not mean it does not apply.

WARNING! This story will include dark themes (such as self-harm, abuse, violence, rape) and adult themes (such as sexual content and cursing). You are reading this at YOUR OWN RISK and this is a warning, if you aren’t comfortable with any of the things listed please remove yourself from my story. Much love! There will be NO WARNING before the beginning of the chapters. THIS IS YOUR WARNING!!!!!

^ yes, I said it twice, because it’s important.

These rights belong to me! Any form of duplication without my consent will lead to legal issues.

Any names that resemble real people are purely coincidental and are all figures of my imagination. The storyline along with the characters are mine and no one else’s. If I find my story anywhere but here, you will be contacted!

Thank you and enjoy reading,

Dies Irae.

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