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We were making out.

A lot.

Honestly, I couldn’t control it and he seemed to love it so he didn’t want to push me away. It felt amazing too. He was such a good kisser and the way we responded to each other was phanomenal! It was like I’ve known him all my life.

“You’re making my self-control levels stress,” he chuckled as he pulled back.

“Sometimes, mon chéri,” I pecked his lips, “it’s good to let things break,” I purred.

“Nes,” he groaned as I kissed down his neck, his breathing heavy.

It made me smile against his skin. I loved how quickly and strongly he reacted to me. It made me all the more confident.

“Marcus?” I responded.

“We need to go over these papers, then we can kiss,” he told me.

“Okay,” I dragged out, pulling away back to the other seat.

“So, this is a treaty with Authur, the reason he came to America, exchanging their canal for a change in the split of revenue and taxes,” he explained, “this greatly impacts my packs in Washington because their trade strays from France, they focus on Canada,” he continued.

He went on to explain the loopholes he had in all of his contracts and the issues he was having with certain alphas which were referred to as Statal Alphas.

“Would you like to be officially introduced to my pack tomorrow?” he asked me.

My eyes grew wide, adoration making my heart thump faster.

“Seriously?” I whispered, shocked and utterly happy.

“As serious as they get,” he smiled at me.

“Oui,” I nodded, “oui, oui.”

He laughed, amusement flooding his system.

“Wee wee,” he chuckled, “the jokes I can make,” he shook his head.

I frowned, slightly amused but slightly triggered that he was making fun of my accent.

A literal child. Who makes these types of jokes?

“But it doesn’t make you funny,” I responded, my tone level.

See, unlike him, I don’t get mad over trivial things.

“Ouch, dear, you’re hitting right here,” he tapped the area over his heart, “yeah, right there.”

“You can heal,” I shrugged, smiling.

“Oh, nice one, I’ll keep that in mind,” he responded, “alright,” he stood, “ready to continue our tour?”

I nodded, standing up and taking his hand.

Nighttime rolled around and we left the dining hall, laughing lightly.

“Well, you’re definitely funny,” the beta’s wife smiled.

“Thank you,” I giggled.

“Yeah, she gets that from me,” Marcus joked, “I rubbed off on her.”

“Oh, I can tell,” his beta laughed, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Marc. Nice to meet you,” he nodded my way.

“Likewise,” I smiled, waving as they turned around.

“Goddess, you’re literally perfect,” he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me close to his side.

It wasn’t true, but I’d take the compliment.

“Thank you,” I blushed, his compliments making me all happy and fluttery inside. It was like our bond was a seed and each complement was sunshine, allowing for it to grow.

It was amazing.

“Did you want to stay with me tonight?” he asked as he stopped in front of his door.

“Is that a question?” I answered as I opened the door.

He smiled as he took hold of it, allowing me to walk in. Such a gentleman. It made me all the more happy. He was so perfect, Goddess.

“I had someone bring your stuff here,” he told me as he closed the door, pointing to the sofa.

“So, if I would have said no to staying here, I would still have to get my bags?” I asked him.

“I would have given them to you,” he corrected, a small smile playing at his lips. “Then, once you were in here, I would use my best charming skills to seduce you to stay the night!” He grinned.

“Oh, aren’t you kind,” I brushed a strand of hair behind my ear.

“No, not really, at all,” he chuckled, “but you, only for you,” his hand traveled down my back until it rested on top of my ass.

I batted my eyelashes at him.

“You’re lingering,” I flirted.

“Am I?” he murmured.

I nodded.

“I apologize,” he winked, removing his hand from my bottom, “I’ll go get ready for bed.”

I nodded again, going into the bathroom to change and get ready. Once I exited the bathroom, he came in.

“Alright,” he sighed out, content, as he got in bed.

I followed after, laying down.

“The moon is bright,” I said.

“It is,” he nodded, “tomorrow night is going to be a red moon, or a blood moon as some say.”

“So,” I started, turning on my side so I was facing him, “let’s talk about you,” I suggested.

“Or we can talk about you?” he grinned, reaching his hand out to rest on my side.

“Is there a reason you are so ‘hot-headed,’ to word?” I asked.

He frowned, shrugging.

“Just naturally good looking,” he joked.

I laughed lightly, appreciating the joke to lighten the matter.

“But seriously?” he shook his head, “I don’t know.”

“How was your relationship with your parents and sister? Some anger issues come from childhood,” I asked.

“Fine?” He let out, slowly and almost like a question, “I mean, my mother and sister liked me but I felt like my dad didn’t. Maybe it’s a guy thing but he was always harder on me.”

I frowned, my eyebrows meeting.

“Did you ever talk to him about how he made you feel?” I moved my hand on top of his in a comforting manner.

“I tried,” he informed, “trust me, I did, he just did not falter.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I squeezed his hand, comforting him and pushing the feeling through our bond.

It was practically my job to make him comfortable, and vice versa, and if I had to use our bond, then so be it. I didn’t mind. I liked it.

“You’re fine,” he dismissed, “so I just kept away from him, doing things on my own.”

“So how did you become Alpha? Why hand over the title if he was not, um,” I paused, not wanting to insult him. I would never purposely do something like that. Just the thought alone made my heart throb.

“If he didn’t like me? It wasn’t his title to give,” he stated and I tilted my head, confused.

“He was never accepted into the pack. My mother kept the title so she gave it to me when she figured I was fit,” he explained.

“Why was he not?”

“He was a Hawaiian native. The white Hawaiian,” he informed.

“But American?” I asked, “Why not?”

“He was not an American. He was born in America, yes, but he was Hawaiian. There’s a difference. Given the time setting that they dealt with, no one accepted that he was a part of the pack.”

“Was he your mother’s mate?” I frowned, confused, and started to feel a bit insecure.

“No. He came to California to meet my grandfather over here for a meeting and then they met, fucked- I’m sorry, I don’t mean to curse in front of you- they got married, had me and my sister,” he shrugged, “They weren’t too big on the idea of mates.”

“Oh,” I mumbled, somewhat offended.

I mean, how could one oppose the idea? It’s not like it was made up? We all went to school and were taught about the Moon Goddess and her pairings, it’s not like Artemis was fake!

“Yeah, I know. I’m glad I got you,” he smiled, a laugh escaping my lips as he chuckled, “you can be quiet, is there a reason for that?” he mirrored my behavior.

I smiled to myself, “I decided that it was best to speak when spoken to,” I answered.

“Mhm, I don’t like that,” he joked, “you should talk to me even when I don’t speak to you.”

“And why should I?” I played into his joking manner.

I felt comfortable around him. I liked the light atmosphere we created. It felt peaceful with just us. I wanted to stay here forever, never leave this moment.

“Because I love your voice,” he responded, his voice dripping with the utmost sincerity.

I blushed, flustered, searching for something to say but all that came was a laugh.

“Goddess, you’re cute. As much as I love talking to you, you need to go to bed, to get yourself on a schedule,” he instructed, leaning over to turn off the lamp.

I felt sad because all I wanted to do was talk to him but the fact that he was more concerned with my sleeping schedule made me so utterly enamored.

“Thank you,” I whispered, my bond practically doubling in size from his affection.

The idea of him caring enough about my sleep schedule was so beyond impactful. It made me feel respected and cherished. I’ve never felt like it before with anyone else.

“Good night, Ines,” he said as I turned my back to him.

His arm grabbed me from behind, pulling me comfortably against him, his lips pressing lightly to my neck. Sparks flew down my body, my eyes fluttering close. The way he held me was so loving and I felt so protected and warm.

“Bonne nuit, Marcus,” I softly murmured.

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