Dies Irae

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My body was content. Serene. Like when you wake up on a cold day but you’re warm. The blankets are just so cozy against your bare skin. That’s what I felt like.

There was this protective barrier that laid over my waist which I learned was Marcus’s arm. It was thick and strong but it felt so right over my body. His hand crept up my shirt, resting on my skin.

The memory of last night came back to me, making a shudder go down my spine.

It was disturbing.

I felt his arm around me tighten, pulling me flush against his back.

“Ines?” I heard him grumble, his groggy morning voice was so husky, it turned on every one of my senses.

And, I didn’t mean for it to, but it escaped from me, went directly through our bond, hitting him.

A low growl escaped from his lips, dripping in arousal.


“Marcus,” I responded, keeping my voice level.

“Are you okay? You jerked,” he asked.

“I am, oui,” I answered, feeling tense.

I didn’t mean for my intrusive feelings to invade him. I honestly didn’t mean for it to happen. Not in the least. I wanted to keep them to myself for the time being but it happened.

“Sorry,” I rushed out, turning so my back was on the mattress so I could face him.

He looked so good...

NO! NO, NO, NO! Ines, control your thoughts!

He grinned at me.

“What was that, dear?” he practically boasted, happy that he had access to my thought, happy that he heard what I didn’t want him to hear.

“I did not say anything,” I softly said, watching as he adjusted himself so he was propped up on one arm, his other up my shirt, his hand resting on the plane of my stomach.

“Maybe not said,” his hand slowly started to drag itself across my stomach, pulling the hem of my shirt up, “but I definitely heard something.”

“You look good,” I admitted.

“So do you,” he smiled, leaning down to peck my lips.

“How are you this morning, dear?” he inquired.

“Good,” I answered, “and you?”

“Better than ever,” he glanced at my chest before clearing his throat when he realized I noticed, “how did you sleep?”

“Good,” a smile tugged at my lips.

“Same,” he nodded, “did you know, you have such soft skin?”

“Thank you?” I laughed although it came off as a question.

“And such soft lips,” he continued as my cheeks blushed, my ears getting warm, “I wonder what else is,” he squeezed my hip.

“Do you?” I brought my free hand up to his forearm, moving up to wrap my arm around the nape of his neck.

“Now you’re just teasing me,” he groaned.

“And if I am?”

He paused, looking over at his door before back at me.

“Breakfast can wait,” he smirked at me, his arousal hitting me, not only through the bond but from his ‘package’ as he put his body over mine.

“Oh my,” I whispered, mainly to myself but his wolf ears picked it up.

“Oh, my, indeed,” he cupped my face, “kiss me.”

I had to bring my face up slightly to claim his lips. My hands went to the ends of his hair in the back, feeling the fine fibers.

My Goddess, he had the best rhythm out of any man I’ve ever been with...

No, no, no, Ines!

Just like butter, my thoughts slipped right on through our bond.

My brows met as I felt anger simmer in him, his grip on my waist tightening. His lips turned angry, roughly pressing against mine.

I pushed my head back, gasping for breath. His hand grabbed my jaw, forcing me to look at him.

“You are mine,” he declared, his voice low and growly.

My eyes were wide.

I honestly needed to control my thoughts.


“Do you understand me?” he growled, “don’t think of another man when you’re with me or I’ll fuck you until you don’t have a single thought in that pretty little head of yours.”

My eyes practically bulged out of my skull. Despite the harsh words, I got extremely turned on by his words.

“Marcus,” I carefully said, my hands going to his shoulders, “I will not let you kiss me if you’re going to yell at me over nothing.”

“First off, I’m not yelling at you. Second, it’s not over nothing. I don’t need to be reminded of however many guys you were with,” he corrected me.

“Marcus, I thought that because you are a good kisser. If you want to turn the tables, how did you get that good?” I asked, “practice, correct? That would mean girls, girls that are not me.”

My words weren’t making me feel any better.

“Get off of me,” I huffed, pushing his shoulder.

He moved off of me as I sat up.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, “I- I don’t mean to get mad at you, dear. My mind just works itself up and I just,” he shrugged.

“I am sorry, though, please don’t cut me off of kisses,” he asked softly.

A smile tugged at my lips.

“Come here,” I leaned over, cupping his face, feeling the ever so slight stubble on his cheek.

I pressed a soft kiss on his lips, lingering slightly before I pulled back.

His eyes were still closed.

“You’re so mean,” he smiled as he opened his eyes.

“Thank you,” I giggled.

“I’m going to get dressed,” he informed me as he got out of bed.

I nodded as I got out of bed.

“I’ll be in the washroom,” I told him.

I saw him smile and shake his head as he walked over to the closet, “washroom, you’re cute.”

A smile of my own made its way onto my lips.

I closed the door behind me, walking over to the sink, turning on the cold water. I washed my hands before I bent down, splashing water over my face. I peered up at my reflection, just like any person did as they washed their face.

My heart physically stopped beating, pure panic and utter terror washing over my body as my eyes landed on a mirk figure standing in the reflection of the mirror.

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